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“cence........Then wilt thou be my “ brother and fellow labourer in the “most glorious of all works;....and * obedient to the law of the Most “High, assist in modelling a new “ created world.” . . . . . . . . . . . . The Stranger now grasped my hand with much warmth, and arose. no “ Thy filled “ with admiration.....It is not permit“ted me to say more....I obey a supe“ rior voice.....and must quit thee..... “ sevenidays from the next “ moon, we shall meet at Pergamos.” : He then embraced me cordially, and, with an adieu full of confidence and affection, left me before I could give utterance to a single syllable, and was soon out of sight.....At first I

thought to follow him.....but reflecting that it might displease.....I desisted.

to With a he foretold...... very full,....I sat down, on the same stone from whence this Genius.....or

immortal Mortal.....had delivered his exordium.....I repeated to myself all he had said....Not a syllable escaped my recollection;....and the surrounding rocks seemed still to retain their whispering echo, and murmur back his gentle accents on my ear. (i.

At length.....approaching darkness forced me to return to Smyrna.......... As soon as I reached home, I made the most scrutinizing enquiries, to discover whether my servant had been instrumental in affording information to the Stranger on the secrets of my life; but it proved the poor old man had never seen him.....or spoken with any one concerning my as to admit a possibility of the Stranger's being informed through such a channel.....besides all the circumstances which happened at Mamilia's.....were alike unknown to my servant, and to all the world.......except the parties concerned.

I began to quarrel with myself, now, for the suspicions I entertained to the prejudice of the Stranger, after having witnessed, with my own eyes and ears, his extraordinary gifts.

I quietly crept into the snares laid for me.......if I may so prematurely term them....... and you will the more readily reconcile this error, when you reflect how immense a vacancy my disenchantment had left in my bosom, and how necessary it was to fill it up ere I could regain an intellectual harmony, to support the grand aim of my still aspiring wishes....It is true, I had mistaken the road....but my resolution to persist in my journey was undiminished.....nor could it ever be subdued, but by a metamorphosis of my whole being....The Stranger's words had reanimated me.....I could perceive

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words....They were ever before me..... they sank deeper and deeper into my

hand still pressed affectionately on mine. - Laugh if you will, at my simplicity. I continued to ponder with astonishment at the confidence with which he predicted “that we should meet again “ on the seventh day after the new “moon.’ It certainly required a greater gift of prescience than the mere calculation of an eclipse........ He had told me my past actions....and now he laid down my intended conduct.....It was singular in the extreme, and engrossed all my thoughts...I even made a note in my tablets of this prediction, that I might smile at its failure .....not being able to conceive how we could meet at Pergamos, when I had not the most distant idea of going there ! . - . . . . . . .

I remained a fortnight longer at Smyrna, and regularly visited the excavated rock every evening.....Thence I proceeded to Mytelene... to Gregnion.....I had neither view or intent in this circuit......... It brought me nearer and nearer to Pergamos...... and, without giving that as a reason ...even to myself....for my conduct.... I was still satisfied that what I did was right. * *

While at Smyrna, I received orders from my father in the mercantile line, which detained me longer than I had proposed to stay ;...........and though these commissions served to employ my restless mind a little.......still my anxiety to behold the Stranger again increased....his Prophecy pursued me; - - - - - and I languished with impatience to see the result of it. “ . . .

My business was completed, and there still remained five or six days of

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