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Board from $1,00 to $2,25 per week-39 weeks, 39,00
Wood, lights, and washing,.


10,00 15,00

$95,50 $154,25

Room rent, wood, and lights, are estimated on the supposition that two students occupy one room. Many students board in clubs at an expense of about a dollar per week.


For clothing, travelling, books, stationery, society and class taxes, &c., vary with the circumstances and habits of the student.

Payment for the College Bills is required in advance for the first term; and in advance for each subsequent term, unless a bond, satisfactory to the Treasurer, in the sum of two hundred dollars, has been lodged with him to secure their payment; in which case, the term bill becomes due at the end of the term.

Absent members of the University are charged as if present. Students entering an advanced class are required to pay one half of the back tuition, unless from another College.

Medical Department.




The Medical Faculty, in issuing their annual announcement, take pleasure in presenting to the members of the Medical Profession, their thanks for the continued favor and patronage they have extended to this Institution, and their donations to the Museum and Cabinet.

The new Medical College-Building has commodious Lecture Rooms, and is supplied with all the improvements of the day, and is well calculated to promote the comforts and convenience of the occupants. It is situated on the South side of" College Green," and overlooks the town, the lake, and a large extent of surrounding country-in view of the Adirondack mountains in the West, and the Green Mountain chain in the East,-the scenery is unsurpassed in beauty and grandeur by any other locality in the country.


The course of instruction in this fundamental branch will be full and practical, and so illustrated by plates, preparations and dissections of the recent subject that students may acquire a thorough knowledge of it. An ample supply of Anatomical material for dissection will be furnished students at cost. Classes will receive the personal attention of the Demonstrator of Anatomy without any additional fee.


It is the aim of the Professor of these branches to present a faithful view of the actual state of practical medicine, to dwell upon the important art of physical diagnosis, and by the aid of plates, models, wet and dry preparations, convey correct notions of the morbid changes, occurring in different diseases.

To consider the Modus Operandi of medicines, and discuss their mechanical, chemical and vital modes of action, exhibit specimens of nearly all the medicinal substances recognized by the United States Pharmacopoeia and give a succinct account of their physical and chemical properties, preparation, adulteration, dose and mode of administration, and their physiological and therapeutic action.


The Department of Surgery is abundantly supplied with specimens, plates and casts in morbid Anatomy, with surgical instruments, splints, and modern surgical appliances, to enable the Professor to illustrate the principles and practice of this branch. All important operations will be performed upon the cadaver in the presence of the class, and particular attention will be paid to the application of splints, use of instruments, surgical apparatus and dressings.


In this department the Professor will not consume the time and weary the attention of students with minute Anatomical descriptions; he will refer them to the Lectures on Anatomy, recapitulating only what is necessary to explain subjects to be discussed by him. He will be able, by the aid of the manikin, plates and models, to demonstrate the mechanism of labor (the basis of successful and scientific midwifery practice) with such accuracy that no student is excusable who fails to master it properly. The diseases of females will receive particular attention, and every effort will be made to indoctrinate students in this branch of practice.


It will be the aim of the Professor, in this department, to give a course of as complete and scientific instruction, by means of experiments, microscopical illustrations, and plates, as the present state of Medical science demands, and modern methods of research will allow. Although we hold that the highest triumphs of Physiology are the prevention and cure of disease, yet zeal in its precaution and interest in its teachings can only be aroused by demonstrations and experiments on living animals.


In the department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, there will be an extended course of Lectures, accompanied with full demonstrations and experiments. It will be the object of the Professor, in this department, to make it as full and as perfectly adapted to the wants of the Medical student as possible. Spe

cial attention will be given to Toxicology-to Incompatibles-to tests and analyses of Urines, and in general to Physiological Chemistry.

The apparatus of the Chemical Department is, it is believed, second to none in fullness and capacity of illustration. Students wishing to acquire a practical knowledge of the methods and Analysis and of the principles of General Chemistry, will be accommodated in the laboratory, under the direction of the Chemical Professor.


At the commencement of the Session, every Student is required to enter his name and place of residence, and the name and place of residence of his Preceptor, in the Secretary's book, and take the Matriculation Ticket, and Dean's Certificate entitling him to the Tickets of each Professor.

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Students who have attended two full courses in other regular Medical Institutions, will be admitted upon payment of the Matriculation fee, and a fee of $10. Graduates of this and other regular Medical Schools are invited to attend the Lectures free of charge.


In consideration of the liberal donations made to the Medical College by the citizens of Burlington, the Faculty of Medicine have established a Beneficiary. A limited number of Students will be admitted to all the Lectures and enjoy all the privileges upon the payment of from $15 to $25, according to the number of applicants. The sons of Physicians preferred. Those wishing to avail themselves of the privileges of this benefit are requested to confer with the Dean as early as possible.


There are two periods for conferring degrees; one, at the close of the annual course of Lectures in June, the other at the close of the annual term of private Instruction in Burlington. Candidates must have attended two full courses of Lectures, one in this Institution-must have studied medicine three years with a regular physician, and have attained the age of twenty-one years. Each candidate is required to write a thesis upon some subject connected with


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the Science of Medicine, and deposit it with the Dean. Full and formal certificates of age, term of study, and of moral character must be furnished.


On Saturday of each week a Medical and Surgical Clinique will be held at the Medical College

Patients presenting themselves before the Students at the Clinique for Medical and Surgical Treatment, are admitted free of charge. A large number of patients avail themselves of this charity annually, affording Students an opportunity of witnessing a great variety of Surgical operations, and the treatment of many diseases, both acute and chronic.


Students are requested to come provided with one or more Text Books of Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Surgery, Obstetrics, Theory and Practice of Medicine, Materia Medica and Therapeutics.


There will be two terms, of three months each, of private instruction given at Burlington, by Professors Thayer and Carpenter, consisting of Readings, Recitations, Lectures and Demonstrations in various branches of Medical Science. Students will also have an opportunity of attending Lectures in the University, on Natural History and other scientific subjects.

The autumnal term will commence in the early part of August, the winter term about the first of December. During the winter, particular attention will be paid to Anatomy, and Students will be supplied with an abundance of Anatomical material for dissection, at cost.

Board from $2 to $4 per week. Rooms for Students who wish to board themselves.

Students are invited, upon coming to Burlington, to call upon Dr. Thayer, corner of St. Paul and Bank sts., who will be happy to afford them any information and assistance in his power. All those wishing for further information may address by letter, Dr. S. W. THAYER, Jr., Dean of the Faculty, Burlington, Vt.

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