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O HAPPY Soul! when the offices of religion do measure out to thee the time and the year, and devotion in its decent dress is thy calendar; when as thou dost receive with pleasure the fruits of each season, which the bounty of thy God causeth the earth to bring forth to thee: the sun and heaven yielding successively their grateful changes, so thou mayest measure out thy time with suitable variety of praise and devotion; aspiring in each season after some new grace in return, till thou hast run the circle of them all with the year, and summed up thy gain at last in a happy eternity.

Happy soul! to whom each new week is welcome, and known not by the almanack, or the outward face of the year, but by the grace it proposes to thy meditation and practice in its Collect, while thou dost join with the whole Church in making this theme thy study and thy care ; when each month is known to thee, not by the old heathen name it bears, but the blessed saints it commemorates, welcoming with joy their holy festivals.

O happy souls, who unite in this blessed study! may my soul enter into your secrets, and dwell with you in this sacred exercise. May I ever rejoice in this orderly revolution of time; ever be with you, the children of the kingdom, the favourites of Heaven, the delights of my soul, and heirs of eternity, in all the happy periods of this revolution; and thus employed, through the mercies of our good God, may we roll insensibly on from grace to glory, from time to eternity, and from commemorating the saints here, to enjoying our Lord and them for ever hereafter. Amen.

Life of James Bonnell.


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Advent — Lent.




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Sing the song unheard before,
Sing the God Whom we adore,
Sing, all earth, unto the Lord,
Praise His Name, and bless His Word.
Tidings tell, from day to day,
Of His high and saving way;
Shew all lands His glorious light,
Heathens all His deeds of might.
Tell them, God is great always,
Prais'd, and high above all praise ;
Thron'd in awful majesty,
Far above all gods is He.
Heathen gods—frail gods are they-
Heaven He made Whom we obey;
Grace and honour round Him shine,
Power and splendour in His shrine.

Households of the realms abroad,
Bring ye to the Lord our God,
Bring ye to the Lord aright,
Glory and eternal might.
To the Lord Whom we proclaim,
Bring the glory of His Name;
With th' unbloody offering come,
Enter in the holiest room.
Own the LORD with prostrate heart,
In His beauty high apart ;
Shrink, all earth, before His face ;
Speak to every realm and race;
Tell it out, “ Jehovah reigns :
Fix'd and sure the world remains ;
Fix’d, and leaning on His hand,
Righteous Judge of every land.”
Heaven is bright with bliss and mirth;
Springs for joy the solid earth ;
Ocean, with His thundering tones,
Through his worlds the rapture owns ;
Field exults, and meadow fair,
With each bud and blossom there;
In the lonely woodlands now
Chants aloud each rustling bough,
Chants before th' all-judging Lord :-
See, He comes, He comes ador'd ;
Comes to judge the world aright,
Nations by His own true light.

First Sunday in Advent. “ Thine eyes shall see the King in His beauty: they shall behold

the land that is very far off.”-Isaiah xxxiii. 17. Year after year, as it passes, brings us the same warnings again and again ; and none, perhaps, more impressive than those with which it

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