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There were great difficulty of Opinions, what Perambulation was.

I did arm my felf as well as I could, before I did any Thing in it,

I did acquaint those that were then Judges, in the Presence of the noble Lords, with fuch Objections as I thought it my Duty to Offer unto them.

If they thought they were not Obje&tions of such Weight, as were not fit to ftir then, I would not do the King that Disservice.

They thought, the Objections had such Answers as might well induce the like upon a Conference with the whole Country, admitting me to come and confer with them; the Country did unanimously subscribe.

It fell out afterwards, That the King commanded me, and all this before I was Chief Justice, to go into Effex; and did then tell me he had been informed, That the Bounds of the Forest were narrower than in Truth they ought to be; and I did according to his Command.

I will here profess that which is known to many; I had no Thought or Intention of enlarging the. Bounds of the Forest, further than that Part, about which there was a Perambulation, about 26 Edw. IV.

I desired the Country to confer with me about it, if they were pleased to do it; and then, according to my Duty, I did produce these Records, which I thought fit for his


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Majesty's Service, knowing them to dif charge themselves as by Law and Justice they might do.

I did never, in the least kind, go about to overthrow the Charter of the Forest,

And did publish and maintain Charta de Foresta as a sacred Thing, and no Man to violate it, and ought to be preserved for the King and Commonwealth,

I do in this humbly submít, and what Į have done, to the Goodness and Justice of this House,


Sir William Parkin's Speech in Parliament,

1641, against" Archbishop Lawd, and far
Establishing a Church-Government,
Mr. Speaker,

Stand not up in my own particular Bey Name of the whole Kingdom: Alas, Mr, Speaker, they depend all upon our exemplary Justice, which if we do fully execute, will not only give great and plenary Satisfaction to our Nation, but will likewise cause the Land to smile hereaffer with the blessed Beams of prosperous Felicity : But if the least Error and smallest Deliration be overseen by us, (Oh! it strikes my trembling Mind with Horror to think on it ) how will áll Things precipitate themselves into Ruine

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most irrevocable ? But I speak not this as if
any here would omit or extenuate the Supre-
macy of Justice in the least Thought; to ad-
monish you of that Point, were to bid the
Moon keep her monthly Course, the Sphears
to reduce themselves in their Circumference,
or the Sun to shine upon the Earth: but I
speak this only to add a Spur unto you, least
we should at any time languish in our Hea-
ven-proceeding Journey. The Cries of the
People have come up unto me, the Voice of
the whole Nation tingles in my Ears; and
methinks I hear each Subject wish, that we
would briefly establish the Church-Govern.
ment with all Expedition. Let us first begin to
confirm our Religion, and God will bless our
other Proceedings the better ; that was al-
ways my, Opinion, and I am sure the Expé-
&tation of the whole Kingdom': How long
have we fate herę? and how little have we
effected ? How much Time have we con-
sumed, and what little have we performed
herein? How long have we laboured in this
our daily Travel, and as yet have brought
forth but an Embryo in what we did intend ?
?Tis true, I confess, we have fomented our
selves with daily Troubles and Vexations,
and been very solicitous for the Welfare of
the Commonwealth ; but what have we
performed, or what have we perfected ?

I will once more relate what my formes
Opinion was, let us (I say) begin in the real


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Establishment of our Religion, and (as I said) all our other Determinations will succeed with a better Omen ; for, indeed, most of our Delinquents are link'd to this Chain, they depend most on this point, therefore we should do well to enter speedily upon the Work. Mr. Speaker, excuse my Zeal in this Case; for my Mouth cannot imprison what my Mind intends to let out, neither can my Tongue conceal that which my Heart desires to promulge. Behold the Archbishop, (that great Incendiary of this, Kingdom) lies now like a Fire-brand, rak'd up in the Embers, but if he ever chance to blaze again, I am afraid, what heretofore he had but in a Spark, he will fully burn down to the Ground in a full Flame.' Wherefore, Mr. Speaker, let us begin, for the Kingdom is pregnant with Expectation in this point : I confess there are many more Delinquents, for the Judges and other Knights walk in Quirpo, but they are but Thunder-bolts forg'd in Canterbury's Fire: Look upon them all with an impartial Eye, and you will find them all but as polluted Rivers flowing from that corrupt Fountain, Well, is it so then, that all depend on Religion? Why are we then so backward in not reforming the Church? Why do we stick in this point, and not rather proceed in it with all Expedition? For indeed, according to the Laws of this Kingdom, as it hach the Dignity of Pre


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eminence, fo let us give it the Priority in our Determinations.

Mr. Speaker, think with your self, I pray, in what Faction the Church is now, in what Schism, in what Confusion of distracted Sectaries it is promiscuoufly shaken : Behold the Papist will have their way, the Brownifts will have their way, the Anabaptists their Way, the Puritan (as fome call them) their way, the Jesuitical Priests their way; and in these various Ways they make such a Labarynth of Religion, that few or none scarce can find out the right way. It behoves us therefore, and is expedient that we Thould add a Periód to these irregular Ways, that the Vulgar may no longer wander still in diftracted Parts. WAO these ,

Oń. Mr. Speaker, I have now unloaded my Mind of her weary Burthen and I beseech you digest my words with your serious Con fiderations in this respect of Establishing the Church-Government, (in true, fincere, perfect, and unpolluted Religion; which if we do perform, and fully effect, we shall do great Honour to God, get great Credit to our Telves, and give great Satisfaction to the whole Kingdom. 7!

This is my Opinion, this is my Expectation, this is my Prayer; and lastly, this is my Hope

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