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Hunting. See also Deer-Stalking
Alken (H.) Analysis of the Hunting.

Field, 2408
Apperley(C. J.) Hunting Reminiscences,

1812 Beckford (P.) Thoughts, 576 Belvoir Hunt, Lays and Memoirs of the,

3013 Browne (H. K.) How Pippins enjoyed

a Day with the Fox-hounds, 3733 Catlin (Geo.) North American Indian

Portfolio, 2438
Fothergill (G. A.) Old Raby Hunt

Club Album, 3153
Goury de Chainpgrand. Traité de

Venerie, 1054
Gruau (L.) Nouvelle Invention de

Chasse, 3179
Harvey (W.) Young Lady's Equestrian

Manual, 2764
Mills (J.) Life of a Foxhound, 684
Radcliffe (F. P. Delmé). The Noble

Science, 3866
Ribblesdale (Lord). The Queen's

Hounds, 2029
Ridinger (J. E.) Plates relating to,

529-35 Salnove (R. de). La Venerie royale, 1234 Stevens and Liebault. La Maison Rus.

tique, 4779 Stradanus (J.) Venationes Ferarum,

6954 Twici (W.) Art of Hunting, 6963 Verier de la Conterie (M. Le). Venerie

Normande, 1085 Vyner (R. T.) Notitia Venatica, 3752 Hymns. See Music and Musicians Ichthyology:

Bloch (M. E.) Ichthyologie, 2283.
Couch (J.) Fishes of the British Islands,

Donovan (E.) British Fishes, 5431

Yarrell (W.) British Fishes, 743
Intrigues. See Amours
Inventions :

De Caus (S.) Various Works, 1775 Juggling :

R.(id) S(am.) Art of Jugling, 6115
Lace :
Hailstone (E. H.) Designs for Lace-

Making, 2484
Sibmacher (Jno.) Old Lace Patterns,

371 Vinciolo (F.) Various Works by, 6166 Lexicons :

Ager (Geo.) Telegram Code, 2969
Arabic-Persian (Johnson), 2167
Ascham (R.) The Scholemaster (1570),

Basque, 6247
Danes. Orthoepia, 5824
Daremberg et Saglio. Dictionnaire des

Antiquités, 1828
Donatus. Incipit Donatus, etc., 5965
Du Cange (Dom.) Glossarium, 25
Florio (Jno.) World of Wordes, 91
German-English (Muret), 343
Gilliers (le Sieur). Le Cannemaliste

Français, 2708
Grammatical Tracts, etc. (Whittinton),

Harris (Ben.) The Protestant Tutor,


Lexicons (continued):
Italian. Glossarium Italicum (Fabretti),

Johnson (S.) Dictionary, 37.
Johnson (S.) Plan of a Dictionary, 2134
Lascaris (C.) Grammatica, 4050
Latin-German, 6170
Latin-Greek (Craston), 3093
Latin-Teutonic, 6171
Lexicon Balatronicum (Slang Diction-

ary), 2896
Mellis (I no.) Bookes of Accompts, 6061
Mirror of the World, 6067
Mulcaster (R.) Training up of Chil.

dren, 6077
Murray (J. A. H.) English Dictionary,

Newe Booke of Copies, 6508
Pali Language (Childers), 2157
Palsgrave (J.) Langue Francoyse, 6085
Persian-Arabic-English (Johnson), 2167
Pollux (J.) Onomasticon, 5722
Priscianus. Grammatica, 4090
Schole-Master, The, 3324
Scoundrel's Dictionary, The, 6537
Short Introduction to Grammar, 5824
Slang Dictionary (Barrère), 3763
Smith (Sir W.) Lexicons. See General

Sosispater (Fl.) Ars Grammatica, 5734
Strong (Wm.) Persian Eclogues, 4907
Thorpe's Chemical Dictionary, 2867
Viollet-le-Duc (M.) Dictionnaires, 1503,

Watis (H.) Dictionary of Chemistry,

2822 Willan (S.) A Short Cut to Cambridge, Williams (R.) A Key into the Language

of America, 5347, Locksmith's Work. See Cabinet

Logic :

Datus (A.) Eloquentiæ Præcepta, 990
Myrrour & Dyscrypcyon of the Worlde,

5543 Manners and Customs : Boemus (J.) Manners, Lawes and Cus

toms of all Nations, 5912 Breton's China, 2743 Leslaeus (Jo.) De Rebus Gestis Scoto

rum, De Moribus, etc., 1140 Manners and Customs of the Hindoos

(Solvyns), 1803 Manners and Customs of the Russians

(Atkinson), 4155 North American Indians, 2991 O'Curry (E.) Manners and Customs of

the Ancient Irish, 2542
Picart (B.)

Cérémonies et Coutumes
Religieuses, 6219
Wilkinson (J. G.) Ancient Egyptians,

1651 Manuscripts :

America, MSS. relating to. 1744-48
Bucaniers' MS. Portolano, 2984
Early English Text Society, 7056
Gurney: Copies of Original Deeds, 483
Irish National MSS., 2664
Lapidario del Rey Alfonso (Facsimile

MS.), 6896
National MSS. of England, Facsimiles

(James), 4818


Manuscripts (continued):
National MSS. of Ireland (Facsimiles),

2664 Newe Booke of Copies, 6508 Notices et Extraits des Manuscrits de

la Bibliothèque du Roi, 6309, Palæographical Society's Publications,

2674 Reed's MS. List of Garrick's Prologues,

6923 Silvestre (J. B.) Palæographie Univer.

selle, 1950 Smith (Albert). Natural History of an

Evening Party (MS.), 7141 Southey (R.) MSS. of Thalaba and

Curse of Kehama, 5593-4 Stevenson (R. L.) MS. of the Body

Snatcher, 6951 Tyrrell MS., The, 6931 Vígny (A. de). MS. of Shylock, 6967 Wailey (N. de). Elémens de Paléo.

graphie, 6355 Welsh MSS. Society, 2685 Westwood (J. O.) Anglo-Saxon and

Irish MSS., 1305 Maps. See Atlases, Charts Marbles. See Sculpture Masonry: Constitution of the Royal Arch (U. S.

America), 1737 Freemason's Monitor, The, 1737 Mathematics : Archimedes. Tetragonismus, 5878 Boethius (H.) De Arithmetica, 5913 Cambridge Mathematical Journal, 1318 Cocker (E.) Arithmetick, 3085 Colandri (F.) Pictagoras Arithmetice,

Dublin Mathematical Journal, 1318
Euclid, Geometria, 1778-9
Gunter (E.) Use of the Sector, 482
Idea of Arithmetick, An (1655), 4027
Journal für angewandte Mathematik,

Mathematical Society of London, 2557
Messenger of Mathematics, 2520
Myrrour & Descryptycon of the Worlde,

Napier (J.) Logarithemes, 6078
Tap (Jno.) Arithmetick, 383
Terquem et Gerono. Nouvelles Annales

de Mathématiques, 2683 Medical :

Alexis, Secrets of, 262
Annalen der Physik und Chemie, 2409
Arnold of Villanova. De Sanitate, 3142
Bauhinus (C.) Theatrum Anatomicum,

Boord (A.) Brevarie of Health, 3470
Bulleyn (W.) Bulwarke of Defence, 7163
Cowper (Guil.) Anatomia, 7170
Culpepper (N.) English Physician, 443
Eliot (Sir T.) Castell of Helth, 1027
Evonymus. De Secretis Remediis, 3138
Evonymus. Distillation of Waters, 3417
Ficinus (M.) Liber de Vita, 3142-3
Fracastorius (H.) Syphilis, 3156
Galenus. Opera, 3142
Gale (T.) Chirurgerie, 3160
Gordon (D.) Pharmaco-Pinax, 6005
Grahame (S.) Anatomie of Humours,

Greatarick (Val.) Marvellous Cures, 5465

Medical (continued):
Guido de Monte Rotherii. Manipulus

Curatorum, 6007
Hall (Jno.) Select Observations, 5465
Hortus Sanitatis (J. de Cuba), 1083
Lanfranc (B.) Chirurgerie (1565), 6040
Langham (W.) Garden of Health, 5834
Lemery (N.) Drogues Simples, 6479
Lowe (P.) Chirurgerie (1634), 6050
Marrow of Chirurgery, 5465
Meletius. De Natura et Structura

Hominis, 1165,
Pettigrew (T. J.) Medical Portrait

Gallery, 6090
St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Reports,

Salerne. Regimen Sanitatis, 1233
Savonarola (J. M.) De Balneis, 7134
Savonarola (. M.) De Gotta, 2324
Stubbe (H.) Censure on the Royal

Society, 5465
Vigon (John). Chirurgerye, 4856

Widman (J.) De Pustulis, 6005
Metallurgy. See Geology
America, Operations in, 1699, 1700-I,

1716, 1729-30, 5340
Art des Armes Navales, L', 2492
Bellay (Wm.) Instructions for the

Warres, 5904
Bignon. Recueil des Chates, etc., 79
British Military Journal, 6976
Cannon (R.) Records of Regiments

(Various), 594, 2436
Cavalry of the Guard, The, 2439
Detaille (E.) L'Armée Francaise, 2452-3
Du Praissac. Art of War, 1023
Elton (R.) Body of Art Military, 464
Forces de l'Europe, Asie, etc., 341
Gander (J.) Glory of Queen Anne, 633
Gheyn (J. de). Exercise of Armes (in

German), 6003
Giffart (P.) L'Art Militaire, 636
Grose (F.) Military Antiquities, 781
Ive (P.) Fortification, 5904
James (W.). Naval Actions (Great Bri.

tain and the United States), 3202 James (W.) Naval History of Great

Britain, 658
Kafir Wars, The (Bowler), 1338
Kellie (Sir T.) Pallas Armata, 659
La Gueriniere. Ecole de Cavalerie, 7050
Locker (E. H.) Naval Gallery, 670
Markham (G.) The Souldier's Exer.

cise, 1457
Military Discipline, The (1623), 6064:5
Milton (Jno.) Argument concerning

the Militia, 5541 Monro (R.) Expedition, 686 Mudford (W.) Campaign in the Nether.

lands, 1854 Napier (W. F. P.) Peninsular War, 691 Naval Achievements of Great Britain,

4532 Naval Architects' Institution Transac.

tions, 764
Navy Records Society. Publications, 44
Novarese (G. C.) Making of a just

Battaile, 3280
Orme (E.) Naval and Military Anec.

dotes, 2140
Pepys (S.) Memoirs relating to the
Navy, 5046-7



Military (continued):
Polwhele (R.) Civil and Military His:

tory, 6317 Ralfe

(J.) Naval Chronology, 702, Ross (X.) Scottish Regimental Colours,

705 Roullion-Petit (F.) Campagnes des

Français, 2567 Rowlandson (T.) Volunteers, 2964 Royal George, Narration of the Loss of

the, 5547 Roy (Wm.), Military Antiquities, 2568 Schoonebeek (A.) 'Ordres Militaires,

5731 Shirley (W.) English and French War

in North America (1757), 1699. Styward (T.) Pathwaie to Martiall Dis.

cipline, 6137 Tableaux Historiques des Campagnes

d'Italie, 2864
Tartaglia (N.) On Artillerie Shooting,

Tennyson (Lord). Rifle Clubs, 6960
Thucydides. Athenian War, 1377
Tobago, Assault on, 1660
United Service Institution. Journal,

2333 Vegetius (F1.) De Re Militari, etc.,

,6164 Victoires, Conquêtes et Guerres Civiles

des Français, 6353 Volunteers of London (Rowlandson), 2964 Waller (E.) Instructions to a Painter,

5145 Wellington (Duke of). Campaigns

(1816), 592 Wellington (Duke of). Victories, Des.

patches, etc., 1647-8, 4392 Monuments. See also Brasses (Monu

mental) Agincourt (S. d'). History of Art, 261 Blore (E.) Monumental Remains, 5649 Boutell (C.) Monumental Brasses, 1876 Breeks. Tribes and Monuments of the

Nilagiris, 2834 Champollion-le-jeune. Monumens de

l'Egypte, 1882 Creeny (W. F.) Facsimiles of Monu.

mental Brasses, 1413 Fergusson (J.) Rock-cut Temples of

India, 1429 Fisher (P.) The Tombes, etc. of St.

Paul's, 3147 Gori (A. F.) Museum Florentinum, 1435 Haines (H.) Monumental Brasses, 30 Lapidarium Septentrionalium, 2776 Layard (A. H.) Monuments of Nineveh,

1593 O'Neill (H.) Sculptured Crosses of Ire.

land, 6914 Petrie (G.) Christian Inscriptions in

Irish, 2675 Rule(W. H.) Biblical Monuments, 1945 Stephens (Geo.) Runic Monuments, 2680 Stothard (C. A.) Monumental Effigies,

1495 Vetusta Monumenta, 6966 Villa-Amil (G. P. de). España Artis.

tica, 1643 Waring (J. B.) Stone Monuments, 4310 Music and Musicians : Aaron (P.) Thoscanello de la Musica,


Music and Musicians (continued):
Bennet (Jno.) Madrigalls to Foure

Voyces, 4871
Burney (C.) History of Music, 420
Chants et Chansons Populaires de la

France, 962
Chappell (w.) Music of the Olden

Time, 2119
Child (F. J.) English and Scottish

Ballads, 2418
Fétis (F. J.) Biographie Universelle,

Ford (Miss). Musical Glasses, 525
Grove (Sir' G.) Dictionary of Music.

3496 Hipkins (A. J.) Musical Instruments, Hullah (J.) History of Modern Music,

Jag und Weyd werck Buch, 3201
Lossius (L.) Erotemata Musicæ Prac.

ticæ, 3231
Mace (T.) Musick's Monument, 332
Monnet (J.) Anthologie Françoise, 5302
Musæ Sioniæ, 1797
Musical Miscellany, The, 3521
Paléographie Musicale, 7089
Percy (Bp.) Folio Manuscript, 349
Pills to Purge Melancholy (D'Urfey),

Plain Song and Mediæval Music Society.

Publications, 7090
Playford (Jno.) Catch that Catch Can,

Playford (Jno.) Skill of Musick, 6095
Ravenscroft (T.) Briefe Discourse of

Musicke, 2141
Rhaw (Geo.) Enchiridion, 6110
South (R.) Musica Incantans, 6557
Speechio di Musica, 1798
Tritonius (P.) Harmoniæ super odis

Horatii, 6156
Vidal (A.) Les Instruments à Archet,

Zacconi (Lodov.) Prattica di Musica,

3392 Natural History (General). See also

Voyages and Travels :
Alder (J.) British Mollusca, 1870
Audubon (J. J.) Viviparous Quadru.

peds, 2075
Bell's British Quadrupeds, 1540
Bewick (T.), Works by. See General

Dalyell (J. G.) Animals of Scotland-

Powers of the Creator, 1887-8
Donovan (E.) British Quadrupeds, 5431
Drury (D.) Illustrations of Natural His.

tory, 455
Fayrer (J.) Thanatophidia of India, 2350
Forbes (E.) British Mollusca, 2374
Garrard (Geo.) Oxen of the British Isles,

Gould (Jno.) Mammals of Australia, 1835
Gray (J. E.) Indian Zoology, 4213
Gunther (A. G. L. G.) Reptiles of India,

Harvie-Brown. Vertebrate Fauna, 649-
Harvey (W. H.) Phycologia Australica,

1914 Harvey (W.) Tower Menagerie, 2763 Hincks (T.) Hydroid Zoophytes, 1581


Occultism (continued):
Vaughan (T.) Various Works, 1867,

6163 Witchcraft. Tryals of the New England

Witches, 7024 Oriental Works: Sir Monier Monier-Williams's Collection,

2146-77 Ornithology, Oology :

Audubon (J. J.)' Birds of America, 180 Audubon (J. J.) Ornithological Biog.

raphy, 181 Baird (s. F.) North American Birds,

1539 Belon (P.) Histoire Naturelle des Oy.

seaux, 5646 Bewick (†.) See General Index Booth (Ė. T.) Birds observed in the

British Islands, 583 Bree (C. R.) Birds of Europe, 1317 Broinowski (G. J.) Birds of Australia,


land, 191

Natural History (continued):

Hudson and Gosse. The Rotifera, 1325
Kent (W. S.) Infusoria, 1921
Leudenfeld (R.) Horny Sponges, 4822
Linnean Society. Journal and Trans.

actions, 4678
Macpherson (H. A.) Vertebrate Fauna

of Lakeland, 673
McCoy (F.) Zoology of Victoria, 1930
Mivart (St. G.) Canidæ, 1602
Naturalists' Miscellany, The, 4843
Pennant (T.), Works by, 6313
Ray Society. Publications, 7016
Rothschild (W.) Avifauna of Laysan,

Russell (P.) Indian Serpents, 1946
Rysbrach(P. A.) Dead Birds and Fishes,

2570 Saint-Hillaire. Mammifères, 3163 Shaw (Geo.) Naturalists' Miscellany,

Smith (W.) British Diatomacæ, 1952
Thompson (W.) Natural History of

Ireland, 1376
Topsel (E.) Four-Footed Beasts, 556
White (G.) Natural History of Selborne,

Wolf (I.) Zoological Sketches, 6358
Zoological Society of London. Proceed.

ings, 1869
Naval. See Military
Navigation. See Yachting

London Gazette (1665-1703), 1790

Mercurius Publicus, 1794
Numismatics :

Burns (E.) Coinage of Scotland, 588
Hawkins (E.) Silver and Gold Coins,

Numismatic Chronicle, 2790
Numismatic Society. Proceedings, 45
Ruding (R.) Annals of the Coinage, 3445

Trésor de Numismatique, 5332
Occultism :

Ady (T.) Discovery of Witches, 2070
Agrippa (H. C.) Occult Philosophy, 5858
Agrippa (H. C.) Vanity of Arts and

Sciences, 5856-7
Albertus Magnus. De Secretis Mulierum,

Albertus Magnus. Opus de Mysterio,

Behmen (Jacob), Works of (in English),

Bonatus (G.) Registrum Astrologiæ, 1761
Certain Secrete Wonders of Nature, 5979
Dee (Dr. John). True and Faithful Re.

lation, 448
Gerson (Jo.) Tractatus ad Mysticam

Vitam, 3764
Heydon (İno.) Theomagia, 6018
Hocus Pocus Junior, 2070

De Mysteriis, 4293
Lilly (W.) Astrological Tracts, etc., 500
Lilly (w.) Christian Astrology, 2514
Molitor (V.) De Lamiis, 6072
Museum Hermeticum, 1757
Nostradamus (M.) Prophecies, 2540
Philalethes (Eug.) Sec Vaughan (T.)
Scot (R.) Discoverie of Witchcraft, 2070
Scott (Sir W.) Demonology, 4739
Sybils. Oracles, 6132
Tondalus. De Raptu Anime, 6153

Buller (W. L.) Birds of N. Zealand, 3976 Butler (A. G.) British Birds, 185 Donovan (T.) British Birds, 5431 Dresser (H. E.) Birds of Europe, 7012 Elliot (D. G.) Various Works, 1830 Gosse (P. H.) Birds of Jamaica, 4749 Gould (John).

Various Works. Sec General Index Gray (R.) Birds of the West of Scot. Hewitson (W. C.) Eggs of British Birds,

2300 Hume and Marshall. Game Birds of

India, 1443 Ibis, The (Journal), 6873, 7014 Jerdon (T. C.) Birds of India, 2846 Legge (Capt.) Birds of Ceylon, 2848 Lilford (Lord). Birds of Northampton.

shire, 668 Lilford (Lord). Figures of Birds, 1848 Macgillivray (W.) British Birds, 2851 Meyer (H. L.) British Birds and their

Eggs, 4825 Morris (B. R.) Game Birds and Wild

Fowl, 4760 Morris (F. O.) British Birds, 688 Morris (F. O.) Nests and Eggs, 1936 Muirhead (G.) Birds of Berwickshire,

689 Newton (A.) Dictionary of Birds, 693 Newton (A.) Ootheca Wolleyana, 195 Ornithologia (Manetti), 518 Poynting (F.) Eggs of British Birds, 196 Saxby (H. L.) Birds of Shetland, 711 Seebohm (H.) British Birds, 55 Seebohm (H.) Charadridæ, 718 Seebohm (H.) Eggs of British Birds, 197 Seebohm (H.) Turdidæ, 719 Sharpe (R. B.) Paradiseidae, 198 Shelley (G. E.) Birds of Egypt, 199 Stevenson (H.) Birds of Norfolk, 200 Willoughby (F.) Ornithologia, 2612 Wilson and Bonaparte. American Orni.

thology, 4789 Yarrell (W.) British Birds. See General

Index Pageants : Beaufort (Duke of). Official Progress

thro' Wales, 2421 Charles I. Entertainment at Madrid, 4898

Pageants (continued):
Description des Fêtes données par la

Ville de Paris, 2295.
Fête donnée a l'occasion du Mariage du

Dauphin, 2298 Louis XIII. Les Triomphes (Valdor),

3233 Louis XV., Le Sacre de, 2323 Louis XVI., Le Sacre de, 4069 Nichols (Jno.) Progresses and Proces

sions, 1186 Ogilby (Jno.) Entertainment of Charles

II., 3284 Pedigrees. See Genealogy Peerages. See Genealogy Penmanship: Morrison (A.) Catalogue of Auto.

graphs, 7015, Silvestre (J. B.) Universal Palæography,

Picture Galleries. See General Index
Plans. See Charts
Playing Cards :

Merlin (R.) Cartes à Jouer, 1600

Schreiber (Lady C.) Playing Cards, 1236 Plays. See also Drama

Abdelazer (Mrs. Behn), 545
Agamemnon (Fitzgerald), 6847
Agamemnon (Thomson), 6569
Albion and Albanius (Dryden), 5436
Al Fooles (Chapman), 3077
Alchemist, The (Ben Jonson), 5022
Alfred the Great (Knowles), 6473
Amphitryon (Molière), 3264
Antipodes, The (Brome), 5383
Ami des Femmes, L' (Dumas), 6842
Ball, The (Shirley), 5839
Beggar of Bethnal Green (Knowles), 6473
Beggar's Opera, The (Gay), 4981
Bellamira (Sedley), 6941
Bondman (Massinger), 5840
Brome (R.) Five New Playes, 417
Bullen (A. H.) Collection of Old Eng.

lish Plays, 3058
Caius Gracchus (Knowles), 6473
Captives, The (Gay), 6852
Careless Husband, The (Cibber), 4967
Cato (Addison), 4859
Changes, or Love in a Maze (Shirley), 439
Combat of Love and Friendship (Mead),

5841 Conquest of Granada (Dryden), 6415 Conscious Lovers, The (Steele), 5105 Constant Maid, The, 5839 Contention for Honour, A (Shirley), 6544 Critic, The (Sheridan), 5094. Cutter of Coleman Street, The (Cowley),

Daughter, The (Knowles), 6473
Dodsley's Old English, 2841
Double Dealer, The (Congreve), 4911
Duke's Mistress, The (Shirley), 5839,
Elder Brother, The (Beaumont and

Fletcher), 6802
Engagements du Hazard, Les (T. Cor.

neille), 4912
Eunuch, The (Hemmings), 6941
Evening's Love, An (Dryden), 6415-16
False Friend (Vanbrugh), 1467
Fancies, Chast and Noble (Ford), 6433-4
Fatall Dowry, The (Massinger), 6486
Femmes Sçavantes, Les (Molière), 3268

Plays (continued):

Festin de Pierre, Le (Molière), 1171
Fine Companion, A (Marmion), 5841
Frozen Deep, The (Collins), 5761
Funeral, The (Steele), 5099
Gamester, The (Shirley), 5586
Gentleman of Venice, The, 6550,
Good Natured Man, The (Goldsmith),

Grateful Servant, The (Shirley), 5585,

Great Duke of Florence, The (Mas-

singer), 6488
Guardian, The (Cowley), 439
Hamlet (Shakespeare), 545
Hero and Leander (Marlowe), 5840
Hollands Leaguer (Marmyon), 439
Honest Whore, The (Dekker), 3103
Hunchback, The (Knowles), 6473
Idées de Mme. Aubray (Dumas), 6841
Irene (Dr. Johnson), 5015-16
Iter Boreale (Wilde), 439
Kind Keeper, The (Dryden), 6416
King and no King, A (Beaumont and

Fletcher), 5367, 6941
King Arthur, or the British Worthy

(Dryden), 4967
Knight of the Burning Pestle (Beau.

mont and Fletcher), 5368
Ladies Triall, The (Ford), 6429
Lady of Pleasure, The (Shirley), 5839
Lady Windermere's Fan (Wilde), 3655
Lamplighter, The (Dickens), 5781
Lezataire Universel, Le, 3305
L'Estourdy (Molière), 3263
Libertine, The (Shadwell), 545
Love Lost in the Dark, 6506
Lover's Melancholy, The (Ford), 6430
Love's Crueltie (Shirley), 5839
Lying Valet, The (Garrick), 4976
Mad World my Masters, A (Middleton),

Maides Revenge, The (Shirley), 5839,

Maides Tragedie, The (Beaumont and

Fletcher), 5368
Man of Mode (Etherege), 5443
Mariage Forcé, Le (Molière), 3265
Martyred Souldier, The (Shirley), 6541
Masque performed at Richmond (1636),

Merry Milkmaid of Islington, 6506
Midsommer Night's Dreame (Shake.

speare), 3332
Miser, The (Shadwell), 1467
Mistaken Husband, The (Dryden), 6416
More de Venise, Le (De Vigny), 6968
Muse of New-Market, The, 6506
New Rehearsal, A (Gildon), 4984
New Way to Pay Old Debts (Mas.

singer), 6487
Old Couple, The (May), 1164
Old Fortunatus (Dekker), 3103
Oracle, The (Mrs. Cibber), 4906
Pastorall, A (Shirley), 6549
Phænix in her Flames (Lower), 5532
Picture, The (Massinger), 6484
Platonick Lovers, The (D'Avenant), 5841
Politick Whore, The, 6506
Polly, an Opera (Gay), 4981
Puritaine, The (Shakespeare ?), 3330
Regicide, The (Smollett), 6552
Regulus (Dorat), 3115


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