Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Volume 7

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National Academy of Sciences, 1921
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) publishes research reports, commentaries, reviews, colloquium papers, and actions of the Academy. PNAS is a multidisciplinary journal that covers the biological, physical, and social sciences.

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Page 137 - Papers from the Department of Biometry and Vital Statistics, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, No.
Page 353 - Science and the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the National Research Council.
Page 356 - Washington, DC The Bulletin of the National Research Council presents contributions from the National Research Council, other than proceedings, for which hitherto no appropriate agencies of publication have existed. The "Bulletin" is published at irregular intervals.
Page 141 - It dropped very rapidly for the first seven days and then much slower for the next twelve days. By the 19th day it reached the low value of 3.11 .14% and it showed no significant change from this value throughout the remainder of the infection. It is well to compare the conditions found in rat 116 with those in rat 105. Rat 116 is given here because a longer time elapsed before the infection reached the adult stage than was the case in any of the other infections studied. This is due probably...
Page 356 - Number 2. Research laboratories in industrial establishments of the United States of America. Compiled by Alfred D. Flinn. March, 1920. Pages 85. Price $1.00. [Out of print. See Number 16.] Number 3. Periodical bibliographies and abstracts for the scientific and technological journals of the world.
Page 339 - On a method of precisely measuring the vibratory periods of tuning-forks, and the determination of the laws of the vibrations of forks; with special reference to these facts and laws to the action of a simple chronoscope.
Page 357 - Number 1. Report of the Patent Committee of the National Research Council. Presented for the Committee by LH Baekeland, Acting Chairman. February, 1919. Pages 24. Price $0.30.
Page 163 - DEPARTMENT OF MEDICAL ZOOLOGY OF THE SCHOOL OF HYGIENE AND PUBLIC HEALTH, JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Communicated by R. Pearl, MAY 2, 1921 The flagellate, Trypanosoma lewisi, is a non-pathogenic blood parasite occurring in various species of rats all over the world. It is known to be transmitted from rat to rat by the rat flea. This trypanosome was selected for the present work because it occurs in the latitude of Baltimore and the vertebrate...
Page 340 - Pp. 93-95. 8. On the structure of the brain of the sessile-eyed Crustacea. I. The Brain of Asellus and the eyeless form Cecidotaea.
Page 316 - University of California, Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture and Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside, California. Mitscherlich, EA (1919), "Ein Beitrag zum Gesetze des Pflanzenwachstums,

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