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479 General Stud Book (The), containing Pedigrees of Race

Horses, etc. from the earliest Accounts to 1888, 16 vol., 1858-89, 8vo. (257)

Hornstein, £6 tos. 480 Gower (Jo.) De Confessione Amantis, third edition, black letter,

title within woodcut border, contemporary binding, oaken boards, leather, stamped in small compartments of orna

ments, Thos. Berthelette, 1554, small folio (270) Ellis, £14 481 Guillim (John). Display of Heraldry, fifth edition, much

enlarged, with a Treatise on Honour, by J. Logan, portraits and numerous plates of arms, old calf, S. Roycroft for R. Blome, 1679, folio (277)

Tregaskis, L3 IIS. 482 Gunter (Edm.) Description and Use of the Sector, the

Crosse-Staffe and other Instruments, engraved title and diagrams, old calf, W. Jones, 1624, small 4to. (278)

Pickering, £i gs. 483 Gurney. A Collection of Copies of Original Ancient Deeds

and Seals of the Family of Gurnay of Harpley in Norfolk, Manuscript (36 leaves) neatly written, with facsimiles of

seals, half bound, 164, small folio (279) Gurney, £2 25. 484 Harris (Moses). Exposition of English Insects, 51 plates,

comprising nearly 500 coloured figures, half bound, uncut, White and Robson, 1782, 4to. (285)

Sabin, £2 485 Harris (Moses). The Aurelian, or Natural History of English

Insects, viz., Moths and Butterflies, with the Plants on which they feed, LARGE PAPER, engraved frontispiece and 41 plates, containing numerous coloured figures, half bound,

uncut, Printed for the Author, 1766, folio (286) Sabin, £375. 486 Hasted (Edw.) History and Topographical Survey of the

County of Kent, first edition, numerous maps and views, including the Hundred of Worth (often wanting), 4 vol., old calf gilt, y. e., Canterbury, 1778-99, folio (288)

Quaritch, £16 ios. 487 Heywood (Thos.) The Exemplary Lives and Memorable Acts

of Nine of the most worthy Women of the World, portrait of Lady Cooke, and 9 others, including one of Queen Elizabeth, fine impressions, original calf, scarce in this state, T. Cotes for R. Royston, 1640, small 4to. (337)

Pickering, £4 45. 488 Heywood (Thos.) Life of Merlin, surnamed Ambrosius, his

Prophecies and Predictions interpreted, and their truth made good by our English Annals, frontispiece, old calf, J. Emery, 1641, small 4to. (338)

Roberts, £2 12s. 489 Hobson. Fox-Hunting Atlas, 42 coloured maps by J. and C.

Walker, half morocco, n. d., folio (342) Quaritch, £1 490 Hogarth Illustrated, by John Ireland, third edition, numerous plates, 3 vol., morocco extra, g. e., 1806-12, royal 8vo. (344)

Sotheran, £3 35. 491 Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis secundum usum Romanum

totaliter ad longum sine require, etc., noviter impressis Parisiis per Germanum Hardouyn, printed upon vellum, the title, astrological man, large and small woodcuts and details painted and illuminated (leaves E 3, 4, 5 cut out), clean copy of a rare edition, old morocco, Paris, G. Hardouyn, s. a.

(Almanack, 1527-41), small 8vo. (348) Pickering, £ 5 5s. 492 Howell (Jas.) The Parly of Beasts, or Morphandra, Queen of

the Enchanted Island, portrait and plate by Gaywood, old calf, W. Wilson for W. Palmer, 1660, small folio (353)

Ellis, £3 3s. 493 Johnson (T. B.) The Sportman's Cyclopædia, with illustrative

Anecdotes, illustrations, 1831, 8vo. (365) Hatchard, £i 494 Jonson (Ben.) Works, which were formerly printed in two

volumes, now reprinted in one, with additions never before published, portrait by W. Elder, old calf, T. Hodgkin for H.

Herringman, etc., 1692, folio (367) Pickering, £ 1 6s. 495 Josephus. Josephus de la Bataille Judaique. Imprime

nouvellement a Paris, lettres bâtardes, printed upon vellum, with all the large and small woodcuts and ornamental initials and borders painted and illuminated as miniatures (wanted a 8, 0 7, 8, 9 6, s 4, I 4, 5, 6, E 6, sold with all faults), old French morocco, with arms of the Card. du Bourbon on back, Imp. à Paris pour Ant. Verard, 1492, folio (368)

Yates Thompson, £225 (Brunet mentions only one copy upon vellum of this edition, now in the Bibliothèque Nationale. This copy was done for Thomas Bohier, Treasurer General of Brittany and Secretary of the Finances of the King, Charles VIII. It has a contemporary inscription on title, and Bohier's Armorial Bearings in trick, the coat of arms being used in

the bottom margins of the large woodcuts.—Catalogue.] 496 Joutel (M.) Journal of the last Voyage perform’d by M. de la

Sale to the Gulph of Mexico, to find out the mouth of the Missisipi, map, old calf, A. Bell and B. Lintot, 1714, 8vo. (371)

Pickering, £6 497 Junius (Letters of), with Preliminary Essay, Notes, Facsimiles,

etc., LARGE PAPER, 3 vol., uncut, Rivington, etc., 1812, royal 8vo. (372)

Britwell, £ 1 ios. 498 Las Casas (B. de). The Tears of the Indians; being an histo

rical and true account of the Cruel Massacres and Slaughters committed by the Spaniards in the West-Indies, made English by J. Phillips (dedicated to the Lord Protector), folding frontispiece, old calf, N. Brook, 1656, small 8vo. (379)

Pickering, £5 5s. 499 Langley (B.) The Builders' and Workmen's Treasury of

Designs, 200 plates of furniture and other designs, rough calf, S. Harding, 1750, 4to. (381)

Pickering, £i 5s. [This work was first published at London in 1740, 4to., with 186 plates of designs for gates, windows, pavements, book-cases, etc. The edition of 1750, above quoted, has 14 additional plates of joinery and timber-work at the end.

ED.) 500 Lilly (Wm.) Monarchy or No Monarchy in England,

Grebner his Prophecy concerning Charles, son of Charles, his Greatnesse, Victories, Conquests, 19 pages of woodcut illustrations, H. Blunden, 1651—The Pleasant History of Cawood the Rooke, or the Assembly of Birds, etc., black letter, cut on title (small wormhole in margins), F. Grove, 1640,

and 1 other, in i vol., old calf, small 4to. (395) Ellis, £7 15. 501 London Journal (The), from the commencement to 1892

(wanting 1884, 1886, and July-December, 1889), 94 vol., 1846-92, 4to. (403)

Britwell, £1 9s, 502 Lucas (Ch.) Plan en Perspective de la Ville de Paris, gravé

en Vingt Planches, 20 plates, old morocco, Paris, 1739, atlas folio (405)

Quaritch, £6 6s. 503 Malet (Capt.) Annals of the Road, or Notes on Mail and

Stage Coaching in Great Britain, etc., coloured plates, cloth gilt, uncut, Longman, 1876, royal 8vo. (410)

Hatchards, £1 12s. [Contains 10 coloured plates and 3 woodcuts, also “Essays on the Road,” by “Nimrod,” a series of articles which appeared in the Sporting Magazine in the form of letters.

ED.] 504 Mantegna (Andrea). Tabulae Triumphi Caesaris olim nutu

excelsi Francisci Gonzagae Pictae, etc., 10 large plates, mounted in a vol., Mantuae, 1598, atlas folio (412)

Ellis, £ 16 1os. 505 Manual of Prayers (A), and other Christian Devotions, pub

lished by His Majesty's (James II.) Command, old morocco, gilt with crowns and other ornaments, g. e., H. Hills, small 8vo. (413)

Newton, £25 1os. [This book appears to have been King James the Second's own copy, as used by him in exile. An inscription is on the fly-leaf to this effect, signed “L. Inese ;” and some Latin Prayers on the other fly-leaves appear to be in the King's

hand.–Catalogue.] 506 Messenger from the Dead (A), or Conference full of

Stupendous Horror between the Ghosts of Henry the 8 and
Charles the first, frontispiece (outside margin cut into), 1658
-Declaration of Egregious Popish Impostures under the
Pretence of Casting Out Devils, practised by Edmunds, alias
Weston a Jesuit, etc., J. Roberts, 1603--Goodwin (Dr. J.)
Defence of the Sentence passed upon the late King, 1649–
The Turkes Secretorie, 1607, etc., in i vol., old calf, small
4to. (424)

Newton, £15 55. 507 Montaigne (M. de) The Essayes, or Morall, Politike and

Militarie Discourses (translated by John Florio), third
edition, with a newly added index, frontispiece by M.
Droeshout, with leaf of verses, old calf, M. Flesher for R.
Royston, 1632, small folio (435)

Ridler, £3 5s. 508 Montesquieu (C. S. de). Le Temple de Gnide, nouvelle

édition, avec figures gravées par N. Le Mire d'après les dessins de Ch. Eisen, engraved throughout, fine impressions of the plates, with portrait and frontispiece, contemporary bright French calf gilt, g. e., Paris, 1772, small 4to. (436)

Ridler, £7 [Contains engraved title, frontispiece with the medallion portrait of Montesquieu, vignette heading the dedication, and 9 plates after Eisen by Le Mire. The frontispiece is met with “avant la rose,” the first plate “avant l'abaissement de la draperie," and the fourth plate “avant le nuage.” The plates are also met with before the numbers, and unlettered

proofs are extremely rare.—ED.] 509 More (Sir Thos.) Workes, written by him in the Englysh

Tonge, first collected edition (with the Youthful Poems), black letter (title mounted, margins of next and last 2 leaves mended, some leaves wormed, with all faults), old calf, 1. Cawood, J. Waley and R. Tottell, 1557, small folio (439)

Bull, £8 ios. 510 More (Sir Thos.) The Confutacyon of Tyndale's Answere,

first edition, black letter, title within woodcut border, ornamental initials, contemporary limp calf stamped with portcullises, fleurs-de-lis, etc. (worn), W. Rastell, 1532, small folio (440)

Quaritch, £6 6s. 511 Mun (Thos.) England's Treasure by Forraign Trade, old

calf, J. G. for T. Clark, 1664-Child (Sir Joshua). A New Discourse of Trade, second edition, old calf, S. Crouch, 1694, small 8vo. (442)

Quaritch, £ 1 8s. 512 Musée Napoléon. Cours Historique et Élementaire de Pein

ture ; ou Galerie Complette du Musée Napoléon, publié par M. A. Filhol, plates, io vol., russia gilt, inside gilt borders,

joints, g. e., Paris, 1804-10, imperial 8vo (444) Ridler, £ 5 ios. 513 Nash (Dr. Treadway). Collections for the History of

Worcestershire, second edition with additions, maps, pedigrees and plates (wanted portrait of Nash), 2 vol., half russia, m. e., J. White, 1799, folio (447)

Ridler, 44 45. 514 Natalis (Hieron). Evangelicæ Historiæ Imagines ex Ordine

Evangeliorum, quæ toto Anno in Missæ Sacrificio recitantur, 153 plates by B. Passe and A. Wierx, old calf (rebacked), Antw., 1593, folio (448)

Ellis, £3 125. 515 New Monthly Magazine (The), edited by W. H. Ainsworth,

vol. xcvii.-cxlv., 49 vol., half calf, and 30 odd parts, Chapman and Hall, 1853-69, 8vo. (452)

Sotheran, £5 55. 516 Nicolson (J.) and R. Burn. History and Antiquities of the

Counties of Westmoreland and Cumberland, maps and plates, 2 vol., half bound (broken), 1777, 4to. (454)

Maggs, £3 6s. 517 Ormerod (Geo.) History of the County Palatine and City of

Chester, plates, 3 ioparts (wanting part iv.)(Subscriber's

copy No. 139), Lackington, 1816-19, folio (470) Bull, £5 518 Ornithologia, Methodice digesta (Lat. et Ital.) per S. Manetti,

L. Lorenzi, V. Vanni, 168 coloured plates of birds, 2 vol., vol. i. old calf, vol. ii. unbound, Florent., 1768, royal folio (471)

Reya, £1 8s. 519 Parival (J.). The History of this Iron Age, 1500-1659, illus

trated with the lively Effigies of the most renowned persons, 12 portraits (including Charles I. and II., O. Cromwell, R. Cromwell, Strafford, etc.), by Gaywood, Hollar, etc., old calf, E. Tyler for J. Crook, etc., 1656, small folio (476)

Pickering, £1 35.

520 Paterson (Lieut. W.) Four Journeys into the Country of the

Hottentots and Caffraria, 1777-9, map and 17 coloured plates,

old calf, J. Johnson, 1789, 4to. (482) Stanford, 22 45. 521 Piranesi (G. B.) Carceri, 16 large plates, original Roman proofs, uncut, Venez., s. d., atlas folio (527)

Quaritch, £2 155. 522 Piranesi (G. B.) Antichita di Cora, engraved title and II

plates, uncut, Roma, s. d., atlas folio (528) Sotheran, £i 18s. 523 Piranesi (G. B.) Vedute di Roma, 136 large plates, 2 vol., uncut, Roma, s. d., imperial oblong atlas folio (529)

Quaritch, £16 524 Portraits des Deputés de l'Assemblée Nationale de 1789, 399 portraits, bound in 6 vol., old calf, Paris, s. d., 4to. (541)

Sotheran, £8 525 Pownall (Thos.) Topographical Description of Such Parts of

North America as are contained in the (annexed) Map of the Middle British Colonies, etc., large folding map, J. Almon, 1776--Trial of John Motherhill for Rape on Catherine Wade, 1787–Ford (Miss). Instructions for Playing on the Musical Glasses, plate, n. d.- Martyn (T.) Hints on Important Uses to be derived from Ærostatic Globes, plate of Balloon, 1784, etc., in i vol., half bound, folio (543)

Pickering, £5 155. 526 Pugh (E.) Cambria Depicta: a Tour through North Wales,

coloured plates, russia gilt, 1816, 4to. (550) Dobell, £2 25. 527 Raphael. Loggie nel Vaticano, 17 large coloured plates of

ornament by Savorelli and Ottaviani, unbound, Roma, folio (553)

Maggs, £i 145. 528 Reynardson (C. T. S. Birch). Down the Road, or Remini

scences of a Gentleman Coachman, coloured plates after H. Alken, cloth gilt, 1875, royal 8vo. (559) Hatchards, £2 125.

[The first edition. A second appeared the same year, and

there is also an edition of 1887.-- ED.] 529 Ridinger (J. E.) Abbildung der Jagtbaren Thiere, mit dersel

ben angefügten Fährten und Spuhren, Wandel Gänge, etc., nach der Natur gezeichnet, 23 plates, Augsb., 1740-Die von verschidenen Arthen der Hunden behoezte jagtbare Thiere, 22 plates, ib., 1761- Various Hunting Scenes (45), without general title (lettered A-W.)-Equestrian Portraits of German Hunting Princes (15), in i vol., old calf, imperial folio (560)

Quaritch, £31 ios. 530 Ridinger (J. E.) Der Edlen Jagdbarkeit, Representation des

Divertissements de Grands Seigneurs, ou Parfaite Description de Chasse de toutes Sortes des Bêtes, première partie, 36 plates, original impressions before the Nos., Augsp., 1729

Betrachtung der Wilden Thiere, title and 41 plates, ib., 1736-Deer Hunting, Adam and Eve in Paradise, etc., 24 plates, in i vol., old calf, oblong imperial folio (561)

Quaritch, £30 ios. 531 Ridinger (J. E.) Representation et Description de toutes les

leçons des Chevaux de Manege et de la Campagne (French and German text), 62 copperplate engravings (some plain

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