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and Holland, 1815-17, and a few by David Wilkie, n. d., 4to. (546)

Fawcett, £3 4234 Lysons (Rev. D. and S.) Magna Britannia, a Topographical

Account of the several Counties of Great Britain, 6 vol. in 8, maps and plates and vol. of additional plates, uncut, 1806-22, 4to. (1093)

F. Murray, £3 4235 Map of Old Virginia, from Smith's Virginia of 1626, in sound condition, 1626, folio (1114)

Tinkler, £4 4s. 4236 Margaret Queen of Navarre. The Heptameron, newly trans

lated into English, with an Essay by G. Saintsbury, 5 vol., 73 plates by Freudenberg and head and tail pieces by Dunker, Society of English Bibliophilists, 1874, 8vo. (840)

Hill, £ 1 us. 4237 Massuccio. Novellino, now first translated into English by

W. G. Waters, 2 vol., Japanese vellum paper, one of 210 copies, illustrated by E. R. Hughes, half parchment, uncut, 1895, 4to. (1054)

Hitchman, £2 ios. 4238 Moor (Edward). Hindu Pantheon, upwards of 100 plates of

the Indian deities, half calf, 1810, 410. (1050) Edwards, £4 4239 Moore (Thomas). Poetical Works, 10 vol., portrait, frontispieces and vignettes, calf gilt, m. e., 1860, 8vo. (1162)

Roche, £ 1 3s. 4240 Morant (P.) History and Antiquities of the County of Essex,

2 vol., maps and numerous plates (wanted that of Audley End, but having the preface to vol. ii., usually cancelled),

russia, rebacked, 1768, folio (1099) Edwards, £7 Jos. 4241 Musée Francais. Recueil des plus beaux Tableaux, Statues

et Bas-reliefs, avec l’Explication des Sujets, etc. par Duchesne Ainé, 4 vol., Descriptions in French and English, numerous large engravings, morocco gilt, g.e., n. d., folio (1115)

Barclay, £7 1os. 4242 Netherlands. Het zegenpralent Kennemerlant vertoont in

veele heerelyke Gezichten van deszelfs voornaemste Lustplaetzen, Adelyke Huizen, Dorp-en Stede-Gebouwen, door H. de Leth en kortelyk beschreven, door M. Brouerius van Nidek, 2 vol., the numerous plans and views coloured, and many heightened with gold, vellum, Amst., n. d., folio (1122)

Rimell, £2 25. 4243 Painter (W.) The Palace of Pleasure, edited by J. Hasle

wood, 2 vol. in 3, frontispiece, half morocco gilt, g. t., uncut, 1813, 4to. (863)

Thorp, £2.135. [Edited from the edition printed by Thomas Marsh in 1575. Only 250 copies of Haslewood's reprint were issued.

-ED.] 4244 Parkinson (John). Paradise in Sole, Paradisus Terrestris, a

Garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers, which our English ayre will permitt to be noursed up, first edition, large woodcut title, portrait and numerous woodcuts, two leaves at end imperfect, else a sound copy in the original calf, 1629, folio (1536)

Tinkler, £16 55. 4245 Petrie (Dr. G.) Christian Inscriptions in the Irish Language, edited by M. Stokes, 2 vol. in 7 parts, plates, Dublin, 1872-8, 4to. (541)

Taggart, £i 195. 4246 Piranesi (G. B.) Roma, 26 plates of views in Rome, no title,

s. l. and a., oblong atlas folio (571). P. Jones, £2 18s. 4247 Pluvinel (Ant. de). L'Instruction du Roy en l’Exercise de

monter à Cheval, engraved title and 53 plates, “ex dono authoris” on title, old calf, Amst., Schipper, 1668, folio (1336)

£ 1 6s. 4248 Polehampton and Good. Gallery of Nature and Art, 6 vol.,

plates, morocco, g. e., 1821, 8vo. (964) Sotheran, £ 1 6s. 4249 Punch, or the London Charivari, from 1853 to 1860, 8 vol., humorous illustrations, half calf, 1853-60, 4to. (322)

Edwards, £ 1 75. 4250 Rabelais (Master Francis). Works, translated by Urquhart

and Motteux, 2 vol., illustrations by L. Chalon, uncut, 1892, imperial 8vo. (1058)

Thorp, £2 is. 4251 Recreations of the Rabelais Club, 1880 to 1888, 3 vol., 100

copies printed for members, n.d., 4to.(864) Tregaskis, £ 2 55. 4252 Ruskin (J.). Modern Painters, 5 vol.; vol. i., fifth edition ;

vol. ii., third edition ; vol. ij., second edition ; vol. iv.-v., first edition, illustrations (a few plates in vol. iv. spotted and loose), 1851-60, 8vo. (485)

Hopkins, £7 1os. 4253 Ruskin (J.) The Seven Lamps of Architecture, sixth edition,

with illustrations drawn by the author, plates, morocco

super extra, g. e., 1889, imperial 8vo. (889) Hopkins, kl 145. 4254 Scott (Sir W.) Waverley Novels, 48 vol., plates after Mul

ready, Leslie, etc., half calf, g. t., contents lettered, Edinburgh, 1832, 8vo. (943)

Hill, £5 155. 4255 Scott (Sir W.) Waverley Novels, Abbotsford edition, 12 vol., numerous illustrations, original cloth, 1842-7, 8vo. (261)

Maggs, £5 4256 Serlio (S.) Architecture in V. Bookes, black letter, numerous

woodcuts (wanted title, and last leaf repaired, with all

faults), calf, R. Peake, 1611, folio (751) Pickering, £2 6s. 4257 Shaw (S.) History and Antiquities of Staffordshire, 2 vol.,

plan, plates and pedigrees, uncut, half bound, binding broken, 1798-1801, folio (1545)

Rimell, £13 ios. 4258 Smedley (F.). Harry Coverdale's Courtship, first edition,

illustrations by “Phiz,” clean copy in original cloth, Virtue, n. d., 8vo. (304)

Russell, £4 4259 Stevenson (R. L.) Father Damien, an open Letter to the

Reverend Doctor Hyde, of Honolulu, Japanese vellum paper edition, portrait, vellum, uncut, Edinburgh, privately printed, 1890, 8vo. (890)

Shepherd, £3 Ios. 4260 Storer (James). History and Antiquities of the Cathedral

Churches of Great Britain, 4 vol., engravings, some India proofs, half bound, t. e. g., 1814-19, 8vo. (767)

A. Jackson, £19. 4261 Strange (Sir R.) Collection of Historical Prints from Cele

brated Pictures after the Old Masters, 50 engravings (no title, with all faults), half morocco gilt, g. e., 1750-90, atlas folio (568)

A. Jackson, £4 16s.

4262 Surtees (R.) History and Antiquities of the County Palatine

of Durham, 4 vol. (wanted vol. i.), plates, uncut, 1820-40, folio (587)

Sotheran, £4 155. 4263 Swift (Dean). Works, arranged by T. Sheridan, with Notes,

19 vol., LARGE PAPER, portrait, russia, m. e., 1801, 8vo. (643)

Edwards, El 8s. 4264 Swinburne (A. C.) Siena, original wrappers, Philadelphia, 1868, 8vo. (877)

Denham, £ 1 75. [This poem first appeared in Lippincott's Magazine for June, 1868.

The preface to the above is dated June 1, 1868.-Catalogue. After title follows pp. 3-15 of text.

It is said that only six copies of the London edition were printed to secure copyright, but the number has evidently

been much understated.-ED.] 4265 Syntax (Dr.) Tour through London, or the Pleasures and

Miseries of the Metropolis, a Poem, coloured plates, half calf, 1820, 8vo. (628)

Sabin, £2 4266 Tennyson (Lord). Crossing the Bar, the English Text, with

Greek and Latin Translations, etc. by H. M. B., original wrappers, uncut, Not published, 1890, small 4to. (1040)

Spencer, £,4 1os. 4267 Tennyson (Lord). Poems, first collected edition, 2 vol., half calf, Moxon, 1842, 8vo. (927)

Shepherd, £ius. 4268 Thackeray (W. M.) The Rose and the Ring, first edition,

numerous illustrations, original pictorial boards, back defective, 1855, 8vo. (1438)

Spencer, £2 35. 4269 Thackeray (W. M.) History of Pendennis, 2 vol., first edi

tion, illustrations by the Author, original cloth, 1849-50, 8vo. (177)

Tregaskis, £ 1 5s. 4270 Thackeray (W. M.) Vanity Fair, in 2 vol., 1848—The New

comes, 2 vol., 1854-The Virginians, 2 vol., 1858, all first editions, illustrations by Doyle and the Author, half calf and morocco, m. e., together 6 vol., 8vo. (413)

Shepherd, £1 198. 4271 Thackeray (W. M.) Works, 24 vol., and Bibliography, 1 vol.,

édition de luxe, plates and illustrations by the Author, R. Doyle, etc., on India paper, morocco extra, g. t., uncut, by Rivière, Edmund Yates copy, with his ex-libris in each vol., 1878-80, 8vo. (1388)

Edwards, £23 [This set sold for £33 at Mr. Edmund Yates' sale. See

BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. ix., No. 914.-ED.] 4272 Thackeray (W. M.) Works, édition de luxe, 24 vol., por

trait, numerous illustrations on India paper, 1878-80, 8vo. (260)

Edwards, £7 5s. 4273 Trollope (A.) Orley Farm, 2 vol., 1862— The Small House

at Allington, 2 vol., 1864—The Last Chronicle of Barset, 2 vol., 1867— Phineas Redux, 2 vol., 1874, all first editions, illustrations by Millais, etc., together 8 vol., 8vo. (444)

Quaritch, £i is. 4274 Trollope (T. A.) History of the Commonwealth of Florence, 4 vol., uncut, 1865, 8vo. (1139)

Hill, £i 145. 4275 Turner (J. M. W.) Picturesque Views of England and Wales, with Descriptions by H. E. Lloyd, 2 vol. in 1, plates

by Turner, half morocco, g. t., 1838, 4to. (519) Rimell, £2 4276 Turner (J. M. W.) Picturesque Views on the Southern

Coast of England, 2 vol., plates by Cooke, half calf, 1826, 4to. (513)

£3 4277 Vernon Gallery, 60 engraved plates, including 2 portraits, all on India paper, half morocco (no title), n. d., folio (1116)

Barclay, 42 4278 Vertot (Abbé de). History of the Knights of Malta, 2 vol.,

LARGE PAPER, portraits, old calf, rebacked morocco, 1728, folio (807)

Ellis, £i uis. 4279 Westall and Owen.' Picturesque Tour of the River Thames,

24 coloured views, a map and vignettes, calf gilt, Ackermann, 1828, 4to. (790)

Robson, £6 4280 Wilde (O.) The Ballad of Reading Gaol, by C. 3. 3., 1898–

The Importance of being Earnest, 1899—An Ideal Hus

band, 1899, first editions, 3 vol., 8vo. (1206) Denham, £! 6s. 4281 Wit (F. de). Steden van Europa, engraved title and 46 views

of the capitals of Europe, original impressions, old calf, n. d., oblong folio (806)

Lewine, £i ios. 4282 Wither (George). A Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and

Modern, engravings by Crispin de Pass, wanted a leaf and the moveable index at end of work, several leaves soiled, russia gilt, g. e., sold with all faults, 1635, folio (805)

Ellis, £3

[APRIL 9TH, 1900.)


(No. of Lots, 314; amount realised, about £1,550.)

(a) The late Mr. Haslam's Library. 4283 Apperley (C. J.) Life of a Sportsman, 36 coloured plates by

H. Alken, cloth, uncut, 1874, 8vo. (238) Maggs, £4 1os. 4284 Beardsley (Aubrey). The Early Work of, numerous illustrations, 1899, 4to. (285)

Sotheran, £355. 4285 British Theatre, with Remarks, by Mrs. Inchbald, plates, 25 vol., calf gilt, 1808, 8vo. (245)

Sabin, £2 4286 Burke (Edmund). Works, 12 vol., 1887, 8vo. (246)

Edwards, £2 ios. 4287 Encyclopædia Britannica, ninth edition, maps and plates, 25 vol., morocco, gilt edges, 1875-89, 4to. (287)

Roche, £13 ios. 4288 Fielding (H) Works, edited with a Biographical Essay by Leslie Stephen, illustrations, lo vol., 1882, 8vo. (251)

Roche, £2 45.

4289 Froude (J. A.) The English in Ireland in the 18th Century, 3 vol., 1886, 8vo. (252)

Eyles, £ 4290 Henry VIII. Statutes from the fyrste Yere of his mooste

noble Reign to the thirty-fifth, black letter, russia extra, gilt

edges, T. Berthelet, 1533, folio (306) Maggs, £3 35. 4291 Hogarth (W.) Works, from the original Plates restored by

Heath, with the 3 suppressed plates, half morocco extra, gilt edges, Baldwin and Cradock, n. d. (1821), folio (307)

Roche, £3 175. 6d. 4292 Ihne (W.) History of Rome, 5 vol., 1871-82, 8vo. (259)


Sotheran, £i jos. 4293 Julian (Emperor). Arguments against the Christians, Pri

vately printed, 1809-Jamblichus. On the Mysteries of the Egyptians, translated by T. Taylor, 1821, 2 vol., 8vo. (261)

Denham, £i 18s. 4294 Lecky (W. E. H.) History of England in the 18th Century, 8 vol., 1883-90, 8vo. (263)

Bain, £4 ios. 4295 Levy (A.) Private Life of Napoleon, 2 vol., 1894—De

Maupas. Story of the Coup d'Etat, 2 vol., 1884, together 6 vol., 8vo. (264)

Sotheran, £1 is. 4296 McCarthy (Justin). History of Our Own Times, 4 vol., 1880, 8vo. (266)

G. Durlacher, £ I los. 4297 Moliere. (Euvres, avec les Notes de tous les Commentateurs,

publiés par Aimé-Martin, plates, 6 vol., morocco extra, gilt edges, Paris, 1845, 8vo. (267)

Maggs, £2 45. 4298 Morris (F. O.) Natural History of the Nests and Eggs of

British Birds, coloured plates, 3 vol., first edition, half morocco, uncut, 1861, 8vo. (268)

Walters, £3 125. 4299 Reynolds (Sir Joshua). Works, 300 portraits, engraved by

S. W. Reynolds, 3 vol., half morocco extra, gilt edges, folio (310)

Sotheran, £28 7s. 4300 Reynolds (Sir Joshua). Works, 200 portraits by eminent

English engravers, 3 vol., second series, half morocco, gilt edges, 1865, folio (311)

Sotheran, £27 4301 Reynolds (Sir Joshua). Life, by J. Northcote, calf extra,

uncut, by Bedford, 1813, 4to. (298) Sotheran, £i jos. 4302 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, plates, 48 vol., calf gilt, 1829, 8vo. (274)

Renton, £6 ios. 4303 Shakespeare (W.) Works, edited by Howard Staunton, illus

trations by Sir John Gilbert, 15 vol., édition de luxe, cloth, 1881, 8vo. (275)

Sotheran, £,4 125. 4304 Shelley (P. B.) Poems, edited by Mrs. Shelley, 3 vol., calf gilt, 1866, 8vo. (276)

Bumpus, £i is. 4305 Smith (J. C.) Descriptive Catalogue of Mezzotinto Portraits,

with 125 autotype portraits from the original prints, 4 vol., cloth, uncut, 1884, 8vo. (278)

Sabin, £14 35. 6d. 4306 Strutt (J.) Dress and Habits of the People of England, with

Notes by J. R. Planché, coloured plates, 2 vol., half morocco, uncut, 1842, 4to. (300)

Wynn, £4 4307 Surtees (R. S.) Mr. Facey · Romford's Hounds, coloured

plates by J. Leech and H. K. Browne, first edition, calf gilt, 1865, 8vo. (279)

Renton, £2 155.

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