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the Hon. H. st. 5. At Southampton, the wife of the Joho, of a daughter.

Governor of Alderney, of a son and heir. 27. At Burwood-house, the Right Hon. 8. The lady of Henry Barle, Esqi of. Lady Lovaine, of a son.

Berners-street, of a daughter. SEPT. 2. At Cuckney, Nottinghamshire, 10. Mr. J. Gore, of Bedford place, the lady of Sir George Eyre, K.C.B. of a Russell-square, of a son. daughter,



AX. 11. At Bombay, Mr. De Vitre, B. Wood, A.M. the Rev. Howell Jones,

collector, to Miss Dora Moore, daugh- to Miss Gale of Bradford. ter of the late Colonel Moore, formerly of 10. John Jones, Esq. son of John the 59tb regiment.

Jones, of Llanarth-court, Monmouthshire, AUG. 30. Christopher Wilkinson, Esq. Esq. to Lady Harriet Plunkett, daughter of wholesale tea-draler, Basinghall street, to the Earl of Fingall, Apo, daughter of Thos. Wm. Hodgson, Esq. 11. Thomas Jones, Esq. of Ware, banz

SEPT. 1. Mr. John Stevens, of Kings ker, to Mrs. Win, of the same place. land, to Fanny, second daughter of James William Smith, of Moretop-ball, in the Buston, of Layer-ball, Esq.

county of Worcester, Esq. to Sophia, 2. Mr. Robert Slodes of Hunter-street, daughter of John Ward, Esq. of Air-streete Brunswick square, to Elizabeth, daughter Piccadilly. of John Tyler, Esq. of Cross-lane, Thames. 12. Ai Enfield, G H. Ward, Esq, tą street.

Mary, the eldest daughter of the late Dr. 3. Mr. F. N. Devey, of Dorset-street, William Saunders, M.D). Fleet-street, to Ann, daughter of Mr. D. James Sole, of William-row, Tottenham, Egg, Knightsbridge-Green.

Esq. to Charlotte, daughter of Robert Yeea
6. Thomas Lewis, Esq. of Corpbill, to lis, Esq. of Midford, near Bath.
Caroline, daughter of H. Reed, Esq. of 17. James Baldwin Brown, Esq. of the
Woodlands, Tooting-common, Surrey: Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, to Mary

8. Al Paris, Robert Baxter, Esq. of Jane, daughter of William Raffles, Esq.
Bombay, to Lovisa Elizabeth, daughter of of Princes-street.
Joho George Parkhurst, Esq. and the late 23. At Aldgate, Mr. W. C. Chapman, to
Dowager Lady Boynton.

Hellen Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr, Alex. 9. At Stoke, Dear Bath, by the Rev. ander Hay, of Red Lion-street, Holborn,

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ment at Madras, and for many of Tucker, of Sherbourne, perpetual cu- its most distinguished ornaments. rate of Caundle Marsh.

20. At Amsterdam, the Dowager Maf, Lately, in dia, the Rev. Joho Chris. chioness of Şligo, where she was expecting topher Sapper.

Şir William Scott from Switzerland, in Lately, Mr. Richard Goodison, an emi. order to return with him to England. Her prot training groom at Newmarket, aged Ladyship was boro on the 9th of Decemą 66.

ber 1767, and was the youngest daughter Lately, the Rev. Thomas Heckford, M.A, and co-beiress of the late gallant Earl viear of Trampington and Melbourn, Cam- Howe. In 1787 she was married to the bridge, and formerly of Trinity College. late Marquis of Sligo, by whom she had a

JULY 11. At Kingston, Jamaica, of the son, the present Marquis. To her second endemial fever, Major Jobo Lee, of the busband, Sir William Scoit, she was mar. Royal Scots, senior aid-de-camp to Major. ried about 5 years since. Her ladyship was General Conran, commanding his Majesty's a woman of much literary accomplishments. forces on that island.

26. The Rev. Wm. Thompson, many 27. . At Tenerife, David Lockardt, Esq, years minister of the parish of Ochiltree, aged 80.

Ayrshire. Aug, 12. At Clifton, in the 70th year Mr. Thomas Blackett, of Newgate-street, of his age, Eyles Irwin, Esq.* formerly of many years one of the Common Council for the East India Company's civil establish. the ward of Farringdon within.

27. At Shoulden house, near Deal, John For Portrait and Memoir, vide vol, xv. Iggulden, Esq. aged 71,

page 179,

aged 77.

At Botleys, Surrey, Sir Joseph Mawbey, tor of Paulersborg, Northamptonshire, Bart.

30. At Abinger hall, near Dorking, 14. At Bird-place, Henley-upon-Thames, Peter Campbell Esq. of the islaod' of Ja. Barrett Marsh, Esq. aged 73. maica, aged 82.

At Esher, Mrs. de Poothieu, molber of 31. Louisa, eldest danghter of Henry the late Jobo de Poothieu, Esq. M.P. of Woodfall, Esq. of Brompton-row, aged 21. Portland-place.

In Great Ormond-stree:, Gamaliel Lloyd, 15. John Stanley, Esq. aged 72, signer Esq. aged 73.

of the bills of Middlesex, and for upwards Åt Church-lane, Chelsea, George Dobree, of 40 years clerk to three of the judges of Esg. of Oxford-street, in his 70th year, England.

At Hastings, the Rev Jobo Clack, aged 16. Deeply lamented, Mr. Robert Lum, 23,

of Steward-street, Old Artillery.ground, Sept. 3. At Perlasco, Lake of 'Cumo,' aged 45. Mrs. Yeates Brown.

At Bayswater, Mrs. Ansley, wife of Mr. 4. At Sandwich, Mrs. Judith Harvey, Alderman Ansley, iu the 39īt year of ber aged 74, relict of Capt. George Harvey, wlio age, fell so distinguished on the memorable Ist of At Papplewick, Nottinghamshire, James June, 1794, whilst commaoding his Majes. Robinson, Esq. aged 71. ty's ship Brunswick, in the honorable post 17. Ai Chatham, Elizabeth, the lady of of second to Admiral Earl Ilowe,

Sir Robert Barlow, comissioner of his 5. At Hemus-lerrace. Chelsea, Major Niajesty's dock-yard at that port.. Brereton Poynder, aged 79.

18. Al his house in Serjeant's-inn, Yr At Walworth, Mr. Join William Tom- Charles Wells, M.D. F.R.S. L, and e, and kins of the Victualling Olbice, aged 82. oue of the physicians to St. Thomas's lampia

6. At Sagdwich, in the 69th year of his lal, deeply lamented by all who bare act age, Richard Emmerson, Esq. banker, of pects for lalenis, or science, or learning, or that town, and one of the jurats of the cor. high-minded integrity, and have the adrag, poration,

tage of having knowo him. 7. Lady Francis Pelham, third daughter 24. Al his house in Keonington, aged of the Earl of Chichester.

60, Charles Hicks, Esq. many years ab un. 9. The Rer. Wm. Master, 42 years rec. derwriter at Lloyd's Coffee House,

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LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. TILE. Collectors of Portraits and Ullustrators of Giranger's Biographical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Joboson, Biographia Dramatica, ' Pennani's London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, ibat a vEw proof impressions of the PORTRAITS that accompany this Work, are strock off on Columbia Paper, and may be had separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be pecessary to secure them, as the number printed is very LIMITED. to the press.

Mr. Moir's curious and interesting Sub. IR WM. ADAMS'S Practical Inquiry jects of History, Antiquity, and Science ; rations on the Cataract, and the Description most remarkable cities of ancient and mo. of a new and improved Series of Opera- dern limes, tions.

Mr. Richard Hand's Practical Treatise Mr. Wm. Wright's Work on the Human on the Art of Painting on Glass, compiled Ear, in which the structure and functions from the manuscripts of his late father, Ri. of that organ will be anatomically and phy. chard Hand, historical glass painter to bis sically explained.

Majesty. Miss Lucy Aikin's Memoir of the Court Mr. Cole's Introduction to Algebra, in a of Queen Elizabeth; iocluding a large por series of dialogues, designed for the use of tion of biographical anecdote, original lete those who have pot the advantage of a

Mr. H. Davy's Ten Etchings of the Mr. Taylor's edition of the Ethics, in two Churches of Bercles and Bungay, and of octavo polumes. Bungay and Mettingham Castles, with des. Mr. C. Feist's Wreath of Solitude, criptive letter-press.

and other Poems, in a foolscap octaro Prof. Jamesun's Treatise on Gingnosy volnme. and Mineral Gergraphy, illustrated by nu- Mr. Lerkie's Historical Research into merous plates.

the Nature of the Balance of Power is Mr. John Muller's Universal History, Forope. translated from the German, in three ociavo The Rev.D. Williams's Preceptor's Assistvolomes.

ant, or School Examiner in Universal HisDr. Turton's Coochological Dictionary of tory, Science, and Literatore. the British (slauds.

Dr. A. Marcet's Essay on the Chymic!

ters, &c.


History and Medical Treatment of Calcu. An Itinerary of Italy, by M. Richard. lous Disorders, with engravings.

Also by the same Author, an Itinerary of A third volume of Sermons by the late France and Belgium. Rev. Jobo Venn.

Mr, Barlow's Essay on the Strength and The Dramatic Works of the late Mr, Stress of Timber, founded upon a course of Sheridan, with a correct life of the author, experiments made at the Royal Military derived from authentic materials,

Academy. The Oxford Encyclopaedia, or Diction: The Daophin Virgil, with Dr. Carey's ary of Arts, Sciences, and General Litera- Clavis Metrico-Virgiliana prefixed. ture, io 25 parts, which will form five 410. A New Work, descriptive, and also il. volumes.

Instrative, by the means of Diagrams, of a The Confession, or the Novice of St.Clare, new and most admired species of dancing. . and other Poems, by the author of Purity The Official Account of the late Embassy of Heart.

to China, by Mr, Ellis, Secretary of Lee Miss Lefanu's novel, entitled, Helen gation. Monteagle.

The Diary of Joho Evelyn, Esq., printed A dew edition of the Abridgement of from the origioal MSS, in the library at Ainsworth's Latiu Dictionary, revised by Wotton. Dr. Carey.

Narrative of a Residence in Japan, in The Second Part of Lackington & Co.'s the years 1811, 1812, ani 1813; with obCatalogue.

servations on the country and people of Jag · The City of Refuge," a Poem, in four pan, by Captain Golownin of the Russian books, by Thomas Quin.

Navy. Dr. Robertson's Concise Grammar of the Madame de Stael's Memoirs of the private Romaic or Modern Greek Language, with life of ber father (the celebrated M. phrases and dialugues on familiar sinbjects. Necker).

The Rev. T. Kidd's edition of the com- The long-expected Memoirs of Dr. Benplete Works of Demosthenes, Greek and jamin Franklin, written by himself, to a late Latin, from the text of Reiske, with colla- period, and continued to the time of his toos and various readings.

death, by his Grandson, Dr. John Mayo's Remarks on Insanity, Octavo editions of Dr. Watkins' Memoirs in addition to those lately, published by Dr. of the late Right Hon. Richard Brinsley Thomas Mayo.

Sheridan, and Mr. Northcole's Life of Sir Just published.

Joshua Reynolds. The Traveller's Guide through Switzer. land, by M.J.G. Ebel.



PUBLISTED IN AUGUST, Al the Prices they are advertised at, in bourds, unless otherwise expressed;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENSE. DOPE'S Laws of the Customs corrected The Edinburgh Gazetteerr, part I, 9:.

to August, 3d edit, 11. 118. 6d. Nicholas's Narrative of a 'Vuyage to New Cancels to former edition, 3s. 6d.

Zealaod, 2 vols, 8vo. 11. 4.. Report to House of Commons on Sweeping Accum's Chemical Amusement, 7s. Chimneys, 5s, 6d.

Mrs. Trimmer's Sacred History, 6 vols.12mo. Grammar of Chess, post 4to. 7s.

11. 7s. O'Donoogbouse's Christian Faith stated and Trimmer's Introduction to the Knowledge explained, 5s. 60,

of Nature, 18mo, new edit. 29. Scragg's Questions resolved, 2 vols. 12mo. M'Lean's Life and Sermons, 8vo. 10s. 6d. 10s, 6d.

Evan's Excursión to Windsor, 9s. Andrew's Institate of Grammar, 8vo. sheep- loquiry into some of the most curious and bound, 83.

interesting subjects of History, Antiquia: The Ruins of Guor represented in eighteen ty, and Scieoce, by Thomas Moir, 12mo,

coloured Views, and a Map, royal 4to. 63. 21. 2s.

Koster's Travels in Brazil, 2 vols. Sro. The East India Register for 1817, 2d edit. 12. 48. stitched, Ts. 6.

The Border Aotiquities of England aod Needham's complete Sportman, 1 vol. 7s. Scotland delineated, 2 vols. 410.-MeArrowsmithle New General Atlas, 53 Maps, dium, 91, half-bound-Imperial, 131, 136. 4to. 11, 165.

lodia proofs, 271. Scudamore on Gout, 8vo. 2d edit. 186.


E are obliged to Q. E. D., and seve- We should forfeit all respect, both to arithmetical question respecting Dobbio and The request of our Military Correspond. Jolly; but as enough has been said on that cot at York is under coosideration, subject, we must respectfully decline their Northumbria has talents, which care and communications.

cultivation may raise to enidence. The Translations' from Horace-Mary, Alfred's Poetical Communication from are inadmissible.

Portsca is much too long for insertion. The Erratum in our last Number, page 121, Author has our best thanks for the polite of the Conversazione, fire lines from the dole by which it was accompanied. bottom, for concern, read unconcern.

The second letter of Poetic Justice bas by Selim's Poetry may one day be worthy do means altered our opinion of the first, of publication, but that assuredly is not the and, though participating most fully in all case at present.

his sentiments of regret and indignation, yet The fair Rosetta may perhaps have 01- as merely tending to revive a disagreeable derstood the rhyming rhapsodies of her bir subject, we must, for obvions reasons, still mingham Ephebus, but we must ignorantly decline the insertion of either. confess them very far beyond our compre- Literatura shall be attended to in our hension. Ooe verse will be a specimen, next. ex. gr.

On the Politid Economy of the British • " Yet I love not to such a degree,

Island io our next. I am not such a pitiful elf;

R, as soon as possible. As to forseit, in homage to thee,

Viator-William Henry-and W. F., are The respect tbat is due to myself! ! !" received.



Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at Guildu alt, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Altornies' Names are between Brackets,

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BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. CAMPBELL, GEO. Fenchurch-st. merchant, Sept. 8. SYKES, JOHN, london-wall, factor, Sept. O. COOK, THOS. Wylam, Northumberland, baker, TAYLOR, SAM. Liverpool, merchant, Sept. 6. Sept. 16.

BANKRUPTS. ARNOLD, GEO. Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, COZENS, WM. Kensington, linen-draper, Oet. 11 grocer, Nov. !, White Lion, Bristol. (Clarke, (Jones, Millman-st. Bedford-row.) Aug. 30. Bristol; and Jenkins and Co. New.inn.) Sept. CHESTER, CHAS, jun. Liverpool, auctioneer, Ocs. 80.

9, 10, and es, Bull and Punch Bowl, Liverpool. BETTS, JOHN THOS. Honduras-st. Old-st. rectify. (Meddowcroft, Gray's-inn.) Sept. 16.

ing distiller, Oct. 7. (Martin, Vintner's-hall, COOPER, GEO. sen' Old Ford, Middlesex, dealer, Thames-st.) Aug. 26.

Oct. 4 and 28. (Clarke, Bishopagate-st.) Sepi. BOOTH, JAS. and Co. Chorley, Lancaster, spirit. 16.

dealers, Oct. !1, White Horse, Preston. (Par. COFFIN, JAS. WALLER, Plymouth.dock, mer. kinson, Chorley; and Alexander and Co. New. chant, Oct. 9, 10, and Nov. 1. (Carlton, Coffee inn.). Aug. 30.

house, Plymouth.dock.) Sept. 20. BOOTH, GEORGE, Bishop Wearmouth, Devon, CARTWRIGHT, GEO. Birmingham, dealer, Oct ,

ship-owner, Oct 18, Golden Lion, Sunderland. 7. and Nov. !, Royal, Birmingham. Webb and [Lawes, Sunderland : and Blakiston, Symond's, Co. Birmingham; and Clarke and Co. Chanceryo inn.) Sept. 6.

la.) Sept. 20. BLOOMPIÉLD, JOHN, Commercial-rnad, plumber, CASSON, JAS. and Co. Broadhaigh, Lancashire,

Oct. 91. (Hutchinson, Crown-co. Threadneedle. flannel-manufacturers, Oct. 6, 7, and Nov. 1, Star, st.) Sept. 9.

Manchester. (Hadfield, Manchester; and Hurd BODY, W. Newhaven, Sussex, grocer, Oct. 25, and Co. Temple.) Sept. 20.

Star Lewis. (Gwynne, Lewis, Sussex.) Sept. 13. COWELL, WM.jun. Wigan, Lancashire, butcher, BONSALL,RICH. Brokers'-row, Southwark, builder, Nov. 1, Eagle and Child,' Wigan. (Grimshaw

Oct. 28. (Metcall, Basinghall-st.) Sept, 16. and Co. Wigan; and Ellis, Chancery•la.) Sept BERNOULLI, JOHN and EMANUEL, Jeffrey's-sq. 10.

St. Mary Axe, merchants, Oct. Ji and Nov. i. CRAMP, JAS. Otford, Kent, miller, Oct. 4, 7, and (Bourdillon and Co. Little Friday-st. Cheapside.] Nov. 4. (Nesbítı, Sisc-la. Bucklersbury.] Septe Sepe, 80.


DAUNCEY, JOHN, Ballonsbury, Somerset, catile. dealer, Oct. 7, White Haft, Wells Sorgerset. [Welat, Somerset; and Dyne and Co. Lincoln's.

inn.) Aug. 4o. DICKÉNSON, JOHN, Dewsbury, Yotkshire, linen. draper, Oct. 6, 7, and Nord, Star, Manchester. (Walker, Manchester; and Ellis and Co. Chan.

cery-la.) Sept. 20. FURNIVÁL, SAM. Liverpool, grocer, Oct. 6, 7, and 28, George, Liverpool. . (Orme, Liverpool.) Sept.


Oct, and Nov. I. (Hind and Co. Sept. 20. GRAY, BENJ. and Co. Liverpool, merchants, Oct. 21, 22, and Nov. 4, George, Liverpool. (Orred and Co. Liverpool, Serjeant and Co. Manchester; and Lowe and Co. "Southainpton-bu. Chancery

la.) Sept. 93. HURDIS, RICH.. Oxford, 'cordwajner, Oct. 11, at

Mr. Bartrain's, under the town-hall, Oxford. [Walsh, Oxford; and Pownall, Siaples-inn.]

Aug. 30. HOUGHTON, HEN. Warton, Lancasbire, dealer,

Oct. 13, 14, and 13, King's Asms, Lancaster. (Johnson and Co. Lancasies; and Blükelock, Serieant's-iou.]. Sept. 6. HOYLES, TIM. Nottingham, hosier. Oct 91, Ram,

Nottingham. (Hall, Nottingham; and Hurd and Co. Ternple.) Sept 6. HENSMAN, THOś. and WM. Liverpool, mer

chants, Oct. 10, 11, and 28, George, Liverpool. (Chester, Staples-inn.) Sept. 16. HOLROYD, SAM. QUICK, 'Yorkshire, innkeeper,

Oct. 10, 11, and ex. Duck and Hawthorne, Manchester. (Ellis, Chancery-la.) Sept 16. HUGHES, RICH. Bleeding Hart-yard, Hatton.

garden, stable-keeper, Oct. 4 and 28. . (Tucker,

Bartlett's-build. Holborn.] Sept. 16. JAMES, ROB. Builth, Brecon, ironmonger, Oct. 7,

King's Head, Kinglon. (Davies and Co. King

ton; and Pugh, Barnard st. Russell-sq.) Aug. 26. JACKSON, WM. and Co. Shepton Mallett, somer.

set, grocers, Oct. 1!. Commercial-rooms, Bristol. (Cooke, Bristol; and Lamberts and Co. Gray's

inn sg.) Aug. 90. LKWIN, THós. Chatham, merchant, Oet. 21.

(Spencer, Mansfield-street, St. George's fields.] Sept. 9. JOKDAN, WM. Finch-la. Cornhill, Eating house.

keeper, Oct. 25. [Doughty, Paper-build. Tem.

ple.) Sept. 13. LANSDELL, JOHN, jun. Bexliill, Sussex, farmer,

Oct. 14. (Ellis, Temple.) Sept. 2. VALINS, JOHN, Einmington, Oxford, dealer, Oct.

10, Royal Oak, Setsworth, Oxford. (Crafts, High Wycombe, Bucks; and Crafts, Foley st.

Portland pi.] Auz. 26. NASH, JOHN, Wonton-inder-edge, Gloucester, carrier, Oct 05, Commercial-rooins, Bristol. (Livet, un. Bristol; and Puole und Co. Gray's

ion! Seir.1?. NIVEN, KICH. Manchester, silk and calico-printer,

Oct, 10, 11, and vor. 1, Bridlewater Arms, 314)chester (Rarrell, Manchester; ad minii and

Co. Warnford-co. Throgmorion st.) Sipl. 20. FERKINS, JOHN, Coventry, doctor of tissic,

Out. II, rastle, Coventry. (Troughton and Co.; and Carter, Coventry.} Aug. 30.

PARKBR, WM. Leeds, merchant, Oct. 1 and 14, Court House, Leeds. (Atkinson and Co. Leeds.)

Sept. ?. Pierce, WM. Benshatt, Shropshire, potter, Oct.

18, Red Lion, Broseley. [Prite har and Co. Brose. ley: and Bigg, Southampton-build.} Sept. 6. PARKES, BENJ. Moore-st. Birmingham, wire.

worker, Oct. 18. (Pope, Modiford-co. Fenchurchst.] Sept. 6. POWELL, RICH. Leeds, Yorkshire, surgeon, Oct.

1, 2, and Nov. 1, Court-house, Leeds. (Sangster,

Leed.) Sept. 20. RENTOŃ, MARY, Coventry-st. saddler, Oct. 11.

(Timbrell and Co. Macclesfield-st. Sobo.] Aug. 30. RAN YARD, JOHN, Stickney, Lincoln, farmer,

Oct. 23, 84, and 25, Red Llon, Boston. [Hartley, Boston; and Lodington and Co. Temple.) Sept.



FROM TUESDAY, AUG:8T 26, TO TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1817. Ansley, J. Sept. 87 Bulley, C. B. Pope's-head-alley, Boudich, T. Bristol, Oct. 6 Aldeed, J. Cherisey, Oct. 7

Nov. 1

Bares, W. and Co. Bridgoorthi, Arondell, G. Torn's, Sept, 24 Braule, W Ryarsh, Sept. 27

Oct. 20 Allcop, R Louil, On 20

Betumont, J. Beech-st. Sept. 30 Clarke, R. East Dereham, Sept. 20 Brows ad Co. Bachburn, Sept., Brown, and Co. 'Bnstol, Coward, T Baril, Sept. 17

13. REEKS, JOHN, Wimborne Minster, Dorset, lanner,

Oct. i and 25, King's Head, Wimborne Minster.
[Parr, Poole, Dorselshire; and Alexander and
Co. New-inn.)

Sept. 13.
ROWNTREE, WM. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, miller,

Oct. 11 and Nov, I, George, Newcastle upon Tyne.
(Stokes, Newcastle; and Belland Co. Bow Church

yard.) Sept. 20. RAFFIELD, GEO. South Shields, Durham, shi

builder, Oct. By 18, and Nov. 4, Commission Rooms, Sunderland near the Sea. (Law, Sunder

land : and Blakiston, Symond's inn.) Sept. 23. RIDLEY, JOHN, Wood-st. Cheapside, ostrich

feather manufacturer, Oct. 7, 95, and Nov. 4. (Cranch, Union co. Old Broad st.) Sopt. 23. SHAW, RICH. HUMPHREY, Liverpool, merchant

Oct. 11, Star and Garter, Liverpool. [Avison and Co. Liverpnol: and Castle-st, Holborn.) Aug. so. STEAD, GEO. Aldermanbury, cheesemonger, Oct.

7, and 21. [Hartley, New Bridge-st. Blackfriars.]

Sept. 9.
SANDILANS, REV. RICH. Lower Grosvenor-pl.

Pimlico, clerk, Oct. 98. (Thompson, Southamp Chancery-la. Sert, 16. TREHARNE, EVAN, White hall, Carmarthen,

dealer, Oct. 7, White Lion, Carmarthen. [Stephenson, Carmarthen; and Price, Lincoln's-inn.)

d. 26.
wholesale-grocers, Oct. 7. Commercial Rooms,
Bristol. (Levitt, jun. and Cross, Bristol; and

Thompson, Gray's. inn-sq.) Aug. 26.
THOMAS, RICH, Plymouih dock, wine merchant,

Oct 1, 2, and 28, Star, St. Ives, Cornwall. [Price,

Nuw-sq. Lincoln's-inn.) Sept 16. WATERWORTH, JOH, Maurhester, dealer, Oct,

6, 7, and Nov. 1, Star, Manchester. (Adlington

and Co. Bedford-row.) Sept. yo. WALLER, JOHN, Manchester, hatter, Oct. 6, 7,

and Nov. 4, White Bear, Manchester. (Hewi!l, Manchestir; and Ellis, Chancery la.) Sept. 03. WELCHMAN, JOAN, Bradford, Wiltshire, Tigen.

draper, Oct. 7. 25, anni Nov. i. (\twbon, st. :
Andrew's-hil, Det tors' common, 1 Sept. 23.
YFO, ROGER, Bristol, hat-manufacturer, Oct. 11,
Huminer, B.istol. [Haynes, Bristo!; and Heelis,

Ta'lerinn.) Aug 30
ZLEELAR, FRED, Alverstike, Southampton, vic.

tualer, Oct. 4. 7, and N. v. 4, India Arms, Gos.
port. [Iloskins, Gosport; and Minchin, Free.
man's co. Curnhill.] Sept. 23.

(ct. 8

Collins, R. Strand, Oct. 30 Rowl). R. Worcester, Set. 26 Brudge, S. Butt-la. Noỳ. 8 Cooper, J. Carlton, Sept. 16 Bent, R Lincoln's-ran fields, sept. Buil, W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cunningham, J. Sept. Octo

16 Bwley, W. Bu mingham, Seit. 'Brown, T Chorley, Oct. 1 Coltman, G. Stourbridge, Oct. 6 30

1eason, J. R. Ruisel pl. Oct. 11 Cuvelje, A. 2. D. Lancaster, Barker, S. and Co. Biliter-sq. yes, B. Tolenivouse-varu, Sept.27 Oct. 4 Septea

Pragu, J. Werm nith, Oct. 20 Cheascley, W. Hayes, Oct. 11 Beer, NM dbury, Sept. 94 Brooman, J. Margate, Oct. 10 Carr, J. Corentry, Oct. 11 Bruxn, H. Percy-sl. Sept. 97

Bayliffe, G. Wakeheld, Oct. 18 Coulthred, J. High Melion, Oct. 15 Europ. llnz. l'ol. LXXII. Sept. 1817.

Oo 12


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