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Staunton conj. 'woe-pin'd'; Fleay, 'wop-eyed'; i.e. having waterish eyes (vide Glossary).

IV. iii. 106. 'conquer my country'; Kinnear conj. 'confound my countrymen'; Hanmer, make conquest of my country'; Capell, 'conquer thy own country'; S. Walker conj. scourge thy country'; Hudson, scourge my country.'

IV. iii. 116. 'window-bars'; Johnson conj.; Folios, window Barn'; Pope, 'window-barn'; Warburton, 'window-lawn'; Tyrwhitt conj.

'widow's barb.'

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IV. iii. 153. spurring'; Hanmer, 'sparring'; Long MS., 'spurning'; Seymour conj. 'springing'; there is no need to emend the text.

IV. iii. 215. 'bade'; Folio 1, 'bad'; Folios, 2, 3, 4, ' bid.'

IV. iii. 225. 'when'; S. Walker conj. 'where.'

IV. iii. 243. Outlives incertain'; Rowe's emendation; Folio I reads Out-lives: incertaine'; Folios 2, 3, 4, Out-lives: in certaine'; Hanmer, 'Out-strips incertain'; Capell, Out-vies uncertain.'

IV. iii. 254. 'drugs'; Folios 1, 2, 'drugges'; Mason conj. 'drudges' ; Collier MS., 'dugs'; Capell conj. MS. ' dregs'; 'drugs'=' drudges.'

IV. iii. 283. 'my'; Rowe's correction of Folios, 'thy.'

IV. iii. 312. after his means,' i.e. after his means were gone.'

IV. iii. 421. 'meat'; Theobald, 'meet' (i.e. 'what you ought to be'); Hanmer, 'men'; Steevens conj. ' me,' etc.


IV. iii. 422-426. Behold, the earth hath roots,' etc. ; cp. Hall's Satires, III 1 (pub. 1598)::

"Time was that, whiles the autumn full did last,

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Our hungry sires gap'd for the falling mast," etc.

IV. iii. 439. villany'; Rowe's correction of Folios 1, 2, 'villaine.'
IV. iii. 4:5.

conj. 'main.'

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moon'; Theobald, mounds'; Capell, earth'; Tollet

IV. iii. 500. dangerous nature mild'; Thirlby conj.; Folios, 'wild' ; Becket conj. 'nature dangerous-wild'; Jackson conj. 'dolorous nature wild.' V. i. 47. 'black-corner'd,' i.e. ‘hiding things in dark corners'; Hanmer, 'black-corneted'; Warburton conj. black-cornette'; Farmer conj. MS. 'black-coroned'; Mason conj. ‘black-crowned'; Jackson conj. ‘dark-horned' ; Singer'd,' etc.

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V. i. 116. You have work'; so Folios; Hanmer, 'You have work’d'; Malone, 'You have done work'; Steevens conj. 'You've work'd.'

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V. i. 136. 'as a cauterizing'; Rowe's emendation; Folio 1, 'as Cantherizing'; Folios 2, 3, 4, a Catherizing'; Pope, 'cauterizing'; Capell, cancerizing.'


V. i. 147. general, gross :'; Pope's emendation of Folios, 'general' grosse:'; S. Walker conj., adopted by Dyce, 'general-gross.'

V. i. 213. haste'; Pope, 'taste'; Warburton conj. MS. 'tatch'; Collier MS. ' halter.'

V. ii. 7. ' whom,' instead of' who,' owing to confusion of constructions; Pope, 'Who'; Hanmer, 'And'; Singer, When,' etc.

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V. ii. 8. 'made a particular force'; Hanmer reads 'had . force'; Staunton conj. 'took . . . truce'; Bailey conj. ' had . . . force with,' etc. V. iii. 3-4. These words are in all probability the reflection of the soldier; this view is certainly more acceptable than to believe them to be an inscription placed by Timon somewhere near the tomb. Nor is it necessary, with Warburton, to change 'read' into 'rear'd. The soldier, seeing the tomb, infers that Timon is dead, but he cannot read the inscription; some beast read this! there does not live a man able to do so' (v. Preface).

V. iv. 28. 'Shame, that they wanted cunning, in excess'; Theobald's emendation ('extreme shame for their folly in banishing you hath broke their hearts'); Folio 1 reads '(Shame that they wanted, cunning in excesse)'; Folios 2, 3, 4, Shame (that they wanted cunning in excesse)'; Johnson conj. 'Shame that they wanted, coming in excess.'

V. iv. 62. 'render'd to your'; the conj. of Chedworth, adopted by Dyce; Folio reads 'remedied to your'; Folios 2, 3, 4, 'remedied by your '; Pope, ' remedied by'; Johnson, ' remedied to'; Malone, 'remedy'd, to your'; Singer (ed. 2), remitted to your.'

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V. iv. 79. On thy low grave, on faults forgiven. Dead'; the reading of Folios; Theobald reads On thy low grave.-On: faults forgiven.—Dead' ; Hanmer, On thy low grave our faults-forgiv'n, since dead.'

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