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Lefroy, aided by all the influence of the by recommending to the City of London an Chancellor, was so confideot a candidate. adherence to the principles by wbich that

A private letter from France states, that bold, honest, energetic, and iodependent man the Prussian, Frederick, was tried for the bad been, in his two years of unparalleled murder of Mr. Phillips, the fruiterer, of Ox- activity, uniformly influenced. Upon the ford-street, at Abbeville, on Monday last. present occasion, at the close of a Mayoralty He was convicted, and sentenced to have the most distinguished, it was impossible to both his hands cat off, these healed, and to suppress the wish to comment upon a series be afterwards executed. He has confessed of benefits which the community had retwo other murders, and appears to have been ceived at his bands. To do this, he (the one of the most cool, sanguinary villains that Duke of Sussex) was the more incited, as ever existed. Mrs. Phillips remains at this was most probably the last visit he Brighton in a state of delirium ; and it is an should pay to the Mansion-House for a conextraordinary fact, that thongh the assassi. siderable time-(Some laughter and great mation of her husband has been concealed applause.)-To sum up the labours of the from ber, and only his death announced, she last two years, it was only necessary to say, has exclaimed that she knew he was mur. that the reliance upon the talents and ritdered, and saw and could describe his mur- tues of the Lord Mayor, in all cases of difderer! Frederick had been employed by culty with which he had been surrounded, Mr. Phillips for several years, and was ac- had been so judiciously placed, that it at quainted with what property he had with length became implicit, and vice had an anhim. The relatives of the unfortunate Eng. tagonist in bis zeal and abhorrence, which Jishman have been desirous of bringing his it would be impossible to resist. In confircorpse to this country for interment, but ex- mation of this, his Royal Highness quoted perience some difficulty in procuriog per- the authority of the Judges, who, be said, mission for its exhumation.

were (and it constituted the chief pride of The will of Mr. Curran has been found in the land,) as independent characters as any Irelaod. The executors, who reside there, in it. At the same time that he prophesied have sent over the particulars of it; but the the long discontinuance of his visits at the will contains no directions as to the fune. Mansion-House, be declared, that be shoold ral, and, it is to be regretted, that the execu- always feel rejoiced in giving his support to tors have sent no orders respecting it: thus those who succeeded to the Chief Magistra. af lately as Wednesday morning, the requi- cy, if it appeared they were led by marims site preparations had not been made. Those as pure and inmotable as those to which he relatives to whom his property is left, were had just alluded. The Duke then gave not about him during his illness, and thus “ The Lord Mayor." His Lordship, afrer there is an unfortunate want of authority, complimenting the ladies on their smiles, which renders the day of interment uncer- said, he hoped his Royal Highness would be tain. The property is left to two young induced to visit the Mansion House as often gentlemen, whom he describes as his ne.

The last toast was given by the phews: the youngest has 50001. the eldest has Duke of Sussex ; it was " Happy have we ihe remainder, with the exception of a few been; sorry do we part; and happy may legacies, chiefly domestic. It is supposed we meet again." The company separated that the residuary property will exceed at 4 o'clock. 20,0001.

A Mahratta war appears to bare actually On Tuesday night, Oct. 28, the Lady commenced in India. Captain Hall, in the Mayores gave a ball and supper lo about Lyra, arrived on Monday with this intelli400. It was elegantly attended. After gence, communicated by the Marquis of supper the usual toasts passed, and several Hastings; as also of an insurrection in Cutsongs were sung with the usual applause. - tack, on the other side of the peninsula.The following toast, which gave rise to some The Hon. Mr. Elphinstone, our resident at unexpected observations, was received with Poonah, seems to have acted with great deacclamations; the illustrious personage was cigion, as indeed he has formerly done in the present—" His Royal Highness the Duke of delicate and difficult post at which he is staSussex-the friend of mankind." His Royal tioned. He marched six or seven tbonsand Highness said, that the sentiments with which men, and seized the Peishwa, the bead of his name was associated, if indeed the appli- the Mahratta confederacy, who has consecation was not inaccurate, arose from a Bri- quently been compelled to sign a treaty, tish education, by which be was taught, that and surrender several important forts to the the conscience should be as free from fetters British. Scindia and Meer Khan are neveras the body, and that slavery should exist no theless expected to take up arms, and joio where, except in apprehension, so that our Trimbuckshee, a celebrated general of the very fears should give us a sort of secarity Peishwa's. The Cottack disturbances will, against danger. The spirit attributed to we imagine, be speedily suppressed ; and as him by the company operated with such for the Mabratta war, though we are not in force upon the present Chief Magistrate, love with wars, it ought perhaps to be corthat he thought the most effectual way of re- sidered as a desirable event to take place at turniog them his acknowledgmeuls % ould be this period. Tbese upsettled and predatory

as ever.

states have never yet been reduced to that from the office of Lord Sidmouth, his Majes order which is requisite for the security of ty's Principal Secretary of State for the our mighty lodian empire. Their plunder- Home Department, to be filled up without ings aad oppressions have been intolerable, delay by parish officers, stating the amount and it is well that they provoke the curb of of the poor's rate, in each year, from the British power at a period wbeu our force is year ending at Easter, 1800, to Easter, 1817, in the highest condition, both for discipline distinguishing under the different heads to and magnitude, and when we have no other which they respectively belong, all such belligerent business to distract our attention. county and other charges, as are not strictly Our rulers in India have long foreseen the applicable to the relief and maintenance of coming storm, and, we can assert on the best the poor, together with the amount of all information, are fully prepared for it. We law expenses incurred by the different doubt not but the issue will consolidate our parishes in each year, as far as can be made empire in the east, and relieve several mil- 011, for the information of the Peers in Parlions of the natives from the most wanton liament assembled; and we hope, for the and galling tyranny. It ought not to be purpose of revising and amending the existforgotten that our interests, and the interests ing poor laws. of humanity, are united in this contest. The Earl of Dalhousie, now Lieutenant.

The Dey of Algiers, Omar Pacha, has Governor of Nova Scotia, is to succeed Sir heen deposed and strangled, by a mutinous John Sherbrook, as Governor-General and body of 600 Turkish soldiers. A new Dey, Commander-in-Chief in Canada. Ali-Hodja, is placed on the throne. It is The demand for manufactured silk is so probable that this revolution may afford great, that the price has advanced at the last ground for the interference of combined sale at the India-House, full 10s, a pound. Europe to put an end altogether to these The manufacturers at Spitalfields are in the abominable combinations of pirates, and most active employment, and can hardly confer on a fine country the blessings of ci- supply the demand. The same bustle and vilization.

activity prevail at Norwich, and the other The differences between Russia and the mamfacturing places. Porte are declared to be satisfactorily ad- Count Tennaloff, the Russian Ambassador justed, the affair of Czerni-George explain- to Persia, is commissioned to engage at Ispaed, and a new line of frontier agreed upon.

haun and Cahol a number of workmen, who A rumour of hostilities between Spain are to get up a nanufactory of shawls and and Portugal supplies the vacant place; carpets, at Casan, in Russia, on very advanand it is said that a Spanish arıny has ap- tageous terms. proached the frontiers. We know there Notice has been given to the Bank of Enge were some disputes about giving up some Jand from the India-House, that the comfortress, and some discontent respecting the paor are prepared to pay off the loan of operations at Monte Video ; but we do not 600,0001, which was due from them to be believe that these causes will go so far as to Bank, produce actual warfare,

The execution of the 12 conspirators at THE KING'S HEALTH.

Lisbon, took place on the 18th ult, in that Windsor Castle, Nov, 1. city. Generals Gome and Freire, the lead“ His Majesty has passed the last month ers of the conspirators, were hanged about in a very tranquil manner, and continues to seved o'clock in the morning, and the reenjoy a firm state of health. His Majesty's mainder at eleven the saune day. Their hodisorder remains unaltered.

dies, with one or iwo exceptions, were burnt H, Halford,

to ashes. One of the conspirators of high " M, Baillie,

distinction (Baron Eben) had his sentence " W. Heberden,

of death commuted in banishinent, owing, as " R. Willis."

has been conjectured, to the intercession of The remains of the Right Hon. John Phil. an illustrious personage in England. Tbe pot Curran were deposited in the vault of Concourse of people who heheld the avtal Paddington Church. Thrre mourning scene, is said to have been iminense; and coaches, and three private carriages follow- what tended to affect them with the most ed the hearse. Mr. Curran of the Irish bar, painful feeling, was ibe lingering nature of Captain Curran of the Navy, and Mrs. Tay- this dreadful scence. The culprits were exo lor, children of the deceased, were in the ecuted in slow succession: one only suffered first coach. The inscription on die coffin at a time ; and the appalling scene was thos ataled Mr. Curran's age to be 67 yrirs. protracted 10 more than six hours' duration.

The Prince Rrgent, by an order in coon- The nohappy men died, it seems, acknow. cil, has established certain regulations, no. ledging their guilt and admituing the justice der which the medical oficers of the Royal of their senience. It is stated in a privabe Navy, wlo wish, may form í fund by their letter, that (en. Friere intrusted to the eccle. awn contributions, for the benefit of their siastic who confessed him, a letter, which he widows.

desired might be given to the Regency on A blank form of return has been just isaned his death. Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXII. Nov. 1817.

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Master of Clare hall, was on Tuesday, Nov. ARIDAY, October the 10th being the 7, elected Vice-Chancellor of this Univer, F

first day of term, the following gentle sity for the year ensaing. men were appointed University Officers for Dr. Poretus's annual gold medal, of 1553. the year ensuing :

valne, given to the Students of Christ Col. Proctors.- Rev. Edward Rene Payne, lege, for the best English composition oa Fellow of King's Coll.; Rev. Thomas S. some moral precept of the Gospel, has this Hughes, Fellow of Einman. Coll.

year been adjudged to Mr. Stephen Isaac. Taxors.-Res. Jeremy Day, Fellow of son, third son of Mr. Isaacson, of Moulton. Caios Coll. ; Rev. Mr. Mitchell, Fellow of --Subject, “ Love thine enemies." Emman. Coll.

Nov. 14.- The following gentlemen were Moderators.--Rev. Fearon Fallows, Fel- admitted to degrees on Wednesday, Nov. 12: low of St. John's Coli: Rev. Wm. French,., Masters of Arts. — Charles Semple, of Fellow of Pembroke-hall.

Clare-hail. Scrutalors.-Rev. G. C. Renovard, Fel- Thos, H, Backhouse, of Pembroke-hall, low of Sidney Coll, Rev. Joseph Shaw, Fel- Rev. Alfred Lawrence, of Christ College. low of Christ Coll.

Rev. James Hoste, of Christ College. The following gentlemen were on Sunday, Bachelor in Civil Law. - Edward Kinders. October 5, appointed the Caput:

ly, Esq. of Trinity-hall, The Vice-Chancellor. Rev. Francis The subject of the Norrisian prize essay Barnes, D.D. St. Peter's Coil. Divinity.-- for the present year is-What confirmation Rev. F. D. Clarke, LL.D. Jesus Coll. Law. does the credibility of the Gospel History de. -John Haviland, M.D. St. Johu's Coll. rive from the number and concurrence of the Physico-Rev. T. Catton, B.D. St. John's Evangelists ? Coll. Sen. Non. Reg.---Rev. Henry Rose, Sidney Sussex COLLEGE, Nov. 9.— The M.A. Clare-hall. Sen. Regent.

following gentlemen were elected Fellows The following gentlemen were on Friday, of this society :-Rev. Richard Newton the 3d of October, adınitted to the under- Adams, M.A.; Rev. Wm. Lewis Pugb Gar. mentioned degrees :

nons, M.A.; and George Heory Keene, Esq. Doctor in Civil Law.–Phillip Ilunt, of B.A. Fellows on the Foundation. The Trinity College.

Rey. John James Cory, M.A. Fellow on Bachelors of Arts.-Samuel Smith, Fel. Mr. Smith's Foundation.-The Rev. Ed. Inw of King's Coll.- Peter Cator, of Trinity mund Southcomb, B. A. Fellow on Mr. Coll.—Thomas Burch Western, of Trinity Blundell's Foundation, Coll.-Joho Philips of Trinity Coll.-T.

OXFORD. Frere, of St. John's Coll. William Somer. Oct. 25.--On Wednesday, October 22, ville, of St. Peter's Coll.--Edward New- the following gentlemen were admitted to come, of Jesus Coll.-Charles Joseph Or. degrees : man, of Sidney Coll.--George Porcher, of Rev. John Stonard, M.A. of Brasennose Emmanud Coll.

College, and Rector of Aldingham, in the Oct. 24.--Lord John Tlynne, son of the county of Lancaster and Diocese of Chester, Marquess of Bath, and the Hon. Edward was admitted Bachelor and Dr, of Divinity, George Moore, son of the Earl of Mount grand compounder. Cashell, are admitted of St. John's College. Doctors in Medicine.—John Scott, M..1.

The Hon. George Spencer, son of Earl of Brasennose Coll. ; Bachelor, and licensed Spencer, and the Hon. Mr. Fieliling, hro- to practise in Medicine. - William Modigother to the Barlof Deobigh, are admitted of mery Boyton, M.A. of St. Alban hall. Trinity College.

Bachelor in Civil Law.-John Poulter of The admissions at St. John's College this New College, year are exactly 100, being a greater num- Masters of Arts.- Ma. James Yonge, of brr than in any former year. The admis- Exeter Coll. ; Rev Edward Robert Batcher, sicns at inost of the Colleges are also more of University Coll. numerous than ever remembered.

Bachelors of Arts.— Tho. Stephen Hodg», Oct. 31 ----Lord William Gcorge Henry So- Esq. of University Coll. grand compounder; merket, of Jesus College, and Sir George Sit- David Ilowell, Esq. of Christ Church, grand well, Part. of Trinity College, were on Fri compounder; Mr. Stephen Reay, of St. Alday, October 21, admitted Honorary Mas- ban-ball; Mr. Matthew Muudy, of Exeter ters of Arts.

Coll. ; Mr. Jiunes Bullock, of Worcester Mr. Veruing Collins, of Sidney College Collo; Nr. Arthur Johnson, of Wadham was on the sanne day admitted Bachelor in Coil.; lepry Biddulph, Esq. of Jagdalen Civil Law: and Mr. Samuel Lee, of Queen's Coll. Cullen, Bachelor of Arts.

Nov. 1.--The four following Noblemea I'm scalonian prise for an English poem are just entered at Christ Church :- The Earl has been this year iadjudged to the Rev. Tho- of Wilton, Baron Porchester, Land FranDas Smart Hughes, Fellow of Emmanuel cis Leveson Gower, and the Hon. Arthur College, and Junior Proctor of the Uviver- Trevor, sily. The subject is Belshorsar's Feast. Oct.31.-'The following gentlemen were

Nov. 10,- The Rev. William l'ebb, D.D. adıilled to degrees :

Bachelor in Civil Law. Rev. Francis was admitted Bachelor m Divinity; and on Swanton, of Wadham College.

Saturday, Nov. 8, Doctor io Divinity. Masters of Arts.- Charles John Ridley, Wednesday, Nov. 12, the Rev. John Jo. Esq. of University College, grand com- seph Goodenoughi, M.A. and sometime Fel. pounder.- Rev. Horace Robert Pechel, of low of New College, was admitted Bachelor All Souls' College ; Mr. David Arthur Saun. in Divinity. ders Davies, of Chirst Church; Mr. Sher. Thursday, Nov. 13, the following gentlelock Willis, of Magdalen College; Mr. Na. men were admitted to degrees : thaniel Nathan Basevi, of Balliol College. Doctor in Divinity. - Rev. John Joseph « Bachelors of Arts.- Thomas Wynne Ed. Goodenough, of New College. wards, Esq. of Jesus College, grand com- Masters of Arts. - Rev. Joho Combe pounder.- Mr. Williain John Monson, of Compton, Fellow of Merton College, grand Christ Church ; Mr. Samuel Archer, of Bal compounder. liol College.

Rev. William Patteson, of Balliol ColNov, 8. On Thursday, October 30, the lege, grand componoder. Rev. Charles Carr, B. A. and Mr. John Rev. Thomas Blackman Newell, of Christ Watts, B.A. of University College, were College. elected Fellows of that Society.

Rev. Thomas Lewes, of Brasennose Coll. Nov. 14. On Saturday, Nov. 1, the Hon. Bachelors of Arts-Mr. Dacre Clemetson, Charles Rodolph Trefusis, B.A. Fellow of of St. Alban-ball. All Souls' Coll, was admitted Master of Arts. Mr. William Salmon Bagshaw, of Wor.

Thursday, Nov. 6, the Rev. Joho Banks cester College. Jenkinson, M.A. sometime Student of Christ Mr. Daniel Jones, of Jesus College, Church, and nominated Dean of Worcester, Mr. Char, Leycester, of Brasennose Coll.

PREFERMENTS. THE Rev. G. Day, A.B. to the consoli- The Rev. Thomas Brereton, L.L.B. ap

pointed second master of Bedford-school ; All Saints, Norfolk; patron, Sir J. Berney, vacant by the death of the Rev. Dr. Ale Bart.



BIRTHS. OCT. 2.8 fose pirnbladgal, other soH. Tatham, of the Bayk of England, of

19. The lady of Sir George Denys, Bart. Nov. 8. At Putney Heath, the lady of

M.P. of a son. Willian Jones, Esq. Marshal of the King's 20. Ai Littleton, the Right Hon. Lady Bench, of a son.

Caroline Wood, of a son. Lady Charles Bentinck, of a son.

23. In Albermarle-street, the lady of At Sion College, Mrs. Tatham, wife of Sir W. Adams, of a daughter.

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MARRIAGES. CT. 6. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Nov. 6. At Mancelter, John D. Jackson,

Bonamy Dobree, Esq. of Walthamstow, Esq Captain and Adjutant of the Leicester to Caroline, youngest daughter of the late regiment of L.M. to Miss Beale, only child John Locke, Esq.

ofibe late Mr. Beale, of Atherstone. Captain Pakenham, R.N. to Caroline, At Plympton, St. Mary, the Rev. William daughter of Sir Home Popham.

Moleworth, rector of St. Brenuck, and St. Ai Windsor, William Thompson, Esq. of Ewen, Cornwall, to Catherine, daughter of Lawrence-pountney-!ıll, to Amelia, daugh- Paul Treby, Esq. of Plympton, Devon. ter of Samuel Homplıray, Esq. ot Coworth 8. Mr. C. Fielder, of Bishopsgate-street, House, Berkshire.

to Saralı, eldest danghter of Mr. John Becks, 21. At Queen-square Chapel, Bath, by ett, of Blackmanøtreet, Borough. the Rev. Mr. Moysey, the Rev. Robert At Lewis, Sussex, Mr. J. Aldridge, of Peel, of Audley, Oxon, to Miss Alicia Peel, Aldersgate-street, tinber-merchant, aged 56, of Bath.

to Miss Berry, aged 17, daugbter of Mr. 27. Alexander Gillespie, Esq. of Ame- Berry, carpenter and joiner, of Lewes, Sugrica-square, to Jane, daughter of the Rev. Wm. Menzies, of Lanark, N.B.

10. James Butler, Esq. of Russeh square, 28. Eustace Wigzell, Esq. Hon. East to Maria, widow of the late Capt. Charles India Company's service, to Eliza, daughter Macdonell. of Major General Remington, RoyalArtilery. 11. Mr. T. V. Curtis, of Moreton, Gluua


cestershire, to Eliza, daaghter of Mr. J. H. 15. At Marylebone Church, Joseph Billing, Southampton-row, Edgware-road. Faulder, Esq. to Pauliue, daughter of the

12. J. Levien, Esq. of Benton-crescent late M. De Couchy: to Mary, daughter of the late A. Goldsmid. 17. Wm. Bannister, second son of J.

15. Mr. William Edward George, of Bannister, Esq. of Kennington, to Eliza, eldest Wansworth-road, to Ann, eldest daughter of daughter of Capt. Pudner, of the Hon. East Malachi Foot, Esq. of Clapham,

India Company's service.


ATELY, at Paris, Countess Dillon, 2. Louisa, the wife of Henry Revell,

cousin-german to Josephine, first wife Esq. of Round Oak, Englefield Green,Surrey. of Buonaparte, and mother to the lady of 3. In Stafford-place, Punlico, Mrs. AberGeneral Bertrand, now in the island of deen. St. Helena. Countess Dillon, was the relict At Deptford, Laurence Dundas Bruce, of the late Honourable Arthur Dillon, Lieu- midshipman on board liis Majesty's ship tenant-General, and colonial proprietor of Glasgow, the Irish brigade regiment bearing his name, 4. At Cheltenham, Mr. C. L. Mardyn, in the service of France, and brother to the husband of Mrs. Mardyn, of the Theatre Jure Charles Viscount Dillon, and the Ho- royal, Drury-lane. nourable Dowager Lady Jerningham.

5. At Ramsgate, the Rev. Peter ThoroLately, at Windsor, J. A. de Luc, F.R.S. ton, rector of Colwick and Bridgeford, Votthe celebrated Swiss Geologist.

tinghamshire, and Prebendary of Wolvere Oct. 1. The Rev. Jonathan Carter, 49 hampton. years rector of Flempton cum Hengrave, 7. At Lutchford, the Rev. Thomas Big. Suffolk, aged 76.

gin Broadbent, aged 26. 3. Much respected, Ralph Polley, Esq. 9. At Tonbridge Welle, Lady Sanderson. of Braintree.

In Albermarle-strect, Sir John Brewer 20. Mr. John Fleming, of the Bank of Davis, Knt. aged 77. England.

11. At Taplow, Louisa Catharine, daughThomas Joyce, Esq. of Freshford House. ter of the late Abraham Robarts, Esq. of

24. At Woolwich, Colonel Philip Riou, Lower Grosvenor-street. of the Royal Artillery.

At Comb House, Rosa, youngest daughter 26. The Rev. George Hutton, D.D. late of Beeston Long, Esq. fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, vicar At Fobbing parsonage, aged 77, the Rer, of Sutterton, and recior of Ablercburch James Birch, rector of Coringham, Essex. com Fosdike.

Alier having performed a 12. At Arran Lodge, Bognor, Elizabeth, portion of the duty at both the former daughter of the late Sir John Tyrrell, Bart. churches on that day, he was seized with a of Heron, and sister of the Countess of violent pain in the body at balf-past 7 Arran. in the evening, and expired about 8, before 13. Died at her father's house in Cordmedical assistance could possibly be obe hill, after a lingering and painful illness of tained.

fourteen montlis, Mrs. Maryann Lane, eldest Suddenly at Exeter, Augusta Jane, daugli- daughter of Mr. James Asperne, bookseller, ter of Major-General Sir Charles Galloway, Proprietor of this Magazine. So protracted aged 24.

was the gradual decline under the iniueoce 27. Ann, the wife of John Willes, Esq. of wluch she sunk into the tomb, and so of Dulwich, aged 69.

undcsiating was the resizoation with which 28. At Campfield, Leeds, Timothy she subuitied berself to the will of her God, Rhodes, Esq. son of the late Matcher

that her soul appeared to have entered into Rhodes, Esq. aged 28.

communion wiit the blest in Heaven long 31. Constantin, wife of the Rev. Ilenry before it was disencumbered from the fetters Quartley, rector of Wicken, Northampton- of mortality; in the peaceful hope of pious shire,

confidence it seemed to have realised all its At Bengen, rear Hertford, Mr. Special joyful anticipations of those glorious pres West, aged 77, ain eminent preacher among pecis which it bad contemplated, in the the people called Qualers.

gracious assurances of its Redeemer; and Nov. 1. At Turquay, Capt. George the instant of her dissolution was the noBowen, R.N. brother to the Commissioner mout of her Christian triumph over the Bowen, and the late Captain Richard Bowen, terrors of death, and the power of ttie wlo fell at the aitack of Teneriffe, under

grave. The hearts of her sympathizing 11, command of the glorious Nelson. relatives inourn the mortal separation, in the Dr. George Spri:18, aged 80.

loss of one, wtio was deservedly endeared Viscount Boring dun, eldest sun of the 10 them by the tenderest ues of family Earl of Muricy.

union; but the consolatory conviction that

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