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Truth can understand error, but error cannot understand truth.

Another year-with tears and joys

To form an arch of love,
Another year to toil with hope

And seek for rest above;
Another year winged on its way

Eternity the goal
Another year-peace in its train,

Peace to each parting soul.

It is a day to date from, when we first come to see, that the very fact of God having created us is in itself a whole magniticent revelation of eternal love, more safe to lean upon than what we behold, more worthy of our trust than what we know, more utterly our own than any other possession we can have.-.Father Faber.

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“Then ye tarry with me,” cried the gypsy in jry,
“And you make of my dwelling your home.
Many years have I prayed that the Israelite boy
(Blessed hope of the Gentiles) would come.

To leafless shrubs the flowering palms succeed,
The od'rous myrtle to the noisome weed.
The lambs with wolves shall graze the verdant mead,
And boys in flow'ry bands the tiger lead.


While I, embroidering here with pleasant toil
My imaged traceries around my name,
This banner weave (in part from hostile spoil),
And pay my fealthy to thy highest claim!

Cardinal Wisemun.

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A vacant bour is always the devil's hour. When time hangs heavy, the wings of the spirit flap painfully and slow. Then it is that a book is a strong tower, nay a very Church, with angels lurking among the leaves, as if they were so many niches.

In the stillness of awe and wonder, a clear bold voice cried out, from a group near the door: “Impious tyrant, dost thou not see that a poor, blind Christian hath more power over life than thou or thy cruel masters?

Away, away! our hearts are gay,
And free from care, by night and day,
Think not of summer pleasure;
The merry bells ring gayly out
Our lips keep time with song and shout
And laugh in happy measure.

The sea! the sea! the open sea!
The blue, the fresh, the ever free!
Without a mark, without a bound,
It runneth the earth's wide regions round,
It plays with the clouds: it mocks the skies;
Or like a cradled creature lies.

Ye fields of changeless green,
Cover'd with living streams and fadeless flowers,
Thou paradise serene,
Eternal joyful hours
My disembodied soul shall welcome in thy bowers.

May never was the month of love

For May is full of flowers
But April rather wet by kind,
For love is full of showers.

Robert Southwell.

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From harmony, from heavenly harmony,
This universal frame began :
From harmony to harmony
Through all the compass of the notes it ran,
The diapason closing full in man.


The spirit of the world can call to order sin which is not respectable. It can propound wise maxims of public decency, and inspire wholesome regulations of police. Or, again, there it is, with high principles on its lips, discussing the religious vocation of some youth,—while it urges discreet delay-and more considerate submissiveness to those who love him, and have natural rights to his obedience.

Father Faber.



The pure, pale star of the autumn eve
Beams from the blue like an angel's eye,
And softly the wayward wavelets heave
And sink on the strand with a weary sigh!

Justice pales, truth fades, stars fall from heaven;
Human are the great whom we revere;
No true crown of honor can be given,
Till the wreath lies on a funeral bier.

Oh! His rest will be with you in the congress of the great,
Who are purified by sorrow, and are victors over fate;
Oh, God's rest will be with you, in the corridors of Fame,
Which were jubilant with welcome, when Death called out

your name.

And hark! I hear a singing: yet in sootil,
Jannot of that music rightly say
Whether I hear or touch, or taste the tones.
O. what a heart-subduing melody!

There has not been a sound to-day
To break the calm of nature
Nor motion, I might almost say,
Of life or living creature.

League not with him in friendship's tie,
Whose selfish soul is bent on pleasure;
For he from joy to joy will fly,

As changes fancy's fickle measure.

Behold her, ye worldly! behold her, ye vain!
Who shrink from the pathway of virtue and pain
Who yield up to pleasure your nighs and your days
Forgetful of service, forgetful of praise.

Gerald Griffin.

For disciplining the organs, and for acquiring fality in the distinct enunciation of difficult combinaons, the following exercises are invaluable. 1, robb'd, sobb'd, mobb'd.

whose doctrine was,

He was mobb'd by men "Might makes Right." st, dubb'st, webb'st, drubb'st. Why dubb'st thou wise-a dullard?

blz, marbles, troubles, foibles.

The foibles of life tickle the sides of Mirth. blst, trembl'st, assembl'st, enfeebl'st.

Thou enfeebl'st the cause by temporizing. bld, mumbl'd, fumbl'd, humbl'd.

'Tis but the humb!'d plaint of pride.
bldst, nibbld'st, gabbid'st, dissembld'st.
Dissembld'st thou, or didst thou tell the truth?
b, tubes, fobs, robes.

Oh robes of the rich and great! Your texture often
dazzles and bedims the eyes of justice!

dlst, meddl'st, handl'st, addl'st.

Thou meddl'st with all affairs, save thine own. dld, paddl'd, wheedl'd, fondl'd.

Many were the fools he wheedl'd. dldst, dwindl'dst, fondl'dst, kindl'dst.

Thou kindl❜dst in the breast of youth a flame that
ne'er will die.

dnd, glad'n'd, quick'n'd, slack'n'd.

The sweet whisperings of grace glad'n'd his heart
and quick'n'd his fervor.

dnz, burd'ns, lad'ns, gladd'ns. Guilt burd'ns the mind.

dr, dream, drunk, drown, drizzle.

His dreams were all of fame and wealth-
His life, devoid of both.

Than ever thou lov'dst Cassius.

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dst, would'st, drudg'ds't, hadst.

When thou didst hate him worst, thou lov'dst him




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dth, width, breadth.

The breadth of the world will not satisfy ambition. dths, hundredths, thousandths, wreaths, breadths.


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