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original cloth, Punch and Judy backs, uncut, clean copy, R. Bentley, 1842, 8vo. (120)

Sabin, £i 195. 4442 Delany (Mary Granville). Autobiography and Correspond

ence, edited by Lady Llanover, both series, portraits, 6 vol., calf gilt, m. e., Bentley, 1861-2, 8vo. (122)

Sotheran, £4 45. 4443 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque

Tour in France and Germany, numerous plates and woodcuts, by Lewis, portraits, etc., some on India paper, 3 vol., calf gilt., g. e., Payne and Foss, 1821, royal 8vo. (124)

Sotheran, £6 6s. 4444 Dickens (Charles). Sketches by “Boz," both series (first

series, third edition ; second series, first edition), illustrations by George Cruikshank, 3 vol., original cloth, uncut, Macrone, 1837, 8vo. (126)

Sabin, £i 18s. 4445 Dickens (Charles). Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, edited by

“Boz,” first edition, portrait, and illustrations by George Cruikshank, 2 vol., original cloth, picture backs, uncut, R. Bentley, 1838, 8vo. (127)

Shepherd, £3 7s. 6d. 4446 Dickens (Charles). Plays and Poems, with a few Miscellanies

in Prose, now first collected, edited, etc. by R. H. Shepherd, 2 vol., cloth, uncut (withdrawn from circulation by Order of the Court of Chancery), Allen and Co., 1882, 8vo. (130)

Hornstein, £ 1 155. 4447 Doran (Dr.) “Their Majesties Servants." Annals of the

English Stage, edited and revised by R. W. Lowe, portraits and woodcuts, 3 vol., roxburghe, uncut, Nimmo, 1888, 8vo. (135)

Hill, £1 5s. 4448 Doyle (Richard). The Foreign Tour of Messrs. Brown,

Jones and Robinson, humorous plates, picture cloth, g. e.,

Bradbury and Evans, n. d., 4to. (137) Bain, £1 7s. 4449 Du Maurier (George). Trilby, a Novel, with 121 illustrations

by the author, and facsimiles of selected pencil studies, LARGE PAPER, 250 copies printed (No. 30), signed by the author, half vellum, buckram sides, uncut, t. e. g., Osgood and Co., 1895, small 4to. (139)

Robson, £i ios. 4450 Duruy (Victor). History of Greece, with an Introduction by

J. P. Mahaffy, D.D., coloured plates and numerous woodcuts, plans, maps, etc., 4 vol. in 8, half bound, uncut, t. e. g.,

Kegan Paul, 1892, imperial 8vo. (141) Sotheran, £4 155. 4451 Egan (Pierce). Life in London, or Day and Night Scenes in

the Metropolis, new edition, 36 coloured plates and numerous woodcuts by I. R. and G. Gruikshank, original boards (soiled), uncut (some leaves somewhat dirty), G. Virtue, n. d., royal 8vo. (144)

Sharp, £i 195. 4452 Egan (Pierce). Real Life in London, or the Rambles and

Adventures of Bob Tallyho, Esq. and the Hon. Tom Dashall through the Metropolis, coloured plates by Heath, Alken, Dighton, Rowlandson, etc. (some leaves slightly soiled), 2 vol., half calf (short copy), Jones and Co., 1824, 8vo. (145)

Essex, £,2 16s. 4453 Egan (Pierce). The Life of an Actor, the Poetical descriptions by T. Greenwood, first edition, 27 coloured plates by T. Lane, and woodcuts by Thomson (title loose), half cali,

C. S. Arnold, 1825, royal 8vo. (146) Pickering, £5 4454 Emerson (Ralph Waldo). Works, Riverside Edition, edited

by J. E. Cabot, proof portrait, LARGE PAPER, only 250 copies printed (No. 121), II vol., white boards, uncut, Cambridge (N. E.), Riverside Press, 1883—Correspondence of Thomas Carlyle and R. W. Emerson, portraits, LARGE PAPER, 250 copies printed (No. 130), 2 vol., Boston,

Osgood, 1883, together 13 vol., 8vo. (154) Sotheran, £u 4455 English Race Horses (Pictorial Gallery of), by Wildrake,

illustrated by 75 engravings, chiefly on steel, after paintings by Cooper, Herring, Hancock and others, half calf, Bohn, 1844, royal 8vo. (155)

Young; £2 45. 4456 English Race Horses (Pictorial Gallery of), by Wildrake,

numerous portraits of horses and woodcuts, cloth gilt, uncut, Bohn, 1844, royal 8vo. (156)

Sotheran, £5 [“Wildrake" was the nom de plume of George Tattersall. The work contains 90 engravings by Alken, Herring and

others, and was published at 215.--Ed.] 4457 Fancy (The), or True Sportsman's Guide, being Authentic

Memoirs of the leading Pugilists from Figg and Broughton to the Championship of Ward, by an Operator, 45 Nos. in 2 vol., frontispiece to each vol., portraits of pugilists and others, plates, half morocco gilt, i.e.g., uncut, McGowan, 1822, 8vo. (160)

Edwards, £7 125. 6d. 4458 Fores's Sporting Notes and Sketches, a Quarterly Magazine

of British and Foreign Sport, numerous illustrations by Finch Mason and R. M. Alexander, vol. i. to XV., picture

cloth, g. e., Fores, 1884-98, 8vo. (169) Edwards, 44 45. 4459 Freeman (E. A.) History of the Norman Conquest of Eng

land, with Index, 6 vol., cloth, uncut, Oxford, 1877-79, 8vo. (170)

Bain, £9 155. 4460 Freeman (E. A.) Reign of William Rufus and the Accession of Henry the First, 2 vol., uncut, Oxford, 1882, 8vo. (171)

Young, £! 5s. 4461 Froude (J. A.) History of England from the Fall of Wolsey

to the Death of Elizabeth, 12 vol., half morocco gilt, m. e., 1862-70, 8vo. (173)

Roche, £3 175. 6d. 4462 Froude (J. A.) Short Studies on Great Subjects, the four

series complete, 4 vol., original cloth (vol. i. used), 1867-83, 8vo. (174)

Bain, £6 4463 Froude (J. A.) The English in Ireland in the Eighteenth

Century, 3 vol., Longmans, 1872-4, 8vo. (175) Izaacs, £2 55. 4464 Gibbon (Edward). History of the Roman Empire, with

Notes by Dean Milman and Dr. W. Smith, portrait and maps, 8 vol., calf extra, m. e., 1854-5, 8vo. (180)

J. Bumpus, £3 4465 Goldsmith (Oliver). The Vicar of Wakefield, 32 illustrations

by W. M. Mulready, engraved by J. Thomson, first edition, original cloth, uncut, Van Voorst, 1843, square 8vo. (182)

Shepherd, £2

4466 Grant (James). Sketches in London, first edition, 24 humo

rous illustrations by H. K. Browne, original green cloth, uncut, W. G. Orr, 1838, 8vo. (184)

Newton, £2 4467 Green (J. R.) History of the English People: the Conquest

of England and the Making of England, portrait, 6 vol., half morocco gilt, t. e. g., Macmillan, 1884-5, 8vo. (185)

Rimell, £4 155. 4468 Greville Memoirs. Journals of the Reigns of George IV.,

William IV. and Victoria to 1860, first edition, 8 vol., first 3 vol. half calf gilt, others cloth, uncut, 1874-87, 8vo. (186)

Young, £2 16s. 4469 Gronow (Captain). Reminiscences and Recollections, 1810-60,

portrait, woodcuts and 20 etched and aquatint illustrations from contemporary sources by Jos. Grego, in duplicate, one set coloured by hand (No. 250), 2 vol., boards, uncut,

Nimmo, 1889, imperial 8vo. (188) Sotheran, £ 1 198. 4470 Hamerton (P. G.) Etching and Etchers, third edition,

numerous etchings, roxburghe, uncut, Macmillan, 1880, to. (192)

Edwards, £3 35. 4471 Hare (Augustus J. C.) Cities of Northern, Central and

Southern Italy and Sicily-Walks in Rome, and Days near
Rome-Walks in London-Studies in Russia-Sketches in
Holland and Scandinavia—Wanderings in Spain--and
Memorials of a Quiet Life, together 16 vol., 3 half calf,

remainder cloth, 1871-85, 8vo. (196) J. Bumpus, £2 6s. 4472 Harris (Stanley). Old Coaching Days, illustrated by John Sturgess, first edition, picture cloth, uncut, Bentley, 1882,

J. Bumpus, £2 155. (Contains pp. viii. 279, and 12 illustrations by John

Sturgess.--ED.] 4473 Harris (Sir W. C.) Wild Sports of Southern Africa, fifth

edition, coloured plates, picture cloth, g. e., Bohn, 1852, royal 8vo. (200)

Edwards, £1 9s. [The price of this book was reduced by Bohn to 21s. in 1849. It was published originally in 1839, 12mo., at 1os. 6d., and a third edition, with coloured plates, appeared in 1841 at £2 25. See Slater's “Illustrated Sporting

Books,” 1899, p. 138.-ED.) 4474 Hawkins (Edw.) Silver Coins of England, second edition,

by R. LI. Kenyon, 54 plates-and the Gold Coins of England, by R. Ll. Kenyon, 23 plates, 2 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., Quaritch, 1876-84, 8vo. (202)

Hill, £1 gs. 4475 Hawthorne (Nathaniel). Complete Works, with introductory

notes, etc. by G. P. Lathrop, "with Dr. Grunshaw's Secret" and “Hawthorne and his Wife,” by Julian Hawthorne, LARGE PAPER, 150 copies printed, etchings by Blume, Church, Dielman, etc., 15 vol., boards, uncut, Riverside Press, Cambridge (N.E.), 1883-4, royal 8vo. (203)

Sotheran, £16 4476 Hayward (Abr.) Biographical and Critical Essays, both series, first editions, 4 vol., Longman, 1858-73, 8vo. (204)

Maggs, £3 12s. 6d.

8vo. (197)

4477 Hood (Thomas). The Comic Annual from 1830 to 1839 and

for 1842, numerous illustrations, il vol., original binding, 1830-42, 8vo. (214)

J. Bumpus, £3 35. 4478 Humourist (The). A Collection of Entertaining Tales, Anec

dotes, Witty Sayings, etc., 24 humorous coloured plates by George Cruikshank, 4 vol., calf extra, g. e. (wanted frontispieces and illustrated titles to vol. iii.-iv.), J. Robins, 182219-19-20, 8vo. (221)

Spencer, £5 155. 4479 Hunt (Leigh). Autobiography, with Reminiscences of Friends

and Contemporaries, first edition, portrait, 3 vol., original

ornamental cloth, uncut, 1850, 8vo. (228) Pickering, £2 45. 4480 Hunting Field (Analysis of the), being a Series of Sketches

of the Principal Characters that compose One, forming a Souvenir of the Season, 1845-6, coloured plates and woodcuts by H. Alken, half calf gilt, m. e.,. Ackermann, 1846, royal 8vo. (232)

J. Bumpus, £7 4481 Hunting Reminiscences, comprising Memoirs of Masters of

Hounds, Notices of Crack Riders, etc., by Nimrod (C. J. Apperley), illustrations by Wildrake, Henderson and Alken, half calf gilt, m. e., Ackermann, 1843, royal 8vo. (234)

Hatchards, £4 4482 Inman (Dr. Thomas). Ancient Faiths einbodied in Ancient

Names, plates, 2 vol. (vol. i., second edition), half morocco gilt, t. e. g., uncut, Trübner, 1872, Printed for the author, 1869 (237)

Maggs, £2 125. 4483 Ireland (W. H.) Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, 24 coloured

folding plates by George Cruikshank and 2 folding coloured portraits, 4 vol., half calf gilt, m. e., fine clean copy, J. Cumberland, 1828, 8vo. (238)

Pickering, £13 155. 4484 Jesse (J. H.) Literary and Historical Memorials of London,

and London and its Celebrities, first edition, frontispieces, 4 vol., original cloth, uncut, R. Bentley, 1847-50, 8vo. (245)

Hornstein, £4 175. 6d. 4485 Johnston (Charles). Chrysal, or the Adventures of a Guinea,

new edition, with the Author's Life, coloured plates after E. F. Burney by W. Read, 3 vol., calf gilt, H. McLean, 1821, 8vo. (246)

Maggs, £2 1os. 4486 Junot (Mme., Duchesse d'Abrantès). Memoirs, new and

revised edition, numerous portraits, 3 vol., cloth, uncut, R. Bentley, 1883, 8vo. (247)

Roche, £u 18s. 4487 Kipling (Rudyard). Quartette, the Christmas Annual of the

Civil and Military Gazette, by Four Anglo-Indian Writers, original edition, pictorial wrapper, with advertisements, as issued, Lahore, 1885, 8vo. (251)

Edwards, £3 125. 4488 Kipling (Rudyard). Departmental Ditties and other Verses,

first edition, in the original wrapper with flap, complete, Lahore, Civil and Military Gazette Office, No. 1 of 1886, 8vo. (252)

Essex, £5 4489 Kipling (Rudyard). Letters of Marque, first edition, in the (

, original cloth, presentation copy from the publisher, Allahabad, A. H. Wheeler and Co., 1891, 8vo. (253)

Shepherd, £2 18s. 4490 Kipling (Rudyard). Writings in Prose and Verse, édition de

luxe, etched portrait (1050 copies printed), 17 vol., cloth gilt, ornamental backs, uncut, Macmillan, 1897-99-with Departmental Ditties, published by Thacker and Co., 1898,

together 18 vol., 1897-1900, 8vo. (254) Jameson, £18 ios. 4491 Kirby (R. S.) Wonderful and Eccentric Museum, or Maga

zine of Remarkable Characters, illustrated with 124 engravings from rare prints or original drawings, 6 vol., cloth, uncut, R. S. Kirby, 1820, 8vo. (255)

Sabin, £2 25. 4492 Kit-Cat Club. Memoirs of the Celebrated Persons com

posing the Kit-Cat Club, with an Account of the Association, 48 portraits after Kneller (margins of 2 leaves after title mended), morocco gilt, g. e., Hurst, 1831, 8vo. (257)

Sotheran, 42 4493 Lecky (Professor W. E. H.) History of England in the Eighteenth Century, 8 vol., 1888-90, 8vo. (261)

Izaacs, £ 5 5$. 4494 Leech. The Comic English Grammar and the Comic Latin

Grammar, first editions, with humorous illustrations by John Leech, 2 vol., original cloth, R. Bentley and Ch. Tilt, 1840, 8vo. (262)

Sotheran, £1 75. 4495 Lessons of Thrift, published for the general benefit by a

Member of the Save-all Club, humorous coloured plates by I. R. Cruikshank, original boards, uncut (some leaves not cut open), with paper label, T. Boys, 1820, royal 8vo. (272)

Sabin, £6 ios. 4496 Lever (Charles). Charles O'Malley, the Irish Dragoon, first

edition, illustrated by H. K. Browne, 2 vol., original picture

cloth, uncut, Dublin, W. Curry, 1841, 8vo. (274) Ellis, £,4 4497 Lever (Charles). Our Mess. Jack Hinton the Guardsman

and Tom Burke of “Ours,” first edition, portrait and illustrations by H. K. Browne, Dublin, W. Curry, 1843-44The O'Donoghue, first edition, illustrations by H. K. Browne, ib., 1845, together 4 vol., uniform calf gilt, 8vo. (275)

Ellis, 3 4498 Lever (Charles). Arthur O'Leary, his Wanderings and Pon

derings in many Lands, edited by his Friend, Harry Lorrequer, first edition, portrait and plates by G. Cruikshank, 3 vol., original cloth, uncut, good copy, H. Colburn, 1844, 8vo. (276)

Robson, 45 55. 4499 (Lever (Charles).] Nuts and Nutcrackers, first edition, illus

trated by “ Phiz," original picture cloth, g. e., W. Orr and Co., etc., 1845, 8vo. (277)

Sotheran, £ 1 16s. 4500 (Lever (Charles).] Tales of the Trains, being some Chapters

of Railroad Romance, by Tilbury Tramp, Queen's Messenger, first edition, illustrations by “Phiz," original cloth, g. e., 1846, 8vo. (279)

Sabin, £6 6s. 4501 [Lever (Charles).) Diary and Notes of Horace Templeton,

Esq., late Secretary of Legation at first edition, 2 vol., original cloth, uncut, fine copy, 1848, 8vo. (282)

Hornstein, £! 145: 4502 [Lever (Charles).] Confessions of Con Cregan, the Irish Gil

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