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Topography (continued):

Hunter (J.) Hallamshire, 1588
Hunter (J.) South Yorkshire, 6284
Richardson (W.) Monastic Ruins, 52
Turner (J. M. W.) Views in Richmond.

shire, 203 Whitaker (T. D.) Craven, 564 Whitaker (T. D.) Richmondshire, 67

Ireland. Grace (S.) Survey of Tullarven, 2480 Hanmer's History, 2486 Hole (S. R.) A Little Tour, 2003 Keating (J.) General History, 2008 Smith (C.) Cork, 2679 Smith (C.) Kerry and Waterford, 2578

Scotland. Armstrong (R. B.) History of Liddes

dale, etc., and the Debatable Land, 570 Craig-Brown (T.) History of Selkirk.

shire, 602 Leighton (J. M.) History of Fife, 6478 Pennant (T.) Tour in Scotland, 6313

Wales. Geraldus. Itinerary, 2661 Jones (T.) County of Brecknock, 6288 Meyrick (S. R.) Cardiganshire, 6300 Pennant (T.) Tour in Wales, 6313 Pugh (E.) Cambria Depicta, 526 Tortures. See Crime and Criminals Travels. See Voyages and Travels Trials :

Motherhill (John). Trial for Rape, 525
New England Witches, 7024
State Trials (Howell), 6281
Trials for Adultery, 5743
Zenger (J. P.), Trial of, 1672
Upholstery. See Cabinet-Making

African Scenery (Daniell), 609
Alhambra, Sketches of the (Lewis), 193
Alhambra, Views of the (Owen Jones),

America (North). Sketches (Warre), 2605
Arundel House, Views of (Malton), 6996
Asia (Portuguese), Views of (Faria y

Sousa), 2349 Beunos Ayres. Illustrations (Vidal), 1381 Ceylon, Scenery, etc. of (Daniell), 2346 Dover, Views of (Heath), 3499 Egypt and Nubia (Roberts), 6527 Egypt (Mayer), 2519 England. East Coast (Stark), 1493 England. Liber Variorum, 4756 England. Rural England (Seguin), 3329 England. South Coast (Turner), 3374 England and Wales, Beauties of, 12 England and Wales (Boydell), 414 England and Wales (De Loutherbourg),

1361 England and Wales (J. M. W. Turner),

2598 English and Foreign (Sandby), 1370 English Lake District (Pyne), 2558 English Landscape Scenery (Constable),

293 Ermenonville, Les Jardins d', 817 Europe, Picturesque, 351 Europe. Scenery (Batty), 2420 Europe. Steden Van Europa (Wit), 4281 Grampians, Scenery of the (Robson), 536

Views (continued):

Great Britain. Delices (Beeverell), 798
Great Britain. Scenery (De Louther.

bourg), 2517
Harbours of England (Turner), 202
Henriet (I.) Diverses Vues, 6274
Holy Land (D. Roberts), 1474
India, Scenery of (Grindlay), 309
India. Views (Greene), 2481
India. Views (Hodges), 782
India. Views (White), 6578
Ireland, its Scenery (Hall), 1576
Ireland, Scenery of (Fisher), 2469
Japan, Illustrations of (Titsingh), 4784
Lakes (the English). Tour (Ackermann),

2401 London, 3895 London und Paris. Views, 4823 Louis XIII., Le Jardin du, 825 Monte Video. Illustrations (Vidal), 1381 Montmorency. Description de la Vallée,

Morris (F. O.) Seats of Noblemen and

Gentlemen, 1181
Mysore, Scenery in (Hunter), 2495
Naples and the Campagna (Rowlandson),

Nash (J.). Mansions of England, 1855.
New Zealand, Illustrations of (Brees),

1338 Odenwald, The (Murray), 2537 Oriental Scenery (Daniell), 4188 Ottoman Dominions (Mayer), 2783-4 Oxford Colleges (Malton), 6996 Palestine (Mayer), 2519, 2784, Paris. Picturesque Views (Nash), 1185 Paris, Tour thro', A, 2648 Paris, Views of (Perelle), 2549 Rhine, Vues du (Janscha), 6286 Richmondshire, Views in (Turner), 203 Rome. L'Antichita Romane, 352 Rome. Maisons de Plaisance, 1939 Royal Residences (Pyne), 1858 Scotland. Local Scenery (Stoddart), 4387 Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen

(Neale), 3523 Seine. Picturesque Tour (Sauvan), 1371 St. Petersburg. Views, 6514 Switzerland. Tableaux de la Suisse, 6347 Switzerland. Vues Remarquables, 3356 Thames, The (Ireland), 4343 Thames, The (Westall and Owen), 4279 Trianon Gardens. Vues Pittoresques,

Plans, etc., 8u Venice. Etchings (Whistler), 4857 Venice. Urbis Venetiarum Prospectus

(Canaletti), 2751 Versailles, Veues (Poilly), 5721 Windsor Castle. Illustrations (Wyat.

ville), 2614 Wye, Views on the (Ireland), 4343 Visitations (Heralds'):

England and Wales, 2336 Voyages and Travels : America (Central). Voyages (D'Acugna),

560 America (Central). Voyage (La Conda

mine), 3216 America (Central). Voyage (Wafer), 561 America. Encyclopédie des Voyages

(Grasset de St. Sauveur), 1056 America. Joyful Newes (Frampton),




Voyages and Travels (continued):
America. Mundus Novus (Vespuccius),

America. Voyage (Hennepin), 6987
America. Voyages (Burnaby), 1733
America. Voyages (Carver), 1733
America. Voyages (Eden), 5828
America. Voyages (Humboldt), 1587,
Arctic Voyages. Plans, Autographs and

Miscellanea, 6186
Australia. Expeditions (Mitchell), 1932
Bourne (W.) Treasure for traveilers, 6379
Caffraria, Journeys into (Paterson), 520
Catnerine of Braganza. Voyage, 958
“Challenger," Voyage of the, 7011
Cevennes. Travels with a Donkey

(Stevenson), 4566 Circumnavigation (Charton), 1594 Circumnavigation (Cook), 1884 Circumnavigation (Dampier), 444 Circumnavigation (Funnell), 472 Circumnavigation (Rogers), 537 Continent. Six Weeks' Tour (Shelley), Cornhill to Grand Cairo (Thackeray),

5135 Coryat's Crudities, 3992 Damascus and Palmyra (Addison), 1334 Dampier (W.) Voyages, 444 Darien (i.c., Central America). New

Voyage (Wafer), 561 Eden's Voyages, 5828 Egypt, La Haute (Mariette), 2518 England, Travels thro' (Cosmo iii.), 5664 Euphrates and Tigris (Chesney), 6221 France, etc. Six Weeks' Tour (Shelley),

3898 France. Sentimental Travels (Rowland.

son), 2802 France, Travels in (Young), 5846 France. Voyage Pittoresque (L'Oise,

Tome x.), 793 Geneva to Milan (Shoberl), 4844, 6576 Goodall (B.) Tryall of Travell, 3167 Great Britain, Tour thro' (De Foe), 6405 Great Britain. Voyage et Observations

(La Boullaye), 2240. Hakluyt (R.) Collection of Voyages, 644 Hakluyt Society, The, 2229 Hawkesworth (J.) Voyages, 1782 Hebrides, Tour to the (Boswell), 4878 Holy Land. Voiage (Breydenbach), 946 Hottentots, Journeys into the Country of

the (Paterson), 520 Indies (East). Voyage (par un Gentil.

homme Français), 3308

Voyages and Travels (continued):

Indies (East). Voyage (Terry), 4390
Ireland. A Little Tour (Hole), 2003
Italy. Travels (Beaumont), 2187
Jerusalem. Itinerarius (Mandeville),

Leland (J.) Itinerary, 6295
Marco Polo's Travels, 1512
Medinah and Meccah. Pilgrimage (Bur.

ton), 3676
Mediterranean, Voyage up the (Wil-

Iyams), 1308
Mexico, Voyage to (Joutel), 496
Molucca Islands, Voyage to (Maximilia-

nus), 6060
Moryson (F.) Itinerary, 6504
Naples and Sicily. Voyage Pittoresque

(Saint-Non), 1232 Netherlands, The. Here and There

(Hunt), 2768
Nile, The, A Thousand Miles up (Ed.

wards), 1899
Pennant's Works, 6313
Persia, Travels in (Sherley), 3532
Pinkerton's Voyages, 1940
Polar Sea (Franklin), 4748
Prague, Travels to (Taylor), 7148
Purchas (S.) His Pilgrimes, 7001
Rhine. Picturesque Tour (Gerning), 1347
Scotland, Tour in (Pennant), 6313
South and North. Voyages and Dis.

coveries (D'Acugna), 559
Southern Hemisphere (Hawkesworth),

South Seas (Edw. Cooke), 435
South Seas (Sharp), 546
United States Exploring Expeditions,

Voyages Imaginaires, 1505
Wales. Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin,

2661 Wales, Tour in (Pennant), 6313 Wood-carving. See Cabinet Making Writing. See Penmanship Yachting : Burgess (E.) English and American

Yachts, 705 Collins (G.) Great Britain's Coasting Columne (J.) The Fierie Sea Columne,

Direction for the English Traveller,

Lighting Colomne (Charts), 2513
North West Passage, The, 1684.
Seller (John). The Coasting Pilot, 543

Pilot, 2444

[blocks in formation]





(No. of Lots, 1265 ; amount realised, £1,226 8s. 6d.)

Alison (Sir A.) History of Europe from 1774 to 1852, with

Index and Atlas, Library Edition, numerous portraits,

24 vol., cloth, Blackwood, 1858, 8vo. (181) Hill & Son, £ 2 16s. 2 Alken (H.) The National Sports of Great Britain, with Descrip

tions in English and French, 50 coloured plates, morocco, gilt edges, McLean, 1821, royal folio (1238)

Parsons, ķ43 ios. [The first edition of a work that has been steadily increas

in value and interest for some time. A second edition appeared in 1823, plates as before, and another in 1825, but the last named has the plates reduced to royal 8vo. size.—

ED.] 3 Ante-Nicene Christian Library, edited by the Rev. A. Roberts

and J. Donaldson, 24 vol., Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, 1868-72, 8vo. (689)

Dickinson, £2 25. 4 (Apperley.] Life and Death of John Mytton, by “Nimrod,”

coloured plates by Alken and Rawlins, cloth, gilt edges, soiled, 1851, 8vo. (1052)

Pitcher, £4 ios. [The third, but first really complete edition, as it contains a Memoir of the author not found in the preceding two. There are 18 coloured plates as in the second edition of

1837. The first editon of 1835 only contains 12.-ED.] Arabian Nights, translated by Sir R. F. Burton, Illustrated

Library Edition, 12 vol., cloth extra, gilt edges, Nichols 1897, royal 8vo. (999)

Parsons, £5 7s. 6d. (Reprinted from the original edition of 1885-88, and edited by L. C. Smithers. There are 70 original illustrations

from paintings by A. Letchford in this reprinted issue.-ED.] 6 Ashmole (Elias). Antiquities of Berkshire, large paper, 3 vol., 1719, 8vo. (777)

Sotheran, £7.


7 Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, from the commence

ment in 1860 to 1896, numerous portraits and plates, 66

vol., half roan, gilt tops, 8vo. (986) Quaritch, £12 íos. 8 Baker (G.) History and Antiquities of Northampton, plates

and pedigrees (some spotted), 2 vol., half bound, 1822-41, folio (922)

Tregaskis, £5 5s. 9 Barbou's Latín Classics. Cicero, 14 vol.--Livy, 2 vol.-Pliny,

6 vol., &c., 57 vol., old calf, gilt edges, Paris, 1757, etc., 12mo. (995)

Edwards, £4 25. 6d. 10 Bentham (G.) Handbook of the British Flora, illustrations, 2 vol, cloth, uncut, 1865, 8vo. (92)

Maggs, £2 25. 11 Boccaccio (G.) The Decameron, translated by Payne, illustrations by Louis Chalon, cloth, uncut, 1893, imperial 8vo. (1000)

Thorp, £2 6s. 12 Britton and Brayley. Beauties of England and Wales, with

Introduction by Brewer, plates by Storer and Greig, and woodcuts by Bewick (plates bound up separate), 32 vol., half bound, uncut, 1801-18, 8vo. (518)

Bull, £2 35. 13 Butler (Rev. A.) Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and other

Principal Saints, portraits, 12 vol., half bound, C. Dolman, 1847, 8vo. (17)

Maggs, £2 6s. 14 Cabinet des Fées, Le, numerous plates by Marillier, 41 vol.,

old calf, Genève, 1785-9, 8vo. (1104) Quaritch, £2 ios. 15 Chaucer (G.) Works, edited by Skeat, facsimile frontispieces,

8 vol., buckram, Oxford, 1894-7, 8vo. (832) Grant, £3 ios. 16 Collectio Weigeliana, Von Dr. Žestermann und T. O. Weigel,

135 facsimiles (some coloured), 2 vol., half red morocco,

gilt tops, Leipzig, 1866, folio (949) Quaritch, £6 1os. 17 Collinson (J.) History and Antiquities of the County of

Somerset, folding maps and plates, 3 vol., half bound,
Bath, 1791, 4to. (871)

Tregaskis. 65 5s. 18 Costumes of Great Britain, Austria, China (with Chinese

Punishments), Russia and Turkey (with Military Costumes), coloured plates, with descriptions in English and French,

7 vol., morocco gilt, Miller, 1804, etc., folio (1232) Bridge, £9 19 Cruikshank (G.) Grimm's German Popular Stories, plates.

2 vol. (1 page missing, 2 pages imperfect, and several

repaired and soiled), calf, 1823-6, 8vo. (536) Maggs, £16 155. 20 Cussans (J. E.) History of Hertfordshire, illustrations (some

coloured), pedigrees, cuts of arms, etc., 3 vol., LARGE PAPER, complete in 16 parts, 1870-81, folio (919)

Sharman, £4 75. 6s. 21 Dennistoun (J.) Memoirs of the Dukes of Urbino, illustrations, 3 vol., cloth, 1851, 8vo. (213)

Maggs, £2 25. 22 Dickens (C.) Master Humphrey's Clock, illustrations, 3 vol.,

presentation copy, with the following inscription on title :-
* Walter Savage Landor, from his cordial friend and ad-

mirer, Charles Dickens,” cloth, 1840-41, 8vo. (1050) Sabin, £,23 23 Donovan (E.) Insects of India, coloured plates, 1800, 4to. (906)

Friedländer, £ 1 155. 24 Drake (F.) Eboracum, or History and Antiquities of the City of York, plates, 1736, folio (924)

Maggs, 42 4s. 25 Du Cange (C. D.) Glossarium Mediæ et Infimæ Latinitatis,

ed. Henschel et Favre, io vol., half calf, Niort, 1883-7, 4to. (896)

Bull, £7 175. 6d. 26 Duruy (V.) History of Greece, by Ripley, coloured plates and

numerous cuts, 4 vol. in 8, cloth, gilt tops, 1898, imperial 8vo. (554)

E. Johnson, £4 155. 27 Duruy (V.) History of Rome, numerous illustrations, 6 vol., cloth, 1883-6, imperial 8vo.(204)

Menken, £2 5s. 28 English Dramatists, edited by Bullen. Middleton's works,

portrait, 8 vol., Nimmo, 1885-Marston's Works, 3 vol., ib., 1885-Marlowe's Works, 3 vol., ib., 1885—Peele's Works,

2 vol., ib., 1888, together 16 vol., 8vo. (269-72) £3 6s. 29 Fur, Feather and Fin Series. Edited by Watson. The Part

ridge, Grouse, Pheasant, Hare, Red-Deer, Rabbit, Salmon and Trout, illustrations, 8 vol., LARGE PAPER (157 SO

printed), half vellum, 1893-8, 8vo. (987) Hatchards, £19 30 Haines (H.) Manual of Monumental Brasses, coloured front. and cuts, 2 vol., 1861, 8vo. (802)

Quaritch, £2 6s. 31 Hazlitt (W. C.) History of the Venetian Republic, 4 vol., half calf, gilt tops, 1860 (216)

Roche, £3 5s. 32 Hoare (Sir R. C.) Ancient History of South and North Wiltshire, plates, 2 vol., half bound, 1819-21, folio (913)

£6 155. 33 Horsfield (T. W.) History of the County of Sussex, plates,

portraits, cuts of arms, etc., 2 vol., half bound, Lewes, 1835, royal 4to. (868)

Tregaskis, £3 25. 6d. 34 Hunter (W. W.) Imperial Gazetteer of India, maps, 2nd

edition, 14 vol, half morocco, 1885, 8vo. (178) Maggs, £2 45. 35 Hutchinson (W.) History of Cumberland, maps and plates, 2 vol., half bound, Carlisle, 1794, 4to. (859)

Dickinson, £3 2s. 6d. 36 Ingram (J.) Memorials of Oxford, plates and cuts, LARGE PAPER, 3 vol., morocco, gilt edges, Oxford, 1837, 4to. (864)

Sotheran, £2 145. 37 Johnson (Dr.) English Dictionary, 2 vol., first edition,

original boards, uncut, 1755, folio (956) Quaritch, £7 38 Lysons (D. & S.) Magna Britannia, maps and plates, 8 vol., cloth, 1806-22, 8vo. (849)

Rimell, £2 18s. 39 Macaulay (Lord). Works Complete : History of England,

Essays, Miscellaneous Writings, Speeches and Poems, edited by Lady Trevelyan, 8 vol., cloth, uncut, 1866, 8vo. (121)

Roche, £2 25. 40 Malory (Sir T.) Le Morte D'Arthur, reprinted from the

original edition (1485) of W. Caxton, and edited by H. O. Sommer, 3 vol., half morocco, gilt tops, 1889-90, 8vo. (275)

Thorp, £2 25. 41 Masson (D.) Life of Milton, portraits, with Index, 7 vol, cloth, 1859-94, 8vo. (693)

Roche, £,3 175. 6d. 42 Massuccio, The Novellino of, translated by W. G. Waters,

LARGE PAPER (210 copies printed on Japanese Vellum), 2 vol., half vellum, 1895, large 8vo. (1095) Denham, £3 155.

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