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Missionaries lived; and they were actually obliged to return home, under abuse for having made the inquiry. The journey and attempt were repeated ; and they were again totally at a loss, and insulted for their enquiry, actually in front of the missionary printing-office, when Krishna Prisada, happening to come out, and to hear them debating what to do, gladly took them in. Futika was an earpest reader and hearer, and soon became a zealous disciple; and was appropriately rewarded, when he returned to the place of his former residence, by much of the rancour of some of the Brahmins, and by some personal violence from an instigated rabble, his relations abetting his abusers. But nothing could divert him from the happy course, which led him to a triumphant death.

Krishna Prisada was a young Brahmin ; and in this instance the success of the true religion against the strongest, proudest, hold of the grand polity, as it may be justly denominated, of the Hindoo superstition, was combined with so extraordinary excellence and amiableness in the convert, that every reader will sympathize with the deep regrets of the Missionaries, and their other proselytes, for his premature removal, though by a death so eminently happy. It is unnecessary to enlarge on his character, already so well known to all the readers who have taken an interest in the progressive history of the Mission. Nor deed we say one word in recommendation of this interesting selection of practical testimonies to the power of Christianity in a region where its enemies have anticipated the triumph of seeing it fail.

Art. XII. SELECT LITERARY INFORMATION. *** Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige

the Conductors of the ECLECTIC REVIEW, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its Plan.

· Printing at Macao, under the patro- during five years, and the result of their nage of the Honourable the East India labours was submitted to the revision of Company, a Dictionary of the Chinese two others. This compilation is deficiLanguage, by the Rev. Robert Morrison ent in unity, perspicuity, and arrangeThe work will consist of three parts. ment, and it does not in the least emPart I. Chinese and English, arranged brace the colloquial dialect. On these according to the Chinese Radicals.-- . accounts, a inere translation of KangPart II. Chinese and English, arranged he's Dictionary would by no means apalphabetically.-Part III. English and swer the purposes of the European stuChinese. This work is founded on the Im dent, that work being intended for the perial Dictionary, compiled by order of use of natives, and not of foreigners. Kang-he, late Emperor of China. In the The present work adopts, in the first compilation of the Imperial Dictionary, part, the arrangement and number of twenty-seven persons were employed characters given in the Imperial Dicti

onary. From the same source also are layed on account of the treaty for Proderived the greater number of defini-' fessor Schæfer's MSS. will appear in tions and examples. To these, import- January. ant additions have been made from per- Preparing for publication, A Histojonal knowledge of the use of the cha- rical and Descriptive View of the Pa. racter; from the manuscript dictiona. rishes of Monk Wearmouth, and Bishop ries of the Romish Church, from native Wearmouth, and the Port and Borough scholars, and from miscellaneous works, of Sunderland, in the County of Durperused with this express design. The ham; comprising an Historical Account work is dedicated to the Honourable the of their Origin and Present State; an Court of Directors of the East India accurate Description of the Public Company, who, with liberality worthy Buildings and Ecclesiastical Edifices ; of their character and resources, have the Rise and Progress of the Public Inundertaken to print the Dictionary at stitutions; and a View of the Trade, their sole expense, and, after retaining Shipping, Manufactures, &c. &c. for their own use a limited number of The Spirit of the Press, Historica, copies, to present the remainder to the Political, and Literary. A portion of author, as a remuneration for his labo each Number contains The Spirit of rious exertions. The friends of Mr. the Journals, being a selection of pertiMorrison are, under these circam nent Paragraphs, Witticisms, &c. as they stances, exceedingly desirous to promote appear in the London Publications of the circulation and sale of the work, for the day. Weekly numbers every Saturthe benefit of the author and his family. day, price 6d. and in Monthly Parts, The extent of the work cannot be at for the convenience of Country Readers, present fully ascertained; but it will be The Third Part of the Supplement to comprised either in four or five volumes, the Encyclopædia Britannica is just pube royal quarto. As persons inclined to lished, cuntaiving, besides the usual become purchasers may be desirous of Articles and Engravings, a Dissertation ascertaining the whole expense, the exhibiting a general View of the Progress friends of Mr. Morrison, to whom he of Mathematical and Physical Science, has entrusted the sale of the work, since the Revival of Letters in Europe, hereby engage that it shall not exceed by Professor Playfair, on the same ten guineas. The price of the first part Plan as the Discourse in the First Part, is half-a-guinea. ?

on the Progress of Metaphysical, EthiThe Rev. Dr. Chalmers, of Glasgow, eal, and Political Philosophy. By is printing a volume of Discourses, in Dugald Stewart. which he combats, at some length, the Speedily will be published, An Inargument derived from astronomy, quiry into the Effects of Spirituous Liagainst the Truth of the Christian Reve. quors on the Physical and Moral Facullation; and, in the prosecution of his ties of Man, and on the Happiness of reasoning, he attempts to elucidate the Society. harmony that subsists between the Doc Just published, The Principles of trines of Scripture and the Discoveries Harmony, containing a complete and of Modern Science.

compendious Illustration of the Theory Dr. Burrows, of Gower Street, is pre- of Music on a new and original plan, paring for publication, “ Commentaries in which every part of that Science, on Mental Derangement."

from its most simple to its highest Mr. A. J. Valpy has in the press, a Branches, is progressively exhibited, new edition of the Greek Septuagint, in and so arranged, as to render the whole one larze yol. 8vo. The text is taken familiar to Performers on the Piano from the Oxford Edition of Bos, without Forte. By John Rolfe, Musician in contractions.

Ordinary to His Majesty. Also a new edition of Homer's Iliad, Mr. Tabart of the Juvenile Library, from the Text of Heyne; with English Piccadilly, announces a Monthly MisNotes, including many from Heyne and cellany for the use of Schools, and for Clark, one vol. 8vo.

the genera purposes of Education, under In the press, Academic Errors, or the title of Tabart's School Magazine, or Recollections of Youth, one vol. 12mo. Journal of Education. It is intended to

In the press, Catullus, with English be composed chiefly of modern MateNotes, by T. Forster, Esq. Jun. 12mo. rials, for the purpose of connecting as

The Second Number of Stephen's much as possible the business of the Greek Thesaurus, which has been de- ' School-room with that of the activo

Yoz. VII, N. S,

World, for which Education prepares scription, and the Price will be ad. its subjects. The first Number will ap- vanced to Non-subscribers after Feb. 1. pear on the first of March.

The Rev. P. A. Cox has nearly comIn the Press, Sermons by the Rev. pleted at Press his work on Female Joba Martin, more than forty years. Scripture Biography, with an Essay, Pastor of the Baptist Church now meet- shewing what Christianity has done for ing in Keppel-street. Taken in Short Women. Also, a second Edition, with Hand by Mr. T. Palmer, with a fine considerable Alterations of his Life of Portrait. 2 Vols. 8vo.

Melancthon. *** The Work is published by Sub




A Second Edition of Valpy's Edition A new Edition, with Additions, and of Virgil, without Notes, 4s, bound. two Portraits, of some Account of the A Translation of the Six Books of Lives and Writings of Lope Pelix de Vega Carpio and Guillen de Castro. By which a Seventh Book is added, in order Henry Richard Lord Holland. 2 Vols. to supply the deficiency of another book post 8vo. Il. Is.

on this subject, which was written by Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. Richard Proclus, but since lost; also a Transla- . Brinsley Sheridan. Drawn from au tion of Proclus's Elements of Theology. ' thentic Documents, and illustrated by By Thomas Taylor. In these volumes original Correspondence, and a variety is also inclựded, by the sacae, a Transof interesting Anecdotes : to which is lation of the Treatise of Proclus on prefixed, a Biographical Account of his Providence and Fate; a Translation of Family. By John Watkins, LL.D. &c. Extracts from his Treatise entitled Ten Embellished with Portraits. 4to. 11. 113.

Doubts concerning Providence; and a 6d. boards,

Translation of Extracts from his Trea, The Life of Raffael of Urbino. By tise on the Subsistence of Evil; as prethe Author of the Life of Michael An served in the Bibliotheca Græca of Fas gelo. Crowu 8vo. 88. 6d. boards. bricius. In 2 vols, royal 410. 250 con i The Lives of Edward Pocock, the cen pies only printed. 51, 103. lebrated Orientalist, by Dr. Twellsof Dr. Zachary Pearce, Bishop of Roches

: GEOGRAPHY. ter, and of Dr. Newton, Bishop of Bristol, by themselves and of the Rev.

A Map of Scriptural and Classical Philip Skelton, by Mr. Burdy, 2 Vols.

Geography ; with an explanatory Treatum

tise, wherein the Ducuments of Sacred 8vo. 11. boards.

and Ancient Civil History, relative to CLASSICAL LITERATURE.

the Origin of Nations, are particularly Joannis Scapulæ Lexicon Græco-Lati- examined and discussed. The Whole num ; ex Probatis Auctoribus Locuple- . intended to facilitate a Knowledge of the tatum, cum indicibus, et Græco et La progressive Colonization of the Earth, tino, auctis et correctis. Additum Auc- and from which it is proved that the tarium Dialectorum, in Tabulas compén- most ancient Records of the earliest diose redactarum. Accedunt Lexicon States are derived from, or have Analogy Etymologicum, cum Thematibus Inveg- to, the Mosaic History. By T. Heming, tigatų Difficilioribus et Anomalis. Et of Magd. Hall, Oxon. Price 11. Is-on Joannis Meursii Glossarium contractum, Canvas 1l. 6s. bactenus desideratum. Editio nova, in

HISTORY, qua, nunc primum, Vocabula ex Appendice Askeviana secundum literarum The History of Ceylon, from the earseriem inseruntur. 2 Vols. 4to. Hand- liest Period to the Year 1815 ; with Cha-, somely printed (from a Type cut for the racteristic Details of the Religion, Laws, Work) on fine Paper. 71. 7s, boards., and Manners of the People ; and a Cola;

Virgil, with English Notes at the end, lection of theirmoral maxims and ancient including many, from the Delphin, and proverbs. By Philalethes, A.M. Oxon. other editions. 78. 6d. No Interpre- To which is subjoined, Robert Knox's * tatio,

Historical Relation of the Island, with ;

an Account of his Captivity during a and the History of the Island of Gvern, period of nearly twenty years. 4to. 16 sey, small folio 11. Is. boards. . Plates and Map, 21. 12s. 6d.

Tales of my Landlord, collected and

reported by Jedediah Cleishbotham, MATHEMATICS.

Schoolmaster and Parish Clerk of GanTheoretic Arithmetic, in three Books;

dercleugh. 4 Vols. 12mo. 11. Ss. containing the substance of all that has

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. been written on the subject by Theo of Smyrna, Nicomachus, Jamblichus, and An Elementary Treatise on Astros Boëtiys; together with some remarkable nomy ; or, an Easy Introduction to a particulars respecting perfect, amicable, Knowledge of the Heavens. Intended and other numbers, which are not to for the use of those who are not much be found in the writings of any ancient conversant in Mathematical Studies. or modern Mathematicians. Likewise, By the Rev. A Mylne, A.M. 8vo. 9s. a Specimen of the Manner in which the

boards. Pythagoreans philosophized about Num · An Essay on the Origin, Progress, bers, and a Development of their Mys and present State of Galvanism; contical and Theological Arithmetic, By taining Investigations, experimental and Thomas Taylor. 145. 8vo. bds.

speculative, of the principal Doctrines

offered for the Explanation of its PhenoMISCELLANEOUS

mena, and a Statement of a new Hy. Jackson's New and Improved System

pothesis, Honoured by the Royal Irish of Mnemonics; or, Two Hours Study

Academy with the Prize. By - Donoin the Art of Memory, applied to Figures,

van. 8vo. 12s. hd. boards. Chronology, Geography, Statistics, &c.

Evening Amusements; or, the Beau&c. 12mo. 5s, 6d. boards.

ties of the Heavens displayed ; in which Provincial Letters, containing an Ex

the striking Appearances to be observed posure of the Reasoning and Morals of

in various evenings during the Year the Jesuits. By Blaise Pascal. Trans

1817 are described. By William Frend, lated from the French. To which is

Esq. M.A. Actuary of the Rock Life added, a View of the History of the

Assurance Company, and late Pellow of Jesuits, and the late Bull for the Re-'

Jesus College, Cambridge. 12mo. 35, vival of the Order. 8vo. 12s.

boards. A Series of Letters, written on board

POETRY. his Majesty's Ship the Northumberland,

The fifth Vo!ume of Lord Byron's and at St. Helena; in which the conduct

Works; containing the Siege of Corinth, and Conversations of Napoleon Bona

Parisina, Fare Thee Well, Monody on parte, and his Saite, during the Voyage

Sheridan, &c. foolscap 8vo. 7s. and the first Months of his Residence in that Island, are faithfally described and

The whole Works of the late Wila related. By William Warden, Surgeon

liam Cowper, Esq. consisting of Poems, on board the Northumberland. With

Letters, and a Translation of Homer. two Engravings, and a fac-simile of

10 Vols, foolscap 8vo. 31. 11s. boards. Bonaparte's Hand-writing. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

POLITICAL ECONOMY, Observations on the Projected Bill for restricting the Practice of Surgery and National Difficulties, Practically Ex. Midwifery to Members of the Royal Cola plained. By a Member of the Lowe-' leges of London, Edinburgh, and Dub stofft Book Club. 8vo. 2s. 68. lin; and to Army or Navy Surgeons : An Essay on the Question of reducing with some Modifications proposed, by

the Interest of the National Debt; in which the Measure will be more com which the justice and expediency of that patible with the true interests of the Measure are fully established, By J. Pablic ; and not oppressive to the pre R. M'Culloch, Esq. 8vo. seat Race of Pupils for the Profession. The Speech of Thomas Fowel Buxton, By a General Practitioner. 8vo. Is. 60. Esq. at the Egyptian Hall, Nov. 26,

Genealogia Antiqua; or, Mythologi. 1816, on the Subject of the Distress in cal and Classical Tables, compiled from Spitalfields, 6d. the best Authors on Fabulous and An

THEOLOGY, cient History. By W. Berry, late of the College of Arms, London, and Au- A Plea for Catholic Communion in thor of an Introduction to Heraldry, the Church of God. By J. M. Mason,

D.D. From the Second Edition with chard Warner, Curate of St. James', Corrections, printed at New York. 8vo. Bath. 2 Vols. 12mo, 16s. boards. 10s. 6d. boards.

Sermons on Various Subjects. By Sermons, by the late Charles Wesley. the late Richard Price, D.D. F.R.S. A.M. Student of Christ Church, Oxford; These discourses, which are wholly of with a Memoir of the Author, by the a practical nature, are now first pub, Editor. crown 8vo. 7s. boards.

lished from the original Manuscript Plain Preaching; or, Sermons for the Notes of the Author. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Poor; and for People of all. Ranks. boards. By the Rev. R. Mayo. 12mo. 6s. boards. A new Edition of Dr. Whitby on the

Sermons. By W. N. Darnell, B.D. Five Points, printed verbalim from the Prebendary of Durham, and late Fellow improved second Edition of 1735. To of C. C. College Oxford. 8vo. 9s, boards. which is prefixed, a Defence of Whitby

Annotations on the Epistles ; being a against certain Misrepresentations of Continuation of Mr. Elsley's Annota the Calvinistic Party. By the Editor, tions on the Gospels and Acts, and 8vo. 128. principally designed for the Use of Can.. The Statesman's Manual, or the Bible didates for Holy Orders. By the Rev. the best Guide to Political Skill and James Slade, M. A. late Fellow and Foresight: A Lay Sermon, addressed to Tutor of Emanuel College, Cambridge, the Higher Classes of Society. By S. and Examining Chaplain to the Lord T. Coleridge, Esq. 12mo. 4s. sewed. Bishop of Chester. 2 Vols. 8vo. 16s. In the Press, by the same Author, boards.

a Second and Third Lay Sermon, adThe Doctrine of Regeneration in the dressed to the Middle and Labouring Case of Infant Baptism, stated in Reply Classes, on the present Distresses of the to the Dean of Chichester's Apology Country. The three Tracts together addressed to the Rev. G. S. Faber, B.D. will be so printed as to make a uniform By George Stanley Faber, B.D. Rector Volume. of Long Newton. 2s. 6d.

Christian Baptism, or an Attempt to . A Century of Christian Prayers, on ascertain the Design, Nature, and SubFaith, Hope, and Charity; with a jeçt of that Ordinance, preached at the Morning and Evening Devotion, con Baptism of nine Persons on a Profession ducive to the Duties of Belief and of Faith. By Joseph Jarrom. 8vo. Is. Practice. Ornamented with three ele 6d. gant Designs by T. Stothard, R. A. An Address from the Associated Con8vo. 8s. boards.

gregational Ministers of the County of Scripture Genealogy from Adam to Essex, on the Subject of Schism. 12mo. Christ, exhibiting in a Series of Thirty- 3d. six Engraved Tables, a Distinct View

TOPOGRAPHY AND TRAVELS. of the Nation, Tribe, Family, Lineal English Topography; or, a Series of Descent, and Posterity of every Person Historical and Statistical Descriptions mentioned in the Bible, so far as they of the several Counties of England and can be traced from Sacred and Profane Wales. Accompanied by a correct Map History; to which are annexed Chrono of each County, taken from original logical Dates, on the Authority of Usher Surveys, and beautifully outlined. royal and Blair; together with a Copious 4to. 31. 10s. half-bound; on imperial Introduction, an Historical Description Paper, with the Maps coloured, 51. 5s. of each Plate, and a Complete Index, Travels above the Cataracts of Egypt. Just published, in one Volume, royal By Thomas Leigh, Esq. M. P. with a 4to. 21. 128. 6d, boards.

Map. 4to, ll. ls, Fifty-seven Sermons, on the Gospels Memorandums of & Residence in or Epistles of all the Sundays in the France, in the Wiąter of 1815-16; inYear, Christmas-day, the Circumcision, cluding Remarks on French Manners and Good Friday, for the Use of Fa- and Society, with a Description of the milies, and Country Congregations; to Catacombs, and Notices of some other gether with Observations on Public Re- Objects of Curiosity and Works of Art, ligious Instruction. By the Rev. Ri- not hitherto described. 8vo. 12s.

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