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London, sometymes in the tenure of James Gardyner, Esquire, and since that in the tenure of John Fortescue, gent. and now.or late being, in the tenure or occupation of one William Ireland, or of his assignee or aflignes; abutting upon a streete leading downe to Puddle Wharfe, on the east part, right against the Kings Majesties Wardrobe; part of which said tenement is erected over a greate gate leading to a capitall messuage, which sometyme was in the tenure of William Blackwell, Esquire, deceased, and since that in the tenure or occupation of the right honourable Henry now Earle of Northumberlande : And also all that plott of ground on the west side of the same tenement, which was lately inclosed with boords on two sides thereof, by Anne Baton, widow, so farre and in fuch forte as the same was inclosed by the faid Anne Baton, and not otherwise; and being on the third side. inclosed with an old brick wall; which said plott of ground was sometyme parcell and taken out of a great voyde peece of ground lately used for a garden; and also the foyle whereupon the faid tenement ftandeth; and also the said brick wall and boords which doe inclose the faid plott of ground; with free entrie, accesse, ingreffe, and regresse, in, by, and through, the said great gate and yarde there, unto the usual dore of the said tenement: And also all and singular cellors, follers, romes, lights, easiaments, profitts, commodities, and appurtenaunts whatsoeyer to the said dwellinghouse or tenement belonging or in any perteyning: TO HAVE and to HOLDE the said dwelling-house or tenement, cellers, follers, romes, plott of ground, and all and fingular other the

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premisses above by theis presents mentioned to beé demised, and every part and parcell thereof, with thappurtenaunts, unto the said Henry Walker, his executors, administrators, and affignes, from the feast of thannunciacion of the blessed Virgin Marye next coming after the date hereof, unto thende and terme of One hundred yeares from thence next ensuing, and fullie to be compleat and ended, withoute impeachment of, or for, any manner of waste: YELDING and paying therefore yearlie during the said terme unto the saide William Shakespeare, William Johnson, John Jackson, and John Hemyng, their heires and affigues, a pepper corne at the feast of Easter yearly, yf the fame be lawfullie demaunded, and

PROVIDED alwayes, that if the said William Shakespeare, his heires, executors, administrators or assigns, or any of them, doe well and trulie paie or cause to be paid to the faid Henry Walker, his executors, administrators or affignes, the sum of threescore pounds of lawfull money of England, in and upon the twentieth day of September next coming after the date hereof, at, or in, the nowe dwelling-house of the said Henry Walker, situate and being in the parish of Saint Martyn neer Ludgate, of London, at one entier payment without delaie; That then ·and from thenesforth this presente lease, demise and graunt, and all and every matter and thing herein conteyned (other than this privifoe), shall cease, determinė, and bee utterlie voyde, frustrare, and of none effect, as though the faine had never beene had, ne made; theis presents or any thing therein conteyned to the contrary thereof in any

nyne and

wise notwithstanding. And the said William Shakspeare for himselfe, his heires, executors, and administrators, and for every of them, doth covenaunt, promiffe and graunt to, and with, the faid Henry Walker, his executors, administrators and assignes, and everie of them, by theis presentes, that he the faid William Shakspeare his heires, executors, administrators or assignes, shall and will cleerlie acquite, exonerate and discharge, or from tyme to, tyme, and at all tymes hereafter, well and fufficientlie save and keepe harmless the said Henry Walker his executors, administrators, and assignes, and every of them, and the faid premisses by theis presents demised, and every parcell thereof, with thappurtenaunts, of and from all and al manner of former and other bargaynes, sales, guiftes, graunts, leases, jointures, dowers, intailes, statuts, recognizaunces, judgments, executions; and of, and from, all and every other charge, titles, troubles, and incumbrances whatsoever by the said William Shakspeare. William Johnson, John Jackson, and John Hemyng, or any of them, or by their or any of their meanes, had made, committed or done, before thensealing and delivery of theis presents, or hereafter before the said nyne and twentieth day of September next comming after the date hereof, to bee had, made, committed or done, except the rents and fervits to the cheef lord or lords of the fee or fees of the premisses, for, or in respect of, his or their segnorie or feignories onlie, to bee due and done.

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IN WITNESSE whereof the said parties to theis indentures interchangeablie have sett their seales. Yeoven the day and years first above written, 1612 [ 1612-13].

W. Shakspe.

W" Johnfon. 70. Jackson,

Ensealed and delivered by the

said William Shakespeare,
William Johnson, and John
Jackson,' in the presence of

Will. Atkinson.

Ed. Oudry,

Robert Andrews, Scr,
Henry Lawrence, Ser,

vant to the said Scr,

9 John Heming did not sign, or seal, MALONE,

j, c. Scrivener, MALONE,




In the Office of the Prerogative Court of Canter


Vicefimo quinto die Martii, 'Anno Regni Domini noftri

Jacobi nunc Regis Angliæ, &c. decimo quarto, o Scotie quadragefimo nono.

Anno Domini 1616.

In the same of God, Amen. i William Shake speare of Stratford-upon-Avon, in the county of Warwick, gent. in perfect health and memory, (God be praised!) do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following; that is to say:

First, I commend my soul into the hands of God my creator, hoping, and assuredly believing, through the only merits of Jesus Christ


Saviour, to be made partaker of life everlasting; and my body to the earth whereof it is made.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Judith, one hundred and fifty pounds of lawful English money, to be paid unto her in manner and form following; that is to say, one hundred pounds in discharge of her marriage portion within one year

after my decease, with consideration after the

3 Our poet's will appears to have been drawn up in Fen bruary, though not executed till the following month; for February was first written, and afterwards ftruck out, and March written over it. MALONE.

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