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Belles-Lettres, tomes i.-X., contemporary morocco extra, g. e., 1787-1818, 4to. (587)

£6 6310 Omerod (G.) History of the County of Chester, with King's

Vale Royal, etc., portrait, views, etc., 3 vol., russia gilt, g. e., 1819, folio (654)

Bain, kun 6311 Pamphlets. A Collection on Topics of his Day, formed by

T. Crofton Croker, 46 vol., half calf, with Mr. Croker's bookplate, 1749-1839, 8vo. (518)

Sotheran, £5 6312 Peel (Sir R.) Speeches in the House of Commons, 4 vol., 1853, 8vo. (526)

Bain, £375. 6d. 6313 Pennant (T.) Works. Tour in Wales, 1778— Journey to

Snowdon, 1781–Tour in Scotland, 4th edition, 3 vol., 1776-1790—History of Whiteford and Holywell, 1796– Chester to London, 1782—London, third edition, 1793– Downing to Alston Moor, 1801-London to Isle of Wight, 2 vol. in 1, 1801-Quadrupeds, third edition, 2 vol., 1793Arctic Zoology, second edition, 3 vol., 1792 - British Zoology, 4 vol., 1776-7—Indian Zoology, second edition, 1790–Outlines of the Globe, 4 vol. in 2, 1798-1800— Literary Life, by himself, 1793, 26 vol. in 23, with the plates, russia super extra, g. e., 1776-1801, 4to. (595)

Young, £13 6314 Pennant (T.) Some Account of the Cities of London and

Westminster, printed on LARGEST PAPER and extended to six volumes by the insertion of about 970 extra plates, including 78 mezzotint portraits, and many scarce topographical plates by Hollar and others, with the Duke of

Sussex's bookplate, russia, 1793, folio (658) Bain, £215 6315 Plot (R.) Natural History of Staffordshire, with the views of

seats, etc., the sheet of “Arms Omitted” missing, russia gilt, m. e., Oxford, 1686, folio (667)

Bain, £5 155: 6316 Poliphili Hypnerotomachia, ubi Humana Omnia non nisi

Somnium esse docet, atque obiter plurima scitu sane quam digna commemorat, with the woodcuts, after Andrea Mantegna, morocco gilt, g. e., tall and fine copy, measuring

1278 by 734, Venetiis, Aldus, M I D, folio (668) Bain, £85 6317 Polwhele (R.) History of Cornwall, 3 vol., 1803, Supple

ment, 1804-History in respect to Population, etc., 1806– Civil and Military History, with Illustrations from Devonshire, 1806, plates, 6 vol. in 2, russia gilt, 4to. (600)

Sotheran, £,6 6318 Polwhele (R.) History of Devonshire, map, plates, etc., 3 vol.

in 1, calf gilt, 1797-1806, folio (669) Sotheran, £ 5 155. 6319 Portraits. Scrap-book lettered “English Portraits : Ladies, ,

Theatrical and Remarkable Characters,"containing mezzotints of the Duchess of Ancaster (proof), Barbara Countess of Coventry by Watson, Viscountess Villiers by Finlayson, Mrs. Astley by McArdell, Mrs. Woffington, Garrick (4), Moody, Mrs. Sally Salisbury and 84 others, in all 95 portraits, half morocco, folio (673)

Colnaghi, £350 6320 Portraits. Scrap-book lettered "English Portraits : Peers,

Members of Parliament,” containing mezzotints of the

Earl of Harrowby (proof), the Marlborough Family by C.
Turner (proof), Lord Bexley (proof), Lord Bloomfield
(proof), James Earl of Malmesbury by Ward, Lord Spencer
(proof, private plate), and 87 others, mostly very fine
mezzotints, in all 93 portraits, half morocco, folio (671)

Colnaghi, £108 6321 Portraits. Scrap-book lettered "English Portraits : Clergy,

Admirals, Literary Artists, Miscellaneous," containing
mezzotint portraits of Admiral Keppel by Doughty,
Admiral Sir H. Palliser by J. R. Smith, Lord Rodney by
V. Green, Lord Hood by Jones, Lord Bridport by V. Green,
Sir J. Moore by C. Turner (proof), Burns by Walker (proof,
private plate for Caledonian Hunt), and 60 others (mostly
mezzotints), in all 67 portraits, half morocco, folio (672)

Colnaghi, £ 105 6322 Portraits. Scrap-book lettered “English Portraits : Lite

rary,” containing 133 portraits, many of them fine mezzo-
tints, half morocco, folio (670)

Farmer, £160 6323 Portraits. Scrap-book lettered “Foreign Portraits,” and con

taining 119 plates, some of great rarity, including a mezzo;
tint of Calonne by de Bréa, half morocco, folio (674)

Sabin, £14 Ios. 6324 Portraits. Scrap-book containing to fine engraved portraits after Laurence and Reynolds, half morocco, folio (675)

Harper, £10 ios. 6325 Prescott (W. H.) History of Philip II., Conquest of Peru

and Mexico, Ferdinand and Isabella, frontispieces, 9 vol.,

cloth, uncut, 1848-60, 8vo. (538) Sotheran, £3 125. 6d. 6326 Psalterium Graecum, editio princeps, morocco gilt, g. e., measuring 10% by 734, Mediolani, 1481, 4to. (604)

Ichenhauser, £23 6327 Quarterly Review, complete from beginning in 1809 to 1881,

with Indexes, 138 vol., half russia, and 28 sewn parts, 8vo.

Sotheran, £5 1os. 6328 Rabelais (Fr.) (Euvres, avec des Remarques de Duchat,

nouv. ed., with the vignettes by Picart and the plates by
Tanjé, Folkema, etc., 3 vol., contemporary calf gilt, with
arms of Louis Hyacinthe Boyer de Crénouilles, Amst., 1741,
4to. (607)

Bain, £7 7s. 6329 Repton (H.) Landscape Gardening, with the coloured plates,

half russia, tall copy, 1803, 4to. (613) Norton, 46 155. 6330 Révolution Française, on Analyse Complète et Impartiale du

Moniteur, avec Table Alphabétique, 5 vol., half calf, 1801-2
- Tableau Historique de la Guerre de la Révolution de
France, 3 vol., half calf, with atlas, atlas folio, together 9
vol., 4to. (614)

Ichenhauser, 63 5s. 6331 Rogers (Samuel). Italy, a poem, with proof impressions of

the plates by Turner and Stothard, 1830—Poems, with
plates by Turner and Stothard, 1834, 2 vol., calf gilt (not
uniform), g. e. (697),

Ichenhauser, £12
[Presentation copies "from the author," the "Italy” having
also the autograph of Julia Peel.- Catalogue.]

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6332 Rudder (S.) New History of Gloucestershire, map, plates,

etc., russia gilt, 1779, royal folio (686) Jackson, £5 jos. 6333 Scott (Sir W.) Novels and Tales, 12 vol. - Novels and Ro

mances, 7 vol.—Tales and Romances, 16 vol.—Historical Romances, 6 vol.—Prose Works, 6 vol.—Poetical Works, II vol.—Life of Napoleon, 9 vol., in all 67 vol., with vignette title-pages, calf gilt, Edinburgh, 1822-30, 8vo. (708)

Phillips, £10 6334 Seligman and Trew. Hortus, sive Amoenis-Simorum Florum

Imagines, 150 coloured plates of flowers from the collection of Dr. Chr. J. Trew, of Nuremberg, engraved and coloured by Seligman, with descriptions in German and Latin, 2 vol. in i, contemporary morocco, g. e., Nürnberg, 1768-72, royal folio (851)

Sotheran, £9 5s. 6335 Shaw (Rev. s.) History and Antiquities of Staffordshire,

map, plates, etc., 2 vol., binding unbroken, uncut, 1798-1801, royal folio (854)

Bain, £26 6336 Smith (Sydney). Works, 3 vol., morocco gilt, g. e. (pre

sentation inscription from the author on title), 1840, 8vo. (722)

Bain, £19 1os. 6337 Somers (Lord). Collection of scarce and valuable Tracts,

second edition, by Sir W. Scott, 13 vol., half leather, uncut, 1809, 4to. (808)

Bain, £7 Ios. 6338 Sowerby (James). Coloured Figures of English Fungi, or

Mushrooms, 440 coloured plates, 3 vol., calf gilt, 1797-1803, folio (858)

Sotheran, £14 ios. 6339 Sowerby (James) and J. E. Smith. English Botany, or

coloured figures of British Plants, with their characters, etc., 2,592 coloured plates by J. Sowerby, 36 vol. in 18, scored calf, blind-tooled backs, m. e., 1790-1814, 8vo. (728)

Sotheran, £18 ios. 6340 Sowerby (James) and J. E. Smith. Exotic Botany, coloured

figures and descriptions of new, beautiful or rare Plants worthy of cultivation in Great Britain, 120 coloured plates,

2 vol., calf gilt, 1804-5, 8vo. (729) Sotheran, £5 ios. 6341 Sowerby (James). British Mineralogy, or coloured figures of

the Mineralogy of Great Britain, 550 coloured plates of minerals, 5 vol., russia, m. e., 1804-17—Exotic Mineralogy, or coloured figures of Foreign Minerals as a Supplement to “British Mineralogy,” 169 coloured plates by Sowerby, 2 vol., calf gilt, 1811-17, together 7 vol., 8vo. (730)

Bumpus, £12 6342 Stow (John). Survey of London, Westminster and South

wark, corrected in 1720 by Strype, etc., brought down to date, sixth edition, maps, plates, etc., 2 vol., russia gilt, g. e., by J. Wright, 1754, folio (863)

Bain, £8 ios. 6343 Strype (John). Works (Annals-Eccles. Memorials : Lives of

Parker, Whitgift, Cranmer, etc., and Index), 27 vol., calf

gilt, Oxford, 1824, etc., 8vo. (742) Harper, £4 125. 6344 Stuart (J.) and Revett's Antiquities of Athens, with the plates of Sculptures, Antiquities, etc.

, by Basire and others, 4 vol., russia extra, g. e., the Supplement by Cockerell and others, plates, half morocco, t. e. g., 1762-1816-30, imperial folio (865)

Hopkins, £8 ios. 6345 Surtees (R.) History and Antiquities of the County of Durham, 4 vol., half russia extra, t. e. g., 1816-40, folio (867)

Bain, £29 6346 Swift (Dean). Works, edited by Scott, second edition,

portrait, 19 vol., calf gilt, 1824, 8vo. (745) Sotheran, £8 5s. 6347 Tableaux de la Suisse, ou Voyage Pitturesque, 430 copper

plates after Pérignon, Le Barbier, etc., avec descriptions par Zurlauben, 3 vol., contemporary morocco extra, g. e., with Lord Farnham's bookplate, 1780-86, royal folio (869)

Sotheran, £8 6348 Tanner (Dr. T.) Notitia Monastica, reprinted with Additions

by Rev. J. Nasmith, portrait by Vertue, calf, g.e., Cambridge, 1787, folio (870)

Walford, £3 1os. 6349 Thoroton (R.) History of Nottinghamshire, reprinted, with

additions, by John Throsby, plates, 3 vol., calf gilt, Nottingham, 1790, 4to. (822)

Bain, 27 6350 Tracts. A Remarkable Collection on all Topics of the Day

(Toleration, Irish Affairs, Colonies, India, America, Church, Roman Catholics, Currency and Banking, Poor Laws, etc.), bound in 469 volumes, numbered consecutively and lettered-also a Supplementary Collection of Pamphlets on Similar Subjects, uniformly bound, but not numbered, 16

vol., in all 485 vol., calf, 1670-1865, 8vo. (760) Quaritch, £,60 6351 Tracts, lettered, vol. i.-xvii.- Pamphlets, lettered, i.-x.—25

other vol. of other Pamphlets, in all 52 vol., neatly bound in half calf, and two bundles of loose pamphlets on subjects of the day, 8vo. (761)

Quaritch, £9 6352 Trials. A Collection of 24 vol., lettered, Irish Trials and Irish State Trials, calf, 1705-1817, 8vo. (762)

Quaritch, £18 1os. 6353 Victoires, Conquêtes, Désastres, Revers et Guerres Civiles

des Français, 1792-1815, par un Société, etc., 27 vol., 1817-21- Portraits des Généraux Français, 2 vol., 1818, half morocco gilt, uncut, with oblong folio atlas des “Monu

mens,” 1822, together 30 vol., 8vo. and folio (770) Maggs, £5 6354 Vitruvius Britannicus, or the British Architect, containing the

Plans, Elevations and Sections of the Regular Buildings, both Publick and Private, in Great Britain, with a variety of new designs, 500 folio plates, 5 vol., calf extra, g. e., 1731-71, etc., royal folio (885)

Parsons, 24 6355 Wailey (N. de). Éléments de Paléographie, plates, 2 vol., half calf, 1838, folio (886)

Harding, £3 6356 Walpole (H.) Anecdotes of Painting in England, edited by

Dallaway, steel portraits, 5 vol., morocco gilt, g. e., by
Smith, Major, 1826, 8vo. (777)

Bain, £10 6357 Whitaker (T. D.) History of Richmondshire, with the series

of plates by Turner, 2 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., 1823, folio (890)

Bain, 28 ios. 6358 Wolf (Joseph). Zoological Sketches, 40 coloured plates in half morocco, portfolio (lettered vol. ii.), 1861, royal folio (895)

N. Peel, £3 155. 6359 Wood (Ant. a) Athenae Oxoniensis, edited by Bliss, vol. 4, calf gilt, 1813, 4to. (846)

Sotheran, £,4 155. 6360 Wood (Ant. a) History of the University of Oxford, with the

Colleges and Halls, frontispiece, 4 vol., calf, 1792-96-86, 4to. (847)

Bain, £4 ios. 6361 Wright (.) History and Antiquities of the County of

Rutland, with “Additions to the History," etc., engravings of mansions, etc., calf gilt, 1684, folio (896) Edwards, £2 25.

[JUNE 21ST, 22ND AND 23RD, 1900.]


(No. of Lots, 794 ; amount realised, £2,979 9s. 6d.)

6362 Akenside (M.) The Pleasures of Imagination, a Poem, in

three books, first edition, morocco extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, 1744, 4to. (140)

B. F. Stevens, £3 6363 Akenside (M.) Odes on Several Subjects, first edition, calf

extra, g. e., by Rivière, 1745, 4to. (141) B. F. Stevens, £2 6364 Alexandre (Monsieur) Memoir and Anecdotes of Monsieur

Alexandre, the celebrated Dramatic Ventriloquist, portrait

- Moncrieff (W. T.). Adventures of a Ventriloquist, or the Rogueries of Nicholas, i coloured plates by I. R. Cruikshank, in i vol., original boards, uncut, 1822, 8vo. (3)

Pickering, £175. 6365 America. The Natural and Civil History of the French

Dominions in North and South America, numerous maps and plans, 2 parts in i vol., half calf, binding broken, Jeffreys, 1760, folio (213)

Maggs, £5.155. 6366 Aquinas (c. de). Sacra Exequialia in Funere Jacobi II.

Regia, Oratio in Funere Jacobi, 19 plates of the Funeral Ceremony, morocco, g. e., by Rivière, fine copy, Roma, 1702, folio (214)

Ridler, £3 ios. 6367 Arabian Nights. The Book of a Thousand Nights and

One Night, now first completely done into English Prose and Verse from the original Arabic by John Payne, 9 vol., vellum gilt, uncut, Villon Society, 1882-4, 8vo. (9)

Quaritch, £6 10s. 6368 Ascham (R.) Whole Works, now first Collected and Revised,

with a Life of the Author by the Rev. Dr. Giles, 4 vol., LARGE PAPER, morocco extra, g. e., J. R. Smith, 1865, 8vo. (10)

Maggs, 21 7s.

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