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Kings, the effect of civil laws on

their promises, contracts, or Macedon and Athens, parallel be-
oaths. 239. Of the changes tween them, Great Britain and
made in their succession - 241 France

i Manduit, his dissertation on the

American wasp-neft. .
Language, the origin and progress Marriage, the nature of, confi-

of, confidered, 202—206, par- dered 175, 177, the effect of

takes of the nature of music, civil laws on, 240, rules pro-
• 206, is expreflive of the cha. posed for making it agreeable
racter of the people that speak

- 465
it -

215 Milton, his abilities and character
Laws (human) voluntary, three . vindicated - - 388

sorts of, 161. Civil law, what Ministry, conduct of, impartially
meant by it, and on what examined, an account and cha-'
founded, 163---306. Law and racter of motora 376
compact, how they differ, 236. Minorca, account of the fiege of,
Effect of civil law on promites, its character of 278

contracts, or oaths 237–241 tragedy, extract from - 284
Lelard (Mr) his translation of Miracles, whether the foundation
Demosthenes's orations, cha- of christianity

racter of, 6. Sce Demofthenes. The Mirror, a comedy, some ac-
Letter (fourth) to the people of count of -

England, account of, 35-44- The Monitor, character of and
to a member of parliament, re- extracts from 243- 248
lative to admiral Byng, 251, Montrose, a pathetical relation of
from New Jersey, character of, his fate - 398—402
280—to Mr. Pitt againit admi-. Morality and Religion, the folly
ral Byng, 376-0 the Duke, of separating them - 342
377-to the university of Cam- Mojaic Work, observations on
bridge, on a late resignation, an


account and specimen of — 479 Munton (Mr.) bis sermons, a cha-
Liberty, restraints on, by the law racter and extract of - 489

of nature, several kinds of 168.. Mufic, permanent marks of sound

Civil the nature of 30 how taken, 207. Movement
Life, probabilities of in London, the soul of Music, 208

- 26 - a rational entertainment, &c.
Lilliput, a dramatic entertainment, A sermon by Digby Cotes,
an account of

474 foine account and extracts 469-
Linden Diederick, Wessel, on the
waters at Llandrindod, account

and character of — 97-109 The National Evil, a sermon (a cha-
London bishop of, examination of racter of and extracts from) 459

his sermons, an account and
character of that work, 109– Neustadt, description of a military

- 121 academy there 348, 149
Love and Duty, a tragedy cen- Neutral Powers, obligations on
- 84 them

- 310
Lycurgus, his character as an ora- Nicholas Rubioni, first king of Para-
- 3, 4 gua, his history - 75, 77



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Nicholls (Dr.) his account of worms Polype insects (some account of) 34

in animal bodies 33 Porter (James) Esq; see Constan-
La None, a comedy (account of) tinople

181,–186 Pretender, account of his court
Northern Memoirs, or history of a person, and houshold 369--372

Scotch family, an account of Princess Poumphia, a burlesque
and extracts from - 448–451 tragedy (some account of) 79

Privateering (remarks on) — 310
Oaths (the nature of) considered Promises, their nature 171

172-175 Property, its nature 163–166
Ode on the present times, a spe- Profody, its nature, 209. The
cimen and character of 87 fuperiority of that of the Latins

(15) of the first book of Ho. and other nations — 210
race imitated, an account and Pruffia (king of his conduct censur-
specimen of —

476 ed, 316. Attempts to vindicate it
One thousand seven hundred and

fifty-six, a dialogue, its charac-

ter with extracts - 282 Quadrant (Rowley's) account of
Orpbans (history of two) its cha-

1 421 - 424
racter and specimen 340–343 Quakers, apology for, a character

and specimen of - 96
Paradise Loft (a new verfion of) Quick Lime (action of apon vola-
its character and specimens 357 tile alcaline salt, an essay upon)

Parental authority (the nature of)

170 . .. R
Parsons (Dr.) his account of a Les Racóleurs, a comic opera (an
25 account of) -

Particulars (further) concerning Ranger (David) juvenile adven-

Adm. Byng, an account of and tures of, its character - 379
extracts from

472 Raphael, his epitaph at Rome 414
Pathetic address to all true Britons, Reasons to prove the letter at the
its character with specimens end of the French memorial a ,

188 forgery, an account and cha.
Patten (Dr.) his defence of his racter of

- 177
christian apology, a character Remonflrances to the public, con-
of, with extracts

188 cerning Adm. Byng, account
Penn (Mr.) his sermon at Christ of

Church, its character with ex- Refiftance, the right or liberty of,
287 what -

St. Peter's at Rome (some account Refurre&tion, fee future fiate.

407 Rewelation, truth of it, why refcd
Poems by the translator of Virgil, on external proofs--148, 149
character of, with extracts 276, Roads (public) an essay on, siz

277 account of -
Polite modern divine, character Robin Hood society, a satire, a cha-
Specimen of

89 racter and specimens of -- 286
Polydore and Julia, account of and Romaine (Mr) his Sermon on
extracts from
283 che dry bones, examined, 477


of) -

Rotunda, or Pantheon at Rome Truth, the best method of investi-

(some account of) - - 412 gating it -- — 217
Rutherforth (Dr.) his principles of
Natural Law, Abitract of ift

. V.
Vol. with Specimens, 160-181 Vapour electrical) some account of
Ditto Vol 2d, 227-243, Cha-

racter of

315 Vilians (philosophical) an abstract

and character of that work,

Schloser (Dr.) his Essay on quick Voltaire (M. de) his compliment
· Lime, &c. -

31 to the Duke de Richlieu on the
Sbam Fight, some Account of, 280 conquest of Mahon

Slavery, the nature of 181 Voting in society, the nature of,
Signs, the nature and use of, 196

227, 228
Society (civil) its nature and origin, Voyage to Ægypt and Nubia, by

228. Occasion of forming, ib. F. Louis Norden, an account of
How men became members of, , ,

186, 188
! 220

Sophronia, a poem, a character and War, what a folemn and true
fpeciinens of 461-464 cause of

Spry, his Sermon, a character and Ward (Dr.) his account of some

fpecimen of - Mago Roman inscriptions, 29, 1293
Stone, observations on medicines Waters, chalybeat at Bromely, ac-

for the cure of -- -- 45---48 count of, a character and spe-
Sabjection (civil) the nature and se- cimen of -

veral kinds of map — 299, 300 - extraordinary agitation of,
Succeflion, the nature of, 313, 314-
Syftem, the fatal consequences of of Llandrindod, their medi-
the want of

479 cinal qualities and contents, 98:

103 Directions how to use
them -

103, 109
Tew (Dr.) his sermon, a character Watter (Mr.), his method to restore
and specimen of --- 95 hearing -

Theates, two differtations on Wheels (broad) the advantages of

character and specimens of, 48 to the public roads' - 87
Times, an eslay on, the subject Women (pregnant) directions con-

and character of, 135-----138 cerning - - - 465
Tophana, 'a 'noted poisoner at Na- Words, the nature of, and order

ples, some account of --- 418. in which they were invented, .
Traufpitions, advantages arising considered -. '214, 212
from them

---- 213 ,
Troops (foreign) an ironical defence

of their being employ'd, 121, Zoroafer, an opera, some account's

124 of



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