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waters of the Nile, a rich and greasy earth, which yields an abundant crop of the finest wheat. Other parts of Mr. Thomas's possesfions produce joar, rice, bajerah, and various forts of pulse, ehunah, and barley; but the latter depends on the rain that may fall from the month of October to Christmas. Within the aforementioned tract, the pasturage is uncommonly luxuriant, and produces perhaps the largest supply of forage to be met with in any part of Asia. The grass in Hurrianah is also of a very superior quality, both as to wholesomeness and nourishment. Hence the cattle excel those of other parts. The climate is in general salubrious; though, when the fåndy and desert country lying to the westward becomes heated, it is inimical to an European constitution.


The peyook, or Guinea-worm, so common in several parts of Arabia and Persia, is likewise extremely troublesome in this province. To some it proves dangerous; though it is remarked by Mr. Thomas, this disorder seldom attacks Europeans, and is in general confined tu the peasantry of the country.

The Peyook, or Guinea worm, the dracunculus persarum of Kæmpfer,* is found chiefly on the shores of the Persian gulf, and in the southern parts of Persia; more especially in the province of Carmania, and on the island of Ormuz. The origin and progress of the diforder occasioned by this singular worm, is defcribed by Keempfer in his Amoenitates Exoticæ, with so much accuracy and spirit, that we hope to be pardoned in presenting our readers with an extract from this valuable work, which, it is much to be regretted, has not hitherto been given to our countrymen in an English dress. &

inea Wori

. * Vide Kæmpfer's Amanitates Exoticæ, Fasciculus 3d, Observatio 4th, p. 529.

+ In lucem prodituri nuncia plerumque est febricula, ut plurimum ephemera, non nunquam in tertiam diem protracta, cum fetæ partis rubidine et tumore; in quo postridie exsurgit postula pisi magnitudine, tenera, aquosa, pellucida, non raro atricolor: qua' post unum aut alterum diem spontē ruptâ vel acu apertâ, prosilit lumbrici summus apex, sive rostellum, ibidem hactenus absconditum, quod pedetentim et reliquuin corpus undecunque subsequitur, blandâ attractione quotidié solicitatum. Sæpè etiam non nisi prævió partis dolore, et duritie vix sensibili nascitur ; rupto ibidem, quo perpetuo sibi viam parat, ul

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The natives of Hurrianah for a succession of ages having been in a constant state of warfare,

cusculo, sine epidermidis pustula. Excretio pro lumbrici magnitudine et maturitate citiori, tum pro situ et loco gene

rationis vario, facilior est aut difficilior, longior aut brevior: · raro autem pariter et vivus, frequentissime successivo tem

pore, diebus circiter decem, extrahitur. Omníum felicissime egreditur, qui in scroti cavo absconditur, nam hunc, barba exerta, vivum illico educimus, sine dolore et purulenti ulceris incommodo. Supra musculum aliquem in crure aut brachio non admodum dispersus jacens, vel in gyrum volutus, qualis oculo et tactu deprehenditur, intra paucos dies, a quo maturare incipit, sine notabili pure et molestia, quin vel uno interdum nisu extrahitur. Ex femore et ulnis plerumque facili partu exit, diebus admodum paucis. Sita vago ligamenta pedis involvens admodum difficulter, mora videlicet viginti vel amplius dierun, excluditur, cum tabo quotidie copiosissime magnoque ægroti cum dolore et incommodo.

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The time when the worm is about to appear, is indi. cated by slight feverish symptoms in the patient'; it is sometimes protracted until the third day, when the part is affected by a red tumor, which on the ensuing day be. comes a pustule of a bright black : this breaking of itself, or being pierced with a needle, the head or snout of the worm makes its appearance, and as quickly withdraws itself from the touch. To extract the worm, great patience and caution are necessary, as from unskilfulness in handling it frequently breaks, which not only causes acute pain to

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