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contained the Martiall Deedes of the Valliant Princes Edward Bruce, Sir James Douglas, Erle Thomas Randel, Walter Stewart and sundrie others, newly corrected and conferred with the best and most ancient manuscripts, black letter, title in facsimile (defective), corners of the leaves of printer's preface repaired, and the last three leaves of the same in facsimile, and several other leaves mended, sold with all faults, morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, Edinburgh, printed by Andro Hart, 1620, 12mo. (79)

Quaritch, £5 [The British Museum copy wants title, preface and table. The Bodleian copy wants 7 leaves at end and a leaf of table. With this copy was bound at the beginning a rare tract in verse of 4 leaves, intitled “Robert the III. King of Scotland his Answer to a summons sent by Henry the IV. of England, to do Hommage for the Crown of Scotland,” Edinburgh, 1700, the margins of which were mended.

Catalogue.) 5901 Baron (Robert). Philosophia Theologiae Ancillans, hoc est,

pia et sobria explicatio Quaestionum Philosophicarum in disputationibus subinde occurrentium, morocco extra, full gilt ornamental back, broad ornamental borders, inside dentelles, g. e., by W. Pratt, fine copy, Andreapolis excudit Edwardus Rabanus Universitatis typographus, 1621, 12mo. (80)

Leighton, £3 175. 6d. 5902 Bartholus de Saxo Ferrato. Tractatus Procuratoris editus

sub nomine diaboli, qn petijt Justitiam coram deo et btā Virgo Maria se opposuit contra ipsum, et obtinuit necnon obmutuit pugna contra genus humanum, lit. goth., 10 leaves, the last blank, signatures a and b, half bound, absque nota [Romae, St. Planck, circa 1480 ?), small 4to. (81)

Pickering, £1 16s. 5903 Beham (Sibald). Das Kunst und Lere Büchlin Sebalden

Behems. Malen und Reisen zulernen nach rechter Proportion, Masz und Auszteylung des Circkels. Angehenden Malern und Kunstbaren Werckleuten dienlich, lit. gotb., woodcuts (27 leaves), boards, Franckf., bei Christian Egenolffs Erben, 1557, small 4to. (82) Quaritch, £8 155.

[In the fly-leaves and covers were pasted 27 ancient and modern woodcuts, including one by H. S. Beham dated 1537, a Horse and Warrior by A. Dürer, 1505, and another old one signed L. (Lucas van Leyden ?), 1510, of a Cowherd,

Cows and Milkmaid.- Catalogue.) 5904 Bellay (Wm. de, Lord of Langey). Instructions for the

( Warres, amply, learnedly and politiquely discoursing the method of military discipline, three books, translated from the French, by Paule Ive, black letter, folding woodcut, ornamental woodcut initials, fine engraving inserted as frontispiece (wormhole through several leaves), Printed for Thomas Man and Tobie Cooke, 1589-Ive (Paul) The Practise of Fortification, wherein is shewed the manner of fortifying in all sorts of scituations, etc., black letter, woodcut


diagrams, engraving inserted as frontispiece, T. Orwin for Thomas Man and Toby Cooke, 1589, in 1 vol., morocco extra, full gilt floreate back, line sides, g. e., by W. Pratt, cut of a besieged fortification, and 2 engraved titles from old English works on fortification, in covers, small 4to. (84)

Edwards, £6 155. 5905 Bernardus (Abbas). Incipit Speculum bti Bernhardi abbatis

de honestate Vite (8 leaves)—Incipiunt Aurea Verba Sancti Ægidii Ordinis fratrum minorum (24 leaves), lit. semi-gotb., long lines, 26 to a full page, without marks (Hain, 2901 and 105), rubricated, calf, g. e., engravings pasted in covers, absque ulla nota (Mogunt., P. Schoeffer] (86)

Tinkler, £6 6s. (Both these pieces are printed with the same types and in the same form, and are separated in Hain and others. Schoeffer's Shields in red are pasted on the last leaf of

Ægidius.- Catalogue.] 5906 Biblia Pauperum, et Cantica Canticorum, Ancient Block

Books reproduced in facsimile, with historical and bibliographical introductions, by J. Ph. Berjeau, 56 facsimiles, taken on one side only, in i vol., calf extra, with antique stamped blind ornaments, g. e., by W. Pratt, facsimile of a coloured leaf of a 1470 German Block-Book, facsimile of the unique woodcut of S. Bernhardinus, 1454, by N. Hill (25 impressions taken), and 2 modern woodcuts pasted in covers, J. R. Smith und Tribner, 1859-60, small folio (88)

Ridler, £3 18s. 5907 Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica, a Descriptive Catalogue of a Rare

and Rich Collection of Early English Poetry, by A. J. Griffiths, LARGE PAPER, 50 copies, coloured frontispiece, interleaved throughout, and containing many MS. Additions and Annotations, by J. B. Inglis, bound in 2 vol., russia gilt, uncut, heads and printed matter pasted in covers, 1815, imp. 8vo. (89)

Bell, £7 ios. 5908 Bidpay. Directorium Humane Vite alias Parabole Anti

quorum Sapientum (traductum ex lingua Hebræa in Latinam per Joannem de Capua), lit. goth., long lines, with signatures (Hain, 4411), rubricated, 119 woodcuts (some repeated), woodcut pasted on title, calf, with blind stamped ornaments, sine ulla nota (Argent., J. Pruss, circa 1484-5), small folio (90)

Pickering, £19 Ios. [The first edition of this interesting book, remarkable for its woodcuts. Roman numerals at the head of the pages in MS. William Morris's copy sold for £18 1os. See BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. xi., No. 4592 ; vol. xiii., No.

1511.) 5909 Boccaccio (Giov.) De Casibus Virorum Illustrium, et de

Præclaris Mulieribus, both works printed in the same bold semi-gothic letter, long lines, 35 lines to a full page, without marks (Hain, 3338 and 3327), modern morocco, gilt ornamental back, sides tooled, doublé, g. on m. e., by J. Faulkner, woodcuts pasted in covers, absque ulla nota [Argent., G. Hüssner, circa 1473?), small folio (93)

Sotheran, £10 [The “De Casibus Virorum” in this volume is the first edition, and consists of 155 leaves. The “De Præclaris Mulieribus” is perhaps the first edition, and contains 83 leaves.

Catalogue.] 5910 Boccaccio (Giov.) Le Cameron (sic) autrement dit les Cent

Nouvelles, composées en langue Latine par Jehan Bocace et mises en Francoys par Laurens de Premier Faict, lettres bâtardes, title in red and black, ornamental woodcut initials (title mended, some leaves wormed), morocco, line tooled back, frame sides, g. e., engravings pasted in cover, Imprime nouvellement a Paris lan mil v.c. xxxiiii. (1534), le xxviii. jour daoust, s. nom d'imprimeur, small 8vo. (94)

Leighton, £5 5911 Boccaccio (Giov.) The Decameron, containing a Hundred

Pleasant Novels, the last five days, fine woodcut title in oval compartments, and cuts in the text, Printed by Isaac Jaggard, 1620—The Modell of Wit, Mirth, Eloquence and Conversation, framed in ten dayes now translated into English, woodcut title (backed, and outside margins. mended), and oval woodcuts in the text, portrait of Boccaccio inserted, I. Jaggard for M. Lowndes, 1625, 2 vol., morocco gilt, line tooled and blind stamped ornaments, engravings pasted in covers, 1620-25, small folio (95) Bell, £ 18 1os.

[The first English translation of the Decameron, complete in the two volumes. Both in good state, apart from the title of the 1625 volume. Very rarely found together.

Catalogue.] 5912 Boemus Aubanus (Joannes). The Manners, Lawes and

Customes of all Nations, collected out of the best Writers, with many other things of the same Argument, the like out of the History of America or Brasill, by John Lerins, etc., now newly translated from the Latin by Ed. Aston, woodcut initials, half russia gilt, G. Eld, 1611, small 4to. (96)

Pickering, £4 5913 Boethius (A. M. S.) Duo Libri de Arithmetica, lit. goth.,

double columns, with signatures, ornamental initials and diagrams (stained), boards, Augustae per E. Ratdolt nuper

Venetiis, 1488, Maii xx., small 4to. (97) Ellis, £6 55. 5914 Boissard (I. J.) Emblematum Liber. Ipsa Emblemata ab

Auctore delineata, a Theodoro de Bry, sculpta, et nunc recens in lucem edita, engraved title, portrait of Boissard, and 51 copperplates of emblems, original impressions, half morocco, m. e., Francof. a. M., 1593, small 4to. (98)

Tregaskis, £1 8s. 5915 Bonaventura (Card. Jo.) Libellus qui appellatur Regimine

Conscientiae, vel parvum bonum, editus a fratre bonaventure Cardinale (19 leaves)--Epistola Sancti Methodii Epi Parasensis de regnis gentium et novissimis temporibus certa demonstratio Cristiana (17 leaves)—- Tractatus de

Preparacõe ad Missum dni seraphici Johannis bonaventure
(11 leaves), facsimile leaf of ancient block-book inserted,
the three pieces printed in the same bold scmi gothic letter,
long lines, 26-27 to a full page, without marks, fine copies,
in i vol., morocco extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by W. Pratt,
2 engravings pasted in covers, absque ulla nota [Colon.,
Ulricus Zel?], small 4to. (101)

Ridler, £7 5916 Bonaventura (S.) Tractatus de Modo se preparandi ad cele

brandum Missam, lit. goth. (10 leaves), long lines, signatures
a and b, large ornamental woodcut initial at beginning of
end, rubricated, calf extra, line tooled, inside dentelles, g. e.,
by W. Pratt, old engraving pasted in cover, absque ulla
nota, small 4to. (102)

Quaritch, £3 155. 5917 Bonaventura (S.) Biblia Pauperum a domino Bonaventura

edita omnibus Xpristi fidelibus perutilis, lit. goth., long lines,
30 to a full page, signatures a-i 4 in 6's (52 leaves), text
numbered in roman figures i.-xlviii. at the foot of the page,
rubricated, cut on title, 2 facsimile leaves of an ancient
block-book inserted, bright calf extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, 2
engravings pasted in covers, fine copy, absque ulla nota
[Antw., M. Goes), small 4to. (103)

Philip, £5.55. 5918 Bonaventura (S.) In Soliloquium seu anime et hominis

interioris dyalogus, lit. goth., long lines, 33 to a full page
(46 leaves), signatures :1-f 6 in 8's (aj a blank? wanted),
(not in Hain), rubricated, old Dutch cut with date 1500,
and others in covers, absque ulla nota (Antw., G. Leeuw),
small 4to. (104)

Leighton, £6 5919 Bonaventura (S.) Stimulus divini Amoris devotissimus, post

eiusdem varias impressiones incorrectus ultimate emendatus
per Magistrum Jo. Quentin Canonicum Parisiensem, lit.
goth., long lines, with signatures, some capitals painted in
red (Hain, 3479), morocco antique, stamped blind orna-
ments, g. e., by W. Pratt, cuts pasted in cover, Parisius
impressus Impensisq. Georgii Mittelhus, A.D. 1490, Mensis
Oct. xxiii., 12mo. (105)

Quaritch, £5 5920 Brandt (Sebastian). Stultifera Navis, Narragoniae perfectionis nunquam satis laudata Navis .

per Jacobum Locher in latinum traducta et per S. Brant denuo revisa et emendata, numerous woodcuts, partly coloured in yellow, rubricated, several leaves waterstained, top margins of last 3 leaves mended, morocco, gilt ornamental frame sides, g. e., by J. Faulkner, Basil, Jo. Bergman de Olpe, 1497, Kl. Augusti, small 4to. (110)

Ridler, £10 5921 Brandt (Sebastian). Expositiones sive declarationes omnium

titulorum juris tam Civilis quam Canonici, woodcut device
on title, contemporary leather binding with blind stamped
ornaments, with flap, metal rim and hook catches, an
uncommon specimen, woodcut heads pasted in covers,
Basil., Gregorius Bartholomeus de nova Angermundis,
1514, 8vo. (111)

Tregaskis, £3 Tos. 5922 Brathwait (Richard). A Solemn Joviall Disputation, Theo

reticke and Practicke, briefly Shadowing the Law of

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Drinking, together with the Solemnities and Controversies occurring, etc., Enozpsthopolis at the Signe of Red Eyes, 1617—The Smoaking Age, or the Man in the Mist, with the life and death of Tobacco, etc., ib., at the Signe of the Teare-Nose, 1617, 2 engraved frontispieces by William Marshall, in i vol., calf extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, woodcuts pasted in covers, fine copy, 12mo. (113) Stevens, £41

[Original edition, and one of the rarest books by Brathwait. The frontispieces are considered some of the earliest

engravings of Marshall.- Catalogue.] 5923 [Breton (Nicholas).] Wits Private Wealth, Stored with Choise

of Commodities to Content the Minde (third edition), "fiat nova Editio juxta hoc Exemplar, Sa. Baker, April 10, 1639" (see imprimatur on back of title), dedication to the Right Worshipfull John Crooke, signed "N. Britton," calf gilt, r. e., by W. Pratt, cuts pasted in cover, B, Alsop and T. Fawcett for G. Hurlock, 1639, small 4to. (115)

Pickering; £18 5s. 5924 Breydenbach (Bernard de). Sanctarum Peregrinationem in

Montem Syon ad Venerandum Christi Sepulchrum in Jerusalem, atque in Montem Synai ad divam Virginem et martirem Katherinam opusculum, editio prima latina, lit. goth., long lines, without marks, large full-page woodcut of the armorial bearings of Philippus de Birken, Miles, on reverse of first leaf, the recto being blank, 7 large folding woodcut views and cuts in the text, half morocco, Impressum in Civitate Moguntina, per Erhardum Reüwich, anno Salutis, 1486, xi. Feb., small folio (116)

Bain, 453 [A perfect copy of this first Latin edition, with all the original plates intact (except some folds repaired and margins guarded), with rough fore edges. Sold with all faults,

as copies differ in collation.- Catalogue.] 5925 Breydenbach (Bernard de). Der Fart uber mer zu dē heiligen

Grab unsers herren Jhesu Christi gen Jerusalem, etc., first edition in German, lit. goth., full-page woodcuts, with Birken arms on reverse of first leaf, 7 original folding woodcut views of cities and cuts in the text, all coloured by hand, and some folds mended, contemporary German binding, oaken boards, leather, stamped compartments of Biblical subjects and Arabesque ornaments (rebacked), numerous painted devices in the first cover, sold, as usual, with all faults, Meyntz, durch Erhart Reüwich getrucket, 1486, folio (117)

Tregaskis, £19 5926 Breydenbach (Bernard de). Le Saint Voiage et Pelerinage de

la Cite Saincte de Hierusalem (translate de latin en francois, par Frere Jehan de Hersin), lit. gotb. (lettres bâtardes), title as above with the full-page cut on reverse, and the 7 original large folding woodcut views (mended in the folds), and cuts in the text (wormed, sold with all faults), morocco extra, by W. Pratt, LARGE COPY (Lyon), imprimes le xviii. jour de

frevier (sic), l'an 1489, small folio (118) Leighton, £26 5927 Brigitta (Sancta). Opusculum Vite et Passionis Cristi, eiusq.

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