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It appears from two parliamentary papers 1915, was 1,631,3291. 14s. 6d. and during that the arrrars of rent due from the tenants the year 1816, 1,308,4581, 125, 5 d. of Greenwich Hospital, on the 21st of November, 1015, amounted to 6,9031. 55, 10d. A return made to an order of the House that the produce of the lead and silver of Commons, with regard to ihe progress (the property of the hospital) sold, but made in building the new Post-Office, states, uopaid for, at the same period, amounted that the sum of 95 0001, bas been advanced to 249/. 28. 01d, and that the estimated value to the city of London, for the purpose of of lead and silver and lead ore in hand on providing a site for it. Purchases have the above date, was 7,8411, 3s. 6d. The been already inade, to the amount of Det revenge derived from rum, imported 78,2121. 145. 3d. and purchases have been from the West Indies, duriog the year 1814, agreed for to the amouot of 53,7741, Ils, was 2,000,9491, 148, 7d. during the year

The following is the General Abstract, deduced from the several accounts found an, dexed to the Fourth Report from the Select Committee on Finance:


1812. 1813. 1814. 1815. 1816.

Assessed and other Taxes
Post Office

£. £.


£. 9,109.723 8,743,811 8,859 830 9,390,434 7,742,415 20,267,458 21,061,293 (21,873,265 -2,491.964 20,501.0:1

5,075.670 5.340,712 | 5,598.57+ 5,499,252 5,464,976 6,618,232 6,714,688 6,817 10- 6,568,119 6.401.717 1,222,000 1.203,000 1,262,000 1,325,810 | 1,189.830

[blocks in formation]

(Irish currency) 4,113,373 4,060,166 3,754,252 3,691,857 | 2,894,110

Average of 1812, 1813, and 1814, Average of 1815&1816, £.3,975,930.

£.3,292,983. Average of the three years preceding. 1815.

£. Great Britain....

43,255,796 Ireland


46,925,886 Produce of the year 1815. Great Britain....

1.45,275,579 Ireland,

...3,691,657 Irish. ....... Being more than the average of the three former years....

1,757,561 Produce of the year 1816. Great Britain..

43,974,446 Ireland....

.2,894,110 Trish.. 2.671,4875 Less than the average of the three preceding years..

2,951.440 Less than the year 1815...

Average of the years 1815 and 1816.
Great Britain.....

.3,292,983 Irish.
Corresponding nearly with the average of the three years preceding.

3,107,868 } 48,688,447


..43.289,289 } 46,328,946


thew Wood, Lord Mayor, Citizen and FishTHIS THIS Gazette notifies that the Prince monger, in the room of Harvey Christian

Regent has been pleased to grant the Combe, Esq. who has accepted the Chiltera dignity of a Baron of the Uoited Kingdom Hundreds. of Great Britain and Ireland unto the Right University of Oxford. - The Right Hon, Hon. Charles Abbot, of Kidbrook, Sussex, Robert Peel, M. A. of Christ Church, in the late Speaker of the House of Commons, and roon of the Right Hon, Charles Abbot, now the heirs male of his body, lawfully begot- Baron Colchester, called up to the House of ten, by the name, style, and title of Baron

Colchester, of Colchester, in the county of

Also, that upon the decease of John, late Member relurned to serve in Parliament,
Marquis of Bule, the title and dignity of

Borough of Bossiney.-William Yates Marquis of Bute descended to his grandson, Peele, Esq. second son of Sir Robert Peele, Johu, Earl of Dumfries, in Scotland, as the

Bart, in the room of the Right Hon. John eldest son and her of Jobo Stuart, Esq. Oiway, Earl of Desart, who bas accepted commonly called Lord Mount Stuart, de

the Chiltern Hundreds. ceased, eldest son and beir apparent of the said Jobo, late Marquis of Bute. The Prince

SATURDAY, JUNE 21. Regent has been pleased to declare and or

[This Gazette contains a Proclamation of dain that Patrick James Herbert Crichton

Pardop to all Deserters from the Land Ser. Stuart, Esq. only brother of the said John,

vice, who shall surrender themselves on or Bow Marquis of Bute and Earl of Dumfries, before the 18th of August next.] shall, from henceforth, have and enjoy the same title, place, pre-eminence, and prece

TUESDAY, JUNE 24. dence in all assemblies or meetings whatsoeyer, as if his said late father had lived 10

Members returned to serve in Parliament. have inherited and enjoyed the said title and Borough of Chippenham.-John Maita dignity of Marquis of Bute.

Jand, of Woodford Hall, in the County of Also, that the Prince Regent has con- Essex, Esq. in the room of the Right Hon. ferred the honour of kuighthood on Ralph Robert Peele, who has accepted the Chile Rice, Esq. Recorder of Prince of Wales's tern Hundreds. Islant ; and on Richard Bassett, Esq. Mayor Borough and Parish of Buckingham.-of Newport, Isle of Wight,

Lieut. Col. the Hon. James Hamilton Stans

hope, of the Grenadier Guards, in the room TUESDAY, JUNE 3.

of the Hon. Hugh Fortescue, commonly (This Gazette notifies that at the Court at called Lord Ebrington, who has accepted Carlton House, held the 31st Mav, the Right the Chiltern Hundreds. Hoo, Sir George Fitzgerald Hill, Bart, was sworn of his Majesty's Most Hon. Privy

SATURDAY, JUNE 28. Council, and took his place at the Board [This Gazette notifies that the Prince Rex accordingly.]

gent has appointed George Manners, Esq.

Consul in the State of Massachusetts; and SATURDAY, JUNE 7.

approved of the 151h Regiment of Foot bear[This Gazeite notifies that John Becket, ing on its colours and appointments the Esg. has been appointed Judge- Advocate words “ Martinique' and · Guadaloupe," General; and that the Prince Regent has and of the 671b Regiment bearing, in like koighted T. S. Raffles, Esq. late Governor manner, the word “ Barrosa.”'] of Java.]


[This Gazette notifies that the Prince Re [This Gazette notifies the appointment of gent has granted voto Rear Admiral Sir the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Strangford Phillip Charles Durham, Knight, Commanto be his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary der of the Most Hon. Military Order of the and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of Bath, license and permission that he may acSweden)

cepi and wear the cross of a Commander of

the Order of Military Meril of France, SATURDAY, JUNE 14.

which bis Most Christian Majesty has been [This Gazette notifies the appointment of pleased to confer upon him; also onto HiLord Strangford as Envoy Extraordinary

chard Roberts, Esq. Lieut, Col, in the army, and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Swedish

and Captaio in the 620 (or Wiltshire) RegiCourt; and conferred the honour of knight- meni of Foot, license and perinission to acbood- og Major-General Francis Wilder.] cept and wear the cross of the Royal Sardi.

nian Order of St. Maurice and Lazare, Members returned to serve in Parliument.

which his Majesty the King of Sardinia bas City of London.— The Right Hon. Mat.' been pleased to confer upoupiin.




Member returned to serve in Parliament. Rutlandshire, Friday, July 18th, at Oak.

Borough of Ludgershall.--Heory Lawes bann. Lettrell, Earl of Carhampton, in Ire. Linconshire, Saturday, July 19, at the land, in the room of Charles Nicholas Pal. Castle, Liacolo. ner, Esq. who bas accepted the Cbiltere City of Lincoln, Saterday, at the City of Hundreds.


Nottinghamshire, Thursday, July 24tb, at SATURDAY, JULY 5.

Nottingbam. [This Gazelle contains a Proclamation, Town of Nottingham, Same day at the dated the Ist inst, by the Prince Regent, or. town of Nottingham. dering that the new gold coin called Sove. Derbyshire, Saturday, July 26, at Derby. reigns shall pass current at the value of twen. Leicestershire, Wednesday, July 30, ai the ty shillings. Each Sovereign contains 3d wts. Castle of Leicester. 3grs, and the parts of a grain of stand- City of Coventry, Saturday, August 2, at ard gold. The impression on the obverse the City of Coventry.

Warwickshire, The same day at Warwick, The head of his Majesty, with the inscription, “ Georgias lij. D. G: Britanniar. Rez. F. D.” and the date of the year; and Mr. Baron GRAHAM.—Mr. Justice Ber. on the reverse, the image of St. George arıed, sitting on horseback, encountering the Southampton, Tuesday, July 15, at the

Castle of Winchester. dragon with a spear, the said device being placed within the ennobled garter, bearing Willshire, Saturday, July 19, at New ihe motto “ Honi soit, qui mal y pense,'

Sarum. with a newly iovented graining on the edge Dorsetshire, Wednesday, July 23, at Dorof the piece.

setshire. Another Proclamation of the same date Devonshire, Saturday, July 26, at the Castle orders that do pieces of gold coin more defi

of Exeter. cient in weight than the rates specified in City and County of Exeter, The same day the table following shall pass currept:

at the Guildhall of the City of Exeter, Guineas, five penoyweights eight grains ; Cornwall, Monday, August 4, at Bodmio. Half guincas, two penny weights sixteen Somerselshire, Saturday, August 9, at Bridge

water. grains ;

Quarter guineas, one pennyweight eight City and County of Bristol, Saturday, Aug. grains ; and that the seven shillings gold

16, at the Guildhall of the City of

Bristol. pieces, and the gold pieces called sovereigns, or twenty shilling pieces, more deficient in weight than the rates hereafter specified; Sir ViCary Gibbs, Knight Lord Ctief yiz.

Justice.- Mr. Justice ABBOTT. Seven shilling pieces, one penny weight Buckinghamshire, Monday, July 21, at sighteen grains ;

Buckingham. Sovereigns, or twenty shilling pieces, five

Bedfordshire, Thursday, July 24, at Bedpenny weights two grains three quarters.)

ford. The Prince Regent has conferred the ho- , nour of knighthood on Spiridion Foresti,

ollarday, July 26, at Esq. late his Majesty's resident Minister in the Ionian Islands; and appointed Mr. Bal.

Cambridgeshire, Monday, July 28, at Cam. four Spence, of Lerwick, Vice Consul for Suffolk, Thursday, July 31, at Bury St.

bridge. Napover, in Shetland.


Norfolk, Tuesday, August 5, at the Castle TUESDAY, JULY, 8. Days and places appointed for holding City of Norwich, The same day at the Gaild.

of Norfolk. llie Summer Assizes, 1817; viz.

hall of the said City. Lord ELLENBOROUGH, Lord Chief Juslice.-Mr. Justice DALLAS.

Sir RICHARD RICHARDS, Knt. Lord Chief Hertfordshire, Thursday, July 24th, at

Baron.-Mr. Baron WOOD, Hertford.

Cily of York and County of the same City, Essex, Monday, July 28th, at Chelmsford,

Saturday, July 19, at the Guildhall of the Kent, Monday, August 4, at Maidstone.

said City. Susser, Saturday, August 9th, at Lewis. Yorkshire, Same day at the Castle of York. Surrey, Wednesday, August 13th, at Croy- Durham, Monday, August 4, at the Castle don.

of Durbam.

Town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and County Hr. Justice BAYLEY. Mr. Justice HOL- of the same Town, Saturday, Aug. 9, at

the Guildhall of the same town. Northamptonshire, Tuesday, July 15, at Northumberland, The same day at the Castle Nortbampton

of Newcastle upon Tyne.






Cumberland, Saturday, August 16, at the Glamorganshire, Saturday, September 6, at City of Carlisle.

Cardiffe. Westmorland, Saturday, August 28, at

CARMARTHEN CIRCUIT. Appleby. Lancashire, Wednesday, August 27, at the SAMUEL HEYWOOD Serjeant at Law.- Jom Castle of Lancaster,


Carmarthen, Mooday, August 25.

Haverfordwest, Saturday, August 30.
Wr. Justice PARK.-Mr. Baron GARROW,

Cardigan, Friday, September 5.
Berkshire, Monday, July 14, at Abingdon.
Oxfordshire, Wednesday, July 16, at Ox.

Worcestershire, Saturday, July 19, at


Joan Leach, Esq. Chief Justice.-WK City of Worcester, The same day at the

LIAM DRAPER Best, Esq. Second Justicc. City of Worcester,

Montgomeryshire, Saturday, August 9, at Staffordshire, Thursday, July 24, at Staf

Pool. ford.

Denbighshire, Friday, August 15, at Shropshire, Wednesday, July 30, at Shrews.

Ruibing. bury.

Flintshire, Thursday, August 21, at Mold. Herefordshire, Tuesday, August 5, at Here

Cheshire, Wednesday, August 27, at the ford,

Castle of Chester.
Hormouthshire, Tuesday, August 12, at

NORTH WALES SUMMER CIRCUIT. Gloucestershire, Saturday, August 16, at Hugu LEYCESTER, Esq.-WILLIAM Kex. Gloucester.

RICK, Esq.
City of Gloucester, The same day at the Merionethshire, Thursday, August 14, at
City of Gloucester.

Carnarvonshire, Wednesday, August 20, at

WILLIAM WINGFIELD, Esq.–ABEL Mor. Anglesey, Tuesday, August 26, at Beayn
SEY, Esq.

maris. Radnorshire, Monday, August 25, at Pres. This day (July 19th) the Right Honourateigne.

ble John Beckett, was sworn of bis MajesBrecknockshire, Saturday, August 30,' at ty's most Konourable Privy Council, and Breckoock.

took his place at the board accordingly.





, : Secretary to the SOCIETY of GUAR- many others, of a similar description, had DIANS for the PROTECTION of TRADE heen presented. It was also found that against SWINDLERS and SHARPERS, there was no such ship as he had described. has informed the Members, by a Circular sent Also that the persons underpamed, or round to them, that the person undernamed; using the firms of viz. Doe, 6, Castle-court, Birchin-lane, who M`Neil and DoE, 6, Castle.court, refers to BRUCE and Sons, late CoulsON Birchin-lane (mentioned above as and BRUCE, Ship Brokers, 220, Upper Doe only), Also that Thames-street (before mentioned), is re- DANIEL HEWITT, 30, Gun-street, Spiported to this Society as improper to be pro- tal-square, and posed to be ballotted for as a Member FRANCIS PALMER, lately messenger to thereof. Also that a man calling himself tbe Magdalen charity, since of Brandone

W. H. DAFTES, of Butt-lane, Wapping, buildings, Newington Causeway, and last and representing bimself as Master of a ship of William-street, behind the County Ter. called the Selina, outward bound, and lay race, Kent-road, are reported to this soing at Cherry-Garden stairs, lately applied ciety as improper to be proposed to be bal. to a coal-merchant, with an order for coals, lotted for as members thereof. to be sent on board the said ship, tendering He also informs the members, by way of a bill, drawn by him on Messrs. Hippuff caution, that a member has lately been de. and Davies, and appearing to be accepted frauded by a person assuming the name of a by them, payable at Messrs. Smith, Payne, respectable Gentleman, and ordering a aed Co. for which he received change. On small quantity of goods (cutlery) to be sent presenting the bill for payment, it appeared to bis-counting-house, on the stairs of which


[ocr errors]

he met the boy bringing them, and pretend- about five feet six inches high, with a fair ing to have forgotten part of his order, sent complexion, a little pock marked. He him back for something more. On the drove a gig '

with railing, and painted boy's return, the person was gone, and the yellow. Gentleman in whose name they were or. Also that David BIOGERS alias David dered knew nothing of the matter.

SAYGIB (mentioned in June 1816) is now Also that the person undernamed; viz. resident in Doris-street, Regent street, WILLIAM Hall, frequently mentioned un. Lambeth, where he still goes by the name der various names, resides now as a shop- of BiggERS. And that a person calling keeper at Enfield. And also uses the firm himself of William BlaLL, CHILD, DAVIFB, SMITH, Mr. CATTERALL, of the house of Cat. and Co. basket-makers, at 17, Fleet lane, terall, Darbyshire and Co. merchants, Fleet market

Wapping, Liverpool, has recently called Also that the persons undernamed, or on several paper-makers in the country, using the firm of

and ordered paper for exportation to New Hoescu GIENA NTRE and Co. 26, Nicho- York, in payment of which, he has given las-lane, and

bills for a larger amount, and received Robert HAMPTON, ROLPA and the change; which bills are drawn in the HAMPTON, 6, Lawrence Pountney-bill, name of are reported to that Society as improper to JONATHAN FALlows, on Messrs. Mastes. be proposed to be ballotted for as Mem. man and Co. wbo, on their being presented bers thereof. Also that a person calling for acceptance, say they have seen several himself

such bills, but they know nothing of the William Tanner, master of the ship parties. Caroline, is now giving orders principally Mr. CATTERALL is described as a spare for coals, purporting to be for the ship, tall man, about five feet ten inches high, and paying for them by small bills, drawn with a sallow complexion. He is about on various persons in the City, for which forty years of age, and has a plain travel. he got the difference; but the acceptances ling appearance. to which are afterwards found to be

THE KING'S HEALTA. forgeries.

Windsor castle, July 5. Also that a person described on his card “ His Majesty has been very composed

daring the last month. His Majesty's bealth LEONARD LEADLEY, Sworn-broker and is good, but bis disorder continues unabaGeneral Agent, No. 3, George-yard, Lom. ted. bard street, has lately been addressing

“ HENRY HALFORD, letters to several watch-makers, containing

“ M. BAILLIE, orders for watches to be supplied to a


“ J. WILLIS, stated to be a merchant, shipping articles

“ R. WILLIS." for America, and offering in payment bills, Captain C. Moore, late of the Royal at four month's date, on Messrs. John Sovereign yacht, has been presented with a Brown and Co. Manchester Warehouse. valuable diamond ring, by the French men, No. 8, Budge-row, Watling-street, Ambassador's Lady, for his gallantry in all the said letters and orders being precise saving the lives of two French seamen off copies of each other, and bearing the same Calais. date. Several jewellers have likewise According to advices of the 30th April received similar letters of the same date from Martinique, the Spanish Troops bad as the others, with orders for jewellery. been defeated in the vicinity of Au

One of the Plymouth Bank-notes men- gusturar, on the Oroonoko, by the patri. tioned in November 1913, baving been ots, with great loss. Out of between two, lately negociated by a person calling and 3000, all that succeeded in getting bimself

back to the fort were the General, and William HARVEY, who received change about 100 officers and privates. The upset for it. He is desired to repeat the des- of the Patriots was so furious, that their cription of them. They are for Ten and oppovets gave way, in all directions, in Five pounds, dated “ Plymouth," drawn about fifiren minutes. Augustura, was some by “ Joseph Hayward” and others blockaded on the land side, and bad but a by “ James Bailey,” for Thomas Bormon scanty szock of provisions. The above and Co. payable to the bearer seven days intelligence was brought by a vessel sent after sight, at No. 4, Mark-lanie, were on to Martinique for a supply. It was rue being presented, no such person is known. moured that Bolivas had effectd, a juncOne

PLOMER has been also noticed tion with Ardinat, and was marching to as a partner in that firm, which was men- wards Sr. Leon de Caraccas, tioned in March 1813, as resident at No, Some hopes are now held out, of reca. 4, Mark-lane.

vering the greater part of the baggage The said WILLIAM HARVEY is described and other things sunk with the Alcentes, as a young man of genteel appearance, near the Suoda Isles..


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