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the imprint B. Norton and John Bill, 1623, followed by 76 small engravings of musket and pike exercise, 4 on a page, headed by the small engraved title beginning "The Military Discipline," a different edition from the above, old calf gilt, “Are to be sould by Roger Daniel in Lumbard St.," 1623, small 4to. (496)

Cotton, £13 6066 Minshul (Geffray). Essayes and Characters of a Prison and

Prisoners, original edition, woodcut figure of the author on title (top margins of title and next leaf mended), calf gilt, cuts in covers, M. Walbauche, at the New and Old Gate of Grayes-Inne, 1628, small 4to. (498)

Bell, £5 55. 6067 Mirror of the World. The Myrrour and Descryptyon of the

Worlde, with many mervaylles, and the VII. Scyences as Grammayre, Rethorike Logyke, Geometrye Arsmetrike (sic), Musyke, and Astrnomye (sic), with many other profytable and pleasant comodyties (translated from the French by William Caxton), black letter, title in red and black, numerous woodcuts (many leaves repaired, t 4, u 4, and 4 leaves before the last in facsimile, with all faults), morocco extra, antique style, g.e., by W. Pratt, old woodcuts pasted in covers, Emprynted by me Laurence Andrewe dwellynge by Flete bridge, n. d., small folio (499)

Tregaskis, £40 [This is a reprint of Caxton's edition, with his prologue

and several of his cuts reproduced.- Catalogue.] 6068 Mirrour of Oure Lady. Hereafter folowith the boke callyd

the Myrroure of Oure Lady very necessary for all relygyous Persones, black letter, full-page woodcut of the Virgin and Child facing title (inserted), woodcut on title of the author vriting within an ornamental border, cuts in the text, and ornamental and figured initials, title and many other leaves in facsimile, others washed and mended, sold not subject to return for any reason, modern calf, g. e., by W. Pratt, cuts pasted in covers, figure of St. Anthony and Child, etc., Fynysshed and Impryn (sic) in the Suburbes of the famous Cytye of Lõdon without temple barre by me Richard Fawkes, dwellynge in Durresme rentes, 1530, small folio (500)

Leighton, £49 6069 Missale Secundum Ritum Augustensis Ecclesiæ diligenter

emendatum et locupletatum, mandato et impensis R. D. Othone Sabine Card. Episcopi Augustani novis typis excusum, lit. goib. magna, red and black, with musical notes, woodcut title with full-page woodcut on reverse and other full-page cuts and borders, numerous large and small cuts and initials in text, the 8 leaves of the Canon printed upon vellum, with the full-page woodcut of the Crucifixion and the large initial painted, a large and fine proof of an old German engraving of the Crucifixion, with numerous figures, inserted before the title, a few slight worm-holes run through several leaves, oaken boards, new merocco, old gilt and gauffred edges, Impressum in Dilinge in ædibus Sebaldi Mayer,anno 1555, mense Julio, thick folio (501) Quaritch, £46 6070 Missale Itinerantium (ad usum Leodiense) cum exorcismis,

benedictionibus et aliis de novo additis. Excusum Parisiis anno dñi mcccccxxvii., Impensis honesti viri M. Valeriani Natalis, lit. goth, red and black, ruled in red, device on title and Holy Grail on reverse, cut of the Crucifixion before the Canon, and another of the Pope before the altar, coloured by hand, 52 leaves (signatures a-n in 4's), MS. notes, contemporary calf, stamped in diagonal floreate compartments, with I. H.S. on the outside border, Hic finem habet Missale Itinerantium ad usum ecclesiæ leodiensis, auctum, recognitum et emendatum, Impressum Parisii in vico novo

per Johannes Herouf (1527), small 8vo. (502) Ellis, £10 55. 6071 Missale Romanum nuper ad optatum commodum quorum

cunque Sacerdotum summa diligentia distinctum, atque ita ex novo ordine digestum, etc., lit. gotb. magna, red and black, with musical notes, fine full-page woodcut of the Crucifixion before folio 1 (repeated before the Canon), first pages of text with woodcut border, in historiated compartments with large initial, ornamental border round first page of Canon, numerous woodcuts and historiated initials, morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, Venet. in ædibus L. A. de Giunta, 1523, x. Jan., folio (503)

Christela, £8 5s. 6072 Molitor (Ulricus). De Laniis (sic) et Phitonicis Mulieribus,

ad illustrissimum Principem Dominum Sigismundum Archiducem Austrie tractatus pulcherrimus, lit. gotb., 22 leaves, with signatures 1- ? in 6's, C having 4 leaves only, 8 singular woodcuts of Witch transactions (2 repeated), title with an ornamental border above and below the cut, red and blue rubrications, old mottled calf, absque nota "ex Constantia anno domini mcccclxxxix. die decima mensis Januarii," small 4to. (504)

Maggs, £7 155. 6073 Monte Regio (Joannes de). Kalendarium. In laudem operis

Kalendarii s. huius Johanne de Monte regio editi germanorum decoris nostrae aetatis Astronomorum Principis Jacobi Sontini Ricinensis Carmina, lit. goth., red and black, title within ornamental scroll border, with large initial in red, other ornamental initials, diagrams of eclipses, and three full-page woodcuts at end of Instrumentum Horarum,” one with metal pointer, modern engraving inserted, morocco extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by W. Pratt, anno 8,

1482, Idus 5 Augusti, Venetiis, small 4to. (508) Leighton, £ 5 6074 Iore (Sir Thomas). Libellus vere aureus nec minus salutaris

quam festivus de optimo reip. statu, deque nova insula utopia, cura Petri Ægidii Antw. et arte Theod. Martini Alustensis, nunc primum accuratissime editus, first edition, woodcut map of the Island on reverse of title, with Alphabet opposite, Martin's large device on reverse of last leaf, Lovanii, Theod. Martinus Alost, 1516-Jo. Poggii Florentini. Ad. S. D. N. Julium Papam II. de Officio Principis liber, editio prima, lit. rom., long lines (42 leaves), with signatures [2 leaves of Errata at end mended), Impressum Romae per Johannem de Besicken, 1504, in 1 vol., half bound, small 4to. (510)

Ellis, £16 tos.

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6075 More (Sir Thomas). De Optimo Reip. Statu deque nova

insula Utopia, libellus vere aureus—Epigrammata Thomae Mori è Graecis versa—Epigrammata Des. Erasmi, 3 titles within woodcut borders, by H. Holbein and Urse Graf, engraved plan of Utopia, border to preface of Utopia and vignette to first page of text, woodcut initials and devices, bound in 2 vol., morocco, gilt ornamental frame sides, g. e., by J. Faulkner, old woodcut heads and bibliographical slips pasted in covers, fine copy, Basil., Froben, 1518, small 4to. (511)

Bell, £7 7s. 6076 More (Sir Thomas). A fruteful and pleasaunt worke of the

beste state of a publyque weale, and of the newe yle called Utopia, written in Latine, and translated into Englyshe by Raphe Robynson, first edition, black letter, woodcut initials, title and some plain margins mended, otherwise a good copy, morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, Abraham Vele, 1551, 12mo. (512)

Quaritch, £18 6077 Mulcaster (Richard, First Master of Merchant Taylors'

Schoole, 1561). Positions wherein those primitive circumstances be examined, which are necessary for the training up of children, either for skill in their Booke, or health in their bodie, first edition, morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, woodcuts pasted in cover, Thos. Vautrollier, 1581, small 4to. (515)

Bell, £19 6078 Napier (John, Lord of Merchistoun). Mirifici Logarithmorum

Canonis Descriptio, ejusque usus, in utraque Trigonometria,
etc., first edition, title within woodcut border, top plain
margins of 2 leaves after title mended, blue morocco,
stamped blind ornamental borders, Edinb., A. Hart, 1614,
4to. (520)

Wesley, 65 6079 Naunton (Sir Robert). Fragmenta Regalia, or Observations

on the late Queen Elizabeth, her Times and Favourites, 23 reprints (chiefly Smeeton's) of rare portraits inserted, scraps relative to the work pasted in fly-leaves, morocco, stamped blind ornaments, g. e., Printed anno dom. 1642, small 4to. (522)

Robson, £2 16s. 6080 Nicodemus. Evangelium Nichodemi Incipit feliciter-In

cipit liber beati Hieronimi de Essencia divinitatis-Incipit Summa edita a fratre Thoma de Aquino de articulis fidei et ecclesiae Sacramentis—Incipit Speculum Peccatoris (Hieronimi), lit. sem.goth. mag.. long lines, 35 to a page (35 leaves), without marks (not in Hain), ornamental woodcut initial at beginning of first page, full-length woodcut of Christ as Salvator Mundi, coloured and heightened in gold, after a cut of Lucas Cranach, 1543, by Wilhelm Gubitz, born 1786, died 1870, inserted as frontispiece, morocco, blind stamped ornaments, watered silk linings, absque ulla nota (Ulm., Jo. Zainer), small folio (524)

Phillip, £9 6081 Nicodemus. Historia sive Evangelium Nycodemi de gestis a

principibus Sacerdotum de passione et resurrectione dni que inventa est libris hebraicis a theodosio magno imperatore in jherusalem in pretorio Pontii Pylati in codicibus publicis, lit. goth. (16 leaves), signatures A-C 4 in 6's, outline woodcut of the Crucifix on title and reverse of last leaf (Hain, 11750), morocco, g. e., by W. Pratt, large old woodcut pasted in end cover, absque ulla nota, small 4to. (525)

Phillip, £2 155. 6082 Nider (Joannes). De Morali Lepra, lit. semi-goth. (102 leaves),

long lines, 27 to a page, without marks (Hain, 11814), rubricated, running head titles and chapters in red, woodcut of a Cardinal's arms and a figure of the author pasted in covers, morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, fine copy, absque ulla nota [Colon., U. Žel, circa 1466), small 4to. (526)

Phillip, £7 55. 6083 Nider (Joannes). Consolatorium timorate Conscientie. (ad

fin), “Tantum de Consolatione timorate conscientie dixisse sufficiat. A cuius modi compilacione si quisque qd. suum est recipere velit, Michiel aut modicum autori manebit," lit. goth. (108 leaves), long lines, 30 to a full page, without marks (Hain, 11806), illuminated initial on first page, others painted in red, old French morocco, full gilt floreate back, line sides, g.e., absque ulla nota [Colon., Ulricus Zel), small 4to. (527)

Phillip, £6 6s. 6084 Nider (Joannes). Tractatus de Contractibus Mercatorum,

lit. gotb., long lines, 32 leaves (2 blank), 27 to a full page, signatures a-d in 8's (Hain, 11826), rubricated, morocco, with blind ornaments, g. e., by J. Faulkner, 2 old engravings by C. van Sichem, 1601, autograph letter of W. E. Gladstone, dated Downing St., March 20, '60, etc. pasted in covers, Impressus per me Conradum (Winters) de Hom. berch et admissus ac approbatus ab alma Universitate Coloniense, s. a., small 4to. (528)

Pickering, £3 6085 Palsgrave (Jehan). Lesclarcissement de la Langue Fran

coyse, compose par maistre Jehan Palsgrave Angloys, natyf de Londre et gradue de Paris, first edition, black letter, title within woodcut border, coat of arms on reverse of last leaf, fine copy, old calf (back mended), (without place) the imprintyng fynysshed by Johan Haukyns the xviii. daye of July the yere of our lorde god, 1530, small folio (542)

Leighton, £32 6086 Panzer (G. W.) Annales Typographici ab artis inventae

origine ad annum 1536, post Maittairii, Denisii aliorumque curas in ordinem redacti et aucti, u vol. bound in 7, mottled calf gilt, r. e., Norimb., 1793-1803, 4to. (543)

Quaritch, £10 6087 Passio domini nostri Jesu Christi ex Evangelistarum textu

quam accuratissime depromta, additis sanctissimis exquisitissimisque figuris (studio Rigmanni Philesii), 25 full-length woodcuts by Urse Graf, most having his mark, half russia, old engraving pasted in end cover, Argent., Jo. Knoblouch, 1507, small folío (546)

Ellis, £75s. 6088 Paulus II. Regulae, Ordinationes et Constitutiones Cancel

lariae Sanctissimi dni. nostri Pauli Papae Secundi scriptae et correctae in Cancellaria Apostolica, "explicit 1476"

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Incipit Karolina super libertate Spiritualium Personarum ac Ecclesiam Emunitate, etc., lit. semi-rom., long lines, 23 to a page, 160 leaves without signatures or catchwords (top plain margin of leaf i mended), morocco extra, line tooled with flower ornaments, g. e., by W. Pratt, woodcut and head of Sixtus IV. pasted in covers (Hain, No. 12489), absque nota (Aug. Vind., Jo. Wiener, circa 1476), small 4to. (548)

Sotheran, £10 6089 Petrarcha (Fr.) De Contemptu Mundi et de Vita Solitaria,

editio princeps, printed in roman letter, long lines, 34 to a page, without marks (Hain, 12800), rubricated, engraved portrait of Petrarch after Zoffanelli inserted, russia extra, ornamental gilt borders and blind stamped panels, g. e., by J. Faulkner, absque nota (R printer, circa 1472?), small folio (558)

Pickering, [14 IOS. [This rare edition had the peculiar R, formerly supposed to be characteristic of Mentelin's Strasburg Press, but since

proved to be that of an unknown printer.- Catalogue.] 6090 Pettigrew (T. J.) Medical Portrait Gallery. Biog phical

Memoirs of the most celebrated Physicians, Surgeons, etc. who have contributed to the Advancement of Medical Science, 60 portraits, some old woodcut heads of medical men pasted in covers, 4 vol., half morocco gilt, t. e. g., Fisher, n. d., 4to. (563)

Young, £l 145. 6091 [Philippi (de' Barberii).] Opuscula. [De Discordantia inter

Eusebium] Heronymum et Augustinum, Approbatus Sibyll

et Prophetarum dictis omniumque Gentilium et Philosophorum, etc. [edidit J. Philippus de Lignamine), lit. roin., long lines, without marks (82 leaves, the last 4 on paper of a different make), 29 woodcuts of Sibyls, etc. in rude outline,' old calf, Finit Donatus Theologus. Impressum Ro. an. dni. mcccclxxxi.," small 4to. (565)

Leighton, £25 6092 Pilgrimage of Man (The) wandering in a Wildernesse of

Woe, wherin is shewed the calamities belonging to man being borne in this world, and how all the principall Estates thereof are crossed with Misery, black Irtter, frontispiece of a Pilgrim by W. Faithorne (inserted ?), sprinkled calf extra, r. e., by W. Pratt, cut inserted in cover, Printed by J. B., 1635, small 4to. (568)

Dobell, £i 175. 6093 Pilgrimage of Perfection. Here begyneth a devout Treatyse

in Englysshe called the Pilgrimage of Perfection, very profitable for all Christian People to rede, etc., black letter, woodcut titles and ornamental woodcut initials, and three large folding xylographic woodcuts, titles and several preliminary leaves in facsimile, as is also the first folding woodcut, the other two being partly in facsimile and mended, bound in 2 vol., morocco antique, gilt diagonal lines and blind ornaments, g. e., by W. Pratt, R. Pynson, n. d., small 4to. (569)

Tregaskis, £50 6094 Pindar of Wakefield. George a Greene, The Pinder of Wake

field, being the Merry History of George a Greene, the


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