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The celebrated Madame de Lavalette 1lh, and to be by the assay and trial thereof quitted town lately for Paris. Her stay in agreeable to the standard trial plate of silver this country was about a fortnight, and the in his Majesty's Exchequer, dated 11th April, object of her visit was to sell out of our 1798. public funds. Madame de Lavalette pre- And we find that the remedy allowed on served a strict incognito, and both her ar. all the above-mentioned gold coins in the rival and departure were known to very said pix amounts to 10d wts. 16grs, but that few persons.

their lack of weight is only Idwi, 23grs. 50 When M. Talma and Mademoiselle that they are witbiq the remedy 8dwis, Georges laoded at Calais, all their purchases 17grs. in England of lannels, cottons, shawis, &c. As also, that the remedy on all the silver were seized by ibe custom-bouse officers as coins in the said pix is 150z. 7dwl. 14grs, contraband.

but that their lack of weight is only 202, Messrs. Emmett and Sampson, from Ire- !dwt.; so that they are within the remedy land, are chosen to represent the State of 13oz, 6dwts. 14grs. New York in Congress.

Finding, therefore, the several coins to be The blue ribband, vacant by the death of in weight, tale, and allay, within the renie. the Duke of Northumberland, is to be given dies provided by the iudenture between bois lo Earl Bathurst.

present Majesty King George the Third on The prospect of the hap crop has altered the oue part, and the said William Wellesley so much withio ibe last fortnight, that the Pole of the other part, bearing date the 6th old duty, which was laid al 65,0001, is now day of February, 1817, under which he is estimated at 105,0001.

appointed to act, we do report, that by the The remains of the lamented Mr. Ponson: assays and trials of the coins above menby were privately interred at Kensiogton, tioned, they are suficienti in alluny, and ac, on the 12th of July, beside those of his cording to the covenants comprized in the brother, the late Lord Ponsonby.

said indepture, to the best of our knowledge Santini, Bonaparte's ex-porter, nader ar. and discretion. WILIJAN MERLE, fest at Milan, has been liberated.

WILLIAM MOORE, At the trial of the pix in the Exchequer,

Jonx HENDERSON, on the 14th inst. there was tried three mil.

TRONAS BRIND, lions one hundred and seventy-eight thousand

Roren's MĄKEPEACE, and eight poueds sterling, of silver enin, ber

THOMAS AYRES, jog all that had then passed into circulation;

James HENDERSON, and also seven hundred and abree thousand

SAMUEL KENTIS, sir hundred aod seventy-eight pounds ster

JOIN HARKER, ling, of gold coin, being all the gold coin at

John BARRON, that time issued. The following is an ex,

WILLA 31 City, tract from the verdict of the jury of gold.

WILM DisnF$. smiths, who were sworn by the Lord Chaus By the 56th Cien, 111, the silver coin of cellor on that occasion ; viz.

this realm is established at the old standard We found in and took out of the said pix of fineness; viz. lloz. 2d wis. fine, and gold coins conisting of 1.004 sovereigns, or 18d wis, alloy; and the lh. troy in he iwenty shilling pieces, making together by cut into 665. instead of 62 as heretog tale 1,0041, weighing together 21lbs. 5o2. fore. Four of the said shillings to be 150 #is. hat which at the rate of 461. 148.6d. kept by the Crown for brassage and senioro to the pound weight troy, should weigh age. Upon this principle the new silver 211b:. 502. 16duts. 23grs, and having taken coinage has been struck and issord. The 47 of the said coins, being in the iale gold coin of this realm remains of the same find the same to weigh 1202. Idat. 12grs, proportionate weight and finepese at which and to be by the assays and trial thereor, it formerly stood. By the mint indenture, agreeable to the standard trial-piece of gold all monies coined by the Master of the Mint in his Majesty's Exchequer, dated 15th Oc- under his contract with the Crown, are to tober, 1688.

be subjected to a trial of the pix in the mint ; We also found in and took out of the said that is to say, a trial of samples taken from pix silver coins, consisting of 3,938 half the coin before it is issued, and examined by CTON ns, 9,303. shilliogs, and 2,305 sixpences, the King's Assayer, Compiroller, and King's making logriber hy tale 1.0151. (x. tid, aud Clerk; and after examination and approweighing together 3071bs, 4nż. 19d wis, but bation by those officers, other samples are which, at the rate of 66 shillings to the pound taken, sealed up. and placed in a hox called weight troy, should weigh 307lbs. 7oz, and the pix, under their three keys. This box is krving taken of the said silver coios two opened at the Exchequer, when the Master Several parcels : the first parecl containing is tried at what is called the public trial of 13 half crowns. 30 shillings, and 7 sixpences, the pix, and the samples are submitted to a being in tale 16 shilling: and the second jury returned hy the goldemith's company, parcel.containing a balf crow 118, 41 shillings, who are sworn in open Coort before the and 10 sixpencis, being also in tale ti6 stil. Lord Chancellor, and charged by him 10 O lings, did find each parce! in Heigh exactly. jnstice between the Crown, ibe public, audi

Europ. Mag: #ol. LXXII. Jvg 1917, M

'the Master. If the verdict of this jary de- Io the Report made by this Board in the clare tbe coin to be standard in weight and Jast Session, it was stated, that no instance fineness, within the remedy, the Master is of small pox had occurred at Aberystwith, acquitted. If not, he is liable to be fined or at Bawtry. We have the additional to any extent the Crown shall think fit. The satisfaction to state, that at East Derehare remedy is an allowance of weight and fine-, that disease has not been known for many ness, above or below the accurate standard. years. At Kingston in Surrey, and its which has been always thought necessary to neighbourhood, it has not made any prob secure the Master, as it is morally impossible gress for eleven years. We have a letter (consistent with the necessary despatch) to from Slaithwaite near Huddersfield, statwork our coins with mathematical accuracy. ing that that neighbourhood has been kept The present Master of the Mint found the entirely free from small pox for nine years remedy on gold 40 grains in weight, in the past; and from Newtown, Limavaddy, 1b. troy, so fineness. In the indentore under (Londonderry,) we have information that which he now acts, it is reduced to 15 grains it is rarely heard of in that part of the In the 16. troy in fineness, and 12 grains in country. the Ib. troy in weight. He found the re- It may not be unworthy of remark, that medy on silver, two peony-weights in the in the second weekly bill of mortality for Ib. troy, in weight or fineness. It is now September last, not a death is mentioned as reduced to one penny-weight in the Ib. troy having been occasioned by the small pox,

io weight or fineness.

a circumstance which has not happened for

two centuries: though we have even now REPORT OF THE NATIONAL VACCINE ESTABLISHMENT, FOR THE YEAR 1816, DATED

to lament, that the number of deaths by

that disease, within the bills of Mortality 15th May 1817. To the Right Honourable Lord Viscount during the last year, amounts to 653.

We feel it our duty to state that, in the Sidmouth, Principal Secrelary of State

town of Ulverston, during the spring of for the Home Department, &c. &c. &c. National Vaccine Establishment,

last year, various instances occurred of pa

tients having had the small pox after they 18, Percy-street, 15th May, 1817.

had been vaccinated; for the most part, MY LORD, We have the honour to report to your disease which marks the previous vaccinaa

however, it was that mitigated form of the Lordship, that in the course of the last year,

tion : in all the cases it was mild, and in a considerable augmentation has occurred

no instance fatal. The occurrence of these in the number of persons vaccinated with failures was confined to a very limited dis. in the bills of mortality, by the surgeons of trict; and as such events have since ceased, this establishment ; the amount at the or. dipary and extraordinary stations having als, previously vaccinated, were exposed to

although great numbers of other individu. been 7,771 ; and 44,376 charges of vaccine

the variolous contagion, we are of opinion Jymph have been distributed from these sta

that the failures were owing to the employ. tions. We have also to report from the

ment of lympth in succession from a vesicle statements of our extraordinary and corre

which bad pot gone through its stages with sponding vaccinators, that 47,874 persons have been vaccinated in various parts of the perfect regularity ; and that even the ima kingdom, 31,689 of whom are distinctly perfect vaccine vesicle thus produced, has stated to have undergone vaceination from very generally the power of rendering the January to December 1816; of the remaine 'mitigated form of small pox. A few cases

human fraine susceptible of none but the ing 16,185, a large proportion were vac

of similar failures have been reported, and cinated during the year, but not all of them, as a few of our corresponding vaccinators, by the director of this establishment, who

most of these in London have been visited in distant parts of the country, have made their reports to us for a succession of years vaccination.

states them to have arisen froin imperfect collectively.

That failures very rarely occur when As a proof of the progress of vaccina.

vaccination is well conducted, the registers tion in this country, the Board has to notice

from our dillerent stations abundantly prove. the establishment of a Royal Vaccine In.

The sumnary at present is, that since the stitution in the counties of Bucks, Berks,

foundation of this establishment in ihe year and Somerset. Vaccination is also regn

1809, there have been vaccinated in our Jarly practised at several provincial hospi. stations within the bills of mortality,34,369 tals and dispensaries. We have the pleasure of again acknow. been intimated; that only four had the small

persons. Of which number it has fritherto ledging the obligations we owe to several disinterested individuals, particularly to

pox; forming one failure in 8,592 cases. the Reverend Mr. Reid, of Leekbamstead, ber of persone, an equal or greater propor.

it is not improbable that, in the same nume Bucks, who continues to support the cause

tion might have had the small pox twice; with so much zeal, that there remains scarcely an individual in bis neighbourhood 34,369 persons were inoculated with the

and it should not be forgotten, that when who bas not undergone vaccination,

small pox, as the proportion of deaths is good practice amounted, by different esti- Company, writes that vaccination is very mates, to one in two or three hundred, be favourably received there, and is extended tween 114 and 171 persons would have throughout the whole province of Canton. perished, and the effects of the diseases He has sent us a Chinese treatise on vaccinawith which many others would have been tion, in the original, together with a tran. afflicted, as the consequence of the previ. slation by Sir George Staunton. ous disease, would have been most cala- A second remarkable letter has also mitous.

been received from the government of The intelligence with which we have been Hayti, dated November 18th, 1816.-" Le furnished from foreign countries, affords a Roi à Monsieur James Moore, directeur, very pleasing pieture of the continued ad- &c." It expresses that the greatest suc. Fances made in vaccination.

cess has attended vaccination, with the From the report of the central commit- lymph supplied by this board ; and it, tee at Paris, it appears that in 12 depart- states,-"* Que la vaccine est dans ce ments, 251,116 persons have been vaccia moment repandue dans la Royaume, et Dated in the preceding year, constituting nous éprouvons déja les precieux bienfaits more than one-third of the births.

qui en resultent; la petite vérole semble By the favour of Count Fernan Nanez, avoir fui de nos climats." Ambassador from H. M. Catholic Majesty, It appears, then, that vaccination is letters have been received from Dr. Fran- progressive in every part of the world, is cisco Xavier de Balmis, the Court Phyo approved of by all enlightened men, and sician at Madrid. A succinct account is encouraged by every government.

The given of the expedition of this enterprising inestimable advantages, bowever, thus held physician, who was depnted by his Sove. out, are unfortunately in some degree reign, and disseminated the blessings of counteracted, even by some medical pracvaccination through the whole of South titioners, who obstinately continue to America, by means of Vaccine Lymph inoculate, and sanction the exposure of supplied from England. He then embarked their patients in public: and in some counon the Pacific Ocean, sailed to the Phil. ties where the medical gentlemen have lipine Islands, and returned by Canton actively opposed inoculation, the mischief and Madeira, having circumnavigated the is widely extended by illiterate and itineGlobe for the most benovelent purpose. rant inoculators, who travel through the He is now occupied in restoring the prac- country, and for a tribing profit to them. tice throughout Spain, where, owing to selves diffuse the variolous infection. the late political events, it bad fallen into of such persons repeated information neglect.

bas been transmitted to the board, who H. M. Faithful Majesty at the Brazils, have to regret their inability to inflict on has been pleased to transmit thanks to Mr. them the punishment they deserve; we Edwards, a corresponding member of this bave, however, recommended to the parties establishment, for introducing vaccination complaining of such injurious practices, to into Rio de Janeiro, and a Vaccine Insti- adopt those legal remedies, which are, by tution is founded by his Majesty in that means of the prosecutions institnted by City.

this board, now known to exist for their The Baron Von Fahrenberg bas trans- suppression; and we have warned tie mitted a review of the progress of vac- aggressors that they subject themselves to cination in the Grand Duchy of Baden, be indicted for a criminal offence, with lymph supplied by this board. From

J, LATITAM, this communication we learn that vaccina

(President of the Royal College tion is now established by law throughout

of Physicians.) the territories of the Grand Duke.

WILLIAM NORRIS, Goveraor Raffles has communicated that Master of the Royal College of Surgeons. he successfully introduced vaccination into

Arthur Daniel Stone Censors of Jara, and that ou essential prejudice op

Geo. Gilbt. Currey, the Royal poses it in that country, where the native A. Bain,

College of priests have become expert vaccinators, James Tallersall. Physicians. and the lower orders are vaccinated as a James Earle, Governors of the Royal measure of police.

G, Chandler, ) College of Surgeons. From Canton, Dr. Alexander Pearson, By Order of the Board, surgeon to the factory of the East India

James llervey, M.D. Registrar.

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BIRTHS. UNE 23. Io Highbury-place, the lady JULY 3. The lady of General Viscombe

of Joseph Huddari, Esq. of a daughter. Obert of a son. 25. Mrs. Archer, of Chelmsford of a 20. At Geneva, the Countess of Minin daughter,

of a son.

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MARRIAGES. UNÉ 1. At St. John's, Soviliwark, by

of Breptford, to Laura Helen Constantine the Mitrhell of Lendenhall-street, to Miss Alex. Esq. R. A. * ander, of the former place.

9. Thomas Nelson Hirsi, Esq. of St. Pes JULY 3. At Lpylon, by the Rev. C. H. tersburgh, 10 Anna, eldest daugbler of Air. Laprimandaye, Robert H. Innes, Esq. of Turnerelli, the scuipior. On Sunday folloq. Lryton, o Wilmot Arundel, eldest daugh. ing the happy pair left town for Russia, ter of Lewis Charles Daubing, Esq. of 15. J. R. Farre, M. D. to Johappei, Trurn.

youngest daughter of the late Joho Clarke, At Chiswick, Lewis Bentley Olives. Trq. E«q. of Barbadoes.

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MONTHLY OBITUARY. JUNI UNE 15. In the Royal Military Hog. species of eloquence which seeks, through pital at Fort Pitt, Chatiain,

the pasions, lo uislead the judgmei.l. A Oswald, Esq M. I). aged 25.

sound discretion, and an ardent love of jus. 20. Aged 75, Thomas Hill, Exq. third tice and humanity governed all his actions. son of the latr Sir Rowland Hill, Bart, of As the leader of a great political party, Hawkestone Park, and uncle of the present no man was ever more free from party spiLord Hill

tit. He was in feeling and priociple the 23. in Hanover-square, the Right Hon. very man contemplated by those who copsi. the Dowaget Viscoupírss Hereford, of Stau- der a systematic opposition a necessary safe. way, Gloucestershire.

guard to the constitutional rights and liber. 24. In Saville row, John Henry Caze. tips of England. The logeouons ens of his bove, Esq. aged 80.

mind, the kindness of bis heart, and the pla28. At Brighton, awfully sudden, G. cability of his mannere, conciliated bis opLeith, Esq. of Overhall, Aberdeen, and ponents, and asnaged all those feelings Blaudud's Buildings, Bath, who fell froin mlich defeat exciics; and if his triomphs his chair and instantly expired, while pay. were not more pun sous, it is because the Ing a morning visit to a friend, in East-sl.

cardour and generosity of his mind disdain30. At Biustead, Surrey, Richard Par.

ed to take advaniage of his adversaries ry, Esq. one of the Direciors of the East

wlienever he thought them tight. Where India Company, aged 41.

that was the case, all party feeling vanished July 8.' Ai Malvern, the Rev. James before his political integrity, and on many Stillingfart, aged 88.

critical occasions he gave his adversaries the 7. Ai his house in Curzep.street, May support of his learning and talrats. Nobly Fair, the Righe Hon. George Pousophy.-- disdaining all self-h views, he was here po He was the second son of the Righi Hon. Jonger the leader of a party. He showed Joni Ponsonby, Speaker of the Irinte hiinself the resolote, fixed, and unalterable House of Commons, and consequenily hro- 'friend of constitutional freedom, ther of William, ide tirsi Lord Pon:onby. His complaint, of only a week's duration, He was born on the 1516 March. 1755, and

was that species of parulytic affection called was called to the bar, at which he practised, Hamipklegia He teceived every aid that with einigent sur l'o-s. He was married on medical skill and alieniion could afford. the 181h of May, 1781, to loady Mary Bul. On his first attack, he was bled by Mr. Lord, Jer, daughter of the Earl of Lahesborough, and he was attended by Dr. Baillie, Dr. who, with two sons and a daughter, survive Warren, and Mr. Tegart. The two last him. His daugnier is married to the Hon. gentlegen remained in ihe house during the Ž. Prittie, brother to Lord Duvally. In

Jast three days of his illoess, and were in his 1806 he was appointed Lord Chancellor of' chamber whin he breathed bis list. He was Ireland, which situation he resigned when connected by blood with the poble houses of his political friends ceased, in 1807, to hold Devousbire, Por land. Besborough, Shan the reigns of (overnment, and he has ryer

non, Fitzwilliain, Grey, &c. but the whole since been What is term dihe leader of the

nation will deplore with them the premaOpposition in the House of Counmous, in

ture death of a patriot so hooest, so able, which lie conducted himself with an integrity, and so disinteresird in their service, as be Independence. candour, and suavity, which alwa's proved himself to be. rerured bin the respect, confidence and af

10. AUN.rthumberland-house, his Grace fection of all parlies. Good sense, the foun. the Duke of Northumberland, His Grace daliop of every excellence, he possessed in a

bad bren fror many years a martyr to the superior degree, improved by siudy and in!

gout, and for several weeks past had beca tercourse with the world in public and prio considerably indisposed, but was recently vaie lite ; his understanding was vigorous ; supposed to be herier, and his death ai last his conceptiou člar; his language chaste, was rather unexpected. He was born on natural, and unafficted ; his manner impreso the 25th of August

, 1742, and was therefore sive, and his voice will modulated. He ad.

in the 7515 year of his age. He succéer'ed dressed himself to lhe beud, laying aside that his father, Hugh, the late duke, the 6th

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of June, 1786; married first, 20 July, 1764, 14. At Bath, the Right Hon. Jama Lady Ann Stuart, third daughter of Joho, Everard, ninth Lord Arondell, of Wardodr *third Earl of Bute, by whom he had no Castle, and Cognt of the Sacred Roman Emissue, and which marriage was dis-olved by pire. His Lordship was son of the Hon. Act of Parliament in 1719. He married, James Everard Arundell, of Ashcombe, in - secondly, May 25, 1779, Frances Julia Bur. the County of Wilts, and succeeded his first

rell, third daughter of Peter Burrell, Esq. cousin Henry, eighth Lord Aruodell, in his of Beckentham, Kent, sister to the Mat. titles, Derember the 4th, 1808. His Lord. chioners of Exeler, the Countess of Beverley, ship was in the 54th year of his age. and Lord Gwydir, by whom he had issue 18. At Barb, Thomas March Phillips, of five daaghters, three of whom are dead, and Garendon Park, County of Leicester, Esq. one is married to Lord James Murray, se

aged 70. cond son of the Duke of Athod, and two At Seaford, Lady Prescott, relict of Sir sons, Hogh Earl Percy, horn April 20,1785, George William Prescott, Bart. now Duke of Northumberland, who was 19. Suddenly, at Somerset-street, Mary. some time, since called up 10 the House of le-bone, Sir Willian Parsons, one of the Lurds, to sit for the barony of Percy; and Magistrates at Marlborough-street Office. Algernon, born December 15, 1792, lately 20. At Dorking, Jane, daughter of the created a peer, by the title of Lord Prudhoe. Jale Rev. Owen Manning, Rector of Poper

13. Ai Eglinton Castle, the Right Hon. Hara, and Vicar of Godalaing, Surrey. Hogh, Lord Mootgomerie, aged 7,

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THE Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johason, Biographia Dramatica, Pennani's
London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a
FEw proof impressions of the PORTRAITS that accompany this Work, are struck off on
Columbia Paper, aod may be had separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be
necessary to secure them, as the number printed is very LIMITED.
Jo the press,

History of the London and Dublin TheTRAVELS from Vienna through Lower atres, a further Continuation to the present enna during the Congress, in a 4to, volume, .. An Encyclopædia Metropolitina, or Uniwith engravings. By Dr. Bright.

versal Dictionary of Knowledge: it will A code of Agriculture, with noies, in one form 24 vols. 4to, with a 25th of Index, and large voluine 8vo. By Sir John Sinclair. be published in half volumes.

The Elements of the Practice of Agricul. A Practical Introduction to Botany, ilture, containing experiments and observa. Justrated by references under each definitions made during a period of fifty years. tion, 10 plants of easy access, and by nurmeBy A. Young.

rous figures; and also comprising a Glossary A splendid and authentic Peerage of the of Botanic Terms. By the Rev. W. Bingley. United Kingdom, from the earliest records Biographia Literaria, or Biographical to the present day, to be printed in several . Sketches of my Literary Life and Opinions. imperial 410. volumes. By Dr. Blake. By S. T. Coleridge, Esq. 2 vols. Svo.

A Practical Treatise on the Lans of To. Sybelline Leaves, a collection of poems. Berariop and Religious Liberty, as they af. By the same Author. feet every class of dissenters from the churcb An Introduction to English Composition of England. By 'T. N. Talfourd,

and Elocution; in four parts. By Joha The Elements of History and Geography, Carey, LL, D). antiral and modern, exemplified and illus- Literary botiçeś. By Dr. Roche, irated by the principlos of chronology. By 1. The Sceptic; consisting of Essays on J, Joyce.

Morals, Manners, &c. A Volume of Transactions of the Philo 2. An Inquiry concerning the proper obsophical Society of London.

jects of Philos phy, and the best mode of The Swiss Patriols, a poem. By W. conducting Philosophical Researches. Mackenzie.

3. Philosophical Researches concerning Introduction to the Knowledge of the the mepial faculties and postincis of the German Language By Mr. Bernay. lower animals, as compared with those of

Questions Resolved; containing an explaDating of prar 400 difficult passages of

4. Memoirs of the public and private Scripture, and concise answers to import. Life of the late Right Hon. G. Ponsonby. ant questions in History, &c. By the Rev. A second edition of Le Sage's Historical, G. G. Scraggs.

&c. &c. &c. Allas, with a new Map of The Remains of James Desautoy, late of Europe. Emanuel College, Cambridge.


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