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inserted, small pen and ink drawing on last leaf of text, capitals painted in red, old calf, engravings inserted in covers, absque ulla nota (Colon., J. Weldener, 1475?), small folio (754)

Quaritch, £13 Ios. [The author represents the Church, the Monastic Orders and the Convents under the symbol of the Beehive, and illustrates his arguments by stories which were afterwards

utilised and printed under various titles.-Catalogue.] 6152 Thomas (William). The Historie of Italie, a boke exceding

profitable to be redde, because it intreateth of the Estate of many and divers Common Weales, first edition, black letter, title within woodcut border, half morocco (from Horace Walpole's library), T. Berthelet, 1549, small 4to. (755)

Pickering, £8 55. [This book was suppressed and burned by the Hangman, but a reprint appeared in 1561. The author was drawn to Tyburn, and there hanged and quartered, on May 18th, 1554, for conspiring to murder Queen Mary. He had been tutor to Edward Vi., and some of his letters are preserved

by Strype.-ED.) 6153 Tondalus. Incipit Libellus de Raptu Anime Tundali et eius

Visione, Tractans de Penis Inferni et Gaudiis Paradisi, lit. semi-goth., long lines, 29 to a page, without marks, 30 leaves (2 blank), 21 xylographic woodcuts, morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, absque ulla nota, small 4to. (762)

Pickering, £42 [Brunet mentions only 20 woodcuts. The first is an armed figure of the Hero of the Visions, with the German legend “Tondolus der Ritter." It was probably printed by Michael Reyser, of Eichstadt, about 1475. The Ashburnham copy without the blank leaves sold for £48.–Catalogue. Another copy with 8 leaves in facsimile, morocco

extra, by W. Pratt, sold for £7 155. at this sale.-Ed.] 6154 Toulouse. Gesta Tholosanorum, edita per Dominum Nicolaum

Bertrandi, lit. goth., title in red and black, surrounded by a woodcut border and the Parliament of Toulouse, repeated on reverse of folio lxxxiv., frontispiece containing the arms of Toulouse (repaired), woodcuts in the text and ornamental initials, and large view of the City on reverse of last leaf, morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, 5 old engravings pasted in covers, Impressum Tholose industria Magistri Johannis Magni Johannis, 1515, small folio (766)

Leighton, £10 6155 Treasure of Gladnesse. This Boke is called the Treasure of

Gladnesse and semeth by the copy, being a very little
Manuell and written in velam to be made above CC yeares
past at the least . . The Copy hereof, is for the antiquitie
of it preserved and to be seene in the Prynters Hall .
and fyrst imprinted anno 1563, black letter, signatures 1.1
in 8's, woodcut ornamental initials (margins of last leaf
mended, some marginal notes shaved), old calf, g. e.,
Imprinted by Henry Denham for John Charlewood, dwel.


lyng in Barbican, twelfth day of November, 1565, 24mo. (768)

Quaritch, 17.155. [The edition of 1563, mentioned on the title as the date of its first printing, is totally unknown. Editions with dates 1564 and 1579 appear to have occurred in auction catalogues. Lowndes only quotes editions of 1572 and 1581.-

Catalogue.] 6156 Tritonius (Petrus). Harmoniae super odis Horatii Flacci,

musical notes, wormhole throughout, but a large and fine copy, morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, cuts pasted in cover, Denuo impresse per Erhardum (Eglin Augustae, 1507, small 4to. (772)

Ellis, £14 ios. [Erhard (Eglin was the first printer of music in Germany.

- Catalogue.) 6157 Turberville (George). The Booke of Falconrie or Hawking,

collected out of the best authors, now newly revised, corrected and augmented, with many new additions—The Noble Art of Venerie or Hunting, translated and collected ... out of the best approved authors, etc., black letter, numerous woodcuts, margins of title and first 4 leaves of “Falconrie” repaired, last leaf in “Hunting” mended, and wanted 2 musical leaves of “The Measures of Blowing,” 2 vol., morocco, plain, with arms on sides, g. e., T. Purfoot, 1611, small 4to. (777)

Quaritch, £13 [The first edition was published in 1575, 4to. Measures of Blowing," two musical leaves in the “Noble Art of Venerie," are generally missing, as in this instance.

-ED.] 6158 Turnout (Joannes, Noyens alias Nouts de). Opus utilissimum

continens Casus breves super totum Corpus Legum, printed in a peculiar neat small gothic letter, long lines, 30 to a full page, 310 leaves (3 blank), without marks (Hain, 15685), russia, gilt lines and blind stamped ornaments, g. e., engravings pasted in cover, absque ulla nota (Colonia), small folio (780)

Quaritch, £18 6159 Turrecremata (Card. Joannes de). Meditationes, printed in

semi-roman letter, without marks (30 leaves), with 33 xylographic woodcuts, painted and illuminated (wanted 3 leaves), morocco antique, with stamped blind ornaments, g. e., by Pratt, 3 modern reprints of old engravings inserted, “ Finite sunt Contemplationes. Romae impressum per Udalricum Gallum et Simonem de Luca," anno domini 1473, die vero xvii. Octobris, small folio (781).

Pickering, £100 [The second edition issued in Rome by Ulrich Hahn.

Catalogue.] 6160 Turrecremata (Card. Joannes de). Tractatus notabilis de

Potestate Papae et concilii generalis, editus a R. P. et dno Johanne de Turrecremata, lit. semi-goth. (46 leaves), outline woodcut on recto of the first and last leaves, rubricated, fine ornamental pen letters with marginal decorations, morocco, g. e., Coloniae, per Henricum Quentell, 1480, smali folio (782)

Leighton, £14 155.

6161 Turrecremata (Card. Joannes de). Tractatus contra princi

pales errores perfidi Maehometi ex turcorum sive Saracenorum festinantur Copulatus, ex Mantua, anno 1465Tractatus contra Judeos a quondam Judeo nomine Samuel editus sermone arabico translatus in latinum a fratre Alfontio-Nicolai de Lyra Questio de probatione per Scripturas a Judeis receptas qñ. misterium Christi predictum a lege et prophetis sit impletum determinata-- Responsiones Prosperi contra objectiones Vincentianas–S. Athanasii contra hereticos de Fide Catholicos lib. III.-Legenda Sancti Silvestri Papae, ab Eusebio Cesariensi Palestinae greco sermone compilata, lit. gotb., all printed with the same or similar types, in double columns, 39 lines, 202 leaves (1 blank), without marks, rubricated, ornamental pen letters, in i vol., old calf gilt, absque ulla nota [Colon., A. ther Hoernen), small folio (783)

Leighton, £17 155. 6162 Tyndale (William). A Briefe declaration of the Sacraments

expressing the fyrst oryginall how they came up, and were institute, with the true and mooste syncere meaning and understandyng of the same, etc., first edition, black letter, marginal note on last leaf shaved, calf gilt, Rob. Stoughton dwelling within Ludgate, n. d. (at end 1548, 13 Oct.], 12mo. (785)

Leighton, £2 Tos. 6163 [Vaughan (Thomas).] Eugenius Philalethes. Anthroposophia

Theomagica, and Anima Magica abscondita, portrait by Marshall inserted (backed and cut close), engraved portrait of H. C. Agrippa at p. 52, T. W. for H. Blundell, 1650 Commenius (J. A.) Orbis Sensualium Pictus, the Visible World, translated by Charles Hoole, of Monmouth Grammar School, portrait by T. Cross, and numerous copperplate engravings (2 or 3 painted), J. Kirton, 1664, in i vol., calf, 12mo. (797)

Quaritch, £6 155. 6164 Vegetius (Flavius). The Foure Bookes, briefelye contayninge

a plaine forme and perfect Knowledge of Martiall policy, black letter, title within woodcut border, woodcuts of war machines, and ornamental initials, T. Marsh, 1572--Of the Knowledge and Conducte of Warres, by T. P., author's coat of arms on leaf after title, R. Tottell, 1578 (the Table to Vegetius misplaced at the end of the vol.), in i vol., morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, engravings pasted in covers, and one inserted in the vol. before each work, small 4to. (799)

Pickering, 128 6165 Vincentius (S. Ferrarius de Valencia, Ord. Pred.) Mirabile

Opusculum de Fine Mundi, lit. gotb., long lines (16 leaves), with signatures a-b in 8's, a i blank, rubricated, MS. notes by J. B. Inglis on fly-leaves, boards, engraving pasted in cover, large and fine copy, Impressus per Conradum Zeninger civem Nurembergensem, s. a. (circa 1482), small 4to. (805)

Leighton, £6 55. 6166 Vinciolo (Frederic de, Venitien). Les Singuliers et Nouveaux

Pourtraicts, pour toutes sortes d'Ouvrages de Lingerie, dedie a la Royne, derechef et pour la quatrieme fois

augmentez, etc., both parts, 2 titles within woodcut border, woodcut heads of Henri III. and Louise of Lorraine, each with a floral wreath, and 72 plates containing numerous patterns of Lace-Work, wanted b4, di and 4, some leaves stained, sold with all faults, in i vol., old calf, à Thurin par

Eleazaro Thomysi, 1589, small 4to. (807) Leighton, £10 155. 6167 Virgilius. Publius Virgilius Maro, Pickering's diamond type

edition, portrait, original boards, uncut, W. Pickering, 1821, 24mo. (809)

Quaritch, £4 175. 6d. 6168 Virgilius. Bucolica Virgilii cum Commento familiari, lit. gotb.

et. rom., title within woodcut border, with Caxton's device below (backed), W. de Worde's large device occupying the whole of the reverse of last page, somewhat soiled and margins cut close, morocco, gilt ornamental frame sides, g. e., by J. Faulkner, cuts pasted in covers, Impressa Londini in ad. Winandi de Worde, A.D. 1522, xxii. die Augusti, small 4to. (810)

Quaritch, £35 6169 Vitas Patrum, the lyff of the olde auncyent holy faders

hermytes, late translated out of latyn (of Saynt Jerome) into Frenshe and dylygently corrected . . and after in the yere of our lorde mcccclxxxxi. reduced into Englysshe (by Wm. Caxton), black letter, woodcut title (in facsimile) and numerous woodcuts in the text, washed throughout and some leaves defective and repaired, last leaf containing Caxton's device and the title (repeated on reverse) inlaid, otherwise a perfect copy, but sold with all faults, modern calf, g. e., by W. Pratt, head of St. Jerome and a singular woodcut pasted in cover, Enprynted in Westmynstre be my Wynkyn de Worde the yere of oure Lorde mcccclxxx.xv., small folio (813)

Pickering, £50 6170 Vocabularium. Incipit Vocabularium quem ex quo nun

cupamus, Latinè et Germanice, lit. semi-goth., long lines, 26 to a full page (230 leaves, the last blank), without marks, rubricated, painted ornamental capitals in red, some leaves with the original press stains, morocco, stamped blind ornaments, g. e., absque ulla nota [“ Ex quo finis est feliciter”], small 4to. (815)

Sotheran, £49 6171 Vocabularium Latino-Teutonicum, lit. semi-goth., 291 leaves,

including 2 blanks, long lines, 35 to a full page, contemporary oaken boards, stamped pigskin, absque ulla nota, small thick folio (816)

Sotheran, £18 [An early edition, if not the first of this Latin and German Vocabulary, supposed to have been printed at Ulm, circa

1469.Catalogue.] 6172 Whittinton (Robert). Roberti Whyttyntoni Lychfeldiensis

Editio. Secunda pars Grammatices, Whittyntoni editio cum interpretamento Fr. Nigri Diomedes de Accentu, etc., lit. goth. (2 types), title with De Worde's device (inlaid), signatures 1-0 and 1-C (66 leaves in all), corners of some leaves mended, in i vol., calf gilt, g. e., Explicit Whyttintoni Editio, nuper impressa. Lond. per Wynandum de Worde

1513, xii. Aug., small 4to. (830) Quaritch, £14 Ios.


6173 Whittinton (Robert). Opusculum de Concinnitate Grammatices

et Constructione recognitum anno dñi xix. supra sesquimillesimum, lit. gotb. (2 types), 20 leaves (1 blank), long lines, signatures 1 D (.1 8 leaves, B 4 leaves, C 8 leaves, 5 6 leaves), De Worde's device on title, morocco extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by W. Pratt, figure of an ancient scholar pasted in cover, Impressus Londini (in Fleete Street) sub solis intersignio A.D. 1519, Idibus Juni, small 4to. (831)

Quaritch, £19 1os. 6174 Whittinton (Robert). Grammatical Tracts, viz., Gramma

tices primæ partis liber primus nuperrime recognitus. De Nominibus generibus, 1522 — Grammaticæ prima pars nuperrime recensita liber quintus, de Verborum præteritis et supinis, 1522—Grammaticæ liber secundus de nominum declinatione, 1523, mense Dec. — Lucubrationes, 1523, mense Aug.--Grammaticæ liber tertius de heteroclitis Nominibus, 1524, Cal. Feb.- Vulgaria et de institutione Gramaticalorum Opusculum in quatuor partes digestum (English and Latin), 1525—Secunda grammatice pars de Syllabarum quantitate, nuperrime recensita (apparently wanted colophon), n. d., a collection of 7 pieces, all printed by Wynkyn de Worde, in small gothic and roman letter, with woodcut borders and devices, in i vol., modern russia, joints, g. e., small 4to. (832)

Ellis, £45 6175 Whittinton (Robert). Syntaxis. Opusculum de Syntaxi sive

de constructione, lit. gotb. et. rom., title within woodcut border (33 leaves), corner of title mended, some headlines shaved, in adibus Winandi de Worde, 1527, pridie Ro. Marti—Ejusdem Whitintoni de Accentu, lit. gotb. et. rom., 16 leaves, and full-page woodcut device, some headlines shaved, sewed together in a wrapper, small 4to. (833)

Ellis, 48 6176 Willan (Samuel). A Short Cut to Cambridge [An English

Grammar), dedicated “to my little Tribe” [followed by the names of some of his pupils] by “your cordially loving Master, etc., Sam. Willan” (inner margins of title and last leaf mended), calf extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, Printed by R. Daniel, 1660, 12mo. (840)

Pickering, £2 9s. 6177 Wrestling. Hye in disem büchlin findt man die recht

Künst und art des Ringens, mit vyl hüpschen stücken und figuren da durch sich ein yetliche voe yeben mag und sölliches ringen lernen, lit. goth., woodcut on title, and 20 xylographic woodcuts of wrestling positions (11 leaves, including title), the text in missal type (Hain, 9802, according to whose collation the present copy wanted a leaf), calf extra, g. e., old cut of a wrestling match and 2 figures pasted in covers, K. O. u. J., small 4to. (847)

Pickering, £u

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