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5120 Swift (Jonathan). The Character of Richard St-le, with

some Remarks, 1713–Dr. S—'s Real Diary, 1715-On Poetry, a Rapsody, Dublin printed, London reprinted, n. d. -A Panegyric on the Rev. D-n Swift, 1729-30— Miscellanies, Original Pieces in Prose and Verse, Dublin printed, London reprinted, 1734-and sixteen others, in i vol., calf, 8vo. (427)

Pickering, £1 13s. 5121 Swift (Jonathan). A Letter to the Shopkeepers, Tradesmen,

Farmers and Common People of Ireland concerning the
Brass Halfpence Coined by Mr. Woods, by M. B. Drapier,
Dublin, n. d.—A Letter to Mr. Harding, the Printer,
Dublin, n. d.--Some Observations upon the Report of the
Committee of the Privy Council, Dublin, n. d.—A Letter to
the whole People of Ireland, Dublin, n. d.- A Letter to the
Lord Viscount Molesworth, Dublin, n. d., all first editions,
with two others, in 1 vol., with fine ex-libris of Lady
Elisabeth Germain, morocco extra, g. e., 8vo. (439)

Pickering, £5 75. 6d. [The first editions of the celebrated Drapier Letters are exceedingly rare. From the collection of Lady Betty Germain, Swift's friend and correspondent. Copies of the fourth edition of No. 4, and the second of No. 6, had been added, also an engraving of a plaster mask of Swift after

death. ---Catalogue.] 5122 Swift (Jonathan). Some Reasons against the Bill for settling

the Tyth of Hemp, Flax, etc. by a Modus, Dublin, 1724– Considerations upon Two Bills relating to the Clergy of the Church of 1-d, 1732— The Presbyterian's Plea of Merit in order to take off the Test impartially examined, Dublin, 1733, in i vol., first editions, half morocco, 8vo. (440)

Pickering, £1 IS. [The first two tracts eluded the researches of Sir Walter Scott, who is in error as to the date of the first, and does

not mention the second at all.—Catalogue.] 5123 (Swift (Jonathan).) Cadenus and Vanessa, a Poem, Dublin,

2726 (sic)--Cadenus and Vanessa, by Dr. S-t, London, Printed for N. Blanıtford, 1726—Cadenus and Vanessa, London, printed and sold by J. Roberts, 1726, in i vol., morocco extra, g. e., 8vo. (441)

Denham, £.4 125. [These are the earliest editions of this poem, but which

is the first is doubtful.-Catalogue.] 5124 Swift (Jonathan). It cannot Rain but it Pours, or the First

Part of London strow'd with Rarities, 1726-It cannot
Rain, etc., Second Part, 1726–The Manifesto of Lord
Peter, 1726, curious woodcut, first editions, in | vol.,
morocco extra, 8vo. (442)

Maggs, £1 125. [The three tracts were given by the poet Gay to Maurice Johnson, F.S.A., whose bookplate was in the volume. On the titles of each were Johnson's MS, notes. These had

been cut into by the binder.- Catalogue.) 5125 Swift (Jonathan). It cannot Rain but it Pours, or the First



Part of London strow'd with Rarities, 1726-It cannot Rain but it Pours, or London strow'd with Rarities, Second Part, 1726, in i vol., first editions, half morocco, 8vo. (443)

Pickering, £i 35. (While the second of these tracts is known to be Swift's,

the first is probably by Dr. Arbuthnot.- Catalogue.] 5126 Swift (Jonathan). An Answer to a Paper called a Memorial

of the Poor Inhabitants, Tradesmen and Labourers of the Kingdom of Ireland, Dublin, 1728--A Vindication of His Ex-y the Lord C-, 1730—Some Observations upon the Report of the Committee of the Privy Council relating to Wood's Halfpence, Dublin, n. d., in I vol., calf, 8vo. (444)

Pickering, £1 6s. 5127 Swift (Jonathan). Some Memoirs of the Amours and

Intrigues of a certain Irish Dean ... interspers'd with the gallantries of two Berkshire Ladies, morocco extra, gilt , 1730, . 445)

Pickering, £3 5s. This work, though it passed through several editions, is

The two Berkshire ladies mentioned in the title were Martha and Theresa Blount.Catalogue.] 5128 Swift (Jonathan). Memoirs of Captain John Creichton,

written by himself, first edition, ex-libris of Sir Archibald Acheson, calf, Printed in the year 1731, 8vo. (447) Sabin, £9

[On the title of this rare volume was the autograph, “Anne Acheson,” with whom Swift was staying when, at the Cap

tain's request, he compiled these memoirs.---Catalogue.] 5129 Swift (Jonathan). A Complete Collection of Genteel and

Ingenious Conversation, first edition, LARGE AND THICK
PAPER, ex-libris of Sir John Chapman, 1738, 8vo. (451)

Sabin, £4 5130 Swift (Jonathan). Works, containing Additional Letters,

Tracts and Poems not hitherto published, with Notes and
Life by Sir Walter Scott, second edition, portrait, 19 vol.,

cloth, 750 printed, 1883-4, 8vo. (453) Roche, £3 4s. 5131 Swift (Jonathan). Notes for a Bibliography of Swift, by

Stanley Lane-Poole, only 25 copies separately printed, with printed and MS. Additions by Colonel Grant – Two Numbers of the “Antiquarian," with articles on Swift, in i vol., roan, 8vo. (468)

Thomas, £2 16s. 5132 Tennyson (Alfred, Lord). In Memoriam, first edition, original cloth, 1850, 8vo. (471)

Pearson, £4 fos. 5133 Tennyson (Alfred, Lord). The Princess, a Medley, eighth edition, cloth, 1858, 8vo. (472)

Pickering, £7 [On the title is the autograph inscription, “ Joseph Wolff from A. Tennyson," and lower down another, “ For Ellie

from Joseph Wolff."--Catalogue.] 5134 Thackeray (W. M.) The Snob, a Literary and Scientific

Journal, not "conducted by members of the University," Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and a duplicate of No. 6— The Gownsman, No. 16- The Snob's Trip to Paris—The Fellow, No. 11—The Tripos, No. 1-Granta, a Fragment, by a Freshman--A Few more Words to Freshmen, by the Rev. T. T., all enclosed in a morocco drop case, 1829-41, 8vo. (473)

Tregaskis, £5 1os. 5135 [Thackeray (W. M.)] Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to

Grand Cairo, by Mr. M. A. Titmarsh, coloured frontispiece and illustrations by the Author, first edition, original cloth, 1846, 8vo. (475)

Shepherd, £2 25. 5136 Thackeray (W. M.) Vanity Fair, plates by the Author, original cloth, uncut, 1848, 8vo. (477)

Sabin, £7 [The title from the first issue and 3 leaves with suppressed woodcut of the Marquis of Hertford inserted.

Catalogue.] 5137 Thackeray (W. M.) The History of Pendennis, 2 vol., illus

trations by the Author, first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1849-50, 8vo. (478)

Ellis, £2 145. 5138 Thackeray (W. M.) Ballads--Book of Snobs—Sketches and

Travels in London - Memoirs of Barry Lyndon – The Memoirs of Mr. Charles James de la Pluche-and others, mostly first editions, yellow wrappers as published, together 12 pamphlets, 1855-6, 8vo. (479)

Maggs, £7 5139 Tragicum Theatrum Actorum et Casuum Tragicorum Lon

dini Publice celebratorum, portraits from copper, original vellum, Amstelodami, 1649, 8vo. (482)

Ellis, £2 5140 Thoms (W. J.) Curll Papers. Stray Notes on the Life and

Publications of Edmund Curll, cuttings inserted, half morocco, presentation copy, For private circulation, 1879, 8vo. (483)

B. F. Stevens, £ 1 6s. 5141 Thoms (W. J.) A Literary Antiquary. Memoir of William

Oldys, with his Diary, Choice Notes, etc., portrait inserted, half morocco, presentation copy, Privately printed, 1862 (484)

Thomas, £i is. 5142 Tory Pills to purge Whig Melancholy, a Collection of the

Best Poems, Songs, etc. Written in Defence of Church and

State, morocco extra, g. e., 1715, 8vo. (486) Leon, £2 4s. 5143 Turner (William). The first and seconde partes of the

Herbal collected and enlarged, with the thirde parte lately gathered, also a Booke of the Bath of Baeth in England with diuerse other bathes, gothie letter. wood engravings, calf,

Collen, by Arnold Kirckman, 1568, folio (601) Tinkler, £16 5144 Waller (Edmund). Poems, etc. Written Upon Several Occasions, original calf, 1664, 8vo. (488)

Ellis, £3 5145 Waller (Edmund). Instructions to a Painter for the Drawing

of the Posture and Progress of His Maties. Forces at Sea, under the Command of His Highness Royal, together with the Battel and Victory Obtained over the Dutch, June 3, 1665, first edition, uncut edges, 1666, folio (602)

Denham, £17 ios. 5146 Walpole (Horace). Memoirs of the Reign of King George

the Third, edited with Notes by Sir Denis le Marchant, 4 vol., portraits, half morocco, 1851, 8vo. (489)

Edwards, £2 155. 5147 Walpole (Horace). Memoirs of the Reign of King George

the Second, edited by Lord Holland, portraits, 3 vol., original cloth, 1847, 8vo. (490)

Thomas, £i 175. 5148 Walton (Izaak). The Compleat Angler, or the Contemplative

Man's Recreation, fourth edition, morocco extra, g. e., 1668, 8vo. (495)

Maggs, £15 155. 5149 (Ward (Ned).] The London Spy, a complete set of the original numbers, calf extra, 1698-1700, folio (603)

Tinkler, £4 6s.




(No. of Lots, 1071 ; amount realised, £5,948 135.)

(a) A Portion of the Library of Cavendish.[NOTE.—This collection was made up and sold chiefly in “parcels,"

the best of which are reported.-- ED.]

5150 Cotton (Charles). The Compleat Gamester . . . Cards or

Dice, Racing, Cock-Fighting, etc., first edition, frontispiece

(wanted the portrait), old calf, 1674, 8vo. (277) £i 2s. 5151 Cotton (Charles). Compleat Gamester, the genuine second

edition, frontispiece, 1676-Another edition, frontispiece, 1709-Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Editions by Seymour and Johnson (the sixth edition wanted the frontispiece), chiefly in old calf, together 6 vol., 8vo. (278)

Pickering, ķi nos. 5152 Horr (N. T.). Bibliography of Card-Games, Cleveland, Ohio,

1892 -- Hoffmann (Professor). Cyclopædia of Card and Table Games, 1891-Card Essays, etc., by “ Cavendish," 1879—History of Playing Cards, Hotten, 1865, together 4 vol., 8vo. (284)

Tiernay, £1 5153 Hoyle. Treatise on Whist, spurious first edition, half bound, Bath, 1743, 8vo. (285)

Green, £ 1 4s. [It is believed that only one perfect copy of the genuine first edition exists, that in the Bodleian Library.- Cata

logue.] 5154 Hoyle. Games. Irish pirated fifth edition, calf, Dublin,

1743—Polite Gamester, another Irish pirated edition, ib., 1772-Philadelphia pirated edition, 1817, together 3 vol., 8vo. (286)

Tregaskis, £1 5s. 5155 Hoyle. Treatise on the Game of Brag, first edition, signed,

1751—Treatise on Whist, fourth edition, signed, 1743Doctrine of Chances, first edition, signed (1754), in i vol. Supplement to all former Treatises on Quadrille, 1764– Academy of Play, n. d.-Games most in Use, title defective, n. d., calf and half bound, together 4 vol., 8vo. (288)

Pickering, £i 125. 5156 Leathermore, or Advice concerning Gaming, 1711- Reflec

tions on the dangerous tendency of Card-playing, especially All-Fours (1754)-Hoyle (E.) Doctrine of Chances, 1764 --Rouge et Noir, coloured frontispiece, uncut, 1823-Man of Fashion's Manual, frontispiece, uncut, 1809—and others on Billiards, etc., calf and half bound, together 14 vol., 8vo. (292)

Pickering, 41 8s. 5157 Piquet. Le Jeu du Piquet, plaisant et recreatif, rare, 1652

La Maison des Jeux Académiques, 1668—Le Royal Jeu de l'Ombre et du Piquet, etc., 1715-- Nouvelle Academie des Jeux, 2 vol. in 1, frontispieces and plates, 1728—and others, chiefly in old calf, together 9 vol., 8vo. (294)

Pickering, £ 1 ios. 5158 Whist.

Hamilton (C. D.) Modern Scientific Whist, New York (1894)-Whist Sketches, by C. S. B[outcher], Easton, Pa., 1892–Rheinhardt (R. H.) Whist Scores, etc., autograph letter inserted, 1887-American or Standard Whist, Boston, 1881-and others, some presentation copies, together 6 vol., 8vo. (300)

Tiernay, £i 5s. 5159 Whist. Matthews (T.) Advice to the Young Whist Player,

first edition, scarce, 1804-other editions, 1806 to 1826, etc., in 4 vol., 8vo. (303)

Pickering, £ 1 6s. 5160 Whist.

Mitchell (J. T.) Duplicate Whist, first edition, Chicago, 1891--How to Play Whist, New York, n. d.-Gist of Whist, first and fourth editions, 1894-5-Work (M. C.) Whist of To-day, presentation copy, with autograph letter inserted, Philadelphia, 1895—Ames (F.) Practical Guide to Whist, first, second, third and sixth editions, presentation copies, 1891-94-and others on Whist, together 15 vol., 8vo. (304)

Tiernay, £ 1 8s. 5161 Whist. Polite Gamester, or Humours of Whist, frontispiece,

half bound (1753) - Whist. The American Lead Controversy, by “Merry Andrew,” rare, half bound, 1885Short Whist, by Major A*****, first and four other editions, 1835, etc.—Whist, illustrated by Kenny Meadows, F. P. Watson's copy, annotated by him, 1843 — and others, together 16 vol., 8vo. (307)

Pickering, 42 los. 5162 Whist. Principles of Whist, stated and explained by “Caven

dish," first to twenty-third editions (wanted the ninth edition), the second to seventh editions had wrong titles, sold not subject to return, 1862-98, together 22 vol., 8vo. (308)

Pickering, £ 1 6s. 5163 Whist. Rose (E.) Solo, 1893 – Cusack-Smith (Sir W.)

Encyclopædia of Whist, 1891–Deane (W. M.) Letters on

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