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Six widths of one only equalled four breadths of the other.

dzh, allege, ledge, fiedge.

Allege not reasons to which you give no credence yourself.

dzhd, privileg'd, enrag'd, gorg'd.

His barbarity could be gorg'd with blood alone. fist, rifl'st, shuffl'st, muffl'st.

Thou shuffl'st in vain the cards of error: they always come forth with counterfeit value on their faces, and can only take the meanest tricks. fldst, rifl'd'st, shuffl'd'st, mutil'd'st.

Thou rifl'd'st, the homes of the weak and unproteced, and count'd'st it an honorable deed?

fnz, tough'ns, puffins; deaf'ns.

The religion of Christ soft'ns the heart of the most barbarous nation.

fnd, fright'n'd, strenght'n'd, height'n'd.

In vein that cause is strength'n'd that has not justice for its basis.

fts, handicrafts, drafts, rafts.

And lo! the crafts are mercilessly seized by hungry waves that roar themselves hoarse with glee as they

view the floating timbers of the once united rafts.

fst, doff'st, scoff'st, quaff'st.

Vile slave! doff'st thou not thy fusty castor to the king thy liege lord and master?

ftst, ingraft'st, draught'st, waft'st.

O Patriotism, thou ingraft'st upon the tree of liberty the scions of religious toleration!

fths, fifty-fifths, twelfths.

Two fifths and seven twelfths fifty nine sixti eths.

gd, digg'd, shrugg'd, wagg'd

Deep he digg'd into the stubborn earth until greeted by the glittering ore.

gdst, tugg'dst lagg'dst.

Thou tugg'dst in vain with fortune; the hope of riches which thou hugg'dst is illusory.

gld, strangl'd, spangl'd, wrangl'd.

The captive's hope was strangl'd by the stern demeanor of his judge.

glst, tingl'st, inveigist, struggl'st.

Thou struggl'st bravely with adversity and wilt not be overcome.

gldst, juggl'dst, jingl'dst, bungl'dst.

If thou bungl'dst this care
From thy office forbear.

gst, bring'st, sing'st, lagg'st.

O childhood! thou bring'st the most fragrant, unselfish, and acceptable offerings to the altar of friendship!

kld, tinkl'd, rankl'd, sparkl❜d.

The tiny bells which sweetly tinkl'd,

Sweet thoughts of home evoked.

kldst, tinkl'dst, rankl'dst, sparkl❜dst.

Thou, mercy, more brightly sparkl'dst in the royal diadem than any precious stone.

klz, wrinkl's, trickl's, stickl's.

He stickl's for injustice more zealously than the champions of truth for their cause.

klst, cackl'st, speckl'st, sprinkl'st.

Thou cackl'st, but unlike the cackling of the geese of Rome, thine arouses-laughter.

knd, heark'nd, dark'nd, lik'nd.

He heark'nd to the voice of mourning,

And dried the tears of distress.

kndst, reck'nd'st, beck'nd'st, wak'nd'st.

Oh, Power! When thou beck'nd'st flattery and hypocrisy, arm in arm, hasten to comply.

kst, text, ach'st, break st.

Thou break'st the laws of heaven and of earth and yet thou talk'st of harmony. Harmony begins to pine when estranged from order.

kts, erects, protects, cataracts.

He erects a monument, which never shall crumble, and which the future shall not cease to admire, and whereon is written-Spotless Reputation.

ktst, lock'dst, pick'dst, hack 'dst.

Thou lock'dst thy heart against the gentle knocks of grace and now 'tis stony grown.

ldz, scolds, scalds, unfolds.

His life unfolds the inward peace and beauty of the just.

idst, yield'st, mouldst, withhold`st.

Yieldst thou without a struggle to such a craven? Imst, calm'st, embalm'st, overwhel'mst.

Thou unwritten music of nature, calm'st the troubled heart and burdened soul.

Ipst, gulp'dst, help'dst, yelp'dst.

O Charity! thou help'dst those who could not help themselves.

Iths, commonwealths, filths, healths.

The glory of commonwealths is bright honor and justice.

ltst, moult'st, revolt'st, exalt'st.

Religion! thou exalt'st humanity to the skies. lvst, revolv'st, delv'st, absolv'st.

Delv'st thou in knowledge mines

With hopes of fame or wealth?

mdst, maim'dst, inflam'dst, defam'dst.

Thou maim'dst virtue when thou defam'dst R.D.-

mfs, nymphs, lymphs, triumphs.

The greatest triumphs are those silent, unpretentious ones o'er self.

mpst, bump'st romp'st, damp'st.

Why damp'st thou youthful enthusiasm? mst, proclaim'st, redeem'st, bloom st.

Thou proclaim'st thyself valiant thou white-livered braggart.

ndgst, sting'dst, prolong'dst, ring'dst.

With thy cruelty thou prolong'dst warfare while peace was mourning and imploring for reunion. ndzh, cringe, singe, expunge.

Cringe, cringe sycophants! beneath the glance of

ndzhd, sing'd, aveng'd, estrang'd.

His manes aveng'd, he ceased commerce with mortals.

ntsht, munch'd, pinch'd, quench'd.

He ne'er quench'd his thirst at the Pierian spring. nths, sixteenths, labyrinths, months.

Months are labyrinths of time. ntst, print'st, grunt'st, haunt'st.

Haunt'st thou the editor with a still-born poem? nz, rains, refrains, feigns.

It rains, it rains,

The sweet refrains

Of crystal drops on window panes,
My heart and soul enchains.

pldst, sampl'dst, crumpl'dst, toppl'dst.
Thou easily toppl'dst Error's Monument.

plz, temples, dimples, ripples.

The buoyant ripples chased one another in glee and flirted with the coquettish sunbeams that peeped through the gently-stirring foliage of the tamarind.

plst, toppl'st, sampl'st, rippl'st.

Thrice thou sampl'st the hospitality of thine enemy and found it generous and ample.

pt, hopp'd, kept, equipp'd.

Ye are all equipp'd? We are. Farewell then, Home! with the charms, which make thee dear.

pts, adepts, precepts, excepts.

Adepts are rare, where diligence and persevering practice are rare.

rbdst, disturb'dst, absorb'dst, curb'dst.

Thou absorb dst attention, but the hearts of thy auditors remain cold and clayey.

rdz, chords, rewards, girds.

The minor chords of humility breathe greater peace and joy than the loftiest majors of exultation. rdst, bombard'st, retard'st, disregard st.

Disregard'st thou the ingenuous voice of friendship? rdzh, purge, surcharge, scourge.

A scourge should be placed in every loyal Amercain hand, to lash the traitor around this Land of Liberty. rktst, embark'dst, perk'dst, smirk'dst.

Thou embark'dst pilotless in a boundless sea.

ridst, twirl'dst, purl'dst, uncurl'dst.

O Fate, thou uncurl'dst the locks of time!

rmdst, harm'dst, inform'dst, alarm'dst.

Thou harm'dst not me by depriving me of life, the loss is all thine own.

rndst, yearn'dst, discern'dst, suborn'dst.

O youth, thou yearn'dst for home-it is thy world! rsts, bursts, worsts, thirsts.

The beacon of faith bursts through the doubtful darkness and illumines the perilous way.

rtst, pervert'st, depart'st, convert'st.

Depart'st thou without a single word to cheer thee

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