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all her earthly sufferings have ceased, and the pen of partial affection may pay, without all ber eternal hopes are realized, forbids suspicion of unmerited eulogy; and which their tears to flow, in selfish consideration all who knew her will confirm, by a sigh of of their bereavement. With her the sor. acknowledgment when they apply tbe des rows of life, and the bitterness of death, are cription to the lamented individual whose past; she has reached that limit of mortal departure out of this world we have the endurance, which opens to the regions of afflictive task of recording. light and immortality.

16. At Bentingford, Robert Wood, M.D. Her virtues were those which are found

aged 51. among the purest excellencies of the female 21. In her eighteenth year, after a lincharacter-she was filial, affectionate, in- gering illness of more than two years, which genuous, and humble-the qualities of her she bore with uncomplaining patience and miud were no less valuable, than those of her resignation, Jane, the eldest daughter of heart were agreeable. She was intelligent Mr. Thomas Woodfall, of Sloane-square, and firm in the knowledge and performance Chelsea. of her social duties. This mention of the dead 22. After a short illness in Wimpoleis the melancholy duty which the surviving street, Mr. Farquharson, at the advanced members of her family owe to departed age of 88 years. worth-it is that tribute of truth, which even

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE, THE Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biograpbical Dictionary, Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Biographia Dramatica, Penpani's Loodon, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a Few proof impressions of the PORTRAITS that accompany this work, are struck oft' on Columbia Paper, and may be had separate, price 4s.; but early applicatioo will be necessary to secure them, as the number printed is very LIMITED. In the Press,

The Rev. D. W. Garrow's History of the

the Right Hon. John Philpot Cur- manors, ran,

late Master of the Rolls in Ireland, in Captain Basel Hall's (of the Lyra) Work a quarto volume, with a portrait and vig- on the late Embassy to China, which will Dette.

relate chiefly to the nautical surveys and Dr. James Johnson's Essay on the Pro- discoveries, and be accompanied with longation of Life and Conservation of charts. Health, translated from the French of MM. A History of the Spanish Inquisition, Gilbert and Halle, with notes.

froin its establishment by Ferdinand V. to Brown's Psyche, or the Soul, a poem, in the present time, drawn from authentic five cantos.

documents, by Don Juan Antonio Llorente, The Transactions of the Association of ope of the principal oficers of the Inquisi. the King and Queen's College of Physicians torial Couri. in Ireland, vol. i.

Original Letters, from Richard Baxter, A Narrative of Discoveries in Asia, by Matthew Prior, Lord Bolingbroke, Alex Mr. Burkhart, who has been for some years ander Pope, Dr. Cheyne, Dr. llartley, &e. travelling in the countries south of Egypt, with biographical Nustrations, edited by under the auspices of the African Associa- Rebecca Warner, near Bath. 000.

Dr. Carey's Clavis Metrico-Nasoniana, The Rev. Charles Clarke's work, describ- on a plan similar to, but more minute and ing the Hundred Wonders of the Modern ample than, that of his Clavis Metrico-Vir. World, and of the three Kingdoms of Na- giliana, lately published. ture.

Dr. Carey's edition of Thompson's SeaTales of Wonder, of Humour, and of Sep- sons, with Mctrical Notes to each line. timent, by Anna and Annabella Plumptre, A Mogody to the Memory of the Priin 3 vols. 12mo,

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41. Curran's Speeches and Life, 12s.

Laurent's German Grammar, 12mo. 5s. Ditto Life, separate, 2s.

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Rosabella ; or,

a Mother's Marriage, lor, 53, 6d.

5 vols. I?mo. 11. 10s. Zapolya, by Coleridge, 5s. 6d.

Marners, 3 vols. 12mo. 18s. Evans's Parliamentary Reports, 56 Geo. Denton's Life and Errors, with Selections III. 1817, 11. Us. 6d.

from his other Works, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 5s.

Acknowledgments to Correspondents.

Tak melancholy narrative which occupies so large a portion of the present Number, must apologize for our unavoidable neglect of almost every other strbject. It has, indeed, so engrossed every thought, and so influenced every feeling, as to have left us little inclination or ability for any topies of inferior interest; and we are persuaded, that all our readers must concur in that opinion which has induced us to attach such peculiar importance to a calamity so deplored, and to an afiliction so distressful.

We cannot, however, omit offering our warmest acknowledgments to V.-T. -and H.G.W. for their very prompt and considerate kindness opon this melancholy occasion, and we beg them to believe, that though our thanks may be very inadequately expressed, yet that their repeated attentions are most deeply and sincerely appreciated.

Every other notice of Correspondeuce is deferred until next month.

Portraits and Memoirs of their Royal and Serene Highnesses the Priocess CHARLOTTE and Prince LEOPOLD have appeared in the European Magazine for May and July, 1816.



Extracted from the Lordon Gazette.
N.B. All the Meetings are at Guildhall, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

Lordon Attornies' Names are between Brackets.

[RAWLINS, JOHN, Liverpool, merchant, Nov. 4.

ALLWRIGHT, Sam. High-st. Shoreditch, haber. Dec. 20, Weakley's Hotel, Plymou:h-dock. [Boo

dasher, Dec. 16. [Crafts, Foley-st. Portland- zon and Co. Ply inouth-dock; and Darke and Co. pl.) Non. 4.

Chancery-lane.) Nor. 8. AARON, ABRAHAM, Plymouth-dock, silversmith, APPLSBY, ROB, North Shields, cabine makes,

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Dec. 17, 18, and Jan. 3, Commercial, North
Shields. [Barker, North Sheilds; and Robinson

and Co. Austin-iriars.] No. 82 ALDHAM, WM. Great Totham, Rssex, miller, Dec.

6, and Jan. 3. [l'ilson and Co. Coleinan-street.)

Nov, 22. ATHERSTONE, HUGH, Nottingham, dyer, Dec.

9, 10, and Jan. 6, Flying Horse, Nottingham.

Enfield and Co. Nottingham.] Nov. 25. BELL, JOHN, Newcastle upon Tyne, stationer,

Dec. 13, Turk's Head, Bigg Market, Newcastleupon Tyne. [Kirkley and Co. Newcastle upon. Tyne; and Constable, Symond's-inn.] Nov. 1. BRAY, JASPER SELWYN, Cojeman-Rt.-build.

merchant, Dec. 19. (Willis and Co. Warnford. court.)

Nor. 1. BRAY, WM. merchant, Dec. 13.

(Willis and Co. Warnford co.) Nov. 1. BUTCHER, UKIAH. Cambridge, serivener, Dec. 16,

Pickerill, Cambridge. [Peacock, Cambridge; and Toone, Cursitor-street, Chancery lane.)

Nov, 4. BROAD, THOS. Bury', Sussex, miller, Dec. 20,

Golden Fleece, Chichester. [Freeman, Arundel; and Knight and Co. Basinghall-st.] Nov, 8. BENNETT, SAM. Bath, broker, Dec. 20, Full

Moon, Old Bridge, Bath. !Hodgson, Bath; and Highmore, Scott's yard.). Nov. 8. BELLING, WM. Exeter, druggist, Dec. 20, Hotel,

Exeter; (Brution, Old Brnau-st.] Nov.e. BOLSHAW, JOSHUA, Liverpool, plumber, Dec. 1,

%, and 20, Star and Garter, Liverpool. [Atherton, Liverpool; and Avison and Co. Castle-st. Hol

born.) Nov. 8. BAUM, JOHN, White Hart-yard, Drury-lane, vic

tualler, Dec. 23. (Platt, Aldersgate-st.] Nov. 11. BEARD, WM. Princess-st. Cavendish-square, farrier, Dec. 23. [Hartley, New Bridge-st. Black

friars.] Nov. 11. BACKEIT, WM. PETER, Wakefield, linen draner, Dec. 27, Session's House, Wakefield. (Lambert

and Co. Gray's-inn-square.) Nov. 15. BRADFORD), "RICH. Bromyard, Hereford, cord. wainer, Dec. 30, Falcon, Bromyard. (Danger. field, Bromyard; and Taylor, Featherstone-build.

Holborn.) Yor. 18. BRIDGEMEN, JOHN VICKRY, Tavistock, Devon,

money, scrivener, Dec. ? and so. (Lamb, and

Co. Princes sl. Bank.] Nov. 18. BRANDON, JACOB ISRAEL, Great Alie-street,

Goodman's fields, merchant, Dec. 2 and 30.

(Annesley and Co. Caicaton street.) Nov. 18. BÀRFIELD), EDW. St. Philip and Jacob, Glouces.

ter, cooper, Dec. A, 9, and Jan. 3, Commercial Room, Bristol. (Livett, Bristol; and Poule and • Co. Gray's inn.] Nov. 22. BELDON, BENJ. Keighley, York, iron founder,

Dec. 92, 93, and Jan. 6, Old Cock, Halifax. [Alexander, Halifax; and Nettlefold, Norfolk.

st. Strand. Vor, 25, COOPER, WM Fenchurch-st. merchant. Dec. 9.

(Lowe and ('o. Southampton-build. Chancery

lane.) Oct. 28. COWEN, GEO, Gt. Prescott-st. Goodman's-fields,

merchant, Dec, 13. [Johnson, Mansell-street.]

Noo. 1. CARLISLE, JOHN, St. Anne's Mill, Newcastle.

upon Tyne. [Bainbridge, Newcastle; and Atkin

son and Co. Chancery lane.) Nuv.f. CUTLER, AMBROSE, Tow rist. painter, Dec. 23.

(Nori, Grai's-inn-p'ace, Gray's-inn.) Nov. U. COOKE, JOIN, Fareliam, Hanis, tanner, Dec. 07,

Red Linn, Farebam. (Alexander and Co. New.

inn.) Nr. 15. COLLINSON, JOHN, Huddersfield, York, boat

builder, Dec. 4 ani 27. [Chew, Fenchurch.vl.]

Nor, 15. COOPER, HEN. Brixton, huilder, Dec. 6 and Jan.

3. (Lee and Co. Three Crowa.square, Borougli.)

Nor. 22. COWDROY, WM. Manchester, letter-prass printar,

Dec. 15, 16, and Jan. 6, White Bear, Manchester, (Hewitt, Münciiester; and Hurd and Co. Tein. ple.) Nor. 25. DODD), THOS. Liverpool, printseller, Dec. 9. (Pel.

larny, Serjeant's inn, Flert-strect.] Oct. 26. DOWNS, SAM. MORRIS, Reading, Herts, cheese.

monger, Dec. 13. (Robert, Greystoke-place,

Fetter-lane) Mor, l. DANIEL, GCO. and Co. Birmingham, merchants,

Dec. 1, 2, and 2, Swan, Birmingham. [Simcox, Bullring, Birmingham; and Bourdillon and Co.

Bread-street, Cheapside.) Nov. 8. DAVJES, WM, Bedwelly, Monmouthshire, inn

holder, Dec. 27, Black Rock, Ports Rewitt. [Price

and Co. Lincoln's inn.) Nor. 15. DICKENSON, RIVERS and JOHN, St. John's-st.

brewers, Dec. 27. (Osbaldesron, London-st. Fen

church-street.] Nov. 15. DYSON, JAS, Meltham Mill, York, clothier, Der.

30. Rose and Crown, Huddersfield. (Crosland,

Hudderstield; and Battye, Chancery-la. [Nou. 19. DOWNES, JOHN JAS. Whitechapel road, collar maker, Dec. 6 and Jan. S.

[Smith and Co. Leman-st. Goodman's-fields.] Nov. 24. EADY, THOS. Woolwich, horse dealer, Dec. 19.

[Morgan, Woolwich.] Nov. 1. EVANS, MOSES, sen Llangernew, Denbigh, shod

keeper, Dec. vo, Crown, Denbigh. (Williams, Denbigh; and Whitby, Liverpool.] Nov. 6. EMENY, JOHN, Dover, draper, Dec. 2 and Jan. 3.

[Jones, Size-lane.) Nov. 22 ELLISON, EDW. Torbock, Lancaster, flour factor,

Dec, 11, 12, and Jan. 6, York, Liverpool. (Heyes and Co. Prescot; and Adlington and Co. Bed.

ford-row.) Nov. 25. FIRTH, WM. Lirersedge, York, clothier, Dec. 19.

(Fyles. Castle.street, Houndeditch.). Nov. I. FLETCHER, JAS. and Co. Brighthelmstone,

taitors, Dec. 20. (Adams, Old Jewry.] Nov. 8. FLACK, JEREMIAH, Old-st. victualler, Dec. 2 and

30. [Duncan, Gray's-inn.) Nov. 18. FOTHERGILL, GÉO. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship

owner, Dec. 1, 16, and Jan. o, George, Newcastles upon Tyne. Bainbridge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ;

and Atkinson and Co. Chancery-lane.) Nov. 9b. GREEN, ROB. Manchester, iron liquor maker,

Dec. 20, Bushi, Deansgate. (Creswell, Blanches.

ter; and Ellis, Chancery-lane.] Nov. 8. GREEN, JAS. Saltford, Somersetshire, victualler,

Dec. 97, Full Moon Bath. (Young, Charlotte

row, Mansion.bouse) Nor. 15. GORING, THOS. Staines, tailor, Dec. 6 and Jan. 8.

(Shepherd, Hyde-st. Bloomsbury.] Nov. 22. GREGORY, GEO. Sheffield, scissor manufacturer,

Dec. 3, 5, and Jan. 3, Angel, Sheffield. (Haywood, Shefi and Bigg, Southampton Build.]

Nor. 22. HILDEBRANT, CHAS. Coleman-st. picture seller,

Dec. iS. (Hurd and Co. King's 'Bench-walki, Temple.] Nov. 1. HALL, JOHN RUMSEY, Aldermanbury, merchant,

Dec. 13. (Hackett, New-ct. St. Swithin's-lane.] KENDRICK, FRANCIS, Holborn, linen draper,

Nov. 1. HORSON, JOHN, Manchester, brazier, Dec. 20,

White Berr, Manchester. (Hewitt, Manchester ; and Ellis, Chancery-lane.] Nov. s. HALL, WM. Halifax, Yorkshire, money scrivener,

Dec. 23, Old Cock, Halifax. (Alexander, Halifax; and Vettiefold, Norfoik-st. Strand.] Nov. ll. HOWELL, JOHN and Co. Blackfriars road, liucn

drapers, Dec. 43. [Farren, Thriadneedle-strect. )

No. Il. HAWKE, WM. Lanerton, Devonshire, merchant,

Dec. 2, 3, and 97, Commercial, Plymouth. [Faisbanki, Staple's inn.) Nov. 15. HOLBROOK, THOS. Bath, coach master, Dec. 27,

Full Moon, Bath. [Wingate, Bath; and Young, Charlotte-row, Mansion house.] Nov. 15. HUTCHINSON, WM. St. John st. cheesemonger,

Dec. 9 and 27. (Robinson, Westmin

ster.) Nor. 15. HEWITT, HEN. Sheffield, merchant, Dec. 30, Tone tine, Sheffield.

(Wake, Sheffield; and Blake. loch, Serieant's-inn.) Nov. 18. HOME, GEO. Threadneeille-st. wine merchant, Dec. 2.9, and Jan. 3. (Setree, Jolin-st. Bedford-row.]

Nov. 98. HEATON, JOHN, and Co. Almondbury; York, woollen manufacturers, Dec. 9, 10, and Jan, f, While Horse, Huddersfield. [Pearce, Huddersfield; and Stocker and Co. Furnival's-inn.)

Nov. 25. KNIGHT, JOHN aud Co. Gough-. sq. feather ma.

nufacturers, Dec. 16. (Lane and Co, Lawrence

Pountney.liill.] Noc.4. KENT, WM. Upper Russeil-st. Bermondsey, lean

ther dresser, Dec. 16. [Drew and Co. Soutlıwark.] Nov. 4.

Dec. 16. (Willis and Co. Warnford-ct. Throgmorton-st.) Nor. 4. KILNER, WM. and Co. Lee's Lodge, Yorkshire,

woollen manufacturers, Dec. es, White Horse, Huddersfield. (Peace, Huddersfield; and Stocker

and Co. Furnival's.inn.) Nov. ll. KENDRICK, WM. Daventry, Northamptonshire,

grocer, Dec. 07. (Lawledge, Gray's-inn-square.)

Nov. 15. KELSBY, WM., victualler, Dec. 27. (Hannam, Piazza Chambers, Coveni-gard.]

Nov. 15. LEIGH, JOS. jun. Manchester, calico printer, Dec. 20, Palace, Manchester. (Kershaw, Manchester. [Kershaw, Manchester; and Hurd and

Co. Temple.] Nov. 8. LATHAM, JOHN, Romsay, Southampton, common

brewer, Dec. 11, 12, and Jan. 0. (Denman and Co. Romsay; and Nestlefold, Norfolk-st. Strand.]

Nor. 95. MILLER, JOHN and Co. Holywell-st. Strand, shoemakers, Dec. 9. (Amory and Co. Lothbury.]

Oct. 29. MORSE, HENRY, Fitzroy-eq. cabinet

maker, Dec. 20.' [Benton, Union-st. Sputhwark.]

Nov. 8. MAXFIELD, THos. Halstead, Essex, grocer, Dec.

23. [Palmer and Co. Bedford-row. ] Nov. Il. MATHISON, WM. and Co. Bishopsgate-street

withoui, taylors, Dec. and 27. [Willett, Crown

ct. Threadneedle-st.) Nov. 15. MITCHELL, JESSE, Tichfield, Southampton,

linen draper, Dec. so, Red Lion, Fareham, Southampton. (Padden, Fareham; and Alexander and

Co. New-inn.) Nov. 18. MARSH, JAS. Pilkington, Lancaster, farmer, Dec.

3, 4, and 30, Dog, Manchester. [Bennet, Man. chester; and Longdill and Co. Gray's-inn-sq.]

Nov. 18. MOORE, THOS. Bartonshaw, Herefordshire, far.

mer, Dec. 1, 2, and Jan. 3, Royal Oak, Hereford. {Pritchard, Hereford; and Smith, Austin-friars.)

Nov. 29. MINOL, WM, Lime-st. merchant, Dec. 2, 6, and

Jan. 9. (Swaine and Co. Frederick', Old Jewry.) Nor, 29. MARSHAM, WM, Throgmorton-street, broker, Dec. 2, 13, and Jan. 6. [Hubbersty,

Austin-friars.) Nor. es. NICHOLSON, JAS. Bow-lane, pin mannfactorer, Dec. 13. (Herd and Co. King's Bench-walk,

Temple.] Nor. 1. NICHOLSON, JAS, and Co. Bow.lane, Cheapside,

pin manufacturere, Dec. 13. (Lackow, Ward

robe-place, Doctor's commons.) Nor. 1. NOBLE, GEO. Ely place, Holborn, dealer, Dec. 25.

(Annersley and Co.] Nov. 11. OVERTON, WM. Birmingham, plater, Dec. 13.

{Hughes, Dean-st. Felter-lanc.] Nor. I. OLIPHANT, JAS. Cochipur-st, hat manufacturer,

Dec. 6 and so. [Nind and Co. Throg morton sl.]

Nor. 18.
OXNAM, RICH. Penzance, Cornwall, merchant,

Dec, 10, 11, and so, Unjoli, Penzance. [Scobal,
Penzance; and Highmore, Scot's-yard, Busla-bene,

Cannon-sl.) Nr. 18.
OATS, GEO. and Co. York, merchants, Dec. 90,

Tontine, Sheffield. [Parker and Co. Sheffield; and Blacrave and Co. Symonds.inn.) Not. 18. PICKSTOCK, THOS. Shrewsbury, mercer, Dec. 20,

Lion, Shrewsbury. [Astorley and Co. Shrewsbury; and Griffiths, Southampton buildings.) Voo. 8. PARRY, JOHN, Denbigh, diaper, Dec. 3. 4, and 27, Bridgewater Arms, Manchester. (Taylor and ('o. Manchester; and Ellis, Chancery-lane.]

Nov. 1). PITTS, LEWIS, Thorne Abbotts, Norfolk, merch.

ant, Dec. 97. White Hart, Scole. Taylor and Co.

King's Beach walk, Temple. Nur, 15. POWELL. JORN, Topotam, Devonshire, rope

maker, Dec. 27, Globe, Extiér. (Collet and Co.

Chancery-lane.) Vito 15. PALLET, CH;s, and Co. Lore-lane, Alderman.

buty, factors, Dec. 9 and 27. Williams, Dyer's.

buidin3. Hell til.) Nr. 15. PATERSON, TUOS. Stockport, draner, Dec 3, 4,

and 30, Star, Manchester (Dicas & ('o. Manchester, and Longuill and Co. Gray's-inn-sq jait. )

Mor. 18. PHILP, THOS. Newton Abbott, Deron, innholdet,

Dec. 18, 19, and Jan. 3, Hotel,) Exelcr. (Luzon

and Co. Plymouth-dock; and Darke and Co. Chancery-lane.) Nov. 84. PIERCEY, EDW. Rotherfeld Grays, Oxfordshire,

Farmer, Dec. 6, and Jan. 6. (Beckett, Roble-st

Foster lane.) Nor. 25., PARSONS, Jás. Harwich, Essex, fishing-sorack

owner, Dec. 6 and Jan. 6. (Saunders and Co. Upper Thames-st.). Nov. 95. PRESTON, DAV. 'Newcastle-upon-Tyne, porter

merchant, Dec. 9, Jan. 3, and 6, George, New. Castle upon Tyne. [Seymour, Newcastle-uponTyne; and Bell and Co. Cheapside. ) Noe. 25. QUINT, JOHN, North Woolborough,

Deтоа, cyder merchant, Dec. $7. (Lamband Co. Princess

81. Bank.) Nor. 15. ROBARTS, DAVID, St. Columb Major, Cornwall, slopkeeper, Dec. 9, Jewell's Hotel, Bodmin. [ Norway, St. Columb; and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row.) Oct, 28. ROBSON, JOS. Little Britain, Aldersgate-st. stable

keeper, Dec. 20. (Risson and Co. Crown-crurt, Aldersgate st.] Nov. . RICHARDSON, JOS. G. Helen's, merchant, Dec.

20. (Alliston and Co. Freeinan's-ct. Corabil.)

Nor. 8. ROBERTS, JOHN, Wood-st. Spital fi lds, will

manufacturer, Dec. 23. (James, Buchlersbury,

Nov. 11. RUDD, FRANCIS, Newcastle upon Tyne, m'ines, Dec. 9, 10, and Jan. 3, George, Newcastle upone Tyne. (Foster, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; and Hatiley, New Bridge-st.) Vor. 29. REAY, THOS. South Shields, merchant, Dec. 6, 16,

and Jan. 6, George, Newcastle upon Tyne. Bainbridge, South Shields; and Bell and Co. Cheape side.) Nov. 45. SWEETMIN, SAM. BEDLOW, and Co. Bishops

gate-st. grocers, Dec. 9. (Amory and Co. Loth.

bury.) Oct. 28. SHAKLAND, RICH. Exeter, saddler, Dec. 13,

Globe, Exeter. (Hern, Exeter; and Darke and

Co. Chancery.lane.) Nov. I. SOWERBY, SAM. jun. Bristol, cutler, Dec. 13,

Cominercial Rooms, Bristol. [Bush and Co. Bris

tol; and Alexander and Co. New.inn.) Nov. I. SNOW, SARAH, Albemarle-st. Piccadilly, dress

maker, Dec. 16. (Holship, Clement's-inn.) Nord. SLATER, JOHN, Market-st. Millbank-st. West

minster, brewer, Dec. 16. (Stratton and Co.

Shoreditch. Nov. 4. SPYER, SAN, Gi. Alie-st. Goooman's fields, mer.

chant, Dec. 20. (Nind and Co. Thugmorton-st.

Nor. $. ST.ANTON. JOHN, Strand, apothecary, Dec. 90.

Mayhew and Co. Chancery lane., Nov. 8. SMITH, WM. Long Acre, siring blind maker, Dec,

2 and 27. (Popkin, Dean-si. Soho-sq. Nuk. 15. SMITH, THOs. Chepstow, Monmouihshire, cabi.

net maker, Dec. 27, at Mr. Thomas Smith's, Ports Reivetts. [Price and Co. Lincola's.inn.]

Nov. 15 SMITH, JOHN, Shrewsbury, linen draper, Dec.,

4, and 27, Palace, Manchester. (Law, Manches

ter; and Adlington and Co. Bedford.row.) SMITH, JOHN, Holmfirth, York, clothier, Dec. 2

and 39. [Pullen, Forest. Cripplegate.) Neo. 1%. SAJUDA, ABRAHAM, St. Mary Axe,

broher, Dec. 9 and Jan. 3. (Annesley and Co.

Carcat n st.1 Vor, 92. SHORE, EDW. Chardstock, Dorset, miller, Dec. 9,

10, and Jan. 3, Greyhound, bridori, (Merli, Crewkerne, Somerset; and Alexander and Co.

New-m.] Nut. 92. SAUNDERS, JOS. GRAY. King-st, warehouseman, Dec. 13 and Jan. 3. (Emmeti, Aldermanbury.]

Not. 22. TICKNER, GEO. Portsea, Southampton, carpene

ter, Dec. 16, Star and Garter, Portsmout). (Snooke, Portsea; and Pownail, Stapit's-ion.) Noy. + TYNDALE, GEO. Aldgate, linen drapes, Dec. 16

(Willis and Co. Warnford-ct. Thiwn worton-st.]


wine merchant, Dec. 2 and 27. (Haynes, pero

church ..} Nov. 15. VALENTINE, CHARIES, St. Jaines's-walk, Ciut.

euwe 11. japanner, Dec. 9 and Jan. 3. ilav .

Tooke', Cursitor st. Chancery-lan WIGNER, JOHN, Harwieli, Essex, sail nuk

Dec. 9. Three Caps, Harwick (Chapmii, Huso wich; and Evans, Hatton-garden,j .*,

WOODS, GEO. Portsea, saddler, Dec. 13, George,

Portsea. (Pouldon, Portsea : and Shelton, Ses. sion's-house, Old Bailey.) Nov. I. WALKER, JAS. Upper Russell-st. Bermondsey,

glue maker, Dec. 16. (Drew aud Co. Berrrondsey. st. Southwart.] Nov. 4. WEST, THOS. Gracechurch-st. wholesale perfumer,

Dec. w. (Coote and Co, Austin-friars.] Nov. 8. WADE, WM. Croydon, Surrey, coal merchant,

Dec. 03. [Pens Id, Croydon; and Egan and Co.

Essex-st. Straad.] Nov. 11.
WAINBKIGHT, GÉO. New Compton-st. St. Gile's,

bottle merchani, Dec. 27. (Willeri, Crown.ct.
Threadneedle-st.) Nor. 15.
WARDLE, MAIK, Manchester,

paper dealer,

Dec. 3, 4, and so. (Star, Manchester; and Ellis,

Chancery-lane.) Nov. 18.
WILLIAMS, THOS. Sydnes and Co. Cheltenham,
Inercers, Dec

19, 20, and Jan. 3, George, Chelo tenham. [Pruen and Co. Chelcaham; and Vizard and Co. Lincoln's-iun-fields.) Nov. 22. WARNER, JOHN, and Co. Derby, ironmongers,

Dec. 1, 2, and Jan.,3, Hen and Chickens, Bire minghain. (Webb and Co. Birmingham; and

Clarke and Co. Chancery-lane.) Nov. 22. YEOLAND, PHILIP, Plymonth, straw hat manu. facturer, Dee. 9, Oxford, Plymouth.. (Hyne, Ply

mouth; and Walker, Lincoln's-inn-fids.) Oct. 28. YANDALL, Edw. Earl-st. Blackfriars, corn dealer,

Dec. 16. (Harding, Whitechapel-road.) Nov. 4.


FROM TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, TO SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1817. ANDREW, M. Manchester, Dec. 9, Dowdall, J. Dart rnouth-st. Nov. 29, Jordan, J. Hounsditch, Dec. 29 Ashby, R. Poultry, Nov. 29 Du Bois, J. Brixton, Nov. 29 Jenkins, D. Swansea, Dec. 27 Aburrow, W. East Moor, Nov. 89 Drake, E. jun. Bennington, Nov.29 Knight,' w. Bagshot, Nov. 18 Anderson, A. Philpot-lane, Dec. 6 Dulau and Co. Soho-sq. Dec. 16 Kincade, D. Spital-sg. Dec. 8 Ager, R. Leigh st. Dec. 2

Downing, k. Stockport, Dec. 20 Kee, J. H. Mill-wall, Nov. 29 Abbott, P. D. Powis-place, Dec. 6 Dean, J. Clapton, Dec. 6

Leigh, J. P. Old City Chambers, Ansell, C. A. Carshalton, Dec. 6 Evans, J. Tottenhain-court-road, Nov. 18 Anthony, . Plymouth, Dec. 10

Laycock, T. and Co. Bedford, Annelis, J. Salisbury, Nov. 29 Ellis, W. Bingley, Nov. 25

Nov. 82 Ager, R. Leiglust. Dec. 11

Elmiit, W. Peterborough, Nov. 89 Le Cheminant and Co. FenchurchBrook, W. Warnford-co. Nov. 18 Exgar, T. Holyburn, Nov. 29

st. Nov. 15 Burton, T. Liverpool, Nov. 22 Etheridge, J. Southampton, Dec. 5 Lambden, H. Bristol, Dee. S Bentley, R. Drury-lane, Nov. 22 Eglingon, T. Dec. 16 Lyon, w. w. Barton-turn, Dec. $ Hoyce, J. Rumford, Dec. 20 Ensterteld, W.Fleet-market, Dec.20 Lewis, A. and T. St. James's-st, Bate, J. Stourbridge, Nop. 27 Fairbairn, A. Devonshire-st. Dec. 6 Brame, T. Lowestoft, Nov. 25 Faulkner, J. and Co. Crutched- Lowcock, J. Great Heaton, Dec. 17 Bluck, T. Paternoster-row, Dec. 6 friar's, Nov. 29

Lowcock, 6. jun. Crampsell, Dec. 17 Burrow, J. Drayton, Dec. 2 Frost, J. Brinkley, Nov. 21 Loggin, w. and Co. Newgate-st. Becher, C. C. Lothbury, Nov. 25 Fles, L. M. Pury.court, Nov. 11

Dec. 8 Bishop, A. Maidstone, Dec. 13 Ferreira, F. Bell court, Nov. 29 Latham, T. D. and Co. DevonshireBlackmore, E. Caroline-st. Dec. is Flower, T. and Co. Chancery lane, square, Nov. 1 Beare, J. Cheapside, Dec. 2

Dec. 9

Lees, J. Whitehall, Dec. 23 Buckle, M. York, Dec. 4

Ferrington, P. Wood st. Dec. 20 Lockwood, W. Manchester, Dec. 16 Buck, J. Hingham, Dec. 11 Field, J. Gresham, Dec. 17

Love, C. Old Bond st. Dec. 16 Bosma, w. Christopher-st. Dec. 9 Farley, J. Manchester, Dec. 84 Lister, T. Hatton-garden, Nov. 25 Broom, W. Liverpool, Dec. 10 Fowler, D. and Co. Gracechurch- Leader, C. D. Coleman-st. Dec. 19 Brooke, N. Little Russel-st. Nov. 95 st. Jan. 10

Musgeridge, H. Kingston-uponButt, E. Rotherhithe, Dec. 13 Grieve, P. Essex-st. Dec. 2

Thames, Dec. 13 Bracken, R. and Co. Lothbary, Glenny, J. Red Lion st. Nov. 22 Morgan, D. Neath, Dec. 6 Dec. 16

Greaves, A. Queen-st. Nov, 29 Meyring, s. Manchester, Nov. 19 Browning, W. St. Mary-axe, Jan.10 Green, R. and Co. Lisle-st. Nov. 17 M.Čarthy, C. Long-lane, Nov. 19 Blanchard, T. Great St. Helen's, Gernon, W. Langbourn Chambers, Marlar, J. and Co. IronmongerDec. 20 Noy. 29

lane, Nov. 16 Barlow, J. and Co. Sheffield, Dec. 19 Gillbee, N. Denton, Nov. 15 Malpas, J. Stoney Stratford, Dec. 6 Barber, E. Yarmouth, Dec. 16 Goundril, J.Gracechurch-st. Nov.29 Maufredi, J. S, and Co. WheelerCulham, R. P. King-st. Nov, 13 Grafton, E. and Co. Liverpool, st. Dec. 11 Cheasley. W. Hayes, Dec. 6

Munton, J. Foulsham, Dec. 6 Crowley, J. St. Jaines's-st. Dec. 6 Gompertz, A. Gt. Winchester-st. Mayring. S. Manchester, Dec. 12 Chambers, J. Coventry, Dec. 27 Nov. 25

Dec. 2

Mackenzie, A. J. and Co. CrossCanning, W. Kidderminster, Nov.26 Greening, J. Cronked-iane, Dec. 27 st. Dec. 27 Crandall, J. South Laanbeth, Nov.25 Gray, J. Bishopsgate-st. Dec. 16 Marsh, D. c. and Co. Reading, Cohen, B. Nov. 11 Gyde, R. and T. Painswick, Jan. 8 Dec, 0 Cuming, T. Castle-court, Nov. 29 Gillbee, N. Denlom, Dec. 16 Mowbray, A. and Co. Durham, Cordingly, J. and Co. Lawrenox - Garnett, J. Oldham, Dec. 18 lane, Dec. 20

Holcroft, R. Manchester, Nov, 20 M'Lachlan, A. and Co. Great St. Colllos, T. Newport, Dec. 9 Haines, R. Scott's-place, Nov. 1 Helens, Dec. 16 Champion, J. G. St. Helen's, Dec.6 Hert, W. Leeds, Nov 27

Mathias, J. and Co. Haverford Cree, R. Plymouth, Dec. 11 Horner, W. Mile-end, Nov. 20

west, Dec, 09 Chalk, W. New Sarum, Dec. 3 Hall, W. Fleet-st. Dec. !

Moody, J. Portsea, Dec. 23 Cartwright, J. Saltford, Dec. 18 Hoimes, F. Messina, Nov. 99 Maliby, B. and G. Old Jewry, Dec. Crawgey, R. Falmouth, Dec. 23 Hamilton, G. Wormwood-st. Nov.e

Dec. 16 Coles, G. and Co. Tower-st. Dec. Jo Hale, W. Fleet-st. Dec. 2

Nicholls, T. Bridgnorth, Nov. 48 Davidson, J. East India Chambers, Hopkins, C. Stourbridge, Nov. 26 Neave, T. and Co. Brickton, Dec. 9 Nov. 15

Hampion, J. Stourbridge, Nov. 20 Nantes, H. Warnford-co. Feb. 10 Davis, W. Newbury, Nov. 25 Hirgs, J. Dudley, Dec. 16

Nesbiti, J, and Co. Aldermanbury, Davies, J. Shorediich, Nov. 92 Harris, H. Coventry, Nov. 29

Dec. 16 Dixon, E. Stourbridge, Nov. 27 Hewiti, T. Carburton-st. Noy. 29 Owen, J. Sturlridge, Nov. 27 Drew, A. and Co. Godalming and Howard, J. Manchester, Dec. 18 Oakden, T. Manchester, Dec. 19

Camberwell, Surrey, Nov. 22 Headlam, J. Skinner st. Dec. 13 Pearson, G. and Co. Macclesfield, Doyley, T. and J. Nov. 29 Haywood, F. Liverpool, Dec. 20 Nov. 25 Downer, H. Bruton-st. Dec. 6 Halcrow, $. Trafalgar-sq. Dec. 20 Peyton, J. Christchurch, Nov. 18 Davenport, J. Huggin-lane, Nov, 29 Johnson, C. Lancaster, Dec. 9 Preel, A. L. and Co. Bishopsgatt. Dunn, H. Ware, Dec. 6 Jeffery, J. Tonbridge, Dec. 6

st. Noy. 9 Douglas, W. Sheffield, Dec. 10 Jones, G. Aston, Dee. 2

Penney, T. Lombard-st. Nov. 88 Dowley, T, and Co Willow.street, James, J. Strarford, Dec. 9 Paternoster, W. Rochester, Dec. 6 Dec. 6

Jefferson, T. Wigton, Dec. 10 Prentice, J. Shabhington, Nov. 87 Dunn, T. Durham, Dec. 16 Jackson, M. Santon, Dec. 90 Pertel, P. Great Winchester-streerde Davison, W. jua. Heston, Dec. 9 'Jacob,B.Bartholomew-close, Dec. 16' Dec, 0 Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXII. Nov. 1817. 3 p

Dec. 9


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