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edition, black letter, calf gilt, Printed for J. Budge and R. Bonian, 1610, small 4to. (657)

Pickering, £25 6122 Sacro Busto (Joannes de). Sphaera Mundi. Sphaericum

opusculum, cum Disputationibus Joannis de Monte Regio contra Cremonensia, necnon Georgii Purbachii de Motu Planetarum, lit. goth., title at head of first page of text in red, the first leaf consisting of a circular woodcut of the author holding a Sphere, etc. on recto, with a Sphere on reverse [Hain (14110) is wrong in describing the recto of this leaf as blank], diagrams and ornamental woodcut initials (some leaves with the original press stains), morocco, gilt ornamental line sides, g. e., by J. Faulkner (Venet.), Impressum hoc est opusculum mira arte et diligentia Erhardi Ratdolt August. 2 non. julii anno Salutis 1482, small 4to. (660)

Ellis, £5 6123 Sallust. The famous Cronycle of the War whiche the romayns

had agaynst Jugurth, translated into englysshe by Syr Alexander Barclay Preest, at the Commaundement of Thomas, Duke of Northfolke, black letter (Latin text in roman in margins), woodcut on first page of preface and woodcut initials (title and folios lxix.-lxx., in facsimile, some corners neatly mended, sold with all faults), morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, the first edition of Sallust in English, Imprented at London by Richarde Pynson, n. d., small folio (664)

Pickering, £37 6124 Sambucus (Jo.) Emblemata, cum aliquot Nummis antiqui

operis, editio prima, 165 woodcuts of emblems and 4 plates of coins, title within woodcut border, morocco gilt., g. e., by J. Faulkner, head of Plantin inserted, Antw., C. Plantin, 1564, small 8vo. (665)

B. F. Stevens, £2 18s. 6125 Savonarola (Hieronymus). Predica del arte del bene morire

facta . . a di ii. di Novembre 1496 et racolta du Ser Lorenzo Violi da la Viva Voce del predicto Padre, prima edizione, 2 fine full-page woodcuts of the Triumph of Death, and 2 others a little smaller (Audin, No. 77), outline engraving inserted in front, morocco, with blind stamped antique ornaments, by W. Pratt, old ex-libris and other woodcuts pasted in cover, fine copy (Firenze, 1496], small 4to. (668)

Quaritch, £69 6126 Savonarola (Hieronymus). Expositio .. super tribus Versibus

PS. XXX. scilicet : In te domine speravi, etc., printed in a very neat roman letter (10 leaves), woodcut on title, and Gerard Leeuw's device on recto of last leaf, rubricated, morocco extra, line and Aeuron tooling, inside dentelles, g. e., by W. Pratt, fine copy, absque ulla nota (Antwerpiae, G. Leeu ?], small 4to. (669)

Leighton, £9 ios. [Although the last leaf bears G. Leeu's large device (the arms of the town of Antwerp), it is impossible that he should have printed it, as he died in 1493, and the sermon appears to have been first preached in May, 1498. -Cata

logue.] 6127 Scarbaria. Hevy Newes of an horryble erthquake which was


in the Citie of Scarbaria in this present yere of xlii., the xiii. day of June, and also how that a Citie in Turky is sonke, black letter (4 leaves), title within woodcut border (slightly wormed), cut pasted in cover, Imprynted in Saynt Sepulchres Paryshe in the Old Bayly by Rychard Lant (1542), 12mo. (673)

Tregaskis, £11 6128 Scheffer (John). History of Lapland, wherein are shewed the

original Manners, Habits, Marriages, Conjurations, etc. of that people, engraved frontispiece and woodcut illustrations, sprinkled calf gilt, r. e., Oxford at the Theater, 1674, folio (674)

Pickering, £3 6129 Schoner (Joannes). Luculentissima quaedam terrae totius

descriptio, cum multis utilissimis cosmographiae iniciis, etc., woodcut spheres and globes, coat of arms on reverse of title, ornamental woodcut initials, woodcut semi-sphere with America on it, dated 1546, pasted in fly-leaf, and a pamphlet by Prof. A. de Morgan on the portrait of Copernicus inserted at end, morocco extra, full gilt floreate back, line sides with corner fleurons, inside dentelles, g. e., by W. Pratt, head of Schoner and other cuts pasted in covers, Noriberga in Officina Joannis Stuchssen, A.D. 1515, small 4to. (677)

Quaritch, £16 6130 Sculptura Historiarum et Temporum Memoratrix, das ist

Bedächtnisz hulffliche Bilderlust der merckwürdigsten Weltgeschichten alle Zeiten, engraved title in compartments, and 48 engraved plates, printed on one side only, each containing 12 small square engravings representing historical scenes from the Creation to 1697, with letterpress title to each plate, morocco, line tooled, g. e., by W. Pratt, s.l. et nom. typ., 1697, folio (679)

Tregaskis, £3 145. 6131 Seneca (L. A.) De Quatuor Virtutibus et de Moribus—Tres

Orationes habitae in Senatu Atheniensi de recipiendo
Alexandro magno vel armis expellendo, etc., lit. semi-goth.,
long lines, 27 to a page (23 leaves, i blank), without marks,
I leaf being printed on one side only (not in Panzer or
Hain), rubricated, morocco, gilt lines and fleurons, g. e., by
W. Pratt, absque ulla nota [Colon., U. Zel?], small 4to. (681)

Phillip, £10 6132 Sibyllina, etc. Tractatus sollemnis et utilis editus per religio

sum virum Philippum Syculum Ord. Præd. Duodecim Sibillarum Vaticinia, Carmina Probæ Centone, etc., roman letter, woodcut border to first page of interlaced ornament and initials of the same pattern, and 13 full-length woodcut figures of the Sibyls (some leaves misplaced and wormed throughout, with all faults), mottled calf gilt, r. e., absque nota (device of Reussinger of Strasburg), small 4to. (693)

Leighton, 28 6133 Speculum Humana Salvationis, cum Speculo Sancti Mariæ

editum a fratre Johannem, Latinè et Germanicè, lit. gotb., long lines, 33, 34 and 35 to a page, 269 leaves without marks (Hain, 14929), 192 outline woodcuts, plain margins of first 2 and last leaves mended, otherwise a clean and sound copy,


russia extra, with stamped blind ornaments, by W. Pratt, engravings pasted in covers, sheet of old woodcuts containing 20 small biblical subjects at end with mark I. M., absque nota [Augusta, G. Zainer, circa 1471), folio (701)

Quaritch, £84 [Excessively rare, with the woodcuts quite untouched by colour. It is one of the first, if not the actual first, of G. Zainer's woodcut books. The big initial I. composed of simple strapwork on the first page of text is one of a few letters occurring only in G. Zainer's books. The late Wm. Morris's copy (coloured) sold for £100. See BOOK-PRICES

CURRENT, vol. xiii., No. 1817.- Catalogue.] 6134 Spenser (Edmund). The Faerie Queene, disposed into twelve

books, Fashioning XII. Morall Vertues, both parts, first edition, with the extra sheet 2q (first title mended), modern portrait of Spenser inserted, For William Ponsonbie, 159096—The Shepheards Calender, conteyning twelve Æglogues, black and roman letter, woodcuts, T. Creede for John Harrison the Yonger, 1597—Colin Clouts come Home againe, first edition, For William Ponsonbie, 1595-Four Hymnes, first edition, ib., 1596-Daphnaïda, ib.-Prothalamion, first edition, ib., very good copies, in 2 vol., old calf, small 4to. (705)

Sabin, £170 6135 Spenser (Edmund). Complaints. Containing Sundrie Small

Poemes of the Worlds Vanitie, first edition, 4 separate titles, within woodcut borders (first title inlaid in margins, a few inner margins slightly wormed, sold with all faults), morocco gilt, g. e., For William Ponsonbie, 1591, small 4to. (706)

Pearson, £21 55. 6136 Spirito (L.) Le Passetemps de la Fortune des Dez, ingenieuse

ment compilé pour responses de vingt questions par plusieurs coustumierment faictes et desirees sçavoir, par Laurens L'Esprit, woodcut title (outer margin shaved), heads, flowers, signs of the Zodiac and other figures, calf extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, figure of the Norwood Gypsy, and a woodcut pasted in covers, Paris, G. Le Noir, 1559, small 4to. (707)

Maggs, £9 6137 Styward (Thomas). The Pathwaie to Martiall Discipline,

devided into two Bookes, verie necessarie for young Souldiers, or for all such as loveth the profession of Armes (dedicated to Lord Howard of Effingham), black letter, woodcut diagrams and initials, first edition (portrait of Lord Howard inserted), T. East for Myles Jenyngs, 1581— [Meteren (E. Van)] A True Discourse Historicall of the Succeeding Governours in the Netherlands, and the Civill Warres there begun in the Yeere 1565, with the Memorable Services of Our honourable English Generals, etc., translated and collected by T.(homas) C.(hurchyard), black letter, portraits of Drake and Meteren, and an engraving inserted, Imprinted for Matt. Lownes, 1602, in i vol., half calf, small 4to. (716)

Hazlitt, £24 ios. 6138 T. (F.) The Case is Altered. How? Aske Dalio and Millo,

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first edition, black letter (16 leaves), Aj blank (title and 2 pre-
liminary leaves in roman), bright calf, line tooled, T. C. for
John Smethicke, 1604, small 4to. (718)

Pickering, £18 55. 6139 Tartaglia (Nicholas). Three Bookes of Colloquies con

cerning the Arte of Shooting in Great and Small Peeces of
Artillerie, etc., now translated into English by Cyprian
Lucar, with a Treatise named Lucar Appendix, on the
Properties, Office and Dutie of a Gunner, folding and other
woodcuts, outside margin of first title mended, MS. inserted,
entitled “The Rout of the British Forces from Ghent,
Febr. 15, 1742, with the names of the General Officers
commanding,” morocco, g. e., by J. Faulkner, old engravings
pasted in cover, John Harrison, 1588, small folio (722)

Ellis, £6 175. 6d. 6140 Taxe Cancellarie Apostolice et primo de Expectativis Rubrica

sequuntur, roman letter, long lines, 25 to a full page (30
leaves), without marks, morocco extra, full gilt floreate
back, line sides with corner fleurons, g. e., by W. Pratt,
fine copy, “Finit fæliciter," absque ulla nota (Roma,
Scheurener, 146--), small 4to. (723) Phillip, £5 75. 6d.

[The work was probably printed by J. Scheurener, the
authorised printer of the Vatican temp. Sixtus IV. A long
note by J. B. Inglis on fly-leaves, and Mendham's pamphlet
on the subject, published in 1815, bound in the vol.-

6141 Taylor (Thomas). The Works of Plato, translated from the

Greek, with copious notes (autograph Letters of the
Translator and William Meredith (his friend) to J. B.
Inglis inserted), 5 vol., new russia with blind tooled orna-
ments, g. e., fine copy, Printed for Thomas Taylor, 1804,
4to. (728)

Quaritch, £4 ios. 6142 Taylor (Thomas). The Metamorphosis, or Golden Ass, and

Philosophical Works of Apuleius, translated from the
original Latin, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, with the sup-
pressed passages, old miniature painting of a man and ass
and ornamental designs pasted on reverse of title, and a
series of engravings from an 18th Century Edition of
Apuleius inserted, heraldic device pasted in cover, original

boards, uncut, R. Triphook, 1822, 8vo. (731) Ellis, £2 125. 6143 Tertullian. The Seconde Booke of Tertullian unto his Wyf

translated into Englyshe by John Hoper (John Hooper,
Bishop of Gloucester and Protestant Martyr), black letter,
title within a woodcut border, with initials N. H. below (top
margins mended, some side notes shaved), morocco
antique, g. e., by W. Pratt, Richard Jugge, 1550, 12mo.

Tregaskis, £!!35. 6144 [Theobaldus Anguilbertus Hiberniensis.) Liber qui dicitur

Mensa Philosophica, lit. goth., long lines, 26 to a full page
(114 leaves), signatures a-nx in 8's, and 8 leaves of Tabula
(1 blank) without signature, rubricated, morocco, g. e., by
J. Faulkner, old cut pasted in cover, MS. notes on fly-leaf,
absque ulla nota [Colon., J. Koelhoeff], small 4to. (744)

Quaritch, £9

6145 Thomas AʼKempis. Opera, Sermones et Epistolae, Ortulus

Rosarum, Manuale Parvulorum, Hospitale Pauperum, Dialogus Novitiorum, etc., editio princeps, lit. semi-goth. long lines, 32 to a page (220 leaves), without marks, old calf, 2 portraits of à Kempis, etc. pasted in cover, absque nota (Utraj., Keteler et de Leempt, 1472 ?], small folio (746)

Tregaskis, £16 1os. 6146 Thomas a Kempis et Joannes Gersonus Canc. Paris. Trac

tatus fratris Thomæ de Kempis Canonici regularis Ordinis S. Augustini de Imitatione Christi, et de Contemptu Omnium Vanitatum Mundi, cum tractatus Johannis Gersoni de Meditatione Cordis, et complures alii tractatus pulcri, lit. gotb., double columns, 33 lines, signatures a-o in 8's (cxii. folioed leaves), and 4 preliminary leaves including title (Hain, 9081), rubricated, calf antique, g. e., by W. Pratt, engraved figures pasted in covers, absque nota "explicit Tractatulus Cancellarii Parisiensis de modo bene moriendi," small 4to. (747)

Quaritch, £10. 6147 Thomas a Kempis. De Imitatione Christi, et de Contemptu

Omnium Vanitatum Mundi, de Interna Conversatione, de Interna locutione Christi ad animam fidelem, cum quanta reverentia Christus sit suscipiendus. Item Johannes Gerson de Meditatione Cordis, lit. goth., with signatures A-X in 8's (B 7-8 blank), morocco extra, antique style, g. e., by W. Pratt, engraving inserted and heads pasted in covers, Luneborch impressus į me Johannem Luce A.D. 1493 xxii. mensis Maii, small 8vo. (748)

Quaritch, £10 55. 6148 Thomas Aquinas. Incipit summa edita a Sancto Thoma de

Aquino de Articulis Fidei et Ecclesiæ Sacramentis, editio prima, lit. semi-goth., long lines, 27 to a full page (16 leaves, i blank), without marks (Hain, 1423), old German morocco, g. e., an unusual specimen of binding, old ex-libris and a cut of Crucifixion emblems pasted in covers, absque ulla

nota (Colon., U. Zel), small 4to. (749) Quaritch, £9 1os. 6149 Thomas Aquinas. De Rege et regno, ad regem Cypri, lit.

goth., long lines, 30 to a full page (23 leaves), without marks (Hain, 1488), ornamental pen letter, capitals in blue and red, old calf, absque ulla nota [Colon., Ter Hoernen ?), small folio (752)

Quaritch, £13 6150 Thomas Aquinas. Tractatus beate Thome de Aquino de

Humanitate Christi, editio prima, lit. goth., long lines, 28 to a full page (104 leaves), signatures a-n 6 in 8's (aj and n6 blank), (Hain, 1365), half calf, engraving by Jo. Messager and 2 cuts pasted in covers, Impressus Leydis per me Heynricum Heynrici, A.D. 1484 (with device), small 4to. (753)

Leighton, 411 15. 6151 Thomas de Canteprato. Liber qui dicitur Bonum Universale

de Proprietatibus Apum, editio prima, lit. gotb., double columns of 36 lines (162 leaves), without marks, rubricated, original xylographic title to the Flemish translation “Dit is der bien boeck," printed by P. van Os in Zwolle, 1488,

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