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M E N.

The King
Philander, true Heir to the Crowon,
Thrasomond, Prince of Spain.
Cleon, A Lórd.
, } Gentlemen bis Confederates

A Spaniard, Governour to Prince Thrasomond.

W O M E N.

Araminta, The King's Daughter.
Melesinda, 3

A modes Lady attending on the

Princess. Alga, A wanton Court Lady. Two other Court Ladies. Euphrosyne, { Datage, under the Name of Endymion.

Daughter to Cleon, but disguised like

SCENE Sicily.


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Cleon, Agremont and Adelard. Agr. Ere's no Body come yet.

Cleon. They had Orders from the

King to attend here. Besides it has been published, that no Officer should deny Admis Lion to any Gentleman that defire to attend and hear.


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Agr. Can Agr. Can you ghefs the Caufe of this Cereniony?

Cleon. That's plain, Sir, the foreign Prince that's come to marry Araminta, Heirefs to this Kingdom.

Adel. Your diving Politicians, and those who would seem to have deep Intelligence, give out that The does not like him.

Cleon. 0, Sir, the Multitude speak what they would have. But her Father has sent this Prince so many Assurances of the Match before his coming over, that I think she's resolved to be ruled.

Agr. And will this foreign Prince enjoy both the Kingdom of Sicily and Calabria, Sir?

Čleon. That it is so intended is most certain; but it will sure be very troublesome, and difficult for him to enjoy them both in Safety, the Right Heir to one of them being now living, and of fo noble and virtuous a Character, especilaly when the People are possessed with an Admiration of the Bravery of his Mind and Pity of his Injuries.

Agr. You mean Philander.

Cleon. I mean the same. His Father, we all know, was unjustly driven by our late King of Calabria from his fruitful Sicily : I wish the Blood I drew my self in those accursed Wars wete well wash'd off.

Agr. My Ignorance of the Affairs of Sicily will not let me know how it comes to pass that Philander (being Heir to one of these Kingdoms) the King should suffer him to go abroad so much at Liberty.

Cleon. Your Temper is more fortunate, I find, than to bufy your self in enquiring after State News; but I must tell you that lately the King risqu’d both his Kingdoms for offering to imprison Philander. For the City rose in Armes, nor conld be quell’d by any Threats or Force till they saw the Prince ride thro' the Streets unguarded, and then throwing up their Caps with loud Huzza's and Bonfires, they laid afide their military Appointments. This Reason Politici

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ans give for the Marriage of his Daughter to a foreign Prince, that he may be able to keep his own People in Awe by his Forces.

Agr. Who is this Prince's Father?

Cleon. A Person of mean Extraction, but by Wiles and Arts obtaining Power, usurp'd the Kingdom where he reigns, and keeps it under by a ftanding Army, which our King intends to copy.

Enter Melelinda, Alga, a Lady and a Spaniard.
Adel. See the Ladies, what's the first?
Cleon. A worthy Lady that attends the Princess.
Adel. The other that follows her?

Cleon. She is one that loves to try the feveral Constitutions of Men's Bodies, and indeed has destroyed her own by making Experiments upon them, for the good of the Commonwealth.

Agr. Of which she is certainly a very profitable Member.

Adel. And pray what odd grave Fellow's that who follows alone?

Cleon. One of Prince Thrafomond's Train, and his Governour.

Agr. Why is that Prince a Boy?

Cleon. Yes, he's a pretty forward Boy about four and twenty

Adel. That is a forward Boy indeed, when will he be a Man ?

Cleon. Never; he'll live a Boy till threescore, and then turn Child again. May you have your Desires, Ladies!

Alga. Then you must sit down by us.

. With all our Hearts, Ladies. Gover. I will fit near this Lady. Mel

. Not near me, Sir, but there's a Lady loves a Strånger, and you appear to mea very ftrange Fellow.

Agr. Madam, how strange foever he is, he will not be so long, for 1 perceive he can quickly be acquainted.

B 4

Adel. Peace,

Adel. Peace, the King.
Enter King, Thrasomond, Araminta, and Train.

King. To give a stronger Testimony of Love
Than only Promises (which commonly
In Princes find at once both Birth and Burial)
We've drawn you by our Letters, noble Prince
To make here your Addresses to our Daughter,
And your self known and lov'd by all our Subjects.
As for this Lady Maid, whose Sex and Innocence
Yet teach her nothing but her Fears and Blushes;
I hope herModestyso recommends her to you for aWife,
Were she not fair enough to be a Mistress.
Lastly, iny noble Son, (for so I now must call you)

That I have done this publickly, is not · To add a Comfort in particular

To you or me, but all, and to confirm
The Nobles and the Gentry of these Kingdoms
By Oath to your Succession; this shall be
Within a Week at most.

Adel. This will be hardly done.
Agr. It must be ill done whensoever it is done.

Cleon. At least it will be but half done whilst so brave a Man is thrown off and living.

Enter Philander.
Officer. Make room there for the Lord Philander.
Adel. Mark but the King how pale he looks with

King. What brings him here? You're curious I find
To see this Interview.

. The Wonders, Sir, your Majesty has often

spoken in Praise
Of Thrafomond, makes me desire to hear
What he can say himself.

Gover. Come, now begin.
Thras. Kissing your white Hand, Mistrefs, I take
" leave.

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