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that have been given to judges, officers, and others in authority, on such occasions, by Prophets and men of God, as recorded in the Holy Scriptures.

13. 15.]

“ I CHARGED your JUDGES” (said Moses to the Children of Israel) “ at " that time" [speaking of the time when they first elected captains over thousands, and hundreds, and fifties, and tens, and officers among their tribes, (Deut. i.

saying—hear the causes be“ tween your brethren, and judge righte

ously between every man and his " brother, and the stranger (that is) < with him. Ye shall not respect per“ fons in judgment; but ye shall hear vs the small as well as the great: ye shall

not be afraid of the face of man ; for " the judgement is God's.” (Deut. i. 16. 17.) And in the 16th chapter of the same book, he repeats the command to elect magistrates, saying, “ judges and



officers shalt thou give to thyself in all " thy gates, which the Lord thy God

giveth thee, throughout thy tribes : " and they shall judge the people with

juft judgement. Thou shalt not wrest

judgement, thou shalt not respect, “ neither take a gift: for a gift doth “ blind the eyes of the wise, and per

vert the words of the righteous. That “ which is altogether just” (or rather

right, or perfect right,) shalt thou follow that thou mayest live, and in“ herit the land which the Lord thy " God giveth thee.” (Deut. xvi. 18. 20.) And again—" Ye shall do no un

righteousness in judgement. Thou fhalt not reípect the person of the

poor, nor honour the person of the

mighty ; but in righteousness shalt " thou judge thy neighbour.(Levit. xix. 15.) The charge also of K. Jehoshaphat to the judges in the cities of Judah, must always be had in remembrance.

66 Take



Take heed” (faid he)

" what

ye for ye judge not for man, but for the “ Lord, who is with you in the matter * of judgement. Wherefore now let " the fear of the Lord be upon you ; 66 take heed and do, for there is no ini

quity with the Lord our God, nor re

spect of persons, nor taking of gifts.". (2 Chron. xix. 6. 7.)

Dear Friends and Brethren, If such strictness in judgement was required of the Israelites under the old law, how inexcusable must we Christians be, if we are remiss on such solemn occasions, seeing that we have obtained (by much additional revelation) not only a most valuable increase of knowledge, but also an absolute promise of the Divine assistance, if we ask it as we ought; and the more especially as we are also assured that " the Saints shall judge the world;"


U 2

that we Mall judge Angelsand there. fore “ how much more” (most certainly) “ the things that pertain to this life?" (1 Cor. vi. 2. 3.)

(The prayers to be the same as the first form of prayer, previous to a Common Council or Folkmote.)

A short A short form of MORNING PRAYER


As a means of preparing and properly disposing the, minds of a congregation for prayer, the minister may previously desire their attention to a short exhortation or instruction, drawn up as nearly in the words of Scripture, as the subjeet he fall fix upon will permit, and with as much brevity as posible. The following exhortation will take up about four minutes, which is too long, perhaps, for a DAILY exhortation ; and, indeed, the same exhortation DAILY used, would not be at all efficacious; and therefore this is only designed to be occasionally read at the minister's discretion, when he thinks time can be spared, and when the people may seem to stand in need of being reminded of the most effential objects of prayer, and the true means of obtaining them.

(EXHORTATION.) No man can come unto me" (said our LORD Jesus)unless the Father which

66 bath

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