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Encouraged by the favour of the public, which is the only patron they will ever solicit, their chief attention · shall be devoted to the execution of their original plan:

They will continue to exert that spirit and impartiality, by which they flatter themselves the Critical Review bas been hitherto distinguished; and though they have conscientiously forbore to condemn any performance that seemed to bave the smallest title to approbation; yet, as some raw authors have complained of their severity, they will for the future endeavour to distinguish between the imperfe£t rudiments of still-born genius, and the fullformed productions of hardened dulness.

Modesty, even though void of literary merit, may always claim their favour and assistance; but they desire to be at perpetucl war with pride, infolence and presumption.

N. B. The third volume will be printed on an elegant new type, which will comprehend a greater quantity of matter within the same compass, and ftill be as legible and pleasant 'to the reader.

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A TABLE to the Titles, AUTHORS Names, &c. of

the Books and Pamphlets contained in this Volume. '


N. B. For Paflagés of Note, see the INDEX.. : ACCOUNT of what passa Coquette la Corrigée, or re

A between Mr. G. Thomp- formad Coquette - 181 ion and Dr. Burton at York 281 Crust of Bread (the Virtues of) An ADDRESS to the electors of

93 England


D . - pathetic to all true Davis (Crusoe RICHARD) his Britons - 188 · surprising Life and Adventures An Answer to the Fourth Let

351 ter to the People of England A Defence of the Adminikra


11 to the Conduct of the Demosthenes’s Orations transMinistry impartially examined lated by Thomas Leland I

474 Dry Bones (the Parable of) inAn APPEAL to the People in fa. terpreted in a Sermon by Wm. vour of Admiral Byng 285 Romaine - : 477 в.

E Bates Ephraim Tristram, his D'ESCHERNY's Treatise on the Life and Memoirs 138 Stone

Julius, bis Enquiry into the ESSAY on the present State of the Similitudes of the Lord God public Roads

87 258 on the Times

135 Bower Mr. vindicated in an-- - on the Origin of Human

swer to Six Letters, &c. 72 Knowledge, by Mr. Nagent BREAD (the virtues of a craft of)

193 93 EXAMINATION of the Bp. of BRITAIN'S (Great) true System, London's Sermons - 109 by Malachy Postlethwayt, Esq; EXPERIMENTS on the Chalybeat


Waters at Bromley in Kent 90. - (the Genius of) an lam.

F. bic Ode

470 FABULARUM(ÆSOPIARUM)Lib: BUCK'Horse (the noted)

ri quinque

- 269 moirs of

FOREIGN Dramatic PerformanBUNCLE (JOHN, Esq;) his

ces - 177, 181, 273, 375 219 FRUCALITY, the support of cha

rity, a Sermon. By Edmund The Cadet, a Military Treatise Tew

- 95

244 Cases of Conscience 382 He110CRENE, a poem - 88 CHRISTIAN FAITH (the De- HOLLIDAY’s Introduction to pra.crease considered) a Sermon, by ctical Gunnery — ,- 327

Joseph Greenhill - 380 Hume (DAVID) Esq; his History Cibber's (Theo.) two Diñer of Great Britain, vol. 2d 385 tations

48 HUSBANDRY, (a complete body Cicero's Select Orations trans of)

- - 289 lated into English - 62 A CONSECRATION Sermon, by JENK8 (BENJAMIN) his MeditaJohn Spry 90 tions, 2 vols.

- 424



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The fiets, or Female Fortunes Duty of Praise, a Sermon. By
hunters -

276 Digby Cotes - 409

INOCULATION, (the great 'ob:

jection against it) considered Nicholas, the it King of Para-

278 . guay, his Hiftory.


Treaties with the Indians 156 . Voyage to Ægypt and Nubia, 186

Keysler's Travels, vol. 2d 363, OBSERVATIONS on the Embargo

on Beef, Pork, and Butter 377

KNOWLEDGE, Human, (an Ef- Ode on the present times - 87

{ay on) by Mr. Nugent 193 - the 15th of the ist Book of

. L.

Horace imitated


LETTER, (the fourth) to the Peo- the Genius of Britain (an
ple of England - - .35. Iambic)

: 470
from a Citizen of Port One Thousand, Seven Hundred
· Royal to a Citizen of New and Fifty Six

: 282

· York

- *82 ORDINATION Sermon. By John

to a Member of Parlia- Conder -

- 381
ment, relative to A- 1 Byng ORPHANS, (the History of two)


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- from New Jersey, in A.
merica, giving a Description of PARADISE Loft, (a new verfion
that Province - 280 of - -

to Admiral Byng '285 PARAGUAY, (the History of Ni:
---- to the Hon. William cholas the ist king of) – 75
Pitt, Erg; - - 375 Particulars (further) relating to Ad-
to the Duke -- 377 miral Byng -

to the University of Cam- Patten's (Dr.) Defence of his
bridge, on a late refignation Christian Apology — 143

479 PENN (JAMES), his Sermon at
LILLIPUT, a Dramatic Enter: Christ Church - 287

tainment - - 474 PHILOSOPHICAL Transactions
LINDEN's (Dr.) Treatise on the continued -- -- 13, 126
Mineral Waters of Llandrindod

-- Visions 331
in Radnorshire - - 97 Poems, by the celebrated tranf-

The Loss of the Handkerchieflator of Virgil's Æneid — 276

475 The Polite Modern Divine 89


POLYDORE and JULIA ; or, the

MINISTRY, (the Conduct of) im Libertine reclaimed, a Novel,283

. partially examined - 375 PostleTHWAYT (Malachy) Efq;

MINORCA, (a full Account of the his Great Britain's True System

Siege of) -- - - 278



a Tragedy - 284 PRACTICAL Gunnery, (Introduc-

The MIRROR, a Comedy — 477 tion to) by Mr, Holliday 327

The MONITOR - - 343 His PRUSSIAN Majesty vindicated
MORALITY and Religion eflen- in four Pieces - 319

tial to Society ; an Alize Ser-

mon. By Ralph Heathcote QUADRANT, by John Rowley,

349 (the Description and use of )

MUSIC, a rational afli Aant in the

. 421


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QUAKERS(an humble Apology for) Sermon by Digby Cotes 469


- Dr. Crew


i R .

-- Mr. Greenhill 380

RANGER (DAVID) the Juvenile

Ralph Heathcote 348

Adventures of

379 -

- Mr. Munton 379

REASONS offered to prove the Let-

- Wm. Porter - 381

ter printed at the end of the

- Wm. Romaine 477
French Memorial a French For='

lohn Spry - SE

277 - -- Edmund Tew
REFLECTIONS (impartial) on the The Sham Fight, or political

Case of Mr. Byng - 281 Humbug - - 286
REFORMED Coquette 181 SYSTEM (the fatal Consequence
RELIGION and its temporal Pro- of the Want of)

mises considered, a Sermon by

Dr. Blake - 377 THOUGHTS on the Being of a

REMONSTRANCE (a modest) to God, the Nature of Man, &c.

the Public - 473

REPLY to a Letter in the General Treaties by Sir Wm. Johnson
Evening Post
189 with the Indians

ROBIN-Hood Society, a Satire


286 Las Vies des Hommes Illuftres
Romaine's (Wm.) Sermon on the compares

- 467

dry Bones

- 477 UNFAITHFULNESS (the odious.

ROWLEY (John) the Descrip- Nature of) a Sermon at the

tion and Use of his Quadrant Aflizes, by Dr. Crewe — 383

421 Voltaire Vers de, a le Mare-

RUTHERFORta's (Dr.) Institutes chal Duc de Richlieu sur la

of Natural Law 160, 227, 299 Conquete de Mahon 270


SATIRICAL Review of the Fall: WATERS (Chalybeat at Bromley

hoods published, concerning the in Kent, Account of) — 134



of Llandrindod (medici-

SERMON by Dr. Blake 377 nal Qualities of - 98

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