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from Mr. Locker-Lampson to Colonel Grant inserted, 1886, 8vo. (319)

Tregaskis, £6 125. 6d. 5034 Mason (W.) Elfrida, a Dramatic Poem, calf, 1759, 8vo. (323)

Maggs, £4 ios. [With the following inscription : " James Boswell, Inner Temple, London, 1769. A present from my worthy friend,

*Temple.”—Catalogue.] 5035 Meredith (George). The Shaving of Shagpat, first edition,

original cloth, uncut, 1856, 8vo. (325) Maggs, £1 16. 5036 Merry (J.) The Witticisms, Anecdotes, Jests and Sayings of

Dr. Samuel Johnson, curious portrait of Dr. Johnson at the tea-table, uncut edges, mottled calf extra, g. t., 1797, 8vo. (211)

B. F. Stevens, £i jos. 5037 Mist's Journal. A Collection of Miscellany Letters selected

out of Mist's Weekly Journal, ex-libris of James Marquess of Carnarvon, 4 vol., 1722-7—Another copy, ex-libris of Sir John Lister Kaye, vol. i. and ii. only, 2 vol., 1722, 8vo. (326)

E. G. Allen, £2 [Defoe contributed to the first and second volumes. So scarce are they that Mr. Thoms's copy was the only one Colonel Grant had then seen complete. The British Museum bought vols. iii. and iv. at Mr. Thoms's sale, and

Colonel Grant secured the first two.- Catalogue.] 5038 Morley (Thomas). Madrigalls To Fovre Voyces Newly Pub

lished, The First Booke, Altus, vellum, Thomas Est, 1594, 4to. (528)

Maggs, £8 5. 5039 Notes and Queries, General Index to First Series, 1856– and Fourth Series, 1874, 2 vol., cloth, 8vo. (328)

Edwards, &r is 5040 Pacquet (A) From Will's, or a New Collection of Original Letters on Several Subjects, calf extra, 1701, 8vo. (330)

Welarick, £ius. 5041 Paine (Thomas). The Age of Reason, first edition, fine copy, uncut edges, half calf, Paris, 1791, 8vo. (331)

B. F. Stevens, £3 18s. [Inserted at the end of the volume was a broadside giving an account of the first two days of the trial of Mr.

R. Carlile for publishing the work.-- Catalogue.) 5042 Papal Bull. Bvlla Confirmationis et Novæ Concessionis

Privilegiorum omnium ordinum Mendicantium cum certis
Declarationibus. Decretis et Inhibitionibus S.D. N.D. Pij
Papæ V. Motu proprio, woodcut on title and on the reverse,
printed on vellum, half morocco, Roma, 1567, 8vo. (332)

Tregaskis, £i 4s. 5043 Pater (Walter). Marius the Epicurean, first edition, 2 vol.,

original cloth, 1885, 8vo. (334) B. F. Stevens, £3 1os. 5044 Pater (Walter). Essays from the “Guardian," Privately printed, boards, uncut, 100 printed, 1896, 8vo. (335)

B. F. Stevens, £5 155. 5045 P[epys] (S[amuel]). The Portugal History, a Relation of the

Troubles in the Court of Portugal in the Years 1667 and 1668, first edition, calf, g.t., 1677, 8vo. (336) Pinto, £5 2s. 6d.

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5046 Pepys (Samuel). Memoires Relating to the State of the

Royal Navy of England, portrait, calf, fine copy, with an excellent impression of the engraved portrait of Pepys by

R. White, 1690, 8vo. (337) B. F. Stevens, £10 1os. 5047 [Pepys (Samuel).] Memoires relating to the State of the

Royal Navy, fine portrait by White, calf extra, 1690, 8vo. (338)

Quaritch, 46 5048 Pepys (Samuel). Diary, edited with Lord Braybrooke's

Notes, by H. B. Wheatley, portraits, illustrations and facsimiles, 9 vol., 1893-9—Pepysiana, 1899, cloth, together 10 vol., 8vo. (339)

Dobell, £3 IIS. 5049 Philobiblon Society. Ancient Ballads and Broadsides pub

lished in England in the Sixteenth Century, reprinted from the copies preserved in the Library of Henry Huth, 50

copies privately printed, 1867, 8vo. (342) Maggs, £3 125. 5050 Piozzi (Hesther Lynch). Anecdotes of the late Samuel John

son, first edition, calf extra, g. e., 1786, 8vo. (346) Sabin, £2

(With the autograph on the title-page of the Countess of Cork and Orrery, who was a favourite of Dr. Johnson, and

is often mentioned in Boswell's Life.- Catalogue.] 5051 Pope (A.) Windsor Forest, first edition, unbound, large copy, 1713, folio (574)

Pickering, £20 5052 Pope (A.) Miscellaneous Poems by Several Hands, frontispiece, calf, 1712, 8vo. (349)

Maggs, £8 [This contains Pope's “Rape of the Lock” as it was originally written in two cantos; also several early poems

which were first published in this volume.-Catalogue.] 5053 Pope (A.) Miscellanea (never before published), viz., Fami

liar Letters written to Henry Cromwell, Esq., by Mr. Pope

Occasional Poems by Mr. Pope, Mr. Cr ell, Dean Swift, etc., portraits of Pope and Swift, 2 vol., calf, 1727, 8vo. (350)

B. F. Stevens, £7 ios. 5054 Pope (A.) Works, edited by Whitwell Elwin and W. J.

Courthope, 10 vol., portraits and facsimiles, cloth, John
Murray, 1871-89, 8vo. (351)

Essex, £i 125. 5055 Pope (A.) The Rape of the Lock, plates, first edition, in five

cantos, half calf, 1714, 8vo. (352) Denham, £5 75. 6d. 5056 Pope (A.) The Dunciad, an Heroic Poem, first edition, fine

uncut copy, morocco extra, Dublin printed; London, reprinted for A. Dodd, 1728 (353) B. F. Stevens, £75

[This copy, which had the autograph of Jonathan Richardson, 1777, on the title, contained numerous additions and alterations in MS., which are said to be taken

from the author's own copy.-Catalogue.] 5057 Pope (A.) The Dunciad, an Heroic Poem, in three books, owl frontispiece, uncut, morocco extra, g. t., 1728, 8vo. (354)

B. F. Stevens, £50 [This is the second issue of the first edition, containing the advertisement on page 48. It is almost as rare as the

first issue.- Catalogue.) 5058 Pope (A.) The Dunciad, first edition, first issue, frontispiece

wanted, 1728-A Key to the Lock, 17154[Hill (Aaron).]

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The Progress of Wit, a Caveat, 1730 — Court Poems,
Dublin, 1716—Court Poems, in two parts, 1719-and ten
others, in 2 vol., half morocco extra, 8vo. (355)

Pickering, £16 5059 Pope (A.) The Dunciad Variorum, with the Prolegomena of

Scriblerus, frontispiece of the Ass, London, for A. Dob,
1729—[Bramston (J.)] The Art of Politicks in imitation
Horace's Art of Poetry, curious frontispiece, 1729---[Swift
(Jonathan).] An Epistle to a Lady; On Young's Satires;
On Poetry, a Rapsody, n. p. n. d., in i vol., original boards,
8vo. (356)

B. F. Stevens, £30
[All the above were with uncut edges and in the finest
possible state. The first named had many of the leaves
unopened, and is the Edition G of Mr. Thoms's list.--

5060 Pope (A.) The Dunciad, an Heroic Poem, in three books,

second edition, owl frontispiece, morocco, g. t., Dublin
printed; London, reprinted for A. Dodd, 1728 (357)

B. F. Stevens, £32 5061 Pope (A.) An Epistle from Mr. Pope to Dr. Arbuthnot, first

edition, 1734–Ode for Musick, first edition, stained, 1713-
The First Epistle of the Second Book of Horace Imitated,
first edition, 1737–- The Second Epistle of the Second Book
of Horace Imitated, first edition, 1737— The First Satire of
the Second Book of Horace Imitated in a Dialogue between
Pope and his Learned Council, first edition, 1733— The
Universal Prayer, first edition, uncut edges, 1738--Horace
His Ode to Venus, Lib. iv., Ode i., Imitated, first edition,
1737-Of the Use of Riches, an Epistle to Lord Bathurst,
second edition, 1733—Bucolica Latine reddita, interprete
S. Barrett, editio altera, woodcut on title of S. John's Gate,
Clerkenwell, and 8 engravings on copper, uncut edges,
rare, 1751--Of the Characters of Women, first edition, 1735
-An Essay on Man, four parts, all first editions, n. d.
[1732-4]—and eight others by or relating to Pope, chiefly
first editions, in i vol., half morocco, g. t., folio (583)

Denham, £31 5062 Pope (A.) The Dunciad, with Notes Variorum, and the

Prolegomena of Scriblerus, second edition, with additional
notes, Ass frontispiece and ex-libris of Arthur Onslow,
Speaker of the House of Commons, L. Gilliver, 1729, 8vo.

B. F. Stevens, £2 45. 5063 Pope (A.) The Dunciad, Variorum, with the Prolegomena

of Scriblerus, original half calf, presentation copy from
Alexander Pope to John Caryll of Ladyholt, with autograph
inscription on title, 1729, 4to: (536) B. F. Stevens, £15 1os.

[In a letter dated April 8, 1729, Pope wrote his friend :
“It would have been a sort of curiosity had it reached your
hand a week ago, for the publishers had not then permitted
any to be sold." The fly-leaf inscription : "J. Caryll ex.

dono Authoris.”Catalogue.). 5064 Pope (A.) The Dunciad, Variorum, with the Prolegomena

of Scriblerus, first variorum edition, boards, uncut edges, London, printed for A. Dod, 1729, 4to. (537)

B. F. Stevens, £5 5s. 5065 Pope (A.) The Dunciad, second edition, Ass frontispiece,

L. Gilliver, 1729-Ayre (William). Memoirs of the Life
and Writings of Alexander Pope, portraits, 2 vol., 1745-
Dennis (John). Remarks upon Mr. Pope's Translation of
Homer, E. Curll, 1717-and 2 others, 8vo. (359)

B. F. Stevens, £2 10s. 5066 Pope (A.) The Dunciad, Ass frontispiece, 1729- The Dun

ciad, Variorum, with the Prolegomena of Scriblerus, London printed, Dublin reprinted, 1729—La Dunciade ou la Guerre des Sots, Chelsea, 1764---and 4 others, 8vo. (360)

B. F. Števens, £1 125. 5067 [Pope (A.)] A Compleat Key to the Dunciad, first edition,

Printed for A. Dodd, 1728--Fiddes (Richard). A Prefatory
Epistle concerning Remarks to be published on Homer's
Iliad, 1714 [Thoms (William J.)] Notes on Editions of
the Dunciad, n. d., 3 vol., half morocco, 8vo. (361)

B. F. Stevens, £4 45. 5068 Pope (A.) Letters to a Lady, first edition, 1769-Wakefield

(Gilbert). Observations on Pope, 1796--A Supplementary Volume to the Works of Pope, 1807—and three others, 8vo. (364)

Denham, £5 5s. 5069 Pope (A.) A Miscellany on Taste, frontispiece of oid Bur

lington House being whitewashed by Pope, 1732—-Remarkson Squire Ayres' Memoirs of Pope, with Authentic Memoirs of Edmund Curll, 1743-A Letter from Mr. Cibber to Mr. Pope, 1742—and another, in i vol., half calf, 8vo. (367)

B. F. Stevens, £3 ios. 5070 Pope (A.) The First Epistle of the Second Book of Horace

Imitated, 1737-One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty
Eight, n. d.-One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty
Eight, Dialogue ii., 1738, all first editions and all uncut

edges, unbound, 3 vols., folio (579) B. F. Stevens, £10 10s. 5071 Pope (A.) Verses upon the late D- -ss of M

first separate edition, unbound, 1746, folio (580)

B. E. Stevens, £5 5s. [The character was suppressed by Bolingbroke after Pope's death, but these lines were inserted in a newspaper and in the Harleian Miscellany in the same year as the

above.-Catalogue.] 5072 Pope (A.) The Dunciad in Three Books, vellum, n. d. (1735?), folio (581)

B. F. Stevens, £3 5073 Pope (A.) Windsor Forest, first edition, poor copy, 1713-

An Epistle to the Right Honourable Richard Lord Visct. Cobham, first edition, 1733—The Universal Prayer, first edition, scarce, 1738-Several other first editions of Poems by Pope, and a number of curious and scarce pieces by

other authors, in i vol., calf, folio (582) Maggs, L10 155. 5074 Popiana. A Compleat Collection of all Verses, Essays,

Letters, etc. occasioned by the Miscellanies of Pope and


Co., curious frontispiece, 1728-[Gay (John).] The Present State of Wit, first edition, 1711--and three others, in i vol., ex-libris of the Earl of Aylesford, calf, 8vo. (365)

Denham, £4 5075 Pretender.

A full Collection of all the Proclamations and Orders published by the authority of Charles Prince of Wales-The Chronicle of Charles, the Young Man-A full Collection of all Poems upon Charles, Prince of Walesand several others, a rare and curious collection, in 1 vol., 1742-6, 8vo. (370)

Pickering, £455 5076 [Prior (Matt.)] Poems on Several Occasions, first edition, calf, 1707, 8vo. (372)

B. F. Stevens, £40 5077 [Prior (Matt.)] Poems on Several Occasions, first authorized

edition, frontispiece, calf, 1709, 8vo. (373) Ellis, £2 5078 Prior (Matt.) A Second Collection of Poems on Several

Occasions, 1716 - The Court Miscellany in Prose and
Verse, 1719--and another, in i vol., half morocco, 8vo. (374)

B. F. Stevens, £3 55. 5079 Prior (Matt.) The Conversation, a Tale, first edition, rare, unbound, 1720, folio (585)

Denham, £3 3. 5080 Prior (Matt.) The Turtle and the Sparrow, a Poem, first

edition, unbound, 1723, folio (586) B. F. Stevens, £i 18s. 5081 Prior (Matt.) The Dove, a Poem, first edition, edges uncut, 1717, folio (587)

Pickering, £! 14s.
5082 Prior (Matt.) The Dove, first edition, 1717-Earl Roberts

Mice, first edition, 1712-Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift,
1739--and nineteen others, in i vol., some scarce, half calf,
folio (588)

B. F. Stevens, £3 5s. 5083 Prior (Matt.) Poems on Several Occasions, LARGE PAPER,

frontispiece, calf, 1721, folio (588*) Tinkler, £ 1 45.

(A mezzotint portrait of Prior by Simon, after Richard

son, inserted.-ÈD.) 5084 Prior (Matt.) Down Hall, a Poem, first edition, half morocco, g. e., 1723, 4to. (545)

Pickering, ki . 5085 Prior (Philip). De Literis Canonicis Dissertatio cum Appendice, De Tractoriis et Synodicis, calf, 1675, 8vo.

Tregaskis, LI 185. (Robert, Earl of Harley's copy, with his arms in gold on the sides, and his bookplate and stamp on back of title. —

5086 Proclamations. All suche Proclamations, as haue been sette

furthe by the Kynges Maiestie, and passed the Print, from
the last daie of Januarii

, in the firste yere of his hignes
reigne, vnto the last daie of Januarii. beeying in the iiij.
yere of his said moste prosperous reigne, bookseller's
device at end, black letter, vellum, 1550, 8vo. (380)

Pickering, £9 5s. 5087 Rump (The), or Collection of Songs and Ballads, made upon

those who would be a Parliament and were but the Rump
of an House of Commons, frontispiece, calf, 1660, 8vo. (384)

Pickering, £6 5088 Secret History of Clubs (The), with their Original, and the


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