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The saint of Patmos last we meet,
And REVELATION stands complete.

In this bright vision, though he brings
Scenes of unutterable things,
He tempers heaven's effulgent light,
Too powerful else for mortal sight.
Partly by negatives are shown
Joys which hereafter shall be known :
Suffering, and sin, and death are o'er,
For former things are seen no more;
No sorrow felt, and heav'd no sigh,
And tears are wip'd from every eye.

Yet not by negatives alone, Consummate glory shall be known : Not only shall be found no night, The LAMB himself shall be the light. Sun, moon, and stars shall fade away, Lost in one cloudless, endless day, In heaven, as being knows no end, Joy with duration shall extend; There we shall know as we are known, Desire and knowledge shall be one ; No tedious course, no process slow; By intuition we shall know The plan of Providence concealed So long, in mercy, now revealed,

Shall burst upon th' enraptur'd sight,
And prove that what was dark was right.
If grief could touch the soul at rest,
And for one moment reach the blest,
'Twould be, that when on earth they found
A clouded dispensation frown'd,
Their faith presumptuous, weak and vain,
One doubt had dared to entertain.
Now faith is swallowed up in sight,
Hope in fruition infinite;
Immortal charity alone
Beams round the everlasting throne.
Redemption finished, sin forgiven,
'Tis God's own presence makes it heaven.

Of future bliss, if such the sum,
Then come, LORD JESUS, quickly come!




- To rear the tender thought, To teach the young idea how to shoot, To pour the fresh instruction o’er the mind, To breathe th' enliv'ning spirit, and to fix The gen'rous purpose in the female breast. — THOMSON.



DEAR MADAM, As the following Poem turns chiefly on the danger of Delay or Error in the important article of Education, I know not to whom I can, with more propriety, dedicate it than to you, as the subject it inculcates has been one of the principal objects of your attention in your own family.

Let not the name of Dedication alarm you ; I am not going to offend you by making your Eulogium : Panegyric is only necessary to suspicious characters : Virtue will not accept it; Delicacy will not offer it.

The friendship with which you have honoured me from my childhood, will, I flatter myself, induce you to pardon me for venturing to lay before you this public testimony of my esteem, and to assure you how much I am,

Dear Madam,

Your obedient

and obliged humble servant,


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