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Locksmith's Work. See Cabinet-Making

Maps. See Atlases, Charts
Marbles. See Sculpture
Metallurgy. See Geology
Monuments. See also Brasses (Monu.

Music and Musicians

See also

Natural History (General).

Voyages and Travels
Naval. See Military
Navigation. See Yachting

Oriental Works
Ornithology, Oölogy
Pedigrees. See Genealogy
Peerages. See Genealogy
Picture Galleries. See General Index
Plans. See Charts
Playing Cards
Plays. See also Drama
Political Economy
Portraits. See also General Index

çois, 799

Acts of Parliament. See Statutes
Agriculture :
Amherst (A.) Gardening in England,

Bonnefons (N. de). Le Jardinier Fran-
Breyn(C.) Herbariolum Botanicum, 800
Catalogue of Plants in the London

Gardens, 802 Cours de Botanique, 804. Crescentio (P.) De Agricultura, 3095 Davidischer und Blumen Garten, 805 Dubravius (J.) Booke of Good Hus.

bandry, 5968 Edwards (S.) Ornamental Flower Gar.

den, 1514 Evelyn (C.) Lady's Recreation, 4348 Evelyn (J.) Compleat Gardner, 2224 Evelyn (I.) Gard'ner's Almanac, 466 Evelyn (.). Rapinus of Gardens, 5825 Farnesiano in Horto Plantæ (1625), 806 Ferrarius (J. B.) De Florum Cultura,

807 Firens (P.) Theatrum Floræ, 808 Furber (R.) Flowers and Fruits, 473 Hartlib (S.) Legacy of Husbandry, 1656 Heresbachius (C.) Husbandrie, 1784 Hill (T.) Art of Gardening, 557

Agriculture (continued):
Hirschfeld (C. C.) L'Art des Jardins,

Lawrence (J.) Pleasure of Gardening,

4348 Le Blond (S. A.) La Théorie du Jar.

dinage, 2717 Loudon (J. Ć.) English Flower Gar.

den, 3398 Mascal (L.) Planting and Grafting

(1575), 812
Meager(L.) English Gard'ner (1699), 813
Mesnier (A.) Le Jardin, 814
Nicholson (G.) Dictionary of Garden.

ing, 344, 4684
Pillement (J.) Livre de Bouquets, 815
Practice of Perspective, The, 816
Recueil des Plantes, 818
Repton (H.) Landscape Gardening, 2724
Robinson (W.) English Flower Gar.

den, 3398
Schynvoets (S.) Lusthof-Cieraaden, 819
Scoi (R.) Hoppe Garden, 557
Sedeler (J.) Plates of Flowers, 821
Swertius (E.) Florilegium, 822
Taylor (J.) Decorations for Gardens, 823
Tournefort (P.) Elémens de Botanique,


Agriculture (continued):
Vander Groen (J.) Le Jardinier du

Pays-bas, 826
Almanacs. See General Index
Alphabet :

Alphabetum Pauperis (MS.), 5865

Cruikshank (G.) Comic Alphabet, 2880 Alpine :

Alpine Journal, The, 70
Berlepsch (H.) The Alps, 73
Brockedon (W.) Passes of the Alps, 4628
Browne (J. D. H.) Ascent of Mont

Blanc, 1395
Coleman (E. T.) Snow Fields of Mont

Blanc, 2120 Forbes (J. D.) Alps of Savoy, 1430. Forbes . D.) Norway and its Glaciers,

1568 Forbes (J. D.) Theory of Glaciers, 72 Freshfield (D. W.) Italian Alps, 73 Gilbert (J.) Dolomite Mountains, 3707 Hinchcliff (T. W.) Summer Months, 72 King (S. W.) Italian Valleys of the

Pennines, 73 Moore (A. W.) The Alps, 3727 Peaks, Passes and Glaciers, 71 Tyndall (Jno.) Glaciers of the Alps, 72 Walton (E.) Peaks and Valleys of the

Alps, 1646 Whymper (E.) Scrambles Amongst the

Alps, 2009-10 Whymnper (E.) The Matterhorn, 3951 Wills (A.) The Eagle's Nest, 3952 Wills (A.) Wanderings among the High

Alps, 3951 America. A large collection of Americana, 1654

1753. See also General Index, “Ame. rica, Works relating to," where the Collection is classified; also under

the names of the Authors Penn (Wm.) Provintie van Pennsyl.

vania, 3291 Amours, etc. :

Ananga Ranga, The, 2180
Andreas Capellanus. Tractatus Amo.

ris, 5872 Aubert (C.) Les Nouvelles Amoureuses,

3001 Barber (Jno.) Life and Amours, 4869 Brantome (S. de). Les Dames Galantes

3043 Celestina, 3984 Daphnis et Chloe (Longus), 331 Davenport (J.) Curiositates Eroticæ,

3102 De Foe (D.) Conjugal Lewdness- The

Marriage Bed, 4939-40 Demandes d'Amours, Les, 3104 Dufour (P.) Histoire de la Prostitution,

4005, 4335 Faublas (Chev. de), Les Amours du

(Louvet de Couvray), 2208-9 Forberg (F. C.) Classical Erotology,

3493 Gynecocracy, 1060 Harris. Covent Garden Ladies, 6444 Haedus (P.) De Amoris Generibus, 2487 Kama Sutra, The, 102 Laclos(C. de). Les Liaisons Dangereuses,

4044 La Fontaine (J. de). Les Amours de

Psyché, 1123

Amours (continued):

Loves of Hero and Leander, 68 36
Marriage, Love and Woman amongst

the Arabs, 2312
Matrimonial Ladder, The (1825), 1792
Perfumed Garden, The, 2180
Plaisirs de l'Amour, 1202
Priapeia, 2023
Putanisme d'Amsterdam (1681), 5305
Restif de la Bretonne. Les Contem.

poraines, 3309
San Pedro (D. de). Carcel de Amor, 7206
Swift (J.) Amours and Intrigues of, 5127
Verdere (M.) Love and Armes of the

Greek Princes, 5620
Vocabula Amatoria, 2337
Angling :
Aldam (W. H.) Quaint Treatise on

Flees, 4725,
Bainbridge (Geo. C.) Fly-Fisher's Guide,

Carroll (W.) Angler's Vade Mecum, 595
Cheetham (J.) Angler's Vade Mecum,

Cotton (C.) Compleat Angler, 739
Franck (R.) Northern Memoirs, 631
Grey (Sir E.) Fly-Fishing, 3580
Grimble (A.) Shooting and Salmon

Fishing, 639
Halford (F. M.) Floating Flies, 645
Markham (G.) Pleasures of Princes, 6058
Ronalds (A.) Fly-Fisher's Entomology,

Sage (Dean). The Ristigouche, 708
Scrope (W.) Salmon Fishing, 369
Venables (R.) Experienced Angler, 735
Walton and Cotton Club. Rules, 1304
Walton (Isaac). See General Index

Whole Art of Fishing, 595

Borrow (G.) Gipsies of Spain, 4414
Dalton (E. T.). Ethnology of Bengal,

Humboldt (A.) Ancient Inhabitants of

America, 5697
Ratzel. History of Mankind, 168

Smithsonian Institution Reports, 2172
Apiculture :

Butler (C.) Feminine Monarchy, 801

Hill (T.) Art of Gardening, 2277
Archæology (General) :

Adam (R.) Diocletian's Palace, 2402
Antiquarian Magazine, 2282
Antiquarian Repertory, The, 6761
Antiquaries of London. Proceedings, 353
Antiquary, The (Journal), 3400
Antiquities of England and Wales

(Grose), 96
Archæologia Cantiana, 2733
Archæologia Æliana, 2732
Archæological Journal, 264
Billings (R. W.) Baronial and Ecclesias.

tical Antiquities, 1316
Blundell (Hy.) Engravings of Statues,

etc. at Nice, 412
Bohn's Antiquarian Library, 1978
Border Antiquities (Scott), 541
Bruce (J. C.) The Roman Wall, 2746
Cahier (P. C.) Nouveaux Mélanges, 956
Daremberg and Saglio. Dictionnaire

des Antiquités, 1828
David (F. A.) Antiquités Etrusques, 1890
Davis (C. H. S.) Book of the Dead, 1891

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