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Biography (continued):

Wilkinson (Tate). Memoirs, 6580 William IV. Memoirs (Greville), 95 Wilson (Harriette). Memoirs, 3755 Winstanley (W.) The Loyall Martyro.

logy, 6582 Woffington (Peg). A Tribute(Daly), 6403 Wolsey (Card.), Life of (Cavendish), 133 Woolstonecraft (Mary). Memoirs (God.

win), 4985 Worthies of England (Fuller), 471 Worthies of England (Winstanley), 5580 Wotton (Sir H.), Life of (Walton), 563

Yorkshire Worthies (Hailstone), 4216 Book Plates :

Warren (J. L.) Guide, 2606 Botany : Andrews (H.) Botanist's Repository,

4618 Arbolayre des herbes, 5468 Baillon (H.) Natural History of Plants,

4619 Bateman (J.) Orchidaceous Plants, 3963 Bauer (F.) Exotic Plants, 4792 Bauer (F.) Orchidaceous Plants, 4622 Baxter (W.) British Flowering Plants,

4623 Bentham (G.) British Flora, 10 Blackwell (E.) Curious Herbal, 411 Blume (C. L.) Rumphia, 4626 Blume (C. L.) Orchidées, 2832 Bolus (H.) South African Orchids, 4627 Botanical Magazine (Curtis), 989 Botanist's Repository, The, 4618 Buchoz (P. J.) Regne Vegetal--Herbier

de l'Amérique, 779. Burbidge (J. W.) The Narcissus, 4631 Bury (E.) Hexandrian Plants, 4632 Cathcart (J. F.) Himalayan Plants, 4634 Chandler (A.) Natural Order of the

Camelliæ, 1407. Clusius (C.) Rariorum Plantarum His.

toria, 4636 Cooke (M. C.) British Fungi–Fresh.

Water Algæ, 4637-8 Curtis (H.) Beauties of the Rose, 4333 Curtis (W.) Botanical Magazine, 989 Curtis (W.) Flora Londinensis, 4642 Dodoens (R.) Herball, etc., 2086 Eaton (D. C.) Ferns of N. America, 1897 Edwards (S.) Botanical Register, 1025 Edwards (S.) New Botanic Garden, 4645 Ehret (G. D.) Plantæ Selectæ, 461 Elwes (H. J.) Genus Lilium, 2088 Evelyn (Jno.) Sylva, 3139 Fitzgerald's Australian Orchids, 1781 Floral Magazine, The, 1905 Flora of South Africa, 2364 Gerarde (J.) Herball, 3419 Gosden (T.) Calendar of Nature, 4212 Griffith (W.) Indian Botanical Works,

4652 Harvey (W. H.) S. African Plants, 4654 Herbal, The Grete, 6013-14 Herbals, Various, 5469-70 Herbert (W.) Amaryllidaceæ, 4655 Hogg (R.) Wild Flowers of Great

Britain, 4658 Hole (S. R.) Our Gardens, 3582 Hooker (J. D.) Botany of the “Erebus”

and “Terror," 6278 Hooker (J. D.) Himalayan Plants, 100 Hooker (J. D.) Rhododendrons, 2378

Botany (continued):

Hooker (Sir W. J.) See General Index
Hortus Sanitatis, 1083
Hulme's Familiar Garden and Wild

Flowers, 2494
Hussey (T. J.) British Mycology, 4662
Jackson (H. D.) Index Kewensis, 4663
Jacquin (N. J.) Icones Plantarum, and

other Works, 4664-9
Jordan (A.) Icones ad Floram Europæ,

Lawson (P.) Pinetum Britannicum, 1592
Lemaire (Ch.) Flore des Serres, 4649
Linden (J.) Pescatoria, 4673
Lindley (J.) Collectanea Botanica, 4676
Lindley (J.) Folia Orchidacea, 4674-5
Lindley (J.) Sertum Orchidaceum, 4677
Linnæus (C.) Flora et Fauna Suevica,

Linnean Society. Journal of Proceedings,

Loddiges (C.) Botanical Cabinet, 4679
Loudon (J. C.) Arboretum, 1597
Lowe (E. J.) Ferns, 1926-27
Martius (Dr. C.) Nova Genera Plan.

tarum, 4680
Masson (F.) Stapeliæ Novæ, 7081
Maund's Botanic Garden, 3432
Maund's Fruitist and Floral Register,

Maw (G.) The Genus Crocus, 4682
Morris (R.) Flora Conspicua, 4683,
Nicholson (G.) Dictionary of Garden.

ing, 4684
Parkinson (J.) Theatrum Botanicum

Parkinson (J.) Paradisus in Sole, 4244
Parlatore (8.) Flora Italiana, 4687
Passe (Crisp. de). Hortus Floridus, 5713
Paxton (Sir J.) Magazine of Botany,

Pinetum Britannicum, 5556
Pratt (Anne). Flowering Plants, 1943
Puydt (E.) Les Orchidées, 4690
Quer (D. Jos.) Flora Española, 4691
Ralfs (J.) British Desmídicæ, 4692
Ravenscroft (E.) Pinetum Britannicum,

Rea (J.) Flora, 6524
Redouté (P. J.) Les Liliacées, 4695
Redouté (P. J.) Plantarum Succulen.

tarum Historia, 4694.
Reichenbach (H. G. L.) Various Works,

4696-9 Royle (J. F.) Botany of the Himalayas,

Ruiz (H.) Flora Peruviana, 4701
Sander (F.) Reichenbachia : Orchids,

Seligman and Trew. Hortus, 6334
Selby (P. J.) British Forest-Trees, 1628
Sinclair (G) Hortus Gramineus Wo.

burnensis, 4703
Smith (J. E.) Exotic Botany, 4704, 6340
Sowerby (J.) English Botany, 175
Sowerby (J.) English Fungi, 548
Sowerby (J. E.) Grasses of Great

Britain, 4709
Stevenson (R. L.) Thermal Influence

of Forests, 5601-2
Strutt (J. G.) Sylva Britannica, 378
Sweet (R.) British Flower Garden, 4388
Sweet (R.) Geraniaceæ, 2045

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Botany (continued):

Thornton (R. J.) Temple of Flora, 4714
Turner (D.) Fuci, 1865
Turner (w.) Herbal, 5143
Wallich (N.) Plantæ Asiaticæ, 4715
Warner (R.) Orchidaceous Plants, 2055
Watson (H. C.) Cybele Britannica, 4716
Wight (R.) Icones Plantarum Indiæ

Orientalis-Illustrations, 4722-3 Wooster (D.) Alpine Plants, 2059 Brasses (Monumental). See also Monu

ments Boutell (C.) Monumental Brasses, 1876

Haines (H.) Brasses, 30 Cabinet-Making : Chippendale (T.) Cabinet Maker's

Director, 4327 Heppel white (A.) Cabinet Maker, 2710 Holtzapffel (C.) On Turning, 761 Nicholson (P.) Practical Cabinet.

Maker, 4365 Sheraton (.) Cabinet Maker's Draw.

ing Book, 2727 Smith (Geo.) Designs for Household

Furniture, 2728 Works of Design (various), 2687, 2689,

2693, 2700, 2706 Campanology: Ellacombe (H. T.) Church Bells of

Gloucester, 6419 Cards. See Playing Cards. Card Games : Guischet (J. P.) Ars Ratiocinandi

lepida in cartiludium redacta, 5464 Works by Cotton, Hoyle, Hoffmann,

and others, forming part of the collec. tion of "

Cavendish (Mr. Henry Jones), 5150-5164 Carpets. See Tapestry Catalogues. See General Index Charts. See also Atlases Alhambra. Plans, etc. (Owen Jones),

2760 American Maps and Charts, 1749-53, 1723 Buccaneers Ms. Portolano, 2984 Collins (G.) Coasting Pilot, 2444 Horwood (R.) Plan of London, 6634-5 Isole Famose Porti, 2233 Lighting Colomne, The (Charts), 2513. Lucas (Ch.) Plan de la Ville de Paris,

502 Marot (J.) Plans et Planches des Palais,

etc., 2720
Ordnance Survey of Ireland, 2545
Repton (H.) Pavilion at Brighton, 2794
Rocque (J.) Plan of London (1746), 6695
Saxton (Chr.) Shires of England and

Seller (J.) The Coasting Pilot, 543
Speed's Maps, 2580
Virginia, Old Map of. 4235
Chess :

Biochimo. Royal Game of Chess Play, Chivalry. See Romances of Chivalry Chronicles :

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, The, 3399 Avela (L. de). Commentaries of the

Wars of Germany, 5895 Baker's Chronicle, 423 Bouchard (A.) Croniques de Bretaigne,

3040 Carion's Cronicles, 2437

Chronicles (continued):
Caxton's Recuyell of the Histories of

Troye, 150
Chronicle of St. Albans, 968
Chronicles of England, Scotland and

Ireland, 1827
Chronique des Roys de France, 3084
Commines (Philippe de). Mémoirs, 3088
Eusebius. Chronicon, 1032
Fabian's Chronicles, 1034-5
Froissart's Chronicles, 1045

(R.) Chroniques de France, 1047
Halle (Ed.) Chronicle, 759
Hardyng's Chronicle, 4340.
Heath (Jas.) Brief Chronicle, 653
Higden (R.) Polycronycon, 1077
Holinshed's Chronicles, 1078
Jovius (P.) Turkes Chronicles, 2238
Monipennie (J.) Scots Chronicles, 3270
Monstrelet's Chronicles, 1176
Nuremberg Chronicle, The, 429
Rolewinck (W.) Fasciculus Temporum,

Sleidan's Chronicle, 1247
St. Alban's Chronicle, 968
Strutt's Chronicle, 2043
Swabian Chronicle, The, 6045
Toulouse. Gesta Tholosanorum, 6154
Wyntown's Chronicle of Scotland, 2060
City Companies :
Merchant Tailors (Clode), 2443.
Oldisworth (A.) Arms of the City Com-

panies, 6510 Classics : Ancient Classics for English Readers,

Athenian Society: Publications, 2831
Barbou's Latin Classics, 9
Bipontine Classics, 6201
Bohn's Classical Library, 1977
British Classics Burlesqued, 2744
Delphin ics, 6241

Oriental Classics, 2150-77
Coaching :

Harris (S.) Works on Coaching, 3830
Hissey (J. J.) Works on Driving, 2352
Malet (Capt.) Annals of the Road, 3842
Reynardson (C.) Down the Road, 528

Tristram (W. 0.) Coaching Days, 4610
Cock-Fighting :
Markham (G.) Pleasures of Princes,

6058 Conchology:

Donovan (E.) British Shells, 5431
Sowerby (G. B.) Conchological Illus-

trations, 1490
Sowerby (G. B.) Thesaurus Conchy.

liorum, 374 Wood (W.) İndex Testaceologicus, 2058 Cookery: Wolley (Hannah). The Queen - like

Closet, 3090
Costumes. See General Index (Costumes)
Crests. See Heraldry
Crime and Criminals :

Confession of Four Highway-Men, 6396
Crimes de la Révolution, 6192
Crimes des Papes, Reines de France,

etc., 5415
Dumas (A.) Celebrated Crimes, 1425
Esquemeling (J.) Bucaniers of America,

465 Johnson (Capt. C.) Highwaymen, 5698



Crime and Criminals (continued'):

Minshul (G.) Prison and Prisoners, 6066 Mornings and More Mornings at Bow

Street, 1510 Newgate Calendar, The, 1591 Sheppard (Jack). Life and Robberies

(De Foe), 4936 Smith (Alex.) Lives of the Highway.

men, 6551 Wild (Jonathan). Life of (De Foe), 4938 Crosses (Monumental). See Monu

ments Cruising. Sec Yachting Customs. See Folk Lore, Manners Cyclopædias :


Britannica, 1029
Encyclopædia of Sport, 90
Dancing :
Caroso da Sermoneta (F.) Il Ballarino,

Etrennes à Terpsichore, 6741
Grove (Lily). On Dancing, 6785
Montorgueil (Geo.) Paris Dansant,

Tomlinson (K.) Art of Dancing, 555
Decorative Art. See Architecture,

Fine Art
Deer-Stalking, etc. :
Collyns (C. P.) Chase of the Wild Red

Deer, 975,
Crealock (H. H.) Deer-Stalking in the

Highlands, 604
Grimble (A.) Deer Forests of Scotland,

Millais (J. G.) British Deer, 683

Scrope (W.) Deer-Stalking, 542
Designs. See also Cabinet-Making,

Fine Art
Babel (P. E.) Designs for Fountains,

Collection of Works on Design, An Ex-

tensive, 2686-2731
Designs by De Cerceau, Masson, Loire

and others, 2544
Designs for Chimney Pieces, 2709
Designs for Sundials, 803
Designs in Ironwork, 2705, 2828, 7175
Desseins de Grotesques, 2700
Gedde (W.) Book of Sundry Draughts,

Jones (Inigo). Designs, 5699
Langley (B.) Builders' Treasury of De.

signs, 499 Pergolesi. Ornaments, 2551 Peyre (J.) Designs for Jewellery, etc.,

2792 Tijou (John). New Book of Drawings,

2597 Wyatt (M. D.) Metal Work and its

Artistic Design, 2828
Distillation :

Evonymus. Destillatyon of Waters, 3417
Jerome of Brunswick. Vertuose Booke

of Distyllacion, 4670 Drama, The. See also Plays

Actors by Gaslight-by Daylight, 5760
Baker (H. B.) Our Old Actors, 3007
British Theatre (Inchbald), 2434
Bunn (A.) The Stage, 6384
Collier (J. P.) English Dramatic Poetry,

Dodsley (R.) Collection of Old Plays,

Drama, The (continued):
Doran (Dr.) Their Majesties' Servants,

Dramatists of the Restoration, 28
Egan (P.) Life of an Actor, 3133
English Dramatists (Bullen), 28
Era Almanac, The, 6420
Galerie Théâtrale, 2063.
Geneste (J.) The English Stage, 2064
Hedelin (M.) Whole Art of the Stage,

Holcroft (T.) Theatrical Recorder, 3502
Inchbald's British Theatre, 2434
Kip (J.) Nouveau Théâtre, 1449-50
Martin (Sir T.) Essays on the Drama,

Mathews (C.) The London Mathews,

Old English Plays (Bullen), 3058
Racine (J.) Théâtre, 2266
Reed's MS. List of Garrick's Epilogues,

Scribe (E.) Théâtre Complet, 2573
Terry's Theatrical Gallery, 1277,
Theatre, British. See General Index

Théâtre (Corneille), 981
Theatrical Album and other Periodicals

and Annuals, 6491
Wilkinson (T.) The Wandering Pa-

tentee, 6581
Driving. See Coaching
Ecclesiastical History. See Theology
Educational. See Lexicons
Effigies. See Brasses (Monumental)
Art of Ancient Egypt, 234,
Davis (C. H. S.) Book of the Dead, 1891
Description de l'Egypte, 5254

Egypt Exploration Fund, 2124-5
Emblems :
Alciatus (And.) Emblemata, 2975
Bisselet (J.) Deliciæ Æstatis, 3134
De Bry (Ť.) Emblemata Nobilitati, 5959
Farley (R.) Lychnocausia, 5976
Huoro (H.) Pia Desideria Emblematis,

Junius (H.) Emblemata, 321
Quarles (F.). Emblemes, 1471
Sambucus (J.) Emblemata, 6124
Vie de la Mère de Dieu, 5935

Wither (Geo.) Emblems, 4282
Abbot (Jno.) Lepidopterous Insects of

Georgia, 400
Cramer (P.) Papillons Exotiques, 3099
Curtis (J.) British Entomology, 6239
Donovan (E.) British Insects, 452
Donovan (E.) Insects of India, 23
Doubleday (E.) Diurnal Lepidoptera,

Ernst (J. J.) Papillons d'Europe, 3136
Harris (M.) Aurelien, 485
Harris (M.) English Insects, 484
Humphreys and Westwood. Moths and

Butterflies, 4661
Lang (H.C.) European Butterflies, 4672
Leech (J. H.) Butterflies from China,

Lowne (B. T.) Anatomy of the Blow.

Fly, 6672
Merian (M. S.) De Generatione Insec-

torum Surinamensium, 788




Entomology (continued):

Morris (F. O.) British Moths, 194.
Ronalds (A.) Fly-Fisher's Entomology,

Rósel (A. F.) Monatlich herausgege-

bene Insectenbelustigungen, 538 Stephens (J. F.) Entomology, 4710 Westwood (J. O.) Arcana Entomo

logica, 396 Wilson (o. s.) Larvæ of British Lepi.

doptera, 4718 Wood (W.) Index Entomologicus, 2057 Ethnology. See Anthropology Fables. See Folk Lore Falconry : Brodrick (W.) Falconer's Favourites,

2117 Latham (S.) Falconry, 1138 Morais (ĉ. de). Le Véritable Fauconnier,

3274 Olina (G. P.) Uccelliera, 1064 Stevens and Liebault. Maison Rustique,

4779 Turbervile (Geo.) Book of Falconrie,

6157 Fans :

Schreiber (C.) Fans, 1625 Farming. See Agriculture Fencing : Marcelli (F. A.) Regole della Scherma,

Passellier (A. J. J.) L'Escrime à la

Baionette, 1193
Savaron (Jean). Traicte de l’Espée

Françoise, 5573
Fiction :

Across Country (Wanderer), 3947
Across the Plains (Stevenson), 1255
Adam Bede (Eliot), 3816
Adventures of a Post Captain, 879
Adventures of a Ventriloquist, 6364
Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom

(Smollett), 7211
Adventures of Johnny Newcombe (Mit.

ford), 2785
Adventures of Mr. Ledbury, 4558
Adventures of Philip (Thackeray), 3939
Agnes Grey (Bronté), 949,
Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp

(Payne), 4614
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Car-

roll), 3065
Alice's Adventures Underground (Car-

roll), 3067
Amyntas (Hunt), 1355
Arabian Nights. See General Index
Arthur O'Leary (Lever), 666
Ask Mamma (Surtees), 1262
Assommoir, L' (Zola), 5633
Attaché, The (Haliburton), 3824
Barbe Bleue, La, 574
Barrington (Lever), 2510
Battle of Life (Dickens), 1993
Battle of London Life, 5813
Belle au Bois, La (Perrault), 3642
Between the Cradle and the Grave

(Dickens), 5781
Black Arrow (Stevenson), 3911
Bleak House (Dickens), 1513
Boccaccio (Giov.) See General Index
Body Snatcher, The (Stevenson's Origi-

nal MS.), 6951
Book of Snobs (Thackeray), 4595

Fiction (continued):
Book of Wisdom and Lies (Kelmscott),

Boscobel (Ainsworth), 3659
Bramleighs of Bishop's Folly (Lever), 763
Burnt Njal, Story of (Dasent), 2657
Captain Carleton (De Foe), 6406
Celestina, Delightful History of, 3072
Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles, 5405
Charles O'Malley (Lever), 1142
Chimes, The (Dickens), 1993
Christmas Carol (Dickens), 1993
Christopher Tadpole (Albert Smith), 2811
Chrysal (Johnston), 4485
Cinderella (Beauniont), 575.
City of Dreadful Night (Kipling), 1098
Clarissa (Richardson), 7093
Clockmaker, The (Haliburton), 3824
Club at Newmarket, The (Boswell), 4879
Caur Simple, Un, 628
Comic Tales and Sketches (Thackeray),

Confessions of an Oxonian, 976
Confessions of Con Cregan (Lever), 1358
Contes d'Eutrapel (Fail), 5677
Contes et Poésies (Collier), 292
Contes Moraux (Marmontel), 3244
Conversation, The (Prior), 5079
Cornelius O'Dowd (Lever), 2509
Crichton (Ainsworth), 1979
Cricket on the Hearth (Dickens), 1993
Curious Dance, A (Dickens), 3812
Daltons, The (Lever), 2247
Dame aux Camelias, La, 621
Davenport Dunn (Lever), 2779
David Copperfield (Dickens), 38c8
Day's Ride, A (Lever), 4507
Decameron (Boccaccio), u
Diable à Paris, Le, 478
Diable Boiteux (Le Sage), 4057
Diane, La (Montemayor), 3335
Dodd Family (Lever), 2248
Dombey and Son (Dickens), 3807
Don Quixote (Cervantes), 287-8
Dorando (Boswell), 4875
Doublets, a Word Puzzle (Carroll), 3066
Dr. Birch (Thackeray), 6565
Dred (Mrs. Stowe), 2041
Drooping Buds (Dickens), 5781
Eccentric Tales (Kosewitz), 2895
Echoes, by Two Writers (Kipling), 1099
Emma (Austin), 3665.
English Rogue (Head), 652
English Spy, The (Westmacott), 2621
Evelina, or Female Life in London, 4278
Fabliaux, or Tales (Le Grand), 4821
Felissa, or the Life and Opinions of a

Kitten, 6744
Fille aux Yeux d'Or (Balzac), 3009
Folle Journée, La (Beaumarchais), 914
Fortune des Rougons, La (Zola), 5632
Fortunes of Glencore (Lever), 1359
Frank Fairleigh (Smedley), 4555
Game of Logic, The (Carroll), 3068
German Popular Stories (Grimm), 19
Gil Blas (Le Sage), 3225
Great Expectations (Dickens), 2629
Great Hoggarty Diamond (Thackeray),

Greenwich Hospital (Barker), 986
Gulliver's Travels (Swift), 380
Handley Cross (Surtees), 3917
Handy Andy (Lover), 4511


Fiction (continued):

Hans of Iceland, 2762
Hard Times (Dickens), 3810
Harrington and Ormond (Edgeworth),

Harry Coverdale (Smedley), 1248
Haunted Man (Dickens), 1993
Hawbuck Grange (Surtees), 3915
Heart of a Maid (A. Kipling), 5499
Hector O'Halloran (Maxwell), 7082
Henry Esmond (Thackeray), 1281
Heptameron, The (Marguerite de Na.

varre), 159
Herodias (Flaubert), 628
Hillingdon Hall (Surtees), 3922
Histoires Prodigieuses (Boistuau), 5377
Historia de Isabella et Aurelio (Fiori),

History of an Atom (Smollett), 1249.
History of Billy Hog and his wife Mar.

gery, 6927
Horace Templeton (Lever), 1359
Humphrey Clinker, 6554
In Black and White (Kipling), 1106
Inland Voyage, An (Stevenson), 1534
Irish Sketch Book (Thackeray), 727
Italian Tales, 3995
Jack Hinton (Lever), 2244
Jack Sheppard (Ainsworth), 880
Jeunesse de Rosette, La, 4044
John Woodville (Lamb), 6895
Joie de Vivre, La (Zola), 5636
Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities (Surtees),

Joseph Andrews (Fielding), 3144
Jungle Bouks, 5497
Kickleburys on the Rhine (Thackeray),

King Candaules (Gautier), 4014
Knight of Gwynne (Lever), 1144
Land and Sea Tales (Barker), 2874
Last Chronicle of Barset (Trollope), 4273
Lavengro (Geo. Borrow), 945.
Légende de St. Julien l'Hospitalier

(Flaubert), 628
Legend of Captain Jones (Lloyd), 5835
Letter Bag of the Great Western (Hali.

burton), 3824
Letters of Marque (Kipling), 3211
Life in London (Egan), 89
Life in Paris (Carey), 2623
Life of a Soldier (Heath), 1783
Life's Handicap (Kipling), 5498
Light that Failed (Kipling), 5498
Little Dorrit (Dickens), 5777
Loose Rein, A (Wanderer), 3948
Lorna Doone (Blackmore), 3670
Lovel the Widower (Thackeray), 2647
Lucien Greville (Pettigrew), 2899
Luttrell of Arran (Lever), 2512
Madame Bovary (Flaubert), 6849
Man in the Moon (Albert Smith), 4774
Manon Lescaut (Prévost), 5534
Mansfield Park (Austen), 7029
Martin Chuzzlewit (Dickens), 5774
Martins of Cro' Martin (Lever), 2243
Master Humphrey's Clock (Dickens), 22
Masterman Ready (Marryat), 2252
Master of Ballantrae (Stevenson), 3911
Memoirs d'un Homme de Qualité (Pré.

vost), 2265
Merry Men, The (Stevenson), 4571
Mervyn Clitheroe (Ainsworth), 7022

Fiction (continued):

Miserables, Les (Hugo), 6282
Miser's Daughter, The (Ainsworth), 7021
Moeurs de Province (Flaubert), 6849
Moll Flanders (De Foe), 4934
Monk, The (Lewis), 667
Mon Oncle Barbasson (Uchard), 4126
Mon Oncle Benjamin (Tillier), 1285
Mr. and Mrs. Sandboys (Mayhew), 2255
Mrs. Leicester's School (Lamb), 6750
My Cousin in the Army, 1183
Mysteries of Paris (Sue), 379
Mystery of Edwin Drood (Dickens), 2635
Nána (Zola), 5635
New Arabian Nights (Stevenson), 3749
Newcombes, The (Thackeray), 728
Nicolas Nickleby (Dickens), 3803
Nights of Straparola, The, 61
Northanger Abbey (Austen), 3666
Notre Dame de Paris (Hugo), 656
Novelists' Library (Roscoe), 2386
Novellino (Masuccio), 42
Nuits de Paris, Les, 5568
O'Donoghue, The (Lever), 3512
Old English Squire, The (Careless), 2622
Old Judge, The (Haliburton), 3824
Old Sailor's Jolly Boat (Barker), 2875
Old St. Paul's (Ainsworth), 1963
Oliver Twist (Dickens), 613
Oliver Twiss (Imitation of Dickens), 4803
One of Them (Lever), 2780
Orley Farm (Trollope), 4273
Orphan of Pimlico, The (Thackeray),

Our Mutual Friend (Dickens), 3813
Our Street (Thackeray), 6564
Page d'Amour, Une (Zola), 5634
Pair of Blue Eyes, A (Hardy), 3711
Palace of Pleasure, The (Painter), 2069
Pamela (Richardson), 7202
Paris Sketch Book (Thackeray), 4589-90
Paul et Virginie (Saint-Pierre), 3320-21
Paul Gosslett's Confession, 2511
Pendennis (Thackeray), 4209
Penelope Wedgebone (Hort), 2491
Pentamerone, Il (Basile), 573
Peregrine Pickle (Smollett), 2038
Peter Simple (Marryat), 3724
Petit-Neveu de Boccace (Plancher de

Valcourt), 1203
Phantom Rickshaw (Kipling), 1109
Phineas Redux (Trollope), 4273
Pickwick Abroad (Reynolds), 2796
Pickwick Papers (Dickens), 999
Pic Nic Papers (Dickens), 1003
Picture of Dorian Gray (Wilde), 399
Pierre et Jean (Maupassant), 1163
Pirate and the Three Cutters (Marryat),

Plain or Ringlets (Surtees), 2273
Plain Tales from the Hills (Kipling),

Plaisirs de l'Amour, 1202
Poor Jack (Marryat), 677
Porcelain Tower, The, 4537
Pottleton Legacy, The (Smith), 4559
Pride and Prejudice (Austen), 4867
Prince of Abyssinia (Johnson), 5017
Prince Otto (Stevenson), 4571
Punch and Judy (Cruikshank), 974
Quartette (Kipling), 1100
Queen of the Fishes (Rust), 3613
Rassellas (Johnson), 5017

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