A Primer of the English Constitution and Government

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Longmans, Green, 1873 - 84 pages

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Page 49 - ... 3. That the writ shall be returned, and the prisoner brought up within a limited time according to the distance, not exceeding in any case twenty days. 4. That officers and keepers neglecting to make due returns, or not delivering to the prisoner or his agent within six hours after demand a copy of the warrant of commitment, or shifting the custody of...
Page 22 - After the second reading it is committed, that is, referred to a committee ; which is either selected by the house in matters of small importance, or else, upon a bill of consequence, the house resolves itself into a committee of the whole house.
Page xi - A right is ameasure of control delegated by the supreme political authority of a State, to persons said to be thereby invested with the right over the acts of other persons said to be thereby made liable to the performance of a duty.
Page 28 - Cabinet includes the following officers : 1. The First Lord of the Treasury. 2. The Lord Chancellor. 3. The Lord President of the Council 4. The Lord Privy Seal. 5. The Chancellor of the Exchequer. 6. The Secretary of State for Home Affaira.
Page 27 - Tory statesmen finding it imperative for their purpose to have a majority in the House of Lords, as well as in the House of Commons, prevailed upon the Queen to stretch her royal prerogative to the extent of making twelve peers.
Page 11 - With the scrutin de liste, lists of candidates are nominated by the various political organizations or groups of electors; each elector has as many votes as there are members to be elected, but he may not give more than one vote to any one candidate.
Page 63 - And in case of felony actually committed, or dangerous wounding, whereby felony is likely to ensue, he may upon probable suspicion arrest the felon, and for that purpose is authorized (as upon a justice's warrant) to break open doors, and even to kill the felon, if he cannot otherwise be taken ; and if he or his assistants be killed in attempting such arrests, it is murder in all concerned.
Page 60 - ... (2.) In other places under the jurisdiction of a Board of Improvement Commissioners, where all or part of the commissioners are elected by ratepayers, or by owners and ratepayers, by a resolution of such Improvement Commissioners assembled at a meeting held for the purpose : (3.) In all other places having a known or defined boundary, by a resolution of the owners and ratepayers...
Page 59 - Authority, and the election of members shall be governed in all respects by the Public Health Act of 1848 and the Local Government Act of 1858, but this is not to affect the tenure of office of ex-officio members.
Page xvi - Protestant ; it was passed in 1702, whereby the succession to the crown after the death of William III. and Queen Anne without issue, was limited to Sophia, Electress of Hanover, grand-daughter of James I., and her heirs, being Protestants.

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