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Extrated from the London Gazette. N.B. All the Meetings are at GuilDHALL, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Attornies' Names are between Brackets.


Oct. 7.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. ANDREWS, DAVID, jun. Plymouth Dock, Beton, COOK, GEO. Angel-row, Hammersmith, hatier, Biocel, Oct. 7.

Oct. 14. BÁTT, SIMON, Bath, victualler, Sept. 27.

CROSBY, RICH. Stationers'-co. bookseller, Oct. 18.

BANKRUPTS. ÅPEDAILE, GEO. North Shields, timber-merchant, Co. Bristol; and Bourdillon and Co. Little • Nov. 6 and 9, George, Newcastle upon Tyne. Fridav-st.) Oct, 11.

(Pybus, Newcastle upon Tyne; and Swain and DEARN, JOHN, Woolton, Lancaster, painter, Nor. Co. Frederick' Did Jewry. ) Oct. 11.

22, George, Liverpool. (Gunnery, Liverpool; and AMISS JAS. Little Britain, fishimonger, Nov. 4 and Chester, Staples inn.) Oct. Il. 22. (Saunders and Co. Upper Thames-st.) Oct. DEAKN, JONN, Woolton, Lancashire, painter, 11.

Nov. 29, George, Liverpool. [Gunnery, LiverANSELL, THOS. Little Wild-st. livery stable- pool; and Chester, Staples.inn.) Oct. 18.

keeper, Nos. 99. (Latkow, Doc- DAVIES, JAS. Canterbury, linen-draper, Nov. 11 lors' Commons.) Oct. 18.

and Dec. 6. (Lewis, Canterbury.) Oct. 25. BAILEY, WM. Freiston Feri, Lincolnshire, farmer, EVANS, EVANS,'Maesyrhiw, Carmarthen, timber.

Nov.s, Red Lion, Boston. (Bell and Co. Cheap- merchant, Nov. 11, Lamb, Llandovery, Carmarside.) Sept. 97.

then. (Hurris, Llandovery.) Sept. 50. BARKÉR, JOHN, Lane.end, Statfordshire, porter, ETCHELLS, JOHN, Stockport, Chester, joiner, Nov. 8, Swan, Hanley. (Nelson, Essex-st. Sirand.)

Noy. 15, Warren Bulkeley Arms, Stockport. Sep. 27.

[Raddeley, Stockport; and Miine and Co. Temple.) BARNES, WM, Blackheath, Kent, havin-merchant, Oct. 4.

and ship-orner, Nov. !l. (Caritar, Deptford.) EALES, WM. Swallow-st. Piccadilly, cheesemonger, Sept. 30.

Nov. 18. [Lemange, Castle-st. Leicester-square.j BATT, SIMON, Bath, rictuiller, Nov. 15, Grey.

bound. Rath. (Salmon, Dath; and Woodhouse, EVANS, ROB. Grimley, Worcester, coal-dealer, Temple.) Oct 4.

Nov. 22, Swan, Birmingham. [Spurrier and Co. BY CHALL, SAM. BUTLER, Upper Stratton, Birmingham; and Egerton and Co. Gray's- inn

Wills, dealer in horses, Nos. 4 and 18. (Sherwin, 34.) 04.11. ; Great James-st. Bedford-row.) Oct.?.

EDWARDS, THOS. Daresbury, Chester, druggist, BCRMAN, THOS. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, woollen- Nov. ?, S. and Dec. 6, Bear's Paw, Frodshan,

manufacturer, Nov. I and 25,, [Rowlinson and Co. Frodsham; and Chester, Wakefield. (Fisher and Co. Holborn.) Oct. 14. Staple.ino.). Oct. 25. BEERENBROEK, CHRIST. Oxford-st. merchant, FIELD, JAS. Walcot, Somerset, professor of music,

Nov. 4 and Dec. 6. (Smith, St. Jolin's st.) Oct. Nov. 11, Angel, Westgate-st. Bath. (Erill, Path; 95.

and Nethersole and Co. Essex-st. Strand.) Sept. BOSWOOD, JOAN, Brighthelmstone, tobacconist, 30

Nov. 8, 18, and Dec, 6. (Castle,' Cursitor st.) FLETCHER, EDW. jun. Liverpool, iron founder, Oct. 95.

Nov. 15, Star and Garter, Liverpool. [Sherratt, COMMINS, MARY. Falmouth, Cornwall, inn. Prescot; and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row.) keeper, Nov. 18, at Mr. Andrew Young's, l'al

Oct 1. month. (Young, Falmouth; and Reardon and Co. FEKSELEY, AARON, Manchester, giocer, Nov. Gracechurel st.) Oct. 7.

18. Bridgewater Arins, Manchester. (Had tield, CROSBY, KICH, Eden-pl. Kentish-Town, booksel. Manchester; and Hurd and Co. Temple.). Oct 7.

ler, Nov. 8 and Dec. 2. (Wilde, Warwick-sq.] FREEMAN, CHAS. HEN. WILLIAMS, Bunhill. Oct. 21.

row, linen-draper, Nov. 18. [Wilson, King's DALRYMPLE, HUGH, Charlotte st. Fitzroy-sq. Bench-walk, Temple.) Oct. 7

cabinet-maker, Nov, 15. [Dyne aud Co. Lin. FORMAN, JOHN, jun. dlountsorrell, Leicestershire, coln's inn-fields.) Oct. 4.

hosier, Dec. 2, Hotel, Leicester. i Alexander and DELCAMBRE, AUGUSTUS, Bucklersbury, mer. Co. New.inn; and Bond, Leicester.) Oct.21.

chant, Nov. 18. (Pasmore, Throg- GOMERSALL, JAS. and Co. Deighton, Yorkshire, morton st] Oct. 7.

Sheepridge, Huddersfield, Nether Rovd Hill: and ROBSON, PETEK, Bedminster, somerset, baker, Fixby. Halifax, inerchants, Nov, 5, Pack Horse, Nov. 22, Com inercial-rooms, Bristol, [Bepan and Huddersfieldi (Baltye, Sept. 87.

GIBBONS, J. Cheltenham, ironmonger, Nov. 29, MALINS, HARRIOTT, Pall-mall, coffee-house

Unicorn, Great Malvern. (Ballard, Great Male keeper, Nov. 8 and Dec. 8. (Fryett, Millbank-i. vern;

and Bousfield, Bourerie-st.] Oct. Westminster.) Oct. 21. 16,

OGDEN, SAM. RICH. Leicester, bosiers, Nov. 3. 4, GRANVILLE, ARTH. Plymnuth Dock, glasg-mer- and Dec. 5, White Hart, Leicester. (Dalby, Lei

chant, Nov. 17, 18, and Dec. 6, Founiain, Ply- cester; and Taylor, John-at. Bedford-row.) Oct. . mouth Dock. (Sole, Plymouth Docks and Ma. 2.5, kinson, Temple.) Oc!...

PARISH, WM. Whitehaven, mariner, Nov. 7, 8, GLASCODINE, Jós. Westbury-upon-Trim, Glou- and 99, Black Lion, Whitehaven. [Hodgson, (ester, carpenter, Nov. 6, 14, and Dec. 6, Com.

Whitehaven; and Falcon, Elm-court, Temple.] mercial Rooms, Bristol. (Smith, Bristol ; and Oct. 18. Hill, Staple.inn.) Oct 95.

RAWLINS, JOHN, Liverpool, merchant, Nov. 11, HAZARD, THOS. RODMAN, Liverpool, mercbant, George, Dale-st. Liverpool. (Priti and Co. Water

Nov. 1, George, Liverpool. (Taylor and Co. st. Liverpool; and Blackstock and Co. King's King's Bench-Walk, Temple.) Srpt. 27.

Bench Walk, Temple.). Sept. so. HANHAM, WM. Bath, cooper, Nov. 11, Angel, RANKIN, ARCH, Red Lion-pl. Cock-la. Giltspur

Westgate st. Rath. (Empson, Bath; and Dax st. china-printer, Nov. 15. [Blunt and Co. Broad and Co. Douglıty st.) Sept. 30.

st.-build. Oct. 4. HiX, WM. Tydd St. Mary's, Lincoln, wool-buyer, RATCLIFF, THOS. Church-st. Bethnal Green-mad, Nov. !I, White Hari, Spalding. [Clarke and cheesemonger, Nov. 18. (Cocker, Cross-st. Fins

Co. Throgmorton-st.) Sept. 30. bury-sq.) Oct 7. HENRY, ROB. Jamaica, merchant, Nov. 18. ROURKE, LAU. Minories, victualler, (Shawe and Co New Bridge-st.) Oct. 7.

Nov. 85. [Pyles, Houndsditch. Oct. 14, HAMMOND, HENRY, Bride la. glass cutter, Nov. ROBSON, CUTHBERT, East-lane stairs, Bermond. 32. ('Wilson and Co. Coleman-st.) Oct, 11.

sey, shipwright, Dec. 2. (Hutchinson, Cronne HARRIS, JOHN, Sherboume la. riciualler, Nov. co. Threadneedle-st.) Ort. 21.

I and 29. (Templer and Co; Burr-st. East Smith- RATCLIFFE, HEN. Thornton, Lancaslıire, farmer, field.) Oct. 18.

Nov. 19, 14, and Dec. 6, Rd Lion, Pre ion. HASWELL, BENJ. Wellington, Herefordshire, (Pilkington and Co. Preston ; and Blackclock,

grocer, Nov. 19, Black Swan, Hereford. (Harris, Šerjeants' inn.) Oct. 25,

Leominster, and Smith, Bedford-row.) Oct, 18. REW, GEO, Liverpool, liquor-dealer, Mor. 17, 18, HILLIER, HENRY, London, victualler, Nov. 1 and and Dec. 6, Golden Lion, Liverpool. [Finlow,

24. (Bland and Co. Hatton Garden. ) Oct 18. Liverpool; and Chester, Staple inn.) Oct. 9. HESTER,JOHN, Rochester-row, Tuthill-fieids, brick- SMITH, JOHN, London-road, St. Georges-fields,

maker, Dec. 2. (Lawrence, Dean' Doctors'. grocer, Nov. 11. [Alliston and Co. Freeman's-co. coup mons.) Oct. 21.

Coruhill.) Sept. so. HORDS, LDW. Lauk side, Southwark, wronglit SISSELL, THOS. Jewin-st. Cripplegate, tailor, Nor.

iron manufacturer, Nov. 11 and Dec. 6. (Wil- 11. (Hindman, Basinghall-st.) Sept. 30. liams, Cursitor-st. Chancery la.) Oct 25.

SMITH, CHAS. Plymouth, linen-draper, Nor. 19, JERVIS, JOHN, Woolwich, baker, Nov. 8. [Law Commercial, Plymouth. (Wingaie, sionchoose, and Co. Southainyton-build. Chancery-lane.] Plymouth; and Young, Charloiie row, Mansion Sept. 27.

house.) Oct. 4. JACOB, ABRAHAM, late of Portsmouth, but now of SPENCE. JOHN, , Bishopwearmouth, Durham,

London, slopseller, Nov. 15. (Isaacs, Bury-co. dealer, Nov. 4 and 15, Commission-rooms, Sund St. Mary Axe.) Oct. 4.

derland near the-Sea. (L«ws, Sunderland; ald FRÉDALE, WM. BROWN, Sheffield, mercer, Nov. Pakiston, Symond's-ind.] Oct. 4. 4, 5, and Dec. 6, Tontine, Sheffield. (Rodgers, SINGER, ELIAB, Corsley, Wiltshire, victualler,

Shetheld; and Bigg. Southampton-bu.) Oct. 05. Nov. 10, 11, and Dec. 3. Angel, Warminster. KNELLER, WM. GODFREY, Stratford, Essex, (Harton, Warminster; and Nethersole and Co.

chymist, Nov. 8. (Clarke and Co. Little St. Ess('X-st. Strand.). Oct, 21. Thoinas Apostle.) Sept. 27.

STOCKHAM, WM. Bristol, baker, Nor. I and Dec. KNIPP, JON. Talbot co. Gracechurch-st, victualler, 9, Commercial Rooms, Bristol. (Poole and Ce.

Nov. 8. (Willoughby, Chfford's-inn.) Sept. 27. Gat's inn-sq.; and Davis, Bristol.) Oct. 21. LITTLEWOOD, JAS. East Greenwich, rope-inaker, SMART, JOHN, Kingsgate-st. Holborn, ironmen. AN ALPHABETICAL LIST OF DIVIDENDS, FROM SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, TO SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1817. ASTLEY, F. D. Dukinfield, Nor. I Grieves, H. Holborn-br. Oct 30 Oakden, T. Manchester, Nov. 18 Allen, W. South Milforit, Oct. 27 Goujon, s. Newgate-st. Oct. 30 Ollerenshaw, S. Ashton-under-Lyne, Adlington, J. Gutter-la. Oct. 25 Garnett, A. Liverpool, Oct. 30 Nov. 17 Adarns, T. South Shields, Oct. 30 Gibson, W. Liverpool, Nov. 3 Outhwaite, J. Pancras-la. Nov. 29 Atkinson, W. Austin-friars, Oct. 8 Green, T. H. Hammerton, Nov. 1 Prickelt, L. Oxford, Oct. 22 Alien, B. Guildford-st. Nov. s. Grisbrooke, G. Sloane Terrace, Nov.5 Peters, J. Oct. 30

Nov. 8. [Templer and Co. Burt-st. East Smith- ger, Nov. 1, ®, and Dec. 6. (Williams, Red-lica. tield.) Sept. 27.

sq.1 Oct. 5. LYTE POOLE, HENRY, Chilthome, Domer, Somer. SMITH, WM. South Shields, sail. maker, Nor, 17,

setsbire, butcher, Nov. 8. Bell, Ivelcliester. 18, and Dec. 6, George, Newcastle upon Tyne, Mott, Gray's-n-place.) Sept. 87.

(Brickell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; and Meggista LOCK MOOD, GEO. Whitby, Yorkshire, woollen and Gn. Hatton-gard.). Oct. 95.

and linen-draper, Nov. 8, Rose and Crown, Hud. TAYLOR, JOAN, Rochdale, Lancaster, pubiicaa, derstield. [Daltye, Sept. 27.

Nov. 13, White Bear, Manchester., (Bannister, LAMB, Jos. Jas. Síockport Chester, cotton-spin- Rochdale, and Pewnall, Staple-inn. ) Oct. 7.

ners, Nov. 15, Warren Bulkeley Arms, Stockport. THOMPSON, RICH. Chipping Sudbury, Giov(Baddeley, Siock port; and Milne and Co. Tem. cestershire, baker, Nov. 4, 6, and Dec. 6, Cuin. ple.) Oct. 4.

mercial Room«, Bristol. (Haynes, Bristol ; and ILOYD, RICH. Dalgelly, Merionethshire, Nov, in, Heelis, Staple.inn.) Oct. u.

11, and v9, George, Liverpool, (Murrow, Livera WALKER, CHAS. Brighthelmstone, stationer and

pool; and Blacksinck and Co. Temple.) Oct, 18. jeweller, Nov. 8. (Abbott, Mark la.] Sept. 97. MANDERSON, WM. jun. Woolwich, dealer in WORTHINGTON, HUGH, and Co. Bolton leglass, Nov. 8. [Thomas, Fleet-st.) Moors, braziers. Nov. 15, Swan, Beiton-le Mrors. Sept. 27.

[Closs and Co. Bullon-le Moors; and Adlington MAYNE, EDW. GIBBONS, High-st. Shadwell, and and Cn, Redford row. Oct. 4. Poplar, grocer, Noy. H. (Lindsay, WILLIAMS, STEPHEN, sen. Crew's Hole, Glou. St. Thomas' Southwark.) Sept. 27.

cestershire, horse dealer, Nov. 15, Commercial MICHELL, RICH. Maracion, Cornwall, lailor, Nov. Ruoms, Bristol. (Smith, Bristol ; and Healis,

11. Star, Marazion. (Hogers, Marazion; and Staple-inn.) Oct. i. Folleti, Temple.) Sept. so.

WILKS, JAS. Baih, linen-draper, Kor.15. (Nerd MERCER, WM. Walton-le-Dale, Lancaster, lime. bon, St. Andrew's.bill, Doctors'-commons.) Oct, 1.

burner, Nov. 11, Golden Cross, Preston, Trough. WYLLIE. JOS. I egliorn, Tuscany, merchant, Ner. ton and Co. Chiapel st. Preston; and Hurd and 16. [Noy and Co. Beil-co. Mincing la ) Oct. 3.

Co. King's Bench Walk, Temple.') Sept. 30. WILLIAMS, RICH. Dalgelly. Merionethshire, MINOFT, STEPHEN and Co. Philpot-la. merchants, skinner, Nov. 10, 11, and eo, George, Liverpool.

Nov. 9, 11, and 22. (Reardun and Co. (Murrow, Liverpool; and Blackstock and Com Gracechurch-st.) Oct. 11.

Temple.) Ort. 18. MASSEY, SAM. Cheadle, Moseley, Chester, dealer, WALKER, CHAS. WM. Rrigthelmstone, stationer,

Nov. 3, 5 and 22, Red Lion, Heaton Norris, Lan- Nor. II and Dec. 6. [Abbott and Co. Mark-la.j caster.' (Lingard and Co. Heaton Norris; and Oct. 25. Parker, Norfolk-st. Strand.) Oct. 11.

WHITTINGTON, THOS. Trowbridge, Wilis, rabi. MAISH, THOS. Bristol, cheesemonger, Nov. I and nce maker, Nov. 10, 11, and Dec. 6, Full Moon,

25. Cimmercial.Tooms, Bristol. (Lamberts and Bristol. (Cornish, Bristol, and Poole and Co. Co. Grey's-100-sq.] Det. 14.

Gray's ion sq.) Oct. 25.

Atwood, T. Henrietta st. Nov. 22 Gardner, B. Princes-street, Nov. 8 Pearson, T. North Shields, Oct. 28 Allen, W. South Milford, Oct. 29 Groso, P. Nov, 1 Parker, J. Oct. 30 Anderson, A. Philpot,lane, Nov. 29 George, T. Leeds, Nov. 11

Pendray, W. Budmin, Nov. 9 Adcock, J. St. Mary-Axe, Nov. 25 Gapp, J. Norwich, Nov. 84 Pelessie, J. George-street, Nov. 4 Bland, 1. jun. Market Brough, Oct. Haycock, G. $. Uxbridge, Nov. 1 Perry. J. Nantich, Novilo 93

Hawley, J. Cock-hill, Nov. 15 Pope, W. (,loucestershire, Nov. 11 Black, T. Paternoster-row, Nov. 4 Henshaw, T. Mincing-la. Nov. 11 Purday, T. Marnate, Nov. 11 Bracken, R. Lothbury, Nov. 1! Hesketh, K. Warrington, Noy. 4 Puis ord, H. Berkeley s1. Nov. 15 Boardman, J. jun and Co. Man- Harward, J. Blackmoor-st. Oct. 28 Quarton, W. York, Oct. 23 chester, Oct. 24

Haslam, J. and Co. Manchester, Roe, C. St. Mary-Axe, Oct. 18 Bryant, W. Greenwich, Oct. 30 Nov. 17

Roberts, W. Oswestry, Oct. 72 Bray, B. Romford, Oct. 23 Hemmerick, W. Liverpool, Nov. Keid, T. H. M. Red Lion-st. Oct. 28 Bowly, W. Birmingham, Oct. 90 Halstead, J. Wheeler's Wharf, Oct. Roger, J. Sheffield, Nov. 9 Bradshaw, J. Postein.row, Nov, s 28

Rowntre, G. Stockton, Nov. 13 Bird, T. Manchester, Nov. 22 Heath, J. East Teignmouth, Oct. ex Smith, H. Blakeney, Oct. 28 Brune, J. H. and Co. Nov. Hartley, P. Cheshire, Nov. 4 scriven, J. and J. Alcester, Oct. 91

Hurst, T. and Co. Yorkshire, Nov. 8 Smith, H. aud Cu. Manchester, Nov. Birch, W. Great Queen-st. Nov. 8 Hopkinson, W. Chiswell-st. Nov. 4 18 Brodié,J.and Nov.15 Holwil, T. Nine Elms, Nov. 4 Smith, A. R. and J. Mincing-la. Brookes, J. Bellingden, Nov. 15 Hoare, C Cheapside, Nov. 5

Nov. 91 Bry t, L. Bath, Nov. 19

Hislop, A. and Co. Bow-la. Nov. 22 Seagar, S. P. Maidstone, Nov. 23 Bolton, S. Lancashire, Nov. 28 Higgs, J. Dudley, Nov. 8

Smith, R. and Co. Gun-st. Nov. 8 Baillie, G. and Co. Finsbury-pl. Hotnes, T. and Co. Long Acre, Simpson, J. Shepherd's Bushi, Nov. 4 Dec. 2

Nov. 8

Smith R. City Chambers, Nor.s Bullivant, G. Manchester, Nov. 28 Harwood, J. Gloucester, Nov. 10 Spitta and Co. Laurence PounineyCuvelje, A. ?. D. Lancaster, Oct. 4 Higginson, H. Manchester, Nov.19 13. Nov. 11 Craven, J. and Co. Heaton and Oi. Hull, R. and Co. Worcester, Nov.15 Stringer, J. H. Canterbury, Nov. 12 ley, Yorksh. Dec 3

Holt, H. Bell Sauvage Inn, Nov. 15 Sparks, J. and Co. Clarke, R. Warwick Bridge, Oct. 30 Jones, J. Kelley, Oct. 25

Nov. 8 Cock, A. and D. Marshall-st. Oct.25 Jurdison, T. Birmingham, Dec. 3 Sach, s. Great Coggeshall, Nov. 13 Cross, C. and J. Liserpool, Oct. 27 Isaac, E. Queen-square, Nov. 4 Schroder, H. College-hill, Nov.17 Corf, B. Liverpool, Oct. 30 Kernan, T. St. James's st. Nov. 4 Syme, G. Vine-st. Nov. 15 Coltman, M, Brettall, Oct. 23 Kennion, d. sen. and Co. Nicholas Smith, M. Bristol, Nov. 17 Chapman, J. Asbridge, Nov. 14 la. Nov. 11

Smith, J. and 1'. Norwich, Nov. 17 Clarke, T. Ilminster, Nov. 6 Lorell, T. Shoreditch, Nov. 4 Simonds, E. jun. Alberston, Nov., Colbeck, T,and Co. Morley, Nov.1: Lewis, a, and Co. St. James' 29 Coltman, W. Long Acre, Nov. 18 Nov. 4

Traylen, C. Stutton, Yorksh. Oct. Crowgey, R. Falmouth, Nov. 11 Lowe, W. Fields, Oct. 92 Carter, K. Moreton, Nov. 8 Ludlam, J. Wood-st. Oct. 98 Thomson, J. and Ço. Biliter sq. Cartis, E. Chiswick, Nov. 8 Lindrea, W. Bristol, Oct. 29

Nov. 2. Cross, W. Loinbard-st. Nov. 17 Lomas, G. Dowgate-hill, Oct. 30 Titford, R. Union-street, Oct. 25 Corlass, W. Lancashire, Nov. 28 Lang. C. Wapping, Nov. + Tomkins, 6. Plymouib, Oct. 97 Chapman, J. Mansel.street, Nov. 15 Le Chammani, N. and Co. Fen-luesley, W. H. High-st. (cz. 25 Dallas, W. Cushion-co. Oct. 25 church-st. Nov. 4

Taylor, J. Hazlegrove, Yorkshire, Doudney, W. W. and Co. High-st. Lane, R. jun. Norwich, Nov. 4

Nov. 1 Oct. 30

Lawson, J. Sheffield, Nov. 7 Turner, J. Bury Mills, Oct. 21 Dixon, H. and Co. Liverpool, Nov.slepingwell, J. South Town. Tisington, A. Talgarih, Nov. 6 Dunkin, J. Aldersgate-st. Nov. 8 Mache, F. Paternoster-row, Oct 28 Tobin, D. and Co. Liinehouse, Nov. 4 Duckworth, H. Rose bill, Nov. 17 Meredith, T. London-st. Oct. 30 Thorpe, J. Bridge.fooi, Nov. 18 Dodson, H. and J. Three Tun co. Malpas, J. Stoney Stratford, Nov. 8 Townsend, J. Ludgate-st. Nov. 11 Nov. 11

Mantz, A. and Co. Wapping wall, Turnbuil, J. and Co. Broad st. Nor. De Roche, R. and T. Lime-st. Dec. Nov. 8

99 20

Marsden, T. sen. Curtain-ro. Nor. 4 Thompson, J. and Co. Manchester, Entwisle, T. Manchester, Nov. 1 M.Brair, R. Furon, Nov. 8

Nov. 19 Earl, J. sen. and jun. Westmore-Moore, J. Coventry, Nov. 10 Onwin, T. Sawbridgeworth, Nos. 49 land pl Dec. 2

M'Lacklan, - and Co Great St. He Wrigliman, T. Lincolnsh. Oct. 18 Elgar, Ú. Chester, Nov. 05

len's. Nov, 15

Winter, G. Newbu y, Oct. 28 Evans, R. Bristol, Nov. 4

Nias, T. Old Broad-st. Nov. s Within, W. jun. Lavenham, Oct. 21 Elliot, R. Barnley, Nov. 22 Northcote, H. J. Lime-st. Nor. 8 Wond, J. Weymouth, Nos. 3 Fairbairn, k. South Shields, Oct. 39 Naylor, R. Chigwell, Nov. 8 Whittington, R. Neatls, Nov. s Fowler, D. and Co. Gracechurch-st.Xeale. J. and Co. Mitk-st. Nov, 4 Wright, J. Huddersfield, Nov. 4 Nov.

Niblock, J. and Cn. Bristo!, Nov. 13 Winday, J. jun. Meriden, Nov. 10 Finn, T. and Co. Nottingham, Nor. Nicholson, J. Berkeley alicel, Nov. White, w. Coventry. Nov, 10 Foster, T. and E. E. S. Yalding, Nos. 09

Walton, 1. B. and T. Bread-st. Nov. Ooin, T. and Co, New Drimad-st. Fusseti, T. and W. Mincing-la. Oct. 30

Ware, J. Gintssend, Dic. 6 ov. $

Oldman, S. Bury St. Edmands, Young, J. and Co. Bristol, Oct. 92 Foster, W. St. Martin' Nor 8! Nov. 3

Young, P. and Co. Wapping, Nov. Goodyear, W. Maikel Street, Nos. O'Reilly and Co. Lawrence Pount 15 26 | ney.hill, Novi

Young, P. Wapping, Nos. 15

ARDEN, R. Stockport, Nov. 11 Breese, W. Hanley, Nov. 8 Deane, H. Marshall, Nov. 4
Bate, W. Birminghain, Oct 18 Brooman, J. Margale, Nov. 8 Douncey, J. Bationsbury, Vev. &
Booth, W. Bentitlee, Oct. 18 Reare, J. Cheapside, Nov. 11 Darly, J. Bengworth, Nov. 8
Barker, S. and Co. Biliter sq. Oct. 21 Banr, H. Norih Shields, Nov. 15 Eston, T. Per keth, Oct. 21
Bennett, G. and Co. Little Eccleston, Carden, W. Bristol, Nor. !! Ellis, W. H. Christchurch, Oet,
Oct. 95

Coutell, J. Doncombe. Mill, Nov. 11
Bignell, R. B. Middleton Stoney, Coupland, G. Bristol, Nov. 1 Farrell, C. Gnsport, Oct. 21
Nov. 1

Clark, E. St. Pancras, Nov. 13 Plening, T. Liverpool, Oul. 91 Bowler, G. and G. Worcester-st. Davies, B. Cardiil, Nov. I

Ford, W. Beckington, Oct. 25 No.4

Fairbairn, W. South Shields, Nov. Lewis, D. Milford Haven, Oct. 18 Stewardson, J. Southwark, Oct. 18 15

Lynch, P. Liverpool, Oct. 25 Salmon, J. Westbury, Oct. 25 Gllingham, H. jun. Dorsetshire, Lancaster, J. Thornhill, Nov. 8 Storrs, J. Doncaster, Nov. 1 Oct, 18

Monk, J. Caddington, Oct. 18 Shaw, S. London, Nov. 4 G'oudie, J. Liverpool, Oct. 18 Mosley, J. O. Sidmouth-pl. Oct. Shirley, J. and B.Worship-st. Nor. Gompertz, H. North End, Oct. 25 Maude, W. and Co. Olley, York, 11 Goodall, W. Garlick Hill, Oet. 25

Oct. 21

Spink, H. Nor. 11 Gossage, T. Chesterfield, Oct. 25 Mousley, W. Stafford, Oct. 81 skyring, L. Threadneedle-street, Griffiths, J. Tryfern, Oct. 25 Mann, R. and Co, Liverpool, Oct.28 Nov. 15 Graves, J. Liverpool, Nov. 8 Morrall, w. Birmingham, Nov. 4 Shaw, G. Pendleton, Nos. 15 Graham, J. Marsb-gate, Nov. 11 Miller, J. Liverpool, Nov. 8 Tustain, W. Liverpool, Oct. 21 Golledge, S. Bristol, Nov. 15 Moorhouse, J. Sloane-struet, No. 15 Turner, J. Garlick hill, Oct. 25 Gray, J. and Co. Woodbank, Nov. Nichols, J. Leeds, Nov.

Tavlor, J. Gosport, Oct, 25. 15

Nixon, E. Manchester. Nov. 15 Taylor, G. Gorton, (ct. 28
Hawley, J. Cockhill, Oct. 21 Owen, P. jun. Macclesfield, Nov. 1 Taylor, J. Credenhill, Nr. 1!
Holt, J. L. Manchester, Oct. 95 Phillips, A. Salter's Oct. 18 Trotman, V. Wotton-under-Edge,
Harrison, J. Sheffield, Oct. 23 Pardow, G. Coughton, Oct. 25

Not, 15
Harding, G. Ilfracombe, Nov. I Peech, W. Chesterfield, Oct. 25 Vale, T. Solihull. Oct. 91
Hinton, J. L. Plymouth Dock, Nov. Prole, W. Georgeham, Nor. I Wise, W. Bath, Oct. 28

Pooke, H. T. Totness, Nov. 1 Wolstoncroit, J. Salford, Oct. 98 Johnson, W. and Co. Liverpool, Plant, R. Sandforey, Nor. 8 Whitney, T. and Co. Macclesfield, Oct. 21

Randle, W. East Teignmouth, Oct. 18 Oct. 28 Ingledew, S. Wood-street, Oct. 28 Raven, W. Harisborne, Oct. 81 Wilkinson, W. jun. Keighly, Nov.1 Keach, H. J. Sidmouth-pl. Oct. 21 Ripley, W. Lancaster, Oct. 21 Wallis, T. jun. South Shiclds, Nov. 1 Knight, J. Castle Carey, Nov. 1 Kaabe, c. D. Nov. 1 Willcocks, F. Cross-st. Nor. 8 Koller, J. St. Swithin's-la. Nov. 11 Redhead, W. Little Chelsea, Nov, 4 Wilkinson, J. Sculcoates, Nor. 15 Lewc, W. Birmingliam, Oct. 18 Sowden, J. jun. Leeds, Oct. 18 Young, S. Sheftield, Ort. 95

DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIP, FROM SATORDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, TO SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1817. ATKINS, W. and Jackson, J. Pool's bu. Mount French, W. H. and Cuff, G. George.ya. Lombard-st. Pleasant, comb-inanufacturers.

brokers. A165, T. Aggs, H. and Davey, T. Norwich, bempen. Fuller, J. and Magrath, E. Mill-wall, Poplar, boat. cloth sack-manufacturers.

builders. Aggs, H. and Curr, J. Norwich, iron-founders. Farrow, J. Greenwell, J. and Greenwell, T. Sundes. Alldriti, T. and Smith, T. Arinitage, Staffordshire, land, ship-builders. maltsters.

Fairbairn, J. F. and Fitz Cotterell, E. B. CompionBarnes, B. and Clarkson, J. Bank-side, Soutliwark, st. Soho, auctioneers. conl.merchants.

Goodbody, s. and Bacon, W. North Audley st. Blyth, E. and Elger, R. Star-co. Bread-st. commis- smith and coach spring makers. sion-agents.

Gresham, R. and Barber, J. Blackman-st. pasa. binna, T. and Williamson, R. Keighly, Yorkshire, brokers. wpoi-staplers.

Gill, H. and T. Prince's st. Sohn, sword cutlers. Terry, ('. and Stafford, W.C. Norwich, printers. Glover, J. and Porter, T. Manchestes, fustjan-maluBurrows, W. Porier, J. and Clements, A. Birining. facturers. ham, coal-dealers.

Glover, T. and Hudson, C. Derby, brush-manufac. Barber, J. H. and Curwen, T. L. Bucklerbury, mer- turers. chants.

Howman, T, and Holder, J. Prestbury, GloucesterBuxton, S. and Riley, W. Manchester, cotton- shire, saddlers. perchants,

Heaward, J.and Orrell, R. Heaton Norris, LancasBroth, W. Booth, G. and Booth, R. Sunderland, ter, twist.spinncis, hip-builders.

Horne. T. Devey, W. Horne, W. and Devey, F. Being, M. and W. H. Narrow.wali, Lambeth, coal. Bank-sldo, coal.merchants. werchants.

Hutchinson, s, and Smith. W. Helmsley, tallon Bonelli, A. Hall, H. and Mege, B. Great St. Helen's, chandlers. merchants.

Hayardahl, S, Woodcock, C. and Dawson, J. Tegl'anell, R. and Bralone, A. Bungay, Suffolk, sur. ter-st. Little Moorfield,, callenderers. geons.

Harrison, A.W.J. and Holdsworth, T. Bruxelles. Capping, S. and Sharpe, W. Narrow-wall, Lambeih, Howard, G. and J. Aylesbury.coal-merchants. coal merclianis.

Horrocks, G. anii J. dyers. Cullis, W. and Usher, J. N. Gloucestershire, corn- Hallam, w. and Johnson, J. Nottingham, lacedealers.

manufacturers. Crosbie, J. and Townshend, T. G. Liverpool, winc- Hodgkin, J. jun. and Dyason, G. Old Cavendish et. merchants.

wine-merchants. Coolman, J. and S. Portland-road, stationers. Hurd, P. Shawe, H. T. and Johnson, G. London, Clement, T. and Price, T. Tring, Hertfordshire, attornies. grocers.

Irving, J. and A. Preston, Lancashire, liquor-mer. Couk, G. and Garnsey, C. jun. Wells, Somerset. chants. slire, wool-staplers.

Jarinan, W. and Gascoine, T. Nottingham, hosiero Coorahs, C. juu, and Coombs, C. Beaminster, Dor- Jones, W. and Birtles, J. Stafford, shoe-manufae. sushire, millwrights.

turers, Carter, J. and M. Red-lion-st. ironmongers.

Jones, E. Jenkins, R. and Rose, P. Bristol, cual. Dyer, J. and Clarke, J. jun. Bristol, tea dealers. merchants. té Souza, D. and Emanuel, J. Portsea, grocers. Jackson, W. and Moore, W. Kendal, Westmorland, Loy, J. and J. Gloucester-road, Gloucester, rope- hom-comb makers. manufacturers.

Liebman, J. J. and Lowe, C. S. New Broad-st. Darga:, W. Sibley, J. and Robins, T. St. Neol's, Lane, J. and Tamplin, T. R. High-st. Southwarki, Cornwall, proprietors of slate stone quarries.

hosiers. Ekip, J, Grocoit, s. and Pearson, J. Stokc-upon- Lingard, J. and Hughes, T. City-road, nilmen. T.Ont, brick and tile manufacturers.

Loryton, J. and Harrison, J. Liverpool, ironmongers. Lawaid:, O. and Washbourn, J. Marlow, inanufac- Marsden, M. and Jackson, J. Leeds, publishers. wers of thread lare.

Merriman, 1. F. Butler, J. and Cotion, W. A. rauriti, 1). and Fowler, J. London, carpenters. Crutched-friars, tin and iron plate workers. Fourdiinit, C. 1811. !. B. Abbot, W. and Morse, Marion, T. Rirheary, W. Rnine, T. Kirk, W. and F. Slacebuanc la polivalc auoiets.

Kilchen, J. Slcificid, carpenters and joiners.

Moor, C. and Bragg, G. Bermondsey-wall, tobacco

and snuff manufacturers.
Mesnard, T. B. and Besnard, B. St. Saviour's-dock,

Southwark, sluipwrights.
Martinez, S. G. Blake, p. Trimby, G. H. and De

Mora, J. M. Watling-st, merchants.
M'Gowan, M. and J. Liverpool, lodging-house-

Milner, J. B. and Haslam, J. Manchester, calico-

Middleton, R. Innes, C. Jones, J. Innes, E. and

Slade, W Fleet-st. linen-drapers.
Nichols, J. and Philpot, H. 'Bristol, masons and

Notley, G. and Newman, W. Blandford Forum,

Dorset, maltsters.
Orem, G. and Lawson, J. Sheffield, cabinet case and

razor strop-manufacturers.
Pallet, C. and Massty, J. P. Lore-la.

Aldermanbury, warehouscmen.
Parker, s. and Perry. W. Pieet-st. London, cut.

Pay, s. and Young, R., sausage-

Pope, S. Bickham, T. Derbyshire, J. Leigh, S. and

Pope, H. Man hester.
Parry, T. Barnes, 1. Parry, J. and Parry, D. Bread.

st. wholesale linea-drapers.
Perry, J and J. jun. Ipswick, drapers.
Page, J. and Warren, W. L. Fakenhamn, Norfolk,

ironmongers. Parkinson, J. and Kay, J. Goeslawfold, Lancashire,

cotton spinners. Robins, J. and Weedon, T. Bedgrove, Bucks, far. Rothwell, J. and Dean, R. Holliwell, Lancaster,

Ryland, J. T. and Sherring, J. B. Bristol, grocers.
Hopins, R. Young, D. Smith, D. and Luce, T. jun,

Malinesbury. Wills, bankers.
Rhodes, T. and Wheaton, J. Exeter, hosiers,
Rides, A Glover, H. and Clapham, I. Leeds,

York, cotn merchants.
Rina, d. H. and Colins, J Coventry, surgeons.
Ruodes, 1. Glover, and Clanlam, 1. St. Sebas.

tiar's, merchants.
Robinson, H. E. and Orrick, A. Limehouse-hole,

victuallers. Renout. J. und Arnett, J.H. Owen's pl. Goswell-st..

road, coal merchants. Rosson, J. and Bulmer, G. D. Liverpool, attornies, Spencer, H. and Hodgson, s. Phænix-st. Westinin

ster, lamp-contractors. Smith, W. Realing, and Sinith, J. Hounslow,

coach-proprietors. Sackeit, 1. Stokes, H. and Walmsley, M. Ber.

monde y-wall, slipwrights. Syer, J. and Clay, J. Atherston, Warwickshire, sur

geous and at oihecaries. $age, J. Burg:ss, J. Burgess, W. Potter, J. and

Agles, J. Maidstone, whatfingers.

Stedman, H. J. and Sewell, H. W. Water-la.

Singer, M. Pord, A. and Ford, S. Keynsham, Some.

ser, boarding-school-inistresses.
story, E. Fox, J. and Story, E. Liverpool, mer.

chants. Smith, B. and Worth, W. Horbling, Lincolnshire,

Samuel, M. Mulleneux, J. R. and Crane, J. M.

Liverpool, merchants.
Sheppard, J. Sheppard, R. and Withey, J. Boston

and Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, merchants. Stedman, J. and Brook, C. Black heath, milers. Spencer, H. and Fisher, W. Newcastle-upon-lyne,

wollen-drapers. Taylor, G. C. and Smelt, R. Beverley, Yorkshire,

haberdashers. Tabourdin, P. and Buchannan, T. Argyle-st. soli.

citors. Thurnell, W. and Edwards, J. Goulston-sq. rar.

iress-makers. Tomson, J. Selby, S. and Tomson, T. Greenwi,

Taylor, T. and J. Seaton House Windmill, Northur.

berland, millers.
Thomson, A. Woud, J. and M Gregor, A, Glasgow.
Viney, W. and Tapley, E. Sandwicha, Kent, taunes.
Wallis, E. M. and 'Grazebrook, A. Balin, schools

Walker, J, and Edwards, E. Paternoster row, book-

Woodyer, J. Withington, T. and Wilson, T. Runcorr.
M'ailigion, s. Overbury, W. and Cartwrigut, W.

Calaton-st. Blackwell-hall-factors.
Wilson, J. Kerluvi, J. and Woun, W. Lancashire,

Waugh, J. and Chadwick, J. Rochdale, Lancashire,

woollen inanufacturers. Weldon, T. and Purniss, J. B. Shebeld, marchants. Walker, M. and Daykin, S. Coduor, Derby, cual

inasters. Wilkinson, H. and Perrin, J. Liverpool, merchants. Wallis, A. and Sykes, J. Liitle Circlseil, stage.Coilta

masters Withers, J. Withers, G. and Withers, T. Newania

upon Treilt, Duskyinen. Wind, R. and Brecknell, s. Worcester, hop-mer.

chants. Warwick, C. Condy, G, and Warwick, J. London,

coal-merchants. Woud, D. and Jackron, J Worcester, twist-lace.

manufacturers. Wod, D. and Jackson, J Worcester, (wist-laci.

manufacturers. Wigner, G. A. and Seymour, G. Chichester, grocers, Weisford, G. and arthur, J. Plymouthi, wine and

spirit merchants.
Young, A. Urquhart, J. Young, J. and Young, D.

New York.
Young, W. and Flook, J. Bethnal-green-ro. coopesa.




By T. BLUNT, Matlicinatical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 92, CORNILL:

1817/Baron Ther.) Wind Obser. 1817 Barom Ther IT'irgil Obser. Sep. 25 29.60 | 61 SW Rain Oct. 1 | 29.94 43 NE 26 79.25 60 SW Dilto

12 30.04 | 45 N Ditto 27) 29.43 61 SW

13 30.29 41

N Ditto 28 29.81 52 W Ditto 14 30.29 40

N Dilto 29 30.08 50 W


15 30 OS


N Ditto 30 30.02 50 N Ditto

16 29.86 47 NE Rain Oct. 1 29.81 49

N Ditto

17 30.00 45 NE Ditto 21 30.08 46 M Dillo

13 29.92 43 NL Ditto 3/ 30.10 S Ditto

19 29.85 41 NG Fair 4 30.22 41 NE Ditto

20 29.97

NE Rain
3 30.3) 44

21 29 90)

NE 0 30.70 45


291 29.86 46 NE Disto 7 30.18 51 SE Ditto

22 29.91 48 NE

Ditio e 30.13 39


2:1 29.94! 43 NE Rain 9. 30.02. 37


23; 2980 , 16 SE Fair 10! 29.92

NE Diliu


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