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Page 337 Alore perfecl than the divinest images in the House of


An eminent carver of idols, said in the Koran to be father to Abraham. " I have such a lovely idol as is not to be met with in the house of Azor.". Hafiz,

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The grottos, hermitages, and miraculous fountains.


“ The pardonable superstition of the sequestered inhabitants has multiplied the places of worship of Mahadeo, of Beschan, and of Brama. All Cashmere is holy land, and miraculous fountains abound.”. Major Rennell's Memoirs of a Map of Hindostan.

Jehanguire mentions -- fountain in Cashmire called Tirnagh, which signifies a snake; probably because some large snake had formerly been seen there." “ During the life-time of my father, I went twice to this fountain, which is about twenty coss from the city of Cashmeer. The vestiges of places of worship and sanctity are to be traced without number, amongst the ruins and the caves which are interpersed in its neighbourhood.”—ToOZIK JEHANGEERY. — See Asiat. Misc. vol. 2.

There is another account of Cashmere by AbulFazil, the author of the Ayin-Acbaree, “ who,” says Major Rennell, appears to have caught some of the enthusiasm of the Valley, by his descriptions of the holy places in it.

PAGE 338. Whose houses, roof'd with flowers. “On a standing roof of wood is laid a covering of fine earth, which shelters the building from the great quantity of snow that falls in the winter season. This fence communicates an equal warmth in winter, as a, refreshing coolness in the summer season,

when the tops of the houses, which are planted with a variety of flowers, exhibit at a distance the spacious view of a beautifully chequered parterre."-FORSTER.

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Lanterns of the triple-coloured tortoise-shell of Pegu.

“ Two hundred slaves there are, who have no other office than to hunt the woods and marshes for triplecoloured tortoises for the King's Vivary. Of the shell of these also lanterns are made."VINCENT LE BLANC's Travels.

PAGE 339. The meteors of the north, as they are seen by those hunters.

For a description of the Aurora Borealis, as it appears to these hunters, see Encyclopædia.

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The cold, odoriferous wind. This wind, which is to blow from Syria Damascena, is, according to the Mahometans, one of the signs of the Last Day's approach.

Another of the signs is, “ Great distress in the world,

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so that a man when he passes by another's grave shall say, Would to God I were in his place !”-Sale's Preliminary Discourse.

PAGE 343. The Cerulean Throne of Koolburga. " On Mahommed Shaw's return to Koolburga (the capital of Dekkan), he made a great festival, and mounted this throne with much pomp and magnificence, calling it Firozeh or Cerulean. I have heard some old persons, who saw the throne Firozeh in the reign of Sultan Mamood Bhamenee, describe it. They say that it was in length nine feet, and three in breadth ; made of ebony, covered with plates of pure gold, and set with precious stones of immense value. Every prince of the house of Bhamenee, who possessed this Throne, made a point of adding to it some rich stones, so that when in the reign of Sultan Mamood it was taken to pieces, to remove some of the jewels to be set in vases and cups, the jewellers valued it at one crore of oons (nearly four millions sterling). I learned also that it was called Firozeh from being partly enamelled of a sky-blue colour, which was in time totally concealed by the number of jewels."FERISHTA.




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