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(No. of Lots, 1431 ; amount realised, £2,541 9s. 6d.)

(a) A Portion of the Library of the late Duke of Argyll. 7011 Challenger Expedition. Reports on the Scientific Results of

the Voyage round the World of H.M.S. "Challenger," during the years 1873-76, under the command of Captain G. S. Nares and Captain F. T. Thanson, prepared under the superintendence of Sir C. W. Thomson-Zoology, vol. ii., vol. ix. in two parts, vol. xviii. in three parts, vol. xxi. in two parts, vol. xxii., xxviii. and xxxii.—Botany, vol. ii.Physics and Chemistry, vol. ii.--Deep Sea DepositsReport on the Scientific Results of the Exploring Voyage : Summary of Results, with Appendices, in two parts, 1895Report on the Schizopoda, plates, unbound, 1885, together 17 vol., numerous illustrations, many coloured, 1881-95, 4to. (20)

Wesley, £855. 7012 Dresser (Henry E.) History of the Birds of Europe, includ

ing all the Species inhabiting the Western Palae-arctic Region, with Index, together 8 vol., numerous coloured plates, half morocco gilt, t. e. g., 1871-81, 4to. (23)

Bain, £43 5s. [Complete in 100 parts, published at ros. 6d. each, and when bound generally found in 8 vol., as in this instance.

-ED.] 7013 Fergusson (J.) Tree and Serpent Worship, or Illustrations of

Mythology and Art in India, in the First and Fourth Centuries after Christ, second edition, 100 plates and other illustrations, half morocco, t. e. g., 1873, 4to. (14)

Quaritch, £6 5s. 7014 Ibis (The). A Magazine of General Ornithology, edited by

P. L. Sclater, A. Newton and O. Salvin, First Series, vol. i. to vi.- New Series, vol. i. and v.—Third Series, vol. i. and ii., together 10 vol., numerous coloured plates, half calf gilt, m. e. (vol. iv. and v. of the First Series stained, therefore sold not subject to return), 1859-72, 8vo. (1)

George, £31 7015 Morrison (A.) Catalogue of the Collection of Autograph

Letters and Historical Documents, formed between 1865 and 1882, by Alfred Morrison, compiled and annotated by A. W. Thibaudeau, complete in 6 vol., numerous facsimiles, one of 200 copies printed for private circulation, imperial 4to., 1883-92--Second Series, 1882-1893, vol. i. to iii

. [A-D) printed for private circulation, imperial 8vo., 1893–Hamilton and Nelson Papers (1756-1797), 2 vol., Privately printed, imperial 8vo., 1893—The Blessington Papers, Privately printed, imperial 8vo., 1895-The Bulstrode Papers, vol. i. (1667-1675), Privately printed, imperial 8vo., 1897, all in the original boards, uncut, together 13 vol., 4to. (22)

Sotheran, £26 7016 Ray Society's Publications. In 8vo: Reports on the Progress

of Zoology and Botany, and Papers on Botany, 4 vol.Alternation of Generations-Memorials and Correspondence of John Ray, 2 vol.-Meyen. Geography of Plants-Oken. Elements of Physiophilosophy - Agassiz. Bibliographia Zoologiae, vol. i., ii. and iv.— British Entomostraca-Angiocarpous Lichens—Darwin. Cirripedia, 2 vol.—Botanical and Physiological Memoirs-Bowerbank. British Spongiadae, 4 vol.—Brown. Botanical Works, 2 vol.—Buckton. British Aphides, 4 vol.--Brady. British Copepoda, 3 vol.Cameron. Br. Phytophagous Hymenoptera, 4 vol. Michael. British Oribatidae, 2 vol.–Vegetable Teratology -Lubbock. Cohlembola and Thysanura-Buckler. Larvae of British Butterflies and Moths, vol. i. to iv., and vol. vi., cloth, 1844-93. In 4to : Alder and Hancock. British Nudibranchiate Mollusca - Burmeister. Trilobites — Forbes. Medusae--Allman. Polyzoa — Huxley. Hydrozoa - Williamson. Foraminifera — Blackwall. Spiders of Great Britain and Ireland-Carpenter. Foraminifera-Günther. Reptiles of British India — Cetacea — Nitzsch. Pterylography-Parker. Shoulder-Girdle and Sternum-Allman. Hydroids, 2 vol.—McIntosh. British Annelids, half parchment gilt, m. e., 1845-74, numerous coloured and other illustrations, together 58 vol., 8vo. and 4to. (9)

Quaritch, £17 ios. 7017 Seebohm (Henry). Monograph of the Turdidae, or Family

of Thrushes, edited and completed by R. B. Sharpe, parts i. to viii., large coloured plates, in the original wrappers, 1898-1900, 4to. (17)

Wheldon, £4 25. 6d..

(B) Other Properties.

7018 Ackermann (R.) History of the University of Cambridge, its

Colleges, Halls, etc., 2 vol., coloured plates by Pugin,
Mackenzie, Nash, etc., including Interiors and Costume,

half morocco gilt, t. e. g., 1815, 4to. (70) Bain, £10 7019 Addison (Joseph). The Campaign, a Poem, to his Grace the

Duke of Marlborough, first edition, unbound, uncut, rare in

this state, Jacob Tonson, 1705, folio (1134) Sabin, £5 7020 Ainsworth (W. H.) Windsor Castle, new edition, illustra

tions by George Cruikshank and Tony Johannot, and woodcuts, cloth, uncut, H. Colburn, 1843, 8vo. (1215)

Karslake, £2 8s. 7021 Ainsworth (W. H.) Jack Sheppard, portrait and illustrations

by G. Cruikshank, cloth, uncut, R. Bentley, 1840—The


Miser's Daughter, portrait and illustrations by George
Cruikshank, cloth, uncut, Parry, 1848, 8vo. (1216)

Karslake, £3 8s. 7022 Ainsworth (W. H.) Crichton, third edition, illustrated

by H. K. Browne, Chapman and Hall, 1849—Mervyn Clitheroe, illustrations by H. K. Browne, 1858, 8vo. (1217)

Hornstein, £4 18s. 7023 Amadis de Gaule. The Ancient Famous and Honourable

History of Amadis de Gaule, written in French by the Lord of Essars, Nicholas de Herberay (Books i.-iv.) (translated by Anthony Munday], first edition, books iii.-iv. have separate titles dated 1618, woodcut of a ship on first title (wanted pages 143-4 of the iri. book), old calf, y.e., N. Okes, 1619, folio (1017)

Bain, £9 5s. 7024 America.

A Further Account of the Tryals of the NewEngland Witches, to which is added Cases of Conscience concerning Witchcrafts and Evil Spirits Personating Men, with a List of Books printed for John Dunton, at the Raven in the Poultry, half morocco, t. e. g., J. Dunton, n. d., 4to. (1036)

Sabin, £6 2s. 6d. 7025 Annual Register, from its commencement in 1758 to 1884, half calf—and 2 Index volumes (1758-1819), calf, 8vo. (342)

George, £9 9s. 7026 Apperley (C. J.). The Life of a Sportsman, by “Nimrod,”

first edition, with 36 coloured illustrations by Henry Alken, many leaves soiled, one imperfect, another torn, morocco gilt, g. e., not subject to return, R. Ackermann, 1842, 8vo. (879)

R. James, £10 7027 Aquinas (Thomas). Continuum in Evangelia S. Mathaei,

Marci, Lucae et Johannis, gothic letter, printed in double columns, curious woodcut capitals, fine copy, in old half monastic binding, s.l. and a. (sed Esslingae, typis C. Fyneri), circa 1470, folio (822)

Leighton, £2 18s. 7028 Arabian Nights. The Book of the Thousand Nights and

One Night, now first completely done into English prose and verse, from the Arabic, by John Payne, 9 vol., Privately printed for the Villon Society, parchment, uncut, t. e.g., 1882, 8vo. (98)

Hitchman, £6 155. 7029 Austen (Jane). Novels, viz., Sense and Sensibility, 4 vol.

Pride and Prejudice, 3 vol.- Mansfield Park, 4 vol.-Emma, 2 vol.-Northanger Abbey (and) Persuasion, 4 vol., together 16 vol., morocco extra, g. e., all first editions, 1811-18, 8vo. (891)

Bain, £30 7030 Baily (Lewes). The Practice of Piety, embroidered binding,

composed chiefly of silver thread work (to a conventional design) of sprays, minute circular ornamentation, scroll work, etc. worked on a silk ground, gilt gaufré edges, in

excellent preservation, 1636, 8vo. (1358) Pickering, 24 125. 7031 Bandello (M.) The Novels of Bandello, now first done into

English prose and verse by John Payne, 6 vol., Privately printed for the Villon Society, parchment, uncut, t.e.g., 1890, 8vo. (103)

Edwards, £4 2s. 6d.


7032 Beaumont (F.) and John Fletcher. Comedies and Tragedies,

never before printed, and now published by the Author's Originall Copie, first collected edition, fine impression of the portrait of Fletcher by Marshall, original calf, H. Robinson and H. Moseley, 1647, folio (1127)

Sabin, £12 55. 7033 Biblia Sacra Latina, gothic letter, first edition, printed by Jenson,

in his smaller type, double columns, the initial letters illuminated in burnished gold and colours, the smaller ones rubricated (two last leaves defective, a few stained, not subject to return, otherwise a fine copy), old calf, re-backed,

Venetiis, N. Jenson, 1476, folio (819) Ridler, £3 4s. 7034 Bibliographica. Papers on Books, their History and Art,

vol. i. to iii., illustrations of rare and beautiful bindings, and numerous facsimiles, etc., half morocco, uncut, t. e. g., 1895-97, 4to. (161)

Steele, £4 7035 Bonifacius VII. Papa. Liber sextus Decretalium cum apparatu

Johannis Andree, gothic letter, the capitals illuminated and rubricated throughout, large clean copy, half bound, Argent., H Eggestein (1470), folio (790)

Leighton, L.2 35. 7036 Botticelli (S.). Drawings for Dante's Divina Commedia,

reduced facsimiles after the originals in the Royal Museum, Berlin, and in the Vatican Library, with Introduction by F. Lippmann, 1896, 4to. (920)

Cartwright, £2 7037 Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery. A Collection of Prints to

Illustrate Shakespeare, from Pictures of the Artists of
Great Britain, 100 large plates, including portraits of King
George III. and Queen Charlotte, 2 vol., half russia
(broken), J. and J. Boydell, 1803, imperial atlas folio (1431)

Holding, £15 7038 Brandt (S.) Ship of Fools, wherein is shewed the folly of all

States, with other Works adjoined unto, etc., black letter (title damaged and mounted, some leaves repaired and imperfect at the end, sold not subject to return), 118 curious

woodcuts, half calf, 1570, folio (795) Pickering, £4 18s. 7039 British Poets (Works of the). Collated with the Best Editions

by Thomas Park, Sharpe's edition, frontispieces, 44 vol., morocco, line tooled, g. e., 1805-8, 8vo. (1192)

Parsons, £7 75. 7040 Byron (Lord). Poetical Works, 6 vol., portrait, calf extra, g. e., fine copy, 1855-56, 8vo. (287)

Bain, £3 6s. 7041 Charles I. Eikon Basiliké, the Pourtraicture of his Sacred

Majestie in his Solitude and Sufferings, first edition, with the Prayers used by his Majesty, had the leaf of errata, frontispiece mended, contemporary morocco, g: e., with initials C. R., surmounted by a crown, on sides, issued by Charles II. at the Hague, Holland, for presents to his friends, 1648-49, 8vo. (877)

Ridler, £75s. 7042 Charpentier (T. de). Orthoptera Descripta et Depicta, 60

coloured plates, Lipsiae, 1841-45-Libellulinae Europaeae, 48 coloured plates, ib., 1840, both half calf, 4to. (744)

Toon, £4 5s.

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