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Slaves and Souls of Men ;
· Revelations XVIII. 13.


Thereof to the
Church of ROME.

Dudley, Paul

Vivere qui Sancte cupitis, discedite Roma.
Omnia cum liceant, non licet elle bonum.

King of Spain's Memorial to Pope Urban the VIII.

Printed at BOSTON in NEW ENG L A N.D:

Reprinted at LONDON, for JOSEPH DOWNING,

in Bartholomew.Close, near West-Smithfieled, 173 2.

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BYEN A M very sensible the greatest Part of what

is offered in the following Elay, may be I found in Treatises already published, and

o accordingly I have mentioned the Authors : V N C and yet polibly the Reader may find some things suggested, here and there, which he has not met with before. However, it does not fall to every one's Share to have the Books cited; and foine of them are rarely to be seen in New-England : besides, the Collating many things thus together, will save both Time and Pains to such as have Libraries, and want Leisure to search them.

IF any should inquire, what Occasion there is at this Time of the Day for an Oration against Popery ; is the Protestant Interest in any Hazard from that Quarter? I answer, the Church Militant will never be out of Danger, and therefore she has Watchmen set upon her Walls *; And tho'our Lord 7 E SUS CHRIST will certainly make good bis great Promise ; That the Gates of Hell shall never be able to prevail against his Church, (Mat. xvi. 18. and Dan. ii. 44.) Yet I know of no other Charter that any of the Protestant Churches in par. ticular have for their Security, than what runs with a quam diu se bene gesserint, or in the Words of the Pro.

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* Ifaiab lxii. 6.

phet Azariah, 2 Chron. XV. 2. Hear ye me Afa; and all Judah, and Benjamin, The Lord is with you, Cor, will be with you, for it may be translated in the future Tense) while you be with him. Besides which, the un searchable Sovereignty of GOD in his Dispensations of this Nature, is always to be remembred and adored. What became of the seven famous Churches in Asia, those Golden Candlesticks among whom the Son of God once walked? Where are the flourishing and numerous Christian Churches that were sometime since in Bohemia, Hungaria, and Piedmont? But Ob! thou Enemy ! What Desolations bast thou wrought in our Days in France ? The Timè was *, when the Reformed could there count two thousand one hundred and fifty Churches; in most of these two Ministers, in some five; the Church of Orleans had seven thousand Communicants : But their Bodies now lye dead in the Street of the great City, &c. Rev. xi. 7,8. In the Teari 1686, not a single Church left, or a reformed Minister to be seen in all that Kingdom. As to Great Britain ; He must be a Stranger to the British History that does not know low frequently our Holy Religion, together with the Civil Liberties of the Nation, bas been in the utmost Danger from the Days of Queen Elizabeth ; Sometimes by secret Attempts, at other times by open Violence, shrothe Influence of the Jesuits, with their Associates, c!nd other Emissaries of the Church of Rome. And tho' 01r British Mountain, by the Divine Favour, seems cit prefent to stand Atrong, by the Settlement of the Imperial Crocure of Great Britain in the Princess SOPHIA, and the Heirs of her Body being Protestants; Tet where is the Seer, that dare say to our Jerusalem, her Warfare is accomplished ? IV'ho among us can tell how long these Halcyon-days will last? Or, whether the Clouds may not return after the Rain. A great and learned Divine t, Speaking of the Romish Church, has there


* Anno 1571..
+ Mr.:, in his Sermon on the gth Nov. 1703.

Words, “ The common Enemy is still in Being, and bath great Power in the World, and we know not what « Advantages our too .common Iniquities may, from the Justice of a righteous GOD, give him against us, so that we have no Reason to be secure. And tho the Man of Sin, from the Days of the blessed Reformation especially, has been consuming by the Breath of CHRIST's Mouth, yet he will not be destroyed till the Brightness of his Coming. And it is the Opinion of many Yudicious Divines, That immediately before the final Ruin of Anticbrift, there will be such a Time (tho a mort one) for Distress of Nations, and of Tribulation to the Church of G'O D, as the Ages past never saw.

HOW near thefe great and last Changes of the Church and World are, with the exact Time and Order, wherein they are to be accomplished, are Matters too high for our Prophetical Chronologers : Whatever they may pretend to, the Arrows are beyond them : there is no fix, ing the certain Time for the Events of any Prophecy before the Accomplishment : Cat the End it shall speak, Habak. ii. 3.)

AND because we know not when there Things, or the Coming of the Son of Man shall be, therefore the Churches, and all private Christians, are solemnly charged

and it is at their utmost Peril, if they neglect it to Watch and Pray, Mark xiii. 13. & ult. to be sober and vigilant, 1 Pct. v. 8. diligent, that they may be found of himn in Peace, without Spot and Blameless, 2 Pet. iii. 14. And not led away with the Error of the Wicked. And to mention no more, it is very obfervable, that the Church of Philadelphia, who had a gracious Promise of being kept from or in the Hour of Temptation that should come upon all the World, to try them that dwell on the Earth, is yet awfully admonished in those words, Behold, I come quickly, hold fast that which thou halt, that no Man (or no one, umoris) take thy Crown, Rev. iii. 6, 10, 11,

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