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(JUNE 12TH, 13TH, 14TH AND 15TH, 1900.]



DivisioN OF THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. [No. of Lots, 953; amount realised (inclusive of a number of Auto

graphs), £5,883 8s. 6d.)

6178 Académie Royale des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres. Histoire

et Mémoires de Litterature, tomes i à 50, avec Tables des Matières, tomes 1-32, 51 vol., contemporary morocco extra, g. e., 1717-1808, 4to. (122)

Quaritch, £8 6179 Ackermann (R.) History of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's,

Westminster, with the coloured plates by Pugin and White, 2 vol., half russia, 1812, 4to. (123)

Quaritch, 65 6180 Æsopi Vita et Fabulae, first Aldine edition, morocco, g. e.,

Aldine anchor on sides, measuring 1058 by 7, Venetiis,
Aldus, 1505, folio (188)

Sabin, £16 6181 Annual Register, complete from vol. i. (1758) to vol. cxxxiv. (1892), with index to 1819, 136 vol., calf gilt, 8vo. (17)

Ward, £26 6182 Anselme et du Fourny. Histoire Généalogique de la Maison

Royale de France, des Pairs, Barons, etc., Ille ed., revue par Ange et Simplicien, with many coats of arms, those of vol. i. being coloured, 9 vol., contemporary calf gilt, red edges, 1726-33, royal folio (190) Quaritch, £ 14 1os.

{"Ce livre appartient à M. le Duc de Valentinois, 1726." -Inscription on titles of vol. i.-vi., vol. vii.-ix. bearing the

name of the Prince de Monaco, 1733. ---Catalogue.] 6183 Anthologia Graeca, printed throughout in capitals, morocco,

rough gilt edges 818 by 6%, Florentiae, L. F. de Alopa, 1484, 8vo. (130)

Ichenhauser, $21 [See Bibl. Spenceriana, vol. iii., page 3. Lower margins

of last seven leaves repaired. --Catalogue.] 6184 Antichita D'Ercolano. Pitture, 5 vol.—Bronzi, Busti, Statue,

2 vol.—Lucerne, i vol.—Catalogo, i vol., together 9 vol., half morocco, with over a thousand fine plates, Napoli, 1754-92, royal folio (421)

Andrew, £5 6185 Apuleii Opera, editio princeps, morocco gilt, g.e., measuring

12/2 by 878, Romae, 1469, folio (191) Tregaskis, £32 6186 Arctic. Plates, Autographs and Miscellanies relating to the

Polar Voyages of Parry, Franklin and Lyon, 2 vol. so lettered, containing duplicate plates on India paper, actual specimens of Flora, etc., morocco, g. e., folio (192)

Young, £12 6187 Armeria Real de Madrid, Collection des princ. pieces de,

avec descriptions par Jubinal, 76 plates of Arms and Armour, 2 vol. in 1, morocco extra, g. e., Paris, Lemercier, s. d., royal folio (195)

Bain, £7 1os. 6188 Ashmole (Elias). The Antiquities of Berkshire, 3 vol., calf, 1723, 8vo. (24)

Young, £7 155. 6189 Atkyns (Sir R.) Ancient and Present State of Glocestershire,

second edition, with map, 73 copperplates, etc., also some extra plates loosely inserted, russia gilt, 1768, royal folio (196)

Agnew, £7 6190 Augustine (St.) De Civitate Dei, printed in Gothic characters,

with illuminated and rubricated initial letters, russia gilt, rough gilt edges, by Roger Payne (Nic Jenson), 1475, folio (197)

Bain, £37 (A very large copy, with numerous contemporary MS.

notes on margins, measuring 1136 by 8.- Catalogue.] 6191 Baily's Monthly Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, from

the beginning in 1860 to October, 1881, in parts as issued, lacking Nos. II, 28-30, 41-3, 45, 117, 119, 120-6, 128-34, 207, 209, 235, 248, 249, 8vo. (26)

£2 155. 6192 Bastille (La) dévoilé, 2 vol., half calf, 1789—Crimes de la Révolution, 6 vol., boards, 1797, together 8 vol., 8vo. (30)

Quaritch, £4 8s. 6193 Baines (E.) History of the County Palatine and Duchy of

Lancaster, LARGE PAPER, with Indian proof plates, 4 vol., calf gilt, g. e., 1836, 4to. (136)

Bain, £5 6194 Basan (P. F.) Collection de Cent.-Vingt Estampes d’Après les

Tableaux du Cabinet de M. Poullain, 120 copperplates, calf gilt (rebacked), rough marbled edges (a very tall copy, measuring 11% by 858), 1781, 4to. (139)

Bain, 24 6195 Beaumont and Fletcher. Works, ed. Weber, portraits, 14 vol., calf gilt, 1812, 8vo. (34)

Bain, £5 6196 Béranger (P. J. de). Euvres complètes, illustrated by Grandville and Raffet, 3 vol., calf gilt, 1837, 8vo. (36)

Collinson, 42 175. 6197 Berry (W.) Encyclopædia Heraldica, a complete Dictionary

of Heraldry, with u plates and the arms of subscribers, 3 vol., calf gilt, Sherwood and Co., n. d., 4to. (145)

Sotheran, £3 6198 Bible (Holy). Speaker's Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, 10 vol. in II, cloth, 1871-88, 8vo. (37)

Èllis, £2 155. 6199 Biographie Universelle, Ancienne et Moderne, avec Supplement (A-VIB.), vol. 1-85, calf gilt, 1811-62, 8vo. (39)

Quaritch, £355. 6200 Biblia Graeca. Sacrae Scripturae Veteris, novaeque omnia,

woodcut initial letters, text rubricated, morocco extra, g. e., by Bozerian le Jeune, Venetiis, Aldus, 1518, folio (202)

Sabin, £38 [The editio princeps of the whole Bible in Greek. This

copy measured 12 /2 in. by 8 sin.-ED.) 6201 Bipontine Classics. Athenaeus, ed. Schweighaeuser, 14 vol.-.

Plato, 12 vol.-Herodotus, 6 vol.-Lucian of Samosata, 10 vol.–Aristotle, 5 vol.—Thucydides, 6 vol. – Diodorus, ut vol.-Scriptores Erotici, 2 vol.- Quintus Smyrnaeus, 1 vol., together 67 vol., calf, Argentorati, 1792-1807, etc., 8vo. (40)

Sotheran, £3 ios. 6202 Blomefield (Rev. F.) Topographical History of Norfolk, portrait, plates, etc., II vol., russia gilt, 1805-10, 8vo. (42)

Sotheran, £10 1os. 6203 Blondel (J. F.) De la Distribution des Maisons de Plaisance,

et de la Décoration des Edifices, 160 copperplates, 2 vol., calf gilt, 1737, 4to. (148)

Quaritch, £7 12. 6204 Bo

vell (J.) Life of Johnson, ed. Croker, portfolio, 5 vol., calf gilt, 1831, 8vo. (44)

Sabin, £3 6205 Bonneville (F.) Portraits des Personnages Célèbres de la

Révolution, avec Tableau Historique, 285 portraits on cop

per, 3 vol., half calf gilt, 1796-7, 4to. (150) Parsons, £6 ios. 6206 Boys (W.) Collections for an History of Sandwich, Kent,

with Notices of the other Cinque Ports, plates, etc., russia gilt, 1792, 4to. (153)

Quaritch, 65 6207 Bridges (J.) History and Antiquities of Northamptonshire,

by the Rev. P. Whalley, portrait, plates, etc., 2 vol., calf, 1791, royal folio (208)

Bain, £10 6208 Buchez et Roux-Lavergne. Histoire Parlementaire de la

Révolution Française, 1789-1815, 40 vol., half calf gilt, 1834-8, 8vo. (53)

Quaritch, £65s. 6209 Bunbury (H. W.) Three Hundred and Twenty Engravings,

after drawings by, mounted on cartridge paper and contained in 2 atlas folio volumes, binding broken, v. y. (212)

Lauser, £142 [A remarkably fine collection, containing, besides many fine proofs, 15 original drawings, among which are the Blind Beggar of Bethnal, Adelaide expiring in the Abbey of La Trappe, Girl of Dauphiny, Black George, and St. Bruno reproving his Disciples. The following plates were in two states : Black-Eyed Susan, Charlotte, First Interview between Werter and Charlotte, and the Tour to Foreign

Parts.- Catalogue.] 6210 Buckingham's Court of George III. and of the Regency, 6

vol., 1855-6-Correspondence of George III. with Lord North, edited by Donne, 2 vol., 1867—Bright's Speeches,

2 vol., 1868, together 10 vol., 8vo. (54) Hornstein, £3 155. 6211 Burke (E.) Works, 16 vol., calf gilt, 1826-7, 8vo. (60)

Sotheran, £.4.4s. 6212 Burton (W.) Description of Leicestershire, second edition,

map, russia gilt, 1777, folio (214) Rimell, £2 12s. 6d. 6213 Caesaris Rerum ab se Gestarum Commentarii, with woodcuts

and woodcut initial letters, morocco extra, gold-tooled borders, g. e., with the Osterley Park bookplate, and behind title the armorial bookplate of John, Duke of Newcastle,

Parisiis, Vascos, 1543, folio (215) Ichenhauser, £3 ios. 6214 Camden (W.) Britannia, enlarged and edited by Gough,

second edition, with maps and plates, 4 vol., calf gilt, 1806, royal folio (216)

Bain, £3 Ios. 6215 Caricatures (French Revolution). Portfolio containing about

185 Contemporary Caricatures or Prints of the time of the French Revolution, mostly coloured, folio (218)

Ichenhauser, £30

6216 Caricatures (Political). A Collection of over Three Thousand

Three Hundred, probably one-half of which were coloured, embracing the whole range of English Politics from Cromwell to George IV., arranged to a great extent in chronological order and mounted, 11 vol. (bindings broken), 16421830, atlas folio (217)

Sotheran, £ 500 (The above collection was apparently formed by Mr. T. Haviland Brooke, whose bookplate the volumes bore. Beginning with some early German and Dutch cartoons on the Roman Catholics, there is an extensive series of Cromwellian caricatures (largely Dutch); then follow those on William III., The South Sea Scheme, The Wars of the

Spanish Succession. Walpole's Administration, George I., • The Pretender, George III., Lord North’s Administration,

Burke, Fox, Pitt, The French Revolution, and ending with

a remarkable assembly of the works of Gillray:--Catalogue.] 6217 Carlyle (T.) History of Frederick the Great, original edition, portraits, etc., 6 vol., cloth, 1858-65, 8vo. (80)

Ichenhauser, £2 6s. 6218 Carter (J.) Ancient Architecture of England; Specimens

of Ancient Sculpture and Painting in the Kingdom, with over 200 plates, together 4 vol. in 2, russia gilt, m. e., 1780-1816, royal folio (220)

Bain, £5 6219 Cérémonies et Coutumes Religieuses de Tous les Peuples,

avec Les Superstitions Anciennes et Modernes, plates by Picart, 10 vol. in 6, calf gilt, Amsterdam, 1723-43, folio (224)

Sotheran, £3 [The “Cérémonies et Coutumes” occupies 8 vol in 9, folio, 1723-43, and the “Superstitions Anciennes" 2 vol., folio, 1733-36. Copies on ordinary paper, in a calf binding, as this one was, are of little account. Old morocco and

large paper are the chief requirements.—ED.] 6220 Chauncy (Sir H.) Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire,

portrait, plates, etc., morocco, g.e., 1700, folio (225) Bain, £8 6221 Chesney (Lt. Col.) Expedition to the Euphrates and Tigris, maps, 3 vol., cloth, 1850, 4to. (168)

Edwards, £2 [Consisted of 2 vol., 4to., large paper, and atlas of maps,

charts, etc.—ED.] 6222 Choix de Rapports. Opinions et Discours prononcés à la

Tribune Nationale depuis 1789 jusqu'en 1815, avec Table,

22 vol., half calf, 1818-25, 8vo. (93) Quaritch, £3 35. 6223 Chronicles of England, edited by Sir H. Ellis and others.

Holinshed's Chronicle, 6 vol. Froissart, translated by
Berners, 2 vol.-Grafton, 2 vol.-Hall, Hardyng, Fabyan,
Arnold and Rastell's Chronicles, together 14 vol., russia
gilt, gold borders on sides, m. e., 1807-12, 4to. (169)

Bain, £13 6224 Cicero. Epistolae Familiares, morocco, g. e., a tall copy, measuring 123? by 8 [Vindelin de Spira)

, 1470, folio (389)

Ichenhauser, £30 6225 Ciceronis Opera, omnium quae hactenus excusa sunt, casti

gatissima nunc primum in lucem edita, 4 vol., morocco

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extra, gold borders on sides, doublé, g. e., by Bozerian Jeune, measuring 1358 by 878, Venetiis, L. A. Juntae, 1537-34-36, folio (388)

Bain, £28 (The edition of Victorius. (See Dibdin’s “Classics,” 4th edition, page 394 ; and “Tour in France and Germany," vol. ii., page 317.) The four leaves of various readings are

missing, as usual.—Catalogue.] 6226 Clarkson (C.) History, etc. of Richmond, Yorks., plates, etc.,

calf gilt, with author's presentation note to Mr. Caley, 1821, 4to. (171)

Sotheran, £3 5s. 6227 Classici Italiani, complete set, 250 vol., vellum, Milano, Soc. Tip. de Classici Italiani, 1804-1814, 8vo. (99)

Sotheran, £12 105. 6228 Clive (Lord). Life, by Malcolm, LARGE PAPER, portrait on

India paper, 3 vol., calf gilt, 1836, 8vo. (100) Bain, £3 6229 Clutterbuck (R.) History, etc. of the County of Hertford, map, plates, etc., 3 vol., calf gilt, 1815, etc., royal folio (391)

Rimell, £11 6230 Collection Complète des Tableaux Historiques de la Révolu

tion Française, 216 plates on copper, 3 vol., russia super

extra, m. e., 1804, royal folio (392) Quaritch, £10 ios. 6231 Collection des Documents inedits sur l'Histoire de France,

80 vol., half calf, and 3 elephant folio atlases, 1839, etc., 4to. (174)

Quaritch, £7 155. 6232 Collection des Mémoires relatifs à la Révolution Française, 81 vol., calf gilt, Paris, Baudouin, 1820-8, 8vo. (104)

Ichenhauser, ku ios. 6233 Collier (J. P.) History of English Dramatic Poetry, etc.,

3 vol., cloth, uncut, one of 6 copies printed on LARGE PAPER, 1831, 8vo. (107)

Sabin, £3 35. 6234 Collinson (Rev. J.) History, etc. of Somerset, map and views of seats, 3 vol., calf gilt, 1791, 4to. (175)

Bain, £8 6235 Colonna (Guido de). Historia Trojana, Editio Princeps,

morocco gilt, g. e., by Bozerian Jeune (Utrecht, Ketelaer and De Leempt, 1472), folio (394) Ichenhauser, £41

[Collation : Incipit prologus sup hystoria destructionis troie / cómospa p judicé guidoné de columpna messanén ; 131 leaves, the first being blank, 34 lines to a page, Gothic type, without signatures or numbers, s. a. a. 1. The above was a very tall copy, retaining MS. signatures, size u by 8.

Catalogue.] 6236 Condé, Mémoires de, ou Recueil pour servir à l'Histoire de

France sous le Regne de François II. et sous une partie de celui de Charles IX., portraits on copper, etc., 6 vol., con

temporary morocco extra, g. e., 1743, 4to. (176) Pearson, £6 6237 Corneille (P). Euvres, 12 vol.—Racine, edited by Aimé

Martin, 7 vol.-Molière, edited by Aimé-Martin, 8 vol.-
La Fontaine, edited by Walckenaer, 6 vol.- Rousseau.

Euvres Poétiques, 2 vol.-Boileau, 4 vol., together 39 vol.,
uniformly bound in buckram, Paris, Lefévre, 1821-7, 8vo.

Bain, 16 XIV.


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