The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe ...: With an Account of His Travels Round Three Parts of the Globe, Volume 2

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W. Lane, 1790

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Page 170 - I was urged then myfelf, and at another time mould have been forward enough : but I thought they had carried their rage too far, and thought of Jacob's words to his fons Simeon and Levi, ' Curfed be their anger, for it was fierce; and their wrath, for it was cruel.
Page 77 - together, and killed, or very much wounded, four of them; the fifth, frighted even to death, though not hurt, fell with the reft ; fo that our men, feeing them all fall together, thought they had killed them all. The belief that the favages were all killed, made our two men come boldly out from the
Page 78 - favage, that had been the caufe of all the mifchief; and of another that was hurt in his knee, and put them out of their pain; then the man that was not hurt at all came and kneeled down to them, with his two hands held up, and made piteous moan to them by
Page 47 - After half an hour's confultation they were called in, and a; long debate had about them, their two countrymen Charging them with the ruin of all their labour, and a defign to murder them ; all which they owned before, and therefore could not deny now ; upon the whole, the Spaniards acled the moderators between
Page 39 - we found, that our two men who had been laid in irons, had ftole each of them a mufket, and fome other weapons ; what powder or fhot they had, we knew not; and had taken the fhip's pinnace, which was not yet haled ,up, and run away with her to their companions in roguery on
Page 174 - one elfe ; and began to be a little warm with him: he made but little reply to me at that time, and I thought that affair had been over. We were at this time in the road to Bengal: and, being willing to fee the place, I went on more with the fupercargo, in .the
Page 76 - fpy them in the tree, and come to attack them The two firft favages alfo confirmed them in this refolution, by turning a little from them towards another part of the wood ; but the three, and the five after them, came forwards dire&ly to the tree, as if they had known the
Page 69 - -chofen them for their wives. When they had done this, and the fright the women were in was a little over, the men went to work, and the Spaniards came and helped them; and, in a few hours, they had built them every one a new hut or tent for their lodging apart: for
Page 121 - matters of religion ; much as I was when I went rambling away from my father; and yet that there were none of them backward to hear what had been faid, and all of them ferioufly promifed, that> they would talk with their wives about it, and to do their endeavour to perfuade them to turn
Page 150 - We had a prifoner indeed, but the creature was fo fullen, that he would neither eat or fpeak : and we all fancied he would ftarve himfelf to death : but I took a way to cure him : for I made them take him, and turn him into the long boat, and make him believe they would

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