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(No. of Lots, 849; amount realised, £7,519 12s. 6d.)

[NOTE.—John Bellingham Inglis, who died at Hampstead in 1870 at the age of ninety years, belonged to the old school of collectors, affecting chiefly books by early English printers and early printed books with woodcuts, of which he had a very large and valuable library: This sale was of the third portion of that library, the first having been held on June 9th and following days, 1826, and the second on July 31st and following days, 1871. Both these sales were held at Sotheby's.]

5847 Adolphus Archiep. Mogunt. Copia Indulgentiarum de Insti

tutione festi presentationis beatae mariae per reverendissimum dominum Adolfus Archiepiscopum Moguntinum concessarum, lit. goth., long lines, 24 to a page (18 leaves), without marks (Hain 89), boards, absque ulla nota [Argent, M. Flach, circa 1468), small 4to. (4)

Quaritch, £15 5848 Adrianus Carthusiensis. Liber de Remediis utriusqe fortunae

prospere scil. et adverse, per quendam 1. poetam prestantem necnon sacre Theologie Professorem eximium noviter compilatus, lit. semi-goth., long lines, 27 to a page, without signatures or catchwords, but the leaves after the table (11 leaves) numbered in Arabic figures in the centre of the outside margins to 183, rubricated [margin of first leaf of table mended), morocco, line tooled, ornamental frame sides, g. e., by J. Faulkner, Impressus Coloniae per Arnoldum Terhoernen, anno 1471, February 8 (colophon

and device in red), small 4to. (5) Leighton, £6 ios. 5849 Æneas Silvius (Pius II., Piccolominus). Bulla Retractationum

omnium dudum per eum in minoribus adhuc agentem pro Concilio Basiliens, etc.—De Miseria Curialium, lit. semi-goth., long lines, 27 to a page (36 leaves), without marks (Hain 194 and 260), rubricated (3 leaves stained), morocco, blind stamped ornaments, g. e., absque ulla nota [Coloniae, U. Zel, circa 1468), small 4to. (6)

Ellis, £6 ios. [Probably the earliest printed edition of these two pieces, which are separated in Hain, Brunet and others. The Bulla has 11 leaves, and ends on the recto of the last with “finit feliciter," the reverse being blank. The “De Miseria" has 25 leaves, and ends on the reverse of the last with 25

lines only.- Catalogue.) 5850 Æneas Silvius (Piccolominus, Papa Pius II.) Bulla Retracta

tionum omnium dudum per eum in minoribus adhuc agen

tem pro concilio basiliensi, etc., et de Curialium Miseria XIV.


[ut supra), lit. goth., (36 leaves), long lines, 27 to a full page, without marks, morocco, gilt ornamental frame sides, g. e., by Faulkner, fine copy, old woodcuts pasted in cover, absque nota (Coloniae, Ulricus Zel, circa 1468), small 4to. (7)

Quaritch, £7 155. 5851 Æneas Silvius. Pius papa secundus eloquentissimus obiit

anno mcccc. Ixiiii. in Anchona, dum proficisci proposuerit contra turcos, conpossuit, etc. (Epistola ad Machumetam Imp. Turcorum), lit. semi-gotb., long lines, 27 to a page (53 leaves), without marks (Hain 171), old calf gilt, cuts pasted in covers, absque ulla nota (Coloniae, U. Zel?], small 4to. (8)

Philip, £5 ros. (Brunet's remark about the Virgil lines on the recto of

the first leaf is a myth.-Catalogue.] 5852 Æneas Silvius (Piccolominus, Papa Pius II.) Dialogus

(Somnium de Fortuna), lit. rom., long lines, 37 to a full page (53 leaves), without marks (Hain 193), with illuminated border of flowers and fruit and large initial to first page, Impressus est Romae per Johannem Schurener de Bopardia, 1475-De Potestate Romani Pontificis et Generalis Concilii, lit. semi-rom., long lines, 37 to a page (13 leaves), without marks, border of first page finely illuminated in flowers and fruits, with illuminated initial, absque ulla nota (Romae, Ulricus Gallus ?]-Tractatus Magistri Jordani Osnaburgens. Canonici de Romano Imperio, lit. semi-rom., long lines, 36 to a full page (12 leaves), without marks (Hain 9437), ornamental pen letters, ib., in i vol., old French morocco, full gilt floreate back, with the Polish Eagle, broad and rich ornamental scroll borders, inside dentelles, watered silk doublures, g. e., by Derome le Jeune, with his ticket, finely bound for Count Hoym, with his device on back, but no arms, small folio (9)

Quaritch, £40 5853 Æneas Silvius (Papa Pius II., Piccolominus). Epistolae

Familiares [datae ad Amicos in quadruplici Vitae eius statu), finely printed in roman letter, long lines ( 303 leaves), with signatures which are placed in a very unusual position close to the text at the bottom of the side margins, vellum,

Lovanii, Jo. de Westfalia, 1483, small folio (11) Philip, £5 5854 Æsopus. Vita et Fabulae. Vita Esopi fabulatoris clarissimi

e greco latino par Rimicium facta . . . Incipit fabularum liber primus, Extravagantes, Fabulae Remicii Aviani et Fabulae collatae, lit. guih., long lines, 36 to a full page (129 leaves), signs. 1-9 q in 8's (Hain 326), verso of a j being a full-page cut of Esop (recto blank), and 193 xylographic woodcuts in the text, modern morocco, gilt foreate back, broad ornamental borders, inside dentelles, g. e., engravings pasted in covers, fine copy, absque ulla nota (Augsb., Ant. Sorg.), small folio (14)

Quaritch, £129 5855 Æsopus. Esopus Constructus Moraliçatus et hystoriatus

ultimo impressus et correctus ad utilitatem discipulorum, lit. goib. (2 types), woodcut title in compartments, and 65 Italian outline woodcuts, morocco extra, gilt tooled back,

ornamental frame sides in compartments, inside gilt borders, joints, red silk linings, woodcuts pasted in covers, fine copy,

Venet., Bern. Benalius, 1517, small 4to. (15) Leighton, £36 5856 Agrippa (H. C.) De Incertitudine et Vanitate Scientiarum

et Artium, etc., woodcut portrait from another work inserted, contemporary stamped ornamental leather, s. l. (Basil), 1531, small 8vo. (16)

F. Clarke, £3 5857 Agrippa (H. C.) Of the Vanitie and Uncertaintie of Artes

and Sciences, englished by Ja. San.(ford), Gent., first edition, black letter, title within woodcut border, with the Norfolk arms on reverse (some marginal notes shaved), old portrait of Agrippa inserted, and an old woodcut of a laboratory pasted in cover, russia gilt, g. e., H. Wykes, 1569, small 4to. (17)

Pickering, £3 145. 5858 Agrippa (H. C.) Three Books of Occult Philosophy, trans

lated out of the Latin by J. F(reake), portrait, cut close and inlaid, R. W. for Gregory Moule, 1651-H. C. Agrippa, his Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, translated by Robert Turner, second edition (last 3 leaves wormed), J. C. for M. Smelt, 1665, in i vol., russia gilt, g. e., small 4to. (18)

Robson, £2 18s. [The fourth book, which consists of a treatise on Ceremonial Magic, with woodcut sigils, characters and signs and explanations of the same, was not written by Agrippa. It is a compilation from various sources, some obscure, others well known, containing numerous errors, evidently

made purposely.-ED.) 5859 Albertus Magnus. De Secretis Mulierum, lit. goth., long

lines, 28 to a full page (56 leaves), without marks, morocco, line tooled back, ornamental frame sides, g. e., by J. Faulkner, old woodcuts, head of Albertus, etc. pasted in covers, s. I. et nom., impress. 1478, Vicesima quarta die mensis Junii, small 4to. (21)

Leighton, £7 155. [An early and very rare edition. The figure 7 in the date was printed z originally, but the lower tail had, in this copy,

been erased. See Hain, No. 563.--Catalogue.] 5860 Albumasares Abalachus. Introductorium in Astronomiam

octi continens libros partiales, lit. gotb., woodcuts and ornamental initials, “Erhardi Ratdolt mira imprimendi arte qua nuper Venetiis nunc Auguste Vindelicorum excellit nominatissimus, 7 Idus Februarii, 1489"-Flores Albumasaris, lit. goth., with quaint woodcuts and ornamental initials, some leaves with the old press stains (imprint as above), Aug. Vind. XIII., Kl. Dec. 1488, in i vol., morocco, gilt ornamental line frame sides, g. e., by J. Faulkner, small 4to. (22)

Quaritch, £ 5 175. 6d. [The first edition of these two singular astronomical works, and perhaps the first productions of Ratdolt at

Augsburg after his return from Venice.-Catalogue.] 5861 Albumasares. De Magnis Conjunctionibus, annorum revolu

tionibus, ac eorum profectionibus, octo continens Tractatus, lit. goih., numerous woodcuts and ornamental initials, some leaves with the original press stains, morocco, ornamental gilt frame sides, g. e., by J. Faulkner, fine copy, Augustae Vind. E. Ratdolt nuper Venetiis 1489, Pridie Kl. Aprilis, small 4to. (23)

Ridler, £5 75. 6d. 5862 Alexander Gallus, vulgo de Villa Dei. Grammatices Metrice

scripta, roman letter, long lines, with signs., 42 leaves (2 blank), capitals painted in red, not in Hain or Brunet (large and clean copy, but wormed), morocco extra, with gilt line and blind ornaments by W. Pratt, 2 engravings pasted in covers, Mediol., L. Pachel et Uld. Scinzenzeller, August 14, 1479, small folio (26)

Quaritch, £8 155. 5863 Algorismus novus de integris Compendiose Studioseq. sine

figurarum (more Italorum) delectione compilatus. Artem numerandi omnemq. viam calculandi enucleatum brevissime edocens, etc., lit. gotb. (u leaves), signatures 1. and B., capitals painted in blue and red (Hain, 826), half bound, an early and rare book of arithmetic, absque ulla nota, finis trium. Algorismorum cum proportionum ul Mercatorum regla," small 4to. (27)

Tregaskis, £375. 6d. 5864 Allen (Card.] Wm.) A

A Defense and Declaration of the Catholike Churches Doctrine, touching Purgatory and Prayers for the Soules departed, first edition, roman letter, contemporary MS. notes in margins, calf, old woodcut pasted in cover, Antwerp, by John Laet, 1565, 12mo. (28)

Maggs, L2 25. 5865 Alphabet, etc. Alphabetum Pauperis Monachi in Schola

fratris Thome de Kempis Ordinis regularium, MS. on vellum (7 leaves) with 2 large and fine ornamental pen letters - Upwards of 200 Original Coloured Drawings of Ornamental Letters and other Ornaments, on 57 leaves of paper-A Very Proper treatise, wherein is briefly sett forthe the arte of Limming, which teacheth the Order in drawing and tracing of letters, etc., black letter (12 leaves), fine large copy, Imprinted in flete strete within templé Barre by Richard Tottill, 1573, in i vol., morocco extra, line frame sides with acorn centres, g. e., by W. Pratt, ornamental letters, etc. pasted in covers, small 4to. (30)

Tregaskis, £13 1os. 5866 Ambrosius Mediol. (S.) De Officiis lib. iii., editio prima,

lit. gotb., long lines, 27 to a page (116 leaves, the last blank), rubricated, painted ornamental capitals, old French calf gilt, autograph note by Fr. Douce, and head of Ambrosius in covers, fine copy, absque ulla nota [Colon., U. Zel), small 4to. (31)

Philip, £,6 55. 5867 Ambrosius Episcopus Mediol. Expositio seu Explanatio in

Corpus Evangelii Sancti Lucae Evangelistae lib. x., editio prima, lit. semi-goth., long lines, 34, 36 and 38 to a full page (159 leaves), without marks (Hain, 900), 10 large woodcut ornamental initials, painted in blue and red, smaller painted initials in blue and red, rubricated, Augustae, per Anthonium Sorg, 1476--Augustinus (S. Aurelius) Libri Retractationum de Consensu quatuor Evangelistarum, editio prima, lit. gotb., double columns, 43 lines, 85 leaves with signs. a-15 in 8's (aj blank), painted ornamental initials and small capitals, absque ulla nota (Memmingae, Alb. Kunne, 1482), in i vol., half calf, small folio (32)

Leighton, £6 5868 America. Columbus (Christoforus) Epistola Christofori

Colom, cui etas nostra multum debet, de Insulis Indie supra Gangen nuper inventis . . . ad Gabrielem Sanxis missa : quam nobilis ac litteratus Vir Leander de Cosco ab Hispano idiomate in latinum convertit tertio kal's Maii mccccxciii., lit. goth., long lines, 33 to a full page (4 leaves), without signature [ad fin.)

, Ulisbone pridie Idus Martii Christiforus Colom Oceane classis perfectus [epigram on reverse), an early edition (the second or third) of Columbus's first letter on the discovery of America, and a fine copy [with an English translation of 4 leaves, without date, place, or name of printer)-Vespucius (Albericus). Mundus Novus. Albericus Vespucius Laurentio Petri de Medicis salutem plurimam dicit, lit. goth., long lines, 44 and 45 to a full page (4 leaves), without signature (Harisse No. 31), fine copy, one of the earliest editions of this letter (ad fin.) ex italica in latinam linguam jocundus interpretes hanc epistolam vertit ut latini oës intelligant Qz. multa miranda in dies reperiuntur, s. I. a. et nom. Impr. (1502)— Maximiliani Transylvani Caesaris a Secretis Epistola, de admirabile et novissima Hispanorum in Orientem Navigatione, qua variae, et nulli prius accessae Regiones inventae sunt, cum ipsis etiam Moluccis insulis beatissimis optimo Aromatum genere refertis, etc., lit. rom., title within woodcut border, first edition of the Narrative of Magellan's Expedition, fine copy, Romae in aedibus J. Minitii Calvi anno 1523, Mense Novembri-Literae Sultani Sulemanni Turcarum Impp. missae Constantinopli ad Ferd. Imp. Rom. anno 1562 (6 leaves), Patavii, s. a.-Alexandri Juriscons. Neapolitani Dissertationes quatuor de rebus admirandis, quae in Italia nuper contigere (6 leaves), absque nota-Jo. Gertophii, Adulescentis Germani adversus furiosissimum Sycophantam Edoardum Leum Anglum, qui ausus est primus Erasmum candidissimum luto aspergere, title within woodcut border, with Diana and Actaeon below, printer's device on reverse of last leaf (Basil.), And. Cratander, 1520, all in i vol., morocco extra, full gilt floreate back, line sides with corner Aleurons, inside dentelles, g. e., by W. Pratt, head of Columbus, etc. pasted in covers, small 4to. (34)

Quaritch, £230 5869 Amman (Jost). Icones Novi Testamenti, Arte et Industria

singulari experimentes, cum Versibus Latinis et Germanicis, first edition, woodcut title and 93 large woodcuts, brilliant impressions, morocco extra, covered with stamped blind ornaments, g. e., by F. Bedford, fine copy, several engravings pasted in covers, Franckf., M. Mart. Lechler, 1571, small oblong 4to. (36)

B. F. Stevens, £10 55. 5870 Amman (Jost). Insignia Sacrae Caesareae Majestatis, Prin

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