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"in p.," in haste, post-haste; V. iii. 273.

Presence, presence - chamber, state room; V. iii. 86.

Present, immediate, instant; IV. i. 61.

Reckoning, estimation; I. ii. 4. Reeky, squalid, foul; IV. i. 83. Remedies; "both our r.," the healing of both of us; Il. iii. 51. Respective, regardful; III. i. 125. Rest you merry, i.e. God rest you merry, God keep you merry; a form of salutation mostly used at parting; I. ii. 64.

Retorts, throws back; III. i. 166. Ropery, roguery, tricks [Folio 4, "Roguery"; (Quarto 1), "roperipe"]; II. iv. 149.

Pretty fool, a term of endearment; I. Rosemary, a herb used at bridals and

iii. 31.

Prevails, avails; III. iii. 60.

Prick, point; II. iv. 119.
Prick-song, music sung from notes;
II. iv. 21.

Prince of cats (used with reference to
Tybalt, the name of the cat in
Reynard the Fox); II. iv. 19.
Princox, pert boy, saucy boy; I. v.

Procures, causes her to come; III. v. 68.

Prodigious, monstrous; I. v. 141.
Proof, experience; I. i. 176.
Properer, handsomer; II. iv. 210.
Prorogue, delay; IV. i. 48.
Prorogued, put off, delayed; II. ii.

Pump, low shoe; II. iv. 62.
Punto reverso, a back-handed stroke
in fencing; II. iv. 27.
Purge, clear from suspicion; V. iii.

Purged, cleared from smoke (Johnson conj., "urg'd"; Collier MS., “puff"d"); I. i. 189.

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burials; IV. v. 79.

Rote; "did read by rote and could not spell," "consisted of phrases learned by heart, but knew nothing of the true characters of Love" (Schmidt); II. iii. 88.

Runagate, vagabond; III. v. 90. Runaway's (v. Note); III. ii. 6. Rush'd; "r. aside the law," with partial eagerness eluded the law (Capell conj. and Long MS., push'd"; Collier MS., "brushd"); III. iii. 26.

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Rushes, the covering of the floors;
I. iv. 36.

Sack, destroy; III. iii. 107.
Sadly, seriously; I. i. 199.
Sadness, seriousness; I. i. 197, 200.
Scant, scarcely; I. ii. 104.
Scathe, harm; I. v. 85.

Set abroach, incited, caused; I. i. 103.
Set up my rest, make up my mind,

remain; a phrase taken from gaming; V. iii. 110. Shield; "God s.," God forbid; IV. i. 41.

Shift, change; I. v. 2. Shrift, confession and consequent absolution; IV. ii. 15.

Shrived, given absolution; II. iv.184. Simpleness, folly (Quarto 1, "wilfulness"); III. iii. 77.

Simples, medicinal herbs; V. i. 40. Single-soled, contemptible; II. iv. 69.

Sirrah, a term of address to an in-
ferior; IV. ii. 2.
Sir-reverence, a contraction of save
reverence (salva reverentiâ); used
apologetically, when referring to
something improper; I. iv. 42.
Skains-mates (?) scapegraces (v. Note);
II. iv. 156.

Slip, used with a play upon slip=a
counterfeit coin; II. iv. 51.
Slop, large loose breeches; II. iv. 47.
Sober-suited, quietly clad; III. ii. 11.
So ho! a sporting term; II. iv. 136.
Solemnity, celebration of nuptials;

somewhere else,

IV. v. 61. Some other where elsewhere; I. i. 196. Sometime, sometimes; I. iv. 79. Soon-speeding, quickly acting, quickly despatching; V. i. 60.

Sort, choose, select; IV. ii. 34. Sorted out, found out, discovered; III. v. 110.

Spanish blades, Spanish swords; Toledo, in Spain, was famous for the temper of its swords; I. iv. 84. Sped, despatched, undone; III. i. 92. Spite, vexation; II. i. 27.

"in s. of me," in defiance, to my mortification; I. i. 78. Spleen, heat, impetuosity; III. i. 159. Spoke him fair, spoke to him with gentle words; III. i. 155.

Starveth, "looks out hungrily"; V.

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Theobald, Capell, "a la stoccata");
III. i. 75.

Straight, straightway; I. iii. 104.
Strain'd, forced; II. iii. 19.
Strains, constrains, wrenches (Folio
I, "streames"); IV. i. 47.
Strange, reserved, distant; II. ii. 101,


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retiring, unfamiliar; III. ii. 15. Stratagems, amazing deeds; III. v.211. Strucken, struck; I. i. 230. Substantial (quadrisyllabic); II.ii.141. Surcease, cease to beat; IV. i. 97. Swashing, dashing (Quartos 2, 3, Folios, "washing"); I. i. 62. Sweeting, a kind of sweet apple; II. iv 83.

Sweet water, perfumed waters; V. iii. 14.

Swounded, swooned; III. ii. 56. Tackled stair, rope ladder; II. iv, 194. Take me with you, let me understand aright; III. v. 142. Take the wall, get the better of (used quibblingly); I. i. 11. Tassel-gentle, male hawk; II. ii. 160. (Cp. illustration.)


From George Turberville's Book of Falconrye, 1575.

Teen, sorrow (Folios 2, 3, 4, "teeth"); | Truckle-bed, a bed running on wheels,

1. iii. 13.

Temper, mix ; III. v. 98.

Tender, bid, offer; III. iv. 12.

, hold, regard; III. i. 72.

Tetchy, fretful, peevish; I. iii.

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Towards, at hand; I. v. 123.

to be pushed under another, called a standing-bed; II. i. 39.

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Unattainted, sound impartial; I. ii. 87.

Unbruised, unhurt; II. iii. 37. Uncomfortable, cheerless, joyless; IV. v. 60.

Unfurnish'd, unprovided; IV. ii. 10. Unmann'd, untrained (a term of falconry); III. ii. 14.

Unstuff'd, not overcharged; II. iii.
Utters them, causes them to pass
from one to another; V. i. 67.

Validity, value; III. iii. 33.
Vanish'd, issued; III. iii. 10.
Vanity, trivial pursuit, vain delight;
II. vi. 20.

Verona streets, the streets of Verona;
III. i. 90.

Versal, universal; II. iv. 212.

Toy, folly, idle fancy; IV. i. View, outward appearance; I. i.


Trencher, plate; I. v. 2.

Tried, proved; IV. iii. 29.


-, sight; I. i. 169. Visor, mask; I. v. 24.

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With, by; I. iv. 57.
through; V. iii. 50.

Withal, with, by it; I. i. 111.
Without, outside of; III. iii. 17.
Wot, know; III. ii. 139.
Writ, written; I. iii. 82.
Wrought, brought about; III, v. 145.

Yet not, not yet; II. ii. 58.
Yond, yonder; I. v. 129.

'Zounds, a contraction of "God's
oath (Folios


"Come"); III. i. 51.


Prologue, omitted in Folios.


I. i. 22. 'cruel '; so Quartos 4, 5; Quartos 2, 3, Folios read 'ciuil,' and 'civil.' I. i. 100. 'farther'; so Quartos 2, 4; Quarto 5, 'further'; Quarto 3, Folios 1, 2, 3, 'Fathers'; Folio 4, ' Father's.'

I. i. 119. 'drave me to walk abroad'; Pope (from Quarto 1), ' drew me from company'; Theobald, 'drew me to walk abroad.'

I. i. 126. Which then most sought where most might not be found'; Pope (from Quarto 1), 'That most are busied, when they're most alone'; Keightley, Which there . . . ,' etc.; Herr conj. 'Which then most sought where many

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. .'; Allen conj. 'which then most sought where more . .

I. i. 151. 'sun'; Theobald's emendation of Quartos and Folios, ' same.' I. i. 170. 'see pathways to his will'; Staunton conj. 'set pathways to our will'; Hanmer, 6

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I. i. 183. Why such is'; Seymour conj. 'Why such is, merely'; Collier MS., 'Why such, Benvolio, is'; Mommsen conj. Why, such, Benvolio, such is'; Keightley, Why, gentle cousin, such is'; Orger conj. ' Why, such a love is.' I. i. 188. ' raised'; Pope's correction (from Quarto 1); Quartos, Folios, 'made.'

I. i. 200. Bid a sick man in sadness make'; so (Quarto 1) Quartos 4, 5; Quartos 2, 3, Folio 1 read 'A sicke man in sadnesse makes'; Folios 2, 3, 4, 'A sicke man in good sadnesse makes.'

I. i. 209. From love's weak childish bow she lives unharm'd'; Grant White conj. 'Gainst . encharm'd'; Quartos, Folios, 'uncharmd'; Collier

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MS., 'encharm'd.'

I. i. 214. ' with beauty dies her store'; Theobald reads 'with her dies Beauty's Store'; Keightley,' with her dies beauty store.'

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I. ii. 15. She is the hopeful lady of my earth'; Johnson conj. 'She is the hope and stay of my full years.'

I. ii. 25. make dark heaven light'; Theobald reads 'make dark heaven's light'; Warburton, ' make dark even light'; Jackson conj. ‘mask dark heaven's light'; Daniel conj. ' mock dark heaven's light.'

I. ii. 26. 'young men'; Johnson conj. ' yeomen.'

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I. ii. 32. Which on more view,' etc.; so Quartos 4, 5; Quartos 2, 3, Folios, one' for 'on'; Quarto 1, Such, amongst view of many myne being one'; perhaps we should read with Mason, 'Whilst on more view of many, mine being one'; many readings have been proposed.

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