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Archæology (continued):

Dugdale (W.) Monasticon, 456
Duncker (M.) History of Antiquity, 1894
Egypt, Description de l', 5254
Ercolano. L'Antichita di, 2181
Essex Archæological Society, 7058
Fabretti (A.) Corpus inscriptionum

Italicarum, 2659
Fergusson (J.) Cave Temples of India,
Gell and Gandy. Pompeiana, 6259
Goldicutt (Jno.) Ancient Decorations

from Pompeii, 5683 Grose (F.) Antiquities of England and

Wales, 1440 Grose (F.) 'Antiquities of Ireland, 1440 Grose (F.) Antiquities of Scotland, 1440 Grose (F.) Military Antiquities, 781 Hamilton (Sir W.) Etruscan, etc. Anti.

quities, 5688 Higgins (G.) Celtic Druids, 1915 India, Archæological Survey of, 2147-9 Irish Archæological Society, 2498 Keller (F.) Lake Dwellings of Switzer

land, 1920 Kilkenny Archæological Society. Trans.

actions, 2668 King (E.) Munimenta Antiqua, 155 Kingsborough (Lord). Antiquities of

Mexico, 1922 London and Middlesex Archæological

Society. Transactions, etc., 7077 Lysons (S.) Roman Antiquities, 6298 Montfaucon (B. de). Antiquities of

France, 6301 Montfaucon (B. de). L'Antiquité Ex

pliquée, 1933 Murphy (J. C.) Arabian Antiquities of

Spain, 1938 Museum Tradescantianum, 6998 Mysore Archæological Series, 2170 Norfolk Archæology, 2138-9 Northern Notes and Queries, 697 O'Neill (H.) Sculptured Crosses of

Ireland, 6914 Parker (J. H.) Roman Archæology, 1612 Pistolesi (E.) II Vaticano Descritto, 1615 Pitt-Rivers (General). Excavations in

Cranborne Chase, 7200 Reliquary, The, 3737 Richardson (C. F.) Old English Man.

sions, 1859 Rossi (G. B. de). Roma Sotterranea, 1623 Rule (W. H.) Biblical Monuments, 1945 Schliemann (H.) Troy, 3447 Scotland, Antiquities of (Grose), 1350 Scotland, Society of Antiquaries, 2813 Scottish National Memorials, 715 Selden Society's Publications, 1329 Skelton (J.) Óxonia Antiqua Restaurata,

1951 Smith (Sir W.) Christian Antiquities,

1955 Staffordshire Collections, 4777 Storer (Jas.) Cathedral Churches, 4260 Strutt (Jos.) Regal and Ecclesiastical

Antiquities, 2043 Stuart and Revett. Antiquities of

Athens, 2590 Stukeley (W.) Stonehenge-Abury, 1958 Surrey Archæological Collections, 3449.

50 Surtees Society. Publications, 2821

Archæology (continued):

Sussex Archæological Collections, 66
Tanner (T.) Notitia Monastica, 552
Ulster Journal of Archæology, 1380
Vases, Ancient Roman, 2730

Vetusta Monumenta, 6966
Architecture :
Allen (F. H.) Cathedrals of the World,

Architectura Civilis (Decker), 447
Architectural Publication Society, 2734
Baes (J.) Tours et Tourelles de la

France, 3962
Beauvalet (P. N.) Fragmens d'Orne.

ments, 4319
Blondel (J. F.) Maisons de Plaisance,

6203 Böckler (G. A.) Architectura Curiosa,

2690 Boffrand (G.) Livre d'Architecture, 2691 Britton (J.) Architectural Antiquities,

Calliat (V.) Encyclopédie d'Architec-

ture, 1400
Campbell. Vitruvius Britannicus, 6354
Campo (A.) Cremona, 3981
Carter (J.) Ancient Architecture of

England, 6218
Castellamonte (A. di). Architettura della

Palazzo della Venaria Reale, 959
Cotman (J. S.) Architectural Remains,

1412 Daly (C.) Revue Générale de l'Archi

tecture, 1415 D'Aviler (C. A.) Cours d'Architecture,

Decker (P.) Chinese and Gothic Archi-

tecture, 2697-8
Decker (P.) Architectura Civilis, 447
Dietterlin (W.) Architectura, 2701-2
Encyclopédie d'Architecture, 1426
Falda (G. B.) Le Fontane di Roma,

Ferrerio (P.) Palazzi di Roma, 2468
Francine (A.) Architecture, 1042
Jombert (C. A.) Repertoire des Artistes,

Jones (Inigo). Designs, 5699
Jones (O.) Details, etc. of the Alhambra,

2760 Langley (B.) Ornamental Architecture,

2716 Le Pautre (J.) (Euvres, 2308 Macgibbon. Architecture of Scotland,

672 Marot (J.) Plans et Planches des Palais,

etc., 2720
Morris (W.) Gothic Architecture, 139
Nesfield (W.) Mediæval Architecture,

Parker (J. H.) Glossary of Terms, 347
Pugin (A.) Gothic Architecture, 1368
Repton (H.) Pavilion at Brighton,

Richardson (C. J.) Old English Man.

sions, 1859
Rickman (P.) Architecture in England,

Ruskin (J.) Architecture of Venice, 4837
Ruskin (J.) Nature of Gothic, 105
Ruskin (J.) Seven Lamps, 364
Ruskin (J.) Stones of Venice, 1230
San Marco. La Basilica, etc., 2007

peare, 6811

Architecture (continued):
Scott (Sir G.) Mediæval Architecture,

Serlio (Seb.) Architecture, 2726
Sharpe (E.) Architectural Parallels, 1629
Shaw (R. N.) Architectural Sketches,

2018 Stones of Venice (Ruskin), 361 Street (G. E.) Brick and Marble Archi.

tecture, 64 Street (G. E.) Gothic Architecture in

Spain, 63 Sturm (Chr.) Prodromus Architecturæ,

2729 Templorum Romæ Prospectus, 2595 Turner (T. H.) Domestic Architecture,

392 Verdier (A.) Architecture Civile, 1642 Vignola (J. B.) Orders of Architecture,

2731 Viollet-le-Duc (M.) Dictionnaire Rai

sonné, 1503 Viollet-le-Duc (M.) Lectures on Archi.

tecture, 1502 Vitruvius De Architectura, 6354 West (R.)

Perspective Views of Churches, 2008 Wickes (C.) Spires and Towers, 1509. Winkles (H. L. B.) English Cathedrals,

1511 Winkles (H. L. B.) French Cathedrals,

1652 Wyatt (M. D.) Architect's Note-book

in Spain, 1653 Zompini (G.) Le Arti de Venezia, 6585 Armorials. See Genealogy Arms and Armour :

Armeria Real de Madrid, 6187 Drummond (Jas.) Scottish Weapons,

301 Grose (F.) Ancient Armour, 1440 Hewitt (J.) Arms and Armour, 1580 Meyrick (Sir S. R.) Critical Inquiry

and Engraved Illustrations, 1363 Astronomy :

Albumasares. Astronomia, 5860-61
Angelus (J.). Opus Astrolabii, 5874
Astronomical Register, The, 3404
Astronomical Society, The, 3405
Astronomici Veteres, 3406
Astrorum Scientia (Leopold of Austria),

British Astronomical Association. Jour.
Hyginus. Astronomicon, 3427
Laplace (P. S.) Traité de Mecanique

Celeste, 2669
Leupoldus. Compilatio de Astrorum

Scientia, 1141
Monte Regio (J. de). Calendarium,

6073 Observatory, The, 3438 Peurbach (Geo.) Tabulæ Eclypsium,

1762 Ptolemy. Almagest, 1800 Recorde (R.) Castle of Knowledge,

6108 Sacrobusto (Jo. de). Opus Sphericum,

3446, 6122 Stofler (J.) Tabulæ, etc., 1762 Atlases. See also Charts America, Maps, etc. relating to, 1749-53,


Atlases (continued):

Blaeu (J.) Atlas, 2427-8
Evans (L.) Map of the American

Colonies, 5345
Fox Hunting Atlas, 489
Sanson's Atlas, 366
Speed's Maps, 2580

United States, Map of the (1783), 5346 Autography. See Penmanship. Ballads. See Music and Musicians Bibliography :

Almack (E.) Eikon Basiliké, 568 Annales Littéraires des Bibliophiles,

3955-6 Barbier (A. A.) Dictionnaire d'Ouvrages

Anonymes, 2025 Berjeau (J. P.) The Book-Worm, 1972 Bibliographica (A Journal), 1974 Bibliographical Society. Publications,

935 Bibliographie des Ouvrages relatifs à

l'Amour, 3969 Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica, 5907 Bibliotheca Curiosa (Goldsmid), 2425 Bibliotheca Indica, 2153 Bierstadt (0. A.) Library of Robert

Hoe, 3559 Bigmore and Wyman. Bibliography of

Printing, 3764 Bohn (H. G.) Bibliography of Shakes. Book-Prices Current (Slater), 581 Books about Books, 582 British Museum. Three Hundred No

table Books, 3603 Brivois (Jules). Ouvrages Illustrés du

XIXe. Siècle, 279 Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire,

3974-5 Brydges (Sir E.) Censura Literaria, 3413 Cohen (H.) Guide de l'Amateur de

Livres, 2202 Crane (W.) Decorative Illustration of

Books, 6620
Curiosité Litteraire et Bibliographique,

La, 3996
Dibdin (T. F.) Works by. See General

Duff (E. G.) Early English Printing,

2348 Dutuit. Livres et Manuscrits, 1320 Fry (F.) On Bibles, 1046 Guigard (J.) Armorial du Bibliophile,

Hain (L.) Repertorium Bibliographi-
Harleian Miscellany, The, 6270
Horr (N. T.) Bibliography of Card

Games, 5152
Humphreys (H. N.) Works on Typo-

graphy, 2004 Jules le Petit Bibliographie des Edi

tions Originales, 4040
Lane-Pool (S.) Bibliography of Swift,

Lang (A.) The Library, 5026
Libri (G.) Monumens inédits, 5526
Middleton (C.) Printing in England,

Morris (William). His Books Described

3598 Original and Early Editions (Grolier Club), 3567

nal, 3412

cum, 6009

Biography (continued):

Blake (W.) Life (Gilchrist), 184 Blessington (Countess of). Literary Life,

4410 Bourbon Kings. Memoirs (Coxe), 6238 Brougham (Lord), Life of, 1402 Browne (H. K.) Life and Labours

(Thomson), 730 Bruce (Robert). Life (Barbour), 5900 Bucaniers of America (Esquemeling), 465 Burne-Jones (Edw.) A Record and

Review (Bell), 272 Byron (Lord) and his Contemporaries

(Hunt), 6457 Byron (Lord), Last Days of (Trelawny),

3943 Cæsars.

La Vie Privée, 3273 Cardinals of Rome. The Scarlet Gown

(Cogan), 433 Cartouche (L. Dominique). Life (De

Foe), 4932 Casanova (Jacques). Memoirs, 2197 Castlereagh (Visct.) Memoirs, 1550 Caxton (W.) Life (Blades), 4407 Cellini (Benvenuto). Life, by J. A.

Symonds, 724 Century of Painters (Redgrave), 4544 Chancellors, Lives of the (Campbell), 82 Charles I. Life and Reign (D'Israeli),

5430 Charles I. (Skelton), 372 Charles I. The White King (Adams),

567 Charles II. Beauties of his Court (Mrs.

Jameson), 4345 Charles (V.) Cloister Life (Maxwell), Chartier (Alain). Les Faiz, dictes et




Bibliography (continued):
Panzer (G. W.) Annales Typographici,

Philobiblon Society. Publications, 1613
Ricardus de Bury. Philobiblon, 3311.
Ricketts (C. S.) De la Typographie,
Ricketts (C. S.) Revival of Printing,

Roxburghe Club.

Publications, 7094•
Slater (J. H.) Book-Prices Current,

Somers (Lord). Scarce and Valuable

Tracts, 50
Sotheby (S. L.) Principia Typographica,

etc., 1489
Spence (1) Anecdotes of Men and

Books, 3533
Thoms (W. J.) On the Editions of the

Dunciad, 5067
Walpole (H.) Royal and Noble Authors,

Watt (R.) Bibliotheca Britannica, 2607

Beraldi (H.) La Reliure, 3558
Beraldi (H.) Estampes et Livres, 918
Bouchot (H.) Les Reliures, 584.5
Burlington Exhibition, 6607
Derome (L.) La Reliure de Luxe, 995
Dutuit (E.) Manuel, 1996
Fletcher (W. Y.) English Bookbindings,

Fletcher (W. Y.) Foreign Bookbindings,

Gruel (L.) L'Amateur de Reliures, 643
Guigard (J.) Armorial du Bibliophile,

Libri (G.) Monumens Inédits, 5526
Prideaux (S. T.) On Bookbinding, 3299
Quaritch (B.) Facsimiles, 1209
Uzanne (O.) La Reliure Moderne, 733
Uzanne (O.) L'Art dans la Décoration

des Livres, 734
Wheatley (H. B.) Remarkable Bindings,

Zaehnsdorf (J. W.) Art of Bookbinding,

Biography :

Abington (Mrs.), Life of, 4395
Abrantès (Duchesse d').' Memoirs, 1852
Albano, Life of, 1473
Alexandre (M., the Ventriloquist). Me.

moir, 6364
André (Major). Réflexions sur la Sen-

tence de, 1732
Anne of Austria, Married Life of (Freer),

Anne of Austria. Regency (Freer), 4016
Archbishops of Canterbury (Hook), 7185
Artists of Spain (Stirling-Maxwell), 377,

Athena Oxoniensis, 1309
Aylmer, Life of (Strype), 5735
Barber (Jno.) Life, Character, etc., 4869
Barretier (J. P.), Life of (Dr. Johnson),

Bellamy (Mrs.) Memoirs, 577
Bewick (T.). Memoirs, 579
Biographia Britannica (Kippis), 5509
Biographie Universelle, 6199
Blake (W.) A Critical Essay (Swin.

burne), 183

Ballades, 5408
Christ, Life of (Tissot), 2074
Christ. Vita (Branteghen), 5381
Christian Biography (Smith), 1956
Cibber (Colley). Apology for his Life,

Clive (Lord). Life (Malcolm), 6228
Cleveland (Barbara, Duchess of). А

Memoir (Steinman), 4846
Colden (C. D.) Memoir, 6824
Columbus (Chr.), Historie del, 3086
Conde. Mémoires, 6236
Constable (Jno.) Memoirs (Leslie), 977
Constant, Memoirs of, 3989-91
Cosway (R.) His Wife and Pupils, 601
Cranmer (Archbp.) Life (Strype), 5735
Creighton (Capt. John). Memoirs (Swift),

Cromwell (Oliver). Flagellum, 4916
Cromwell (Oliver). Memoirs (Gardiner),

Cruikshank (G.) Life (Jerrold), 3796
Curll (E.), Life of (Thoms), 5140
Delany (Mrs.) Autobiography, 444?
Denmark. Memoirs of

the Kings
(Brown), 3972
De Retz (Cardinal). Memoirs (Le Nor.

mand), 4054 Dickens (C.) A Gossip about his Life

(Barnard). 77
Dickens (C.) By Pen and Pencil (Kitton),

Dickens (C.) Life (Forster), 1006
Dictionary of National Biography, 614
Domenichino, Life of, 1473


Biography (continued):

Donne (Dr.) Life of (Walton), 563
Drake (Capt. Peter). Memoirs, 619
Du Barri (Mdme.) Memoirs, 4000, 4054
Edward IV. Life (Harrington), 1840
Edward the Black Prince, Life of, 4012
Elizabeth de Valois. Life (Freer), 1431
Elizabeth (Queen). Life, by Creighton,

700 England's Selected Characters (Breton),

1030 Evelyn (Ino.) Memoirs, Diary, etc.,6845 Extraordinary Characters (Whitehead),

2825 Falkland (Countess). Life and Death,

467 Falstaff (Sir John), Life of (Brough),

2876 Fathers, Lives of the (Butler), 13 Fathers, Lives of the (Vitas Patrum,

1495), 6169 Fouché (J.) Memoirs, 4015 Francis I. and his Court (Pardoe), 1464 French Memoirs, 1043. French Revolution. Liste des Personnes

qui ont péri, 1219 Friedrich II., History of (Carlyle), 1340 George a Greene. Merry History, 5454 George II. Memoirs (Walpole), 2052 George III. Memoirs (Walpole), 5146 George IV.

Memoirs (Greville), 95 Godefroy de Bouillon. Faites et Gestes,

3166 Goertz (Baron de). Life (De Foe), 4932 Goldsmith (O.), Life of, 5000 Granimont (Count). Memoirs, by Hamil.

ton, 1061 Granger (J.) Biographical History, 6985 Gratton (H.) Memoirs, 93 Greek and Roman Biography (Smith),

Grimaldi (Joseph). Memoirs, by Dickens,
Gronow (Capt.) Recollections, 310
Hayward (A.) Biographical Essays, 4476
Henri III. Court and Times (Freer), 1431
Henri IV., History of, 4029, 4054
Henri IV. Life (Freer), 1431
Herbert (Geo.) Life of (Walton), 563
Herwologia Anglica (Holland), 6023
Heywood (T.)

Lives of Nine most
Worthy Women, 487
Highwaymen, Robbers, etc., Lives of

(Whitehead), 2825 Hill (Fanny). Memoirs (Cleland), 2201 Hodder (Geo.) Memories of my Time,

Holland (H.) Bazili vlogia, 6024
Holbein (Hans). Life (Mantz), 6901
Hooker (Bp.), Life of (Walton), 563
Hunt (Leigh). Autobiography, 4479
Indian Chiefs of N. America (M'Kenney),

Irishmen, The United (Madden), 1362
Irishmen, Lives of Illustrious (Wills),

1383 Italian Poets (Rossetti), 3874 Jeanne d'Albret, Life of (Freer), 1431 Jerome (St.), Life of, 3500 John of Barneveld. Life and Death

(Motley), 4527 Johnson (Dr.) Life, hy Boswell. See

General Index (Boswell, J.)

Biography (continued):

Johnson (Dr.) Life (Grant), 5000 Johnson (Dr.) Life (Tyers), 4877. Johnson (Dr.), Anecdotes of (Piozzi), sogo Jonson (Ben), A Study of (Swinburne),

7220 Jordan (Mrs.), Life of, 6470 Josephine (Empress). Memoirs (Du.

crest), 4002-3 Josephine (Empress). Memoirs (Le Nor.

mand), 4054-6 Josephine (Empress). Memoirs (Mas.

son), 680 Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary,

4819 Kirby (R. S.) Wonderful and Eccentric

Museum, 4491 Kit Kat Club. Memoirs, 4492 La Fontaine (J. de). Notice sur sa Vie,

5516 Lamballe (Princess). Memoirs of the

Royal Family of France, 4046 Looking Glass, The (Life of William

Mulready), 4986 Loraine (Philipe Emanuel de), L'His.

toire, 4031 Louis XIV, and his Court (Pardoe), 1463 Louis XIV. and XV. Memoirs, 1043 Louis XIV., Court of (Ducrest), 4004 Louis XV. Memoirs (Ducrest), 4004 Louis XV. Memoirs (Du Hausset), 4006 Louis XVI. Memoirs (Ducrest), 4003 Lover (S.), Life of (Bernard), 4511 Luther (Martin), Life of (Hayne), 3498 Lyndhurst (Lord), Life of, 1402 Macready (w. C.) Reminiscences

(Pollock), 4513 Makers of Florence--Venice (Oliphant),

4533 Mantuanus (Fr. B.) Vitæ Suæ Epito.

men, 6055 Marguerite d'Angoulême, Life of (Freer),

758 Marguerite de Valois (Queen of Navarre).

Memoirs, 4072 Marie Antoinette, Court of (Campan),

3980 Marie Antoinette, La Vie de (Nolhac),

345 Marie Antoinette. Memoirs (Ducrest),

4004 Marie de Medicis. Life (Pardoe), 1462 Marlborough (Dowager Duchess of).

Full Vindication (Fielding), 4972 Marlborough (Duke of). Memoirs

(Coxe), 6238 Marmontel. Memoirs (by Himself), 4074 Marmontel. Memoirs (Le Normand),

4054 Mary Queen of Scots. La Race et la

Naissance, 334
Mary Queen of Scots (Udall), 1806
Mary Queen of Scots. A Biography

(Skelton), 679 Meissonier. His Life and Art (Gréard),

1438 Memoirs of a Protestant (Goldsmith),

4988 Merlin the Enchanter, Life of (Hey.

wood), 488 Michelangelo. Life, by J. A. Symonds,

382 Milne (Sir D.) Memoirs (Home), 655



Biography (continued):

Milton (John). Life (Masson), 41, Mirabeau (Comte de). Précis de la Vie,

1169 Monks of St. Giles. Reminiscences, 703 Montespan (Mdme.) Memoirs (Campan),

4183 Montespan (Mdme.) Memoirs (Ducrest),

4004 Moore (Sir John), Life of (J. C. Moore),

6503 Morland (Geo.) Life, by Dawe, 4917 Morland (Geo.) Life (Hassell), 4217 Morris (Wm.) His Public Life (Val.

lance), 3599 Mulready (Wm.), Early Life of (God.

win), 4986 Mytton (John). Memoirs, by Apperley, 4 Napoleon I. at St. Helena (Forsyth), 1569 Napoleon I. at St. Helena (Montholon),

6502 Napoleon I. Eventful Life, 1184 Napoleon I. Life (Sloan), 1488 Napoleon I. Life (W. H. Ireland), 2894 Napoleon I.

Madame Mère, 1137 Napoleon I.

Mémoires (D'Og), 2259 Napoleon I. Memoirs (Constant), 3989Napoleon I.


Private Life (Levy), 4295
Napoleon 1.

Raconté par l'Image
(Dayot), 3569
Napoleon I. Sa Vie (Chennechot), 2259
Napoleon I. Various Memoirs, 4354-64
Napoleon III., Life of (Jerrold), 1446
Nash (Richard). Life (Goldsmith), 6857
Nell Gwyn, Story of (Cunningham), 4440
Nelson (Lord). Life (Clarke and

McArthur), 3435
Nelson (Lord). Life (Mahan), 674
Newcastle (Duke of), Life of (1667), 5706
O'Conor (Car.) Rerum Hibernicarum

Scriptores, 1187
Oldys (Wm.) Memoir (Thoms), 5141
Parnell (Thos.) Life (Goldsmith), 4996
Penlez (B.), State of the Case of (Field.

ing), 4973
Perrault (Ch.) Les Hommes Illustres,

Philosophers. De Vitis Philosophorum

(Diogenes Laertius), 2455
Phips (Sir W.), Life of (Mather), 2990
Plutarch's Lives, 5557
Poets, Early Italian (Rossetti), 3874
Poets, Lives of the English (Winstanley),

Poets, Lives of the (Johnson), 947
Pompadour (Mdme. de), Life of (Gon.

court), 637
Pope (A.) Life (Johnson), 6516
Pope (A.) Memoirs (Ayre), 5065
Poussin, Life of, 1473
Pretenders, The Memoirs (Jesse), 4037
Prince Consort, Life of the (Martin), 1851
Princesses of England, Lives of (Green),

Pucelle d'Orleans, La (Voltaire), 1296-7
Pythagoras. De Vita (Malchus), 6675
Queens of England (Strickland), 2042
Queens of Scotland (Strickland), 2588
Rabutin (R. de). Memoires, 6519
Raphael. Life and Works (Crowe and

Cavalcaselle), 1554
Raphael, Life of, 1473

Biography (continued):

Remarkable Characters (Kirby), 4491
Rembrandt. His Life and Works

(Michel), 335
Reynolds (Sir J.) Life and Times

(Leslie), 665
Reynolds (Sir J.) Life, by Northcote,

Richard III. Life (Buck), 1840
Richard III. Life (More), 6680
Richard III. Memoirs (Jesse), 762
Roberts (David, R.A.) Life (Ballan.

tine), 6528
Rochester (Earl of). Life (Burnet), 4888
Roquelaure (Duc de). Secret Memoirs,

Rowlandson, the Caricaturist (Grego),

Rush (Friar), History of, 5844
Saints, Cambro-British, 4767.
Saints, Lives of the ("Britannia Sancta''),

Saints. Vitæ Sanctorum (Maldon), 2299
Sand (Geo.) Histoire de ma vie, 4100
Sanderson (Bp.), Life of (Walton), 1303,
Savage (Richard), Life of (Dr. Johnson),

Scotsmen, Eminent (Chambers), 597
Scott (Sir Walter). "Life, by Lockhart,

1453 Selwyn (George) and his Contemporaries

(Jesse), 6287 Shelley (P. B.), Last Days of (Trelawny),

3943 Sheppard (Jack). Life and Robberies

(De Foe), 4936 Smeeton (Geo.) Biographical Tracts,

Stevenson (Thos.), Notes on (R. L.

Stevenson), 5603
Stothard (T.) Life (Bray), 3472
Sweden. Memoirs of the Kings (Brown),

Talleyrand. Memoirs (Campan), 4183
Talleyrand. Memoirs (Le Normand),

4054 Talleyrand. Memoirs (Stewarton), 4111 Thackeray (Wm.) Life, etc. (Crispe),

Thomas (J.) Dictionary of Biography, 387
Titian, Life and Times of (Crowe and

Cavalcaselle), 201
Tuscan Sculptors (Perkins), 48
Urbino, Memoirs of the Dukes of (Den-

nistoun), 21
Vandyck (Sir A.) Life and Work (Guif.

frey), 394
Victoria (Queen), Life of (Holmes), 701,

Victoria (Queen). Memoirs (Greville), 95
Virgin Mary. La Vie, 5935
Walpole (H.) Memoirs (Warburton),

Walpole (H. and Sir R.) Memoirs

(Coxe), 6238
Warner (Lady), Life of, 467
Watteau (A.) Life and Work (Mantz),

5259 Wedgwood (Jos.), Life of (Meteyard),

2823 Whitgift (Archbp.) Life (Strype), 5735 Wild (Jonathan), Life of (De Foe), 4938

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