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Dalton's Every Man his own Phyff-
cian, - 393
David's Fast Sérmen, 4-8.
David's (Sr.) Bishop of, his Sermon,
Jan. 30, 396
DE lar's Royal Suppliants, 278
De Luc's Letters, Physical and Moral,
concerning the History of the Earth,
and of Man, 481.
Discow Rs E on the Emigration of Birds,
I 54.
D11 lon's Travels through Spain, 45
Diss ir at 1 on, a Comedy, 2.84.
Dodd's Hist. of Gibraltar, . 383
Dom 1 Nic ET 1's Medical Anecdotes, 39%.

Don N E llan, Murphy's Life cf, 386
- Gurney's Trial of, 387
— Blanchard's Ditto, ib.

——— Case of, by a Lawyer, b.
Defence of, by Webb, &c.

Du Nc AN's Heads of Leółures, 393
Durr E's Fast Sermon, 477
Durch War, Tračts relative to 14%,

388, 379, 355

E” or Old Woman's Remarksy
&c. 38+
East IND1Es, Traćts rel, to 153, 308,
3 lo, 382
EDAL Village, 12 -
Ecl Esh AM's English Grammar, 72
E1. E. c T R 1 c 1 T Y. See LY on.
. See W1 lson.
See Moe GaN.
. See B1 a ch.
El L 1 ot's Sermon on the Death of Rush-
worth, - 397
Eloisa en Dishabille, I 53
EM stem at real. Representation of the
Children of God, 79
ENF 1 Eto's Sermon on the Death of Br.


- A - - 4oo
Exercises in Elocution, 416
Ef 1st LE to the Magisterial Reviewers,

EP I sor L1 to Vestris, 467
Epistol A R Y Treatise to Dr. Watson,
ER s r. In E!'s Dissertation on Rivers and
Tides, 72
Essays on various Subjećts, 47 o
EU R 1P 1 Drs translated, 62.
Eve a ship's Summaly View, 158
Ev 1 AD, 31 2.
†NARA's Translation of Hippocrates,
FA R R. E. R.'s Hebrew Poems, I 52.
-- America, a Poem, ib.


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Altrax. See RF Marks.
Hall's History of the Civil War

in America, 466

HAM 111 on 's Introdućtion to Merchan-

dize, Vol. II. 472

Hanway's Citizen's Monitor, 49
Seaman's Christian Friend,


HAR R ison’s Catholic Protestant, 335

Eng. Grammar, 473

Fast Sermon, 477

HART 1. Ey’s Address to the Yorkshire

Committee, I 49

- - to the Public, 381

Harvey’s Serm. on the Gen. Fast, 316
Ha Y Es’s Poem on the Ascension, 468
Ha Y LEY's Ode to Howard, I O2
Hay TER’s Remarks on Hume's Dia-

logues, J 59
HEN a y's Fast Sermon, 77

K*. Hebrew Bible,Vol. II.

- 173

continued, 32 i

KERR Ich's Fast Sermons, 478
Key es's Practical Bee Master, 384
K1 L kh AMP toN Abbey, Second Part,

2 x2,

L. 3
La M B ; RT's Edays on Friendship,

&c. translated, 232

LAND EN’s Observations on Lorgna's Dis-
sertation, 328
LARD NER's History of Heretics, 33
Last ING Peace to Europe, 38t

La TR or E's Translation of Crantz's
History of the Unitus Fratrum, 206

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Moral and Entertaining, 469

LE t T P Es Physiques et Morales, &c.

See DE Luc. -

Lof FT's Elements of universal Law, 423

L'OR A T E U R. &c. 33;

Lor D of the Manor, a Comic Opera, 282

Luci AN, translated by Dr. T. Franklin,

2 3

1.xo N’s Experiments, &c. relating to

Electricity, . I


of Arthur's Army and Navy Gen-

M tleman's Companion, 90

MacFA T’s Geography, 472

Mapa N’s Thelyphthora, 2d Edit. 198

Map pock's Popish Tyranny and Cruel-

* ty, 158

MANN ING's Modern Improvements in

the Pračtice of Phyfic, 234

in Surgery, ib.

MA R kh AM's Sermon for the West-India

Suğerers, 239

MARR 1AG E and its Vows defended, 251

MAT E R 1 A L1s M. See Misc El LAN E-

O U s.

MATRIMony; or the Road to Hymen,

MED 1 c 1 N E Praxeos Systema, Izo

IME Mol REs de l'Acad. Imperiale des Scien.

et Bell, Lett. de Bruxelles, Wol. II. for

178o. 516

Vol. III. 531

- de Literature tiré des Regis-

- tres de l'Acad, des Inscrip. et Bell. Lett.

"Vol. XLI. 554

Memoirs of the Royal Acad, of Sciences

and Bell. Lett. of Berlin, for 1777, 493

------ for 1778, 505

OG DEN's Sermon, 99

Old Funds sufficient for a new Loan, 227

O“LEARY's Remarks on Wesley, 237


Aropy on the Rosciad, 232
Pasm of E's Contest, 467
PATR 1 or 1 c Mirror, 379

PA usAN IA s. See to Ric E.
PET IT 10N intended for the House of

of Lords, 379

PH11. ANT HR opy, a Poem, 39 I

PH 11.1 pp 1c to the Opposition, 226

PH1 losoph I call Transactions, Vol.

LXX. Part I. 264

Part II. 272

— concluded, 439


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R IN Gs T ED's Farmer, 39 I
R 1 v EP s, &c. See ERs K INE.
Rob E R Ts on Fevers, 393
Rob ER Tson's Sermon in Monkweil.
street, 393

Roe 1 N soa Crusoe, Pantomime of, 232
Roe on the Small-pox, 157
Ross 1 g Nol's Elements of Geometry, 312
Royal Suppliants, a Tragedy, 278
Ru Di M ENTs of the Italian, 474
Ru THE R for D's Sermon at the Ordina-

tion of Mr. Rutledge, 48o
Translation of the prin-


cipal Orations of Cicero, 24t
- S,

At 15 E. cn the present Times, 153
SAT = k ical Ballads, &c. 4%

Sche E L E 's Observaticns and Experiments

on Air, &c. 339.

Sch N E B E L I E's Travels, . , 3.

Scort's Serm. on the General Fast, 315

Sc & 1 P tur Al Meditations, 474
SEAM AN's Christian Friend, I 59
Select Tragedies of Euripides, translat-

ed, 62

SEP I EM B F R, a Poem, I59

SER Mons by Bandinell, 97

——— by Ogden, 99.

—— by Bagot, 413

—— by Bateman, 475

——— Single, 8o, 239, 314, 396, 477

on the late General Fast, 3.14.

- 477

SEwARD's Monody on André, 37

SHARP on-the legal Means of political

Reformation, 143

She R1 DAN. See Her o1.c EP 1st L. E.

SH E R Lock’s New Letters from an Eng-

lish Traveller, Ict,

S1 E G E of Sinope, I 53

$1M Mo N s on the Gonorrhoea, 76

Sk E r ch of the Times, 71

SM 1 TH's Life reviewed, 391

SM It h’s Polygamy indefensible, 237

Sopo R and Man, Bishop of, his Works,

- - - 12.

Spr ech of the Earl of Buchan, 226

ST at E of the British Authority in Ben-

gal, I 53
Another State of the same, 382

of the English Catholics, 4or

St I Ll 1 N G F L E & T's Fast Sermon, 478

STR c Tu REs on Agricultural Societies,

- 426
Swirt's Salivation exploded, 234
Sw I N D 1. E R detečted, 47o

Switze R L AND, Topographical, Pictu-

rogue, Philosophical,, &c.

Description of, 541

- ‘’ T.

A R L. F Aux Topographiques, &c. See
Sw I Tz E R L a N D.
Task Ef's Select Odes of Pindar, &c. 311
TAY lok’s Elements of a new Method of
reasoning in Geometry, 72
T E M P T at 10 N, a Poem, I 52
TH E A T R E of Education, 259
THo M as on the Gonorrhoea, 75
To u LM IN's Sermon, with the Charge,
&c. at Evans’s Ordination, 3.18
Toul MIN's Antiquity, &c. of the World,

Tour from London to Petersburgh, 7o
Towers's Polygamy unscriptural, 234
Te A1 Tor, 312.
TRA 1 Ts on Human Woe, 47 I

Travels. See CAR Acciolr.
—, See SchNEBELIE.

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