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Songs and Madrigals of the XVth Century-Early English Harmony-Musical Notation of the Middle Ages (out of print)-- Madrigals of the XVth Century-Elements of Plain Song (out of print)—Bibliotheca Musico-Liturgica—Ordinary of the Mass--Plain Song-Hymn Melodies and Sequences -and Recent Research in Plain Song, together 12 vol., containing numerous facsimiles of ancient MSS., not more than 300 copies of each work, printed for members of the Society only, 1890-98, folio, 4to. and 8vo. (248)

£65s. 7091 Prescott (W. H.) Works, Library Edition, viz., Conquest of

Peru and Mexico-Ferdinand and Isabella-Charles V.Philip II.--and Biographical and Critical Miscellanies, portraits, etc., 12 vol., half calf extra, m. e., Routledge, n. d., 8vo. (1154)

G. Brown, £3 tos. 7092 Punch, or the London Charivari, vol. i. to xliii. (wanted vol.


. and xxix.), numerous engravings by Leech, Doyle, etc., half bound in 21 vol., 1841-62, and duplicates of vol. i. to iï., in i vol., half bound, together 22 vol., 4to. (78)

George, £6 55. 7093 Richardson (Samuel). Clarissa, or the History of a Young Lady, 7 vol., first edition, original calf, 1748, 8vo. (257)

Bain, £5 [On the fly-leaf was a curious contemporary biography of Richardson, written on the day of his death.- Catalogue.]

Roxburghe Club Publications.

All in the original half binding, uncut, 4to. 7094 The Black Prince, with a translation and notes by H. 0. Coxe, 1842 (1388)

Quaritch, 18s. 7095 Speech of the Earl of Powis in the House of Lords, May 23, 1843 (1389)

Reeve, 75. 7096 Howard Household, edited by J. Payne Collier, 1844 (1390)

Quaritch, L. 1 15. 7097 Correspondence of Sir Henry Unton, 1591-2, edited by J. Stevenson, 1847 (1391)

Quaritch, tor 16s. 7098 La Vraie Cronicque d'Escoce, edited by Major R. Anstruther, 1847 (1392)

Quaritch, £r us. 7099 Alliterative Romance of Alexander, edited by J. Stevenson, 1849 (1393)

Quaritch, ku is. 7100 Vox Clamantis, auctore J. Gower, 1850 ( 1 394)

Quaritch, 1 25. 7101 Five Old Plays, edited by J. Payne Collier, 1851 (1395)

Quaritch, £2 35. 7102 Romance of the Sowdone of Babylone, etc., 1854 (1396)

Maggs, £1 125. 7103 Poems by Michael Drayton, edited by J. Payne Collier, 1856 (1397)

Sotheran, £4 45. 7104 Literary Remains of King Edward the Sixth, edited by J. G. Nichols, 2 vol., 1857 (1398)

Quaritch, 8s. 7105 Itineraries of William Wey, from the original MS., with a Map of the Holy Land, illustrating the Itineraries, in facsimile, 2 vol., 1857-67 (1399)

Hazlitt, £2 195. 7106 The Boke of Noblesse, edited by J. G. Nichols, 1860 (1400)

W. Reeves, £4 16s. 7107 De Regimine Principum, a Poem, by Thomas Occleve, edited by T. Wright, 1860 (1401)

Reeves, £1 15. 7108 Songs and Ballads, edited by T. Wright, 1860 (1402)

Hazlitt, £2 7109 Seynt Graal, by H. Lonelich and R. de Barron, edited by

É. J. Furnivall, 2 vol., 1861-3 (1403) Quaritch, £5 155. 7110 Old English Version of Partenope of Blois, edited by W. E. Buckley, 1862 (1404)

Hazlitt, 12s. 7111 Copy-Book of Sir Amias Poulet's Letters, edited by 0. Ogle, 1866 (1405)

Maggs, £1 ios. 7112 Herd (J.) Metrical History, edited by T. Purnell, 1868 (1406)

Quaritch, 3s. 7113 Ruthven Correspondence, edited by W. D. Macray, 1868 (1407)

Quaritch, 18s. 7114 Pilgrimage of the -yf of the Manhode, edited by W. A. Wright, 1869 (1408)

Walford, 5s. 7115 Correspondence of Colonel N. Hooke, edited by W. D. Macray, 2 vol., 1870-1 (1409)

Quaritch, £ 1 2s. 7116 Mystère de Saint Louis, par Francisque-Michel

, 1871 (1410)

Reeves, £ 1 125. 7117 Fragment of Partenope of Blois, from a MS. at Vale Royal, 1873 (1411)

Reeves, 25. 7118 Tract on the Succession to the Crown (1602], by Sir John Harington, 1880 (1412)

Maggs, £ 1 8s. 7119 A Lamport Garland, from the Library of Sir C. E. Isham, 1881 (1413)

Hazlitt, 18s. 7120 Cephalus and Procris. Narcissus, by T. Edwards, edited by W. E. Buckley, 1882 (1414)

Maggs, 195. 7121 The King's Prophecie, by Jos. Hall, 1882 (1415) Quaritch, 3s. 7122 Quatuor Sermones [William Caxton), 1883 (1416) Maggs, 175. 7123 Beaumont Papers, edited by W. D. Macray, 1884 (1417)

Maggs, 145. 7124 Life and Martyrdom of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, 1884 (1418)

Quaritch, £2 6s. 7125 Miracles de Nostre Dame, collected by Jean Mielot, edited by

G. F. Warner, 1885, imperial 4to. (1419) Reeves, 18s. 7126 Stuart Papers, edited by F. Madan, 2 vol., 1889 (1420)

Quaritch, £2 1os. 7127 Travels of Sir John Mandeville, edited by G. F. Warner, 1889, super imperial 4to. (1421)

Quaritch, £9 ios. 7128 Le Pelerinage de l'Ame, de Guil. de Deguileville, edited by Dr. Stürzinger, 1895 (1422)

Quaritch, £5 5s. 7129 Le Pelerinage Jhesucrist, de Guil. de Deguileville, edited by Dr. Stürzinger, 1897 (1423)

Maggs, £4 25. 6.

7130 Rolewinck (W.) Fasciculus Temporum, gothic letter, nume

rous woodcuts, the capitals rubricated, with MS. additions,

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slightly wormed, half calf, Venetiis, G. Walch, 1479, folio (814)

Leighton, £2 18s. 7131 Rudimentum Novitiorum, lit. gotb., double columns, 47 lines,

without marks, woodcut maps, Chain genealogies, large and small woodcuts, large woodcut initials, ornamental borders, etc., mostly coloured by hand, capitals painted in blue and red (some margins cut into), 2 leaves in MS. facsimile, and supposed to want a preliminary leaf, had a duplicate leaf of the Anointing of Saul, sold not subject to return, contemporary oaken boards, stamped ornamental pigskin, with arms (well preserved), Lubecae, Lucas Brandis de Schasz, 1475, large folio (1119)

Tinkler, £45 [The first book printed at Lubeck, and one remarkable for its xylographic illustrations. William Morris's copy (wanted II leaves) sold for £52. (See BOOK-PRICES

CURRENT, vol. xiii., No. 1786.) -ED.) 7132 Ruskin (J.) The Stones of Venice, 3 vol., first edition, numerous plates and illustrations, 1851-3, 8vo. (454)

Quaritch, £u fos. 7133 Salmon (N.) History and Antiquities of Essex, map and plates, calf, 1740, folio (786)

Walford, £i 16s. 7134 Savonarola (Michael). De Balneis et termis naturalibus

omnibus ytaliae sicque totius orbis, gothie letter, printed in double columns, a few MS. marginal notes in an old hand, half vellum, Ferrariae, A. Gallus, 1485, folio (769)

Leighton, £3 35. 7135 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, Border edition, with

Introductory Essays and Notes by Andrew Lang, 48 vol., LARGE PAPER, proof etchings on Japan paper, half morocco, g. e., 1893-94, 8vo. (87)

Quaritch, £13 7136 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, Centenary edition,

25 vol. (wanted vol. xix.), portrait and engravings, half calf gilt, m. e., 1871, 8vo. (309)

Rimell, £2 25. 7137 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, Histories and Tragedies,

published according to the True Originall Copies, the first folio edition, most of title and leaf to the reader, large corner of the dedication, the whole of the last leaf, large corners of N 4, X 6, Y 2, 4, 5, 1 j, and several other smaller deficiencies in which the text has been injured were supplied in facsimile, some rust holes mended and a few not mended, spots and stains on several leaves, and some writing erased on GG 7, but in all other respects a genuine and good copy, measuring generally 1274 by 8 inches, sold not subject to return, modern morocco antique, gilt on red edges, by Tuckett, Printed by Isaac Jaggard and Ed. Blount, 1623, folio (1428)

Pickering, £252 [A MS. note on the end fly-leaf of this copy says : “The defects in the first three leaves of this book, the whole of the last leaf, and some smaller deficiencies in various parts, were supplied in facsimile by Mr. A. J. Burtt. The volume was rebound in 1874-5. Four leaves, Henry IV., part ii.,




pages 91-8, which the binder had discovered to be missing, were procured through Mr. Burtt, and inserted February,

1876." - Catalogue.] 7138 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, Histories and Tragedies,

the third impression, unto which is added Seven Plays never in print before, an imperfect copy, wanted altogether 49 leaves, including all the preliminaries and several leaves in the spurious plays, and the last 3 leaves of the legitimate plays, margins of some leaves frayed and slightly wormed, but many good leaves in the body of the book, sold not

subject to return, 1664, folio (1429) Leighton, £5 5s. 7139 Shenstone (William). The School-Mistress, a Poem in

Imitation of Spenser, first edition (wanted the first title),

morocco extra, g. e., 1742, 8vo. (1002) Leighton, £2 ios. 7140 Skelton (Sir John). Charles I., edition de luxe, on Japanese paper,

with an extra set of the photogravure plates, limited issue, uncut, 1898, 4to. (185)

Thorp, £,2 6s. 7141 Smith (A.) “Natural History of an Evening Party,” Manu

script, 60 leaves, including title, which is written within a border of humorous subjects, and 65 clever humorous illus. trations in the text, all in pen and ink, with monogram and

date 2/3/48, half bound, 1848, 4to. (1309) Ireland, £20 7142 Stevenson (R. L.) The Pentland Rising, a Page of History,

1666, first edition, in the original light green wrapper, Privately printed, Edinburgh, A. Elliot, 1866, 8vo. (885)

Denham, £ 5 5s. 7143 Stud Book (General), containing Pedigrees of Race Horses,

etc. from the earliest Accounts to 1888, 16 vol., half calf, 1858-89, 8vo. (968)

Rimell, £5 12s. 6d. 7144 Surrey Archæological Collections, vol. i.-xii., extra vol. i.,

Surrey Fines, together 13 vol., illustrations, 1858-95, 8vo. (640)

Thorp, £5 125. 6d. 7145 Surtees (R. S.) Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities, second edition,

with 15 coloured illustrations by Henry Alken, original

cloth, g. e., R. Ackermann, 1843, 8vo. (872) Bain, £25 los. 7146 Swinburne (A. C.). Grace Darling, printed only for private circulation, parchment, uncut, 1893, 4to. (170)

Zaehnsdorf, £1 7147 Taylor (John, Water Poet). An Englishman's Love to

Bohemia, with a friendly Farewell to all the noble Souldiers that goe from Great Britaine to that Honorable Expedition (in verse), original edition, cut on title and reverse, unbound (8 leaves, including the blank), Printed at Dort, 1620, small 4to. (1379)

Cotton, 65 7148 Taylor (John, Water Poet). Taylor, his Travels from the

City of London in England, to the Citty of Prague in Bohemia, the second edition, corrected and much enlarged (in verse and prose), unbound (16 leaves, with the blank at end, on the reverse of which is the following contemporary inscription : "To my Verie honorable Ladie my Ladie Cranston this be delevered"), N. Okes for H. Gosson, 1621, small 4to. (1380)

Haslitt, 421 7149 Topsel (E.) History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents,

collected out of the Writings of Gesner, woodcuts, calf, rebacked, 1658, folio (782)

Pickering, £4 7s. 6d. 7150 Vecellio (Cesare). Corona delle nobile et virtuose Donne, the

4 parts complete, in i vol., 108 plates of lace patterns, title to part 1 in facsimile, as also several of the plates, sold with

all faults, Venetia, 1592, oblong 8vo. (258) Currie, £4 7151 Villa-Señor y Sanchez (J. A. de). Theatro Americano,

Descripcion general de los reynos y Provincias de la Nueva-España, y sus jurisdiciones, 2 vol., frontispieces and coats-of-arms, fine copy, old calf, with W. E. Frere's exlibris in each vol., Mexico, 1746-8, folio (1135) Sabin, £7

[Presentation copy from H. W. Longfellow, in 1867, to W. E. Frere, with autograph of “Henry W. Longfellow," and "W. E. Frere, Esq., with best regards of Henry W. Longfellow, Cambridge, U.S., May 20, 1867," on the flyleaf in each vol. Also Autograph Letter from Longfellow, 272 pages, 8vo., presenting the volumes, inserted in vol. i.-

Catalogue.] 7152 Wilkinson (Robert). Londina Illustrata : Graphic and Historic

Memorials of London and Westminster, 206 plates, 2 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., others uncut, 1819-25, royal 4to. (1322)

Hornstein, £4 8s. 7153 Zoological Society. Proceedings from the commencement in

1830 to 1889, 59 vol.-Indexes from 1830 to 1880, 4 vol., together 64 vol., coloured plates, all in the original cloth, 1830-1889, 4to. (921)

Toplis, £44



(No. of Lots, 1,527 ; amount realised, £1,357 6s.)

7154 [Alken (Henry).] Flowers from Nature, etc. [Flowers from

Nature, Drawing Book, Symptoms, British Proverbs, Involuntary Thoughts, Tutor's Assistant, etc.), 39 coloured plates representing many humorous subjects by Alken and others, half bound, McLean, 1824, oblong 4to. (434)

Parsons, £5 12s. 6d. 7155 Almanach de Gotha, portraits and plates, from 1772 to 1887

(some wanted and some in duplicate), 112 vol., as published, sold not subject to return, 1772-1887, 8vo. (951)

Meulencere, £6 55. 7156 Bacon (Lord). Opera Francisci Baconis de Verulamio.

Tomus Primus, qui continet De Dignitate et Augmentis
Scientiarum lib. IX. (edidit Gulielmus Rawley), first edition,

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