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Duke. Sland'ring a prince deserves it. Her, Claudio, that you wrong’d, look

wrong’d, look you restore. Joy to you, Mariana! love her, Angelo : I have confess'd her, and I know her virtue. Thanks, good friend Escalus, for thy much goodness : There's more behind that is more gratulate. Thanks, provost, for thy care, and secrefy; We shall employ thee in a worthier place: Forgive him, Angelo, that brought you home The head of Ragozine for Claudio's; Th’offence pardons itself. Dear Isabel, I have a motion much imports your good; Whereto if you'll a willing ear incline, What's mine is yours, and what is yours is mine : So bring us to our palace, where we'll show What's yet behind that's meet you all should know. [Exeunt.

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F.Hayman inv.

The COMEDY OF ERRORS. Act 4. Sc.9.

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