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To several Persons of

Honour and Quality,

V I Z.



LONDON: Printed in the Year 1714.

The Duke of Buckingham's Letters to

the Right Honourable the Earl of Arlington, Principal Secretary of State to his Majesty

Written by his Grace when he was Embassador

at the Court of France.

St. Germans, 15. 1670. MY LORD,

F I had had the good Fortune to, bring my Lord Faulconbridge's Secretary with me, he wou'd have entertain'd your Lordship with a whole Sheet of Paper full of the

Particulars of my Reception bere; for, I have had more Honours done me, than ever were given ta any Subje&t. You will receive in two or three Days, a Proposition from this Court, concerning the making War upon Holland only, which you may enlarge as you please. Mounsieur de Lionne shew'd me the Model of it last Night, and I shall see the particulars before they are sent.

In the mean time, having not your Cypher, I shall only tell you in general, that nothing but

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our being Meely-mouth'd can hinder us from finding our Accounts in this Matter: For

you may almost ask what you please. I have written more at large in Cypher to my Lord Ashley, and when you have discoursed together, if you think my stay here will be of use to his Majesty, let me know it; if not, I will come away.

I am, my Lord,
Your Lordship’s most Humble
and most Faithful Servant,


To the Same

St. Germans, August 17. 1

Have notbing to add to what I writ last, but

that I am every Day convinced of the happy Conjuntlure we have at present in our bands, of any Conditions from this Court, that we can in Reason demand. The King of France is so mightily taken with the Discourses I make to bim of hisGreatness byLand, that be talks to me twenty times a day; all the Courtiers here wonder at it, and I am very glad of it, and am very much

My Lord,
Your Lordship's most Humble
and most Faithful Servant,

To the Lord BERKLEY.
Must needs beg your Lordship’s Excuse, for
not waiting upon you next Sunday at Dinner,


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to get

for two reasons; the first is, because Mrs. refuses to bear me Preach; which I take to be a kind of a Slur upon so learned a Divine as I am: The other, that Sir Robert C-- is to go into the Country upon Monday, and has desired me to stay within to morrow, about Signing some Papers, which must be dispatch'd, for the clearing so much of my Estate, as (in spight of my own Negligence, and the extraordinary Perquisits I have received from the Court) is yet left me. I'm sure your Lordship is too much my Friend, not to give me leave to look after my temporal Affairs, if you but consider how little I am like get by my Spirituality, except Mrs. B- be

very much in the wrong: Pray + 4 Box. keep. tell her, I am resolved hereafter er of the PlayHouse. never to swear by any other but

by † Jo. Ash; and if that be a Sin, it's as odd a one as ever she heard of. I am, My Lord, Your Lordships most Humble,

and most Faithful Servant,

Buckingham. A Letter from Nevill Payne to a Domestic

of the Duke of Buckingham's, upon Occasion of his Grace's Discourse con: cerning Toleration.

In the Year 1586. SIR, Must confess my self enraged, when I see so great a Peer treated with so little Respect,


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