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Twelfth-Night, er What you will, explained, 7. n. 255.

defended. 311, 312.

Two Gentlemen of Verona, Spurious. 274.

Winter's tale. The story faulty, 40, 41, n.

SOCRATES. 107. 282.
SOPHOCLES, bis improvement of the flage, 115, and n, 116,

n. bis Electra, 63. Oedipus, 71. Ajax, 71, 72. 300.

PhiloEtetes explained, 247. defended. 45, n.
Spencer, passages explained, 39, n. 154, n. 316. explain-

ed and corre&ed, 193, 194. 199. 200. 234, 235, 2.
Stage, fee tragedy, comedy.
STRABO, cited and illuftrated. 93.
Sublime, true. 98.
Subscribe, subscription, 291, 292.
Superstition and wickedness united. 51.
Swearing on the sword. 61, n.
SYDNEY, Sir Philip, his remarks on our tragedies and come

dies, 75, 76. his bad metre, 343, 344. charakterized in

Spencer. 39.
Exõua wag' imóvolav, a figure in rhetoric used by Shake-

Speare. 173.

Tangere, meaniug of the word. 291.
Tait, modern, 16. 28. taft corrupted introduces depravity of

morals, 33, 34. critical tast, how to be acquired. 149,

150. 344, 345
TERENCE, 130, 131, 282, 322, 323, 324. his art in draw-

ing the character of Demea. 88, 89.
THEOCRITUS, corrected. 123. 224, 245.
THESPIS, the inventor of fage plays. I!!.


TIBULLUS, corre&ted. 111, n.
Touch, touches, 291.
Tragedy,its rife and progress. B. I. Sect. XIV. defined. 42. 73.
Tragic character, 46. 81, 82. tragical paffions, 66, 67,
Tragi-comedy. B. I. Sect. XIII,
Tgufwdia. 121.
True-penny. 10, n.
Truth, poetic, 99. necessarily per fued. 150.
Tutelar deities. 196, 197. fee Daemon.
Túxn. 193.
Tyranny, personated, 145, 146. its influence on arts and

sciences. 109. 110. B. I. Sect. XV.
Tyrannic passions, 49, 50.
TYRTAEUS, explained and corrected. 227, 228,

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V consonant in Latin changed into W by the Englift. 2112
Verbs, applied properly to one fubftantive, and improperly to

the other. 6, n.
Verses, treated of, 329, &c. &c.
Veffel, for body. 219.

The Vice, a droll character in our old plays. 7, &c. n.
55 VIRGIL, bis character, 134. n a flatterer of Odavius, 133.

noted, ibid. Romans characterized in his poem, 157, 158.
whether be errs in his chief character. 65, n. character of
Camilla, 84, 85. of Dido, 64, 65, n. pallages explained.
196. 243. 251. 320. explained and defended, 4, &c. n.
corrected. 286. 332 333.


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Unity, fee Whole. Unities of time and place, 73, 74, and a.
unity of character. 91. for Character.

Vossius, noted. 334.
Utterance, 45, 50, n.


Weather. 207, n.
Weird. 43, 44, n.
Whift. 207, n.
Whole. 67, 68, and n. 74. 153.
Dreate. 206.
Women. 33. 84, n.
Wonder, Jee Admiration.


XENOPHON, bis Agrope. explained, 231, corrected, 121, 122,

n. bis Eup. cxplained and corrected. 249, 250.


Zany. 11, n.
Zeal, per fonated. 145. its influence on arts and sciences, 29,

30, n. 34, 35.


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BOOKS printed for G. HAWKINS,

in Fleet-street.


PICTETI quæ supersunt dissertatione Arriano

collectæ, necnon enchiridion & fragmenta Græcè & Latinè, in duos tomos distributa, cum integris Jacobi Schena kii & Hieronymi Wolfii, selectisque aliorum doctorum annotationibus ; recensuit notis & Indice illustravit, Joannes Uptonus, Præbend. Roffenfis.

2. The Roman History, from the building of Rome to the Ruin of the Commonwealth. Illustrated with Maps and other Plates. By N. Hooke, Esq; 2 Vols. 4to.

3. A new Method of Learning with greater Facility the Greek Tongue : containing Rules for the Declenfions, Conjugations, Resolution of Verbs, Syntax, Quantity, Accents, Dialects, and poetic Licences, digested in the clearest and concisest Order. With Variety of useful Remarks, proper to the attaining a complete Knowledge of that Language, and a perfect Understanding of the Authors who have writ in it. Translated from the French of the Messieurs De Port Royal, in 2 vol. octavo.

4. Epicteti Manuale, Cebetis Thebani Tabula, Prodici Hercules, & Theophrasti Characteres Ethici, Græcè & Latinè, in Usum Tyronum accommodati. Græca cum MSS. collata castigavit, Versionem fidam, nec barbaram adjunxit, Annotationibus omnium doctissimorum selectis, necnon suis, in quibus verba, sententiæ, dogmata, mores. que antiqui explicantur, illustravit Josephus Simpson, A. M. Coll. Reg. Oxon. Socius. Editio tertia.

5. The Annals of Europe. For the Year 1743;

Being a methodical Account of all the remarkable Occurrences which happened within that Year, either at Home or Abroad; with Copies, or Extracts, of the most important Treaties, and other publick Papers, and an AbItract of the most remarkable Pamphlets published within that Period.

To be continued, and from thenceforth published Annu- s ally, by the Meeting of the Parliament, after the Expiration of the preceding Year.

The above Work is a proper Continuation of the Hiftorical Register, and the political State of Great Britain, which were discontinued at the End of the Year 1738.

6. The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons, from the Restoration to the present Time, contain: ing the most reinarkable Motions, Speeches, Resolves, Reports and Conferences to be met with in that Inter val. In twelve Volumes Octavo.

7. A Treatise on the Causes of most Diseases incident to human Bodies, and the Cure of them; first, by a right Use of the Non-naturals, chiefly by Diet ; fecondly, by Medicine : With the Cure of Women's Diftempers: Allo on the various Kinds and Qualities of Foods : With an Essay on Sickness and Health : And Rules to preferve the Body to a good old Age. To which is added, "A compendious Discourse on Children's Diseases, and Tradesmen's Diftempers. By William Forster, Phyfician.

8. An Index to the Records, with Directions to the several Places where they are to be found. And short Explanations of the different kinds of Rolls, Writs, Edt.

9. A Reply to Mr. Warburton's Appendix, in his fe. cond Volume of the Divine Legation of Mofes. Together with a few Observations on his Writings, and occasional Refle&tions, on some useful Subjects.

10. Future Rewards and Punifhments believed by the An. cients ; particularly the Philosophers. Wherein some Ob. jections of the Reverend Mr. Warburton, in his Divine Legation of Mofes, are confidered. To which is added, an Address to free Thinkers.

11. The Practical Register of the Common Pleas, contain: ing select Cases or Determinations in the Points of Praca tice of that Court in the Reigns of Queen Anne and King George the first, and his prelent Majesty King George the fecond ; with three Tables, one of the principal Matters, one of the general Heads therein contained, and the other of the Names of the Places.

12. Philemon to Hydafpes ; relating to a fifth Conversation with Hortenfius upon the Subject of False Religion. In which the Origin and Progress of the Rite of Sacrifice in Antiquity is particularly considered. Price I s. dd.

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